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Man Man Qing Luo chapter 2 part 1

Man Man Qing Luo chapter 2 part 1

Cheng Qing raised her head. Saw a brown robed man around fourty-year-old sitting in the main seat, a square faced that showed no power. Next to him sat down a middle-aged woman wearing a light coloured short jacket and silver and violet dress.

If in the order of age, then her own name is Ah Luo. Cheng Qing carefully looked at the stranger father, this father and her own father when comparing them, they seem to the same kind, strict and orthodox, that big Madam's face was somewhat fat, round and seems kind, but the eyes revealed some shrewdness.

First palce, the middle - aged man slowly said: "Ah Lei, you come up!

Cheng Qing looked at the ten-year-old little girl respond and step out, went to the middle of the hall, appear calm, a pair of hidden in the long-sleeved hands can faintly seen forming into a fist. Cheng Qing wanted to laugh, bowed her head to hide her mouth that was about to burst out a smile, she thought, really thought Ah Lei wasn't scared. In the end still is a child.

the middle - aged man asked in a heavy tone: "Ah Lei, these three months, what have you learnt the best?

Ah Lei in gentle voice replied: "Replying to father, it is the qin."

Middle-aged man waved his hand, a servant put out a few stools, place the qin properly and retreated.

Ah Lei sat next to the qin, leisurely struck twice string, said: "Ah Lei will now play <<plum blossom three lane>>".

Then the qin sound raised, fresh notes play around the hall without a break. Melody stacked triple times, cool like ice in the stream. Cheng Qing secretly called out 'Good' . She has heard plum blossom three lane Guqin song in the modern, and there weren't any difference between them. Only heard it in live performance, for the first time. She re-examine the 10-year-old Ah Lei, looking calm, a beautiful oval face showing a high noble bearing. Cheng Qing thought a ten years old with such superb qin skills, really amzing.

She recalled when she was a child, her father and mother pulled her to learn to play the qin, she stubbornly refused, and now it become like this, might as well ask to learn something like guqin, flute, whistle, it will always have it uses! Thinking of how inexplicable transmigrated, Cheng Qing felt uncomfortable again.  Her hands unconsciously clench into fists.

Seventh Madam noticed, gently patting her, those pair of talking eyes told her that even if she can't do then it's fine, it's nothing.

Cheng Qing suddenly felt seventh madam treated this daughter really well, her heart filled with a sense of warmth. 
Becoming like this, the first person she encounter who treated her this nice. It can be considered as good luck.

At this point sounded out the end notes, waiting until the sound are made did Ah Lei stopped, raised her small face and looked at middle-aged man.

That father smiled and nodded: "Ah Lei, why did you choose this song?"

Ah Lei's eyes flashed a trace of pride, replied: "Ah Lei saw the yard's sparse with plum blossom, although it is early spring in February, recalled winter blooming white fragrance,  especially like it proud in snow and frost trait.

Middle-aged man stroked his under the chin beard, said: "Good, my daughter should be like a plum blossom! Alright step down, tonight father will come the the plum yard to appreciate plum blossom!"

Once his words were spoken, Cheng Qing to saw a lady on the left, should be Ah Lei's mother, face quickly flashed a ray of self-content, and with low brows and happy eyes softly answered: "Ah Lei is also small, skill is lacking, Master over praised. "

Cheng Qing's eyes scanned around in the hall. Beside her mother, seventh Madam with no expression, the ladies in the hall more or less showed a little jealousy in their eyes. Cheng Qing thought, everyone fight over husband, the ancient people always find fun this way. Probably not much to play, only fighting with people, does people unlimited fun.

Ah Lei retreated to her mother's side and stood, Ah Fei stepped out, she had an oval face, a pair of big and black eyes showing a hint of cleverness. She did not tremble, loudly said: "Father, Ah Fei has learned calligraphy for the last few months."

So the servant lifted in a low table, placed the pen, ink and paper . A servant girl came up to hold the sleeve for Ah Fei . Ah Fei concentrated for a while, suddenly her both hands prepared the pen and wrote a couplet. At one go, appraise it then laid down the pen, very crispily said: "Please criticize, Father."

Cheng Qing saw the ink on paper dripping hearty, a good running script! A '轩辕'(Regulus), thinking of her own doggy paddled word, she felt endless shame .

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Hilarious Pampered Consort 26

26. Chapter 26 Close door, family law/punishment 2

She, endured.

Qu Taner grinded her teeth. Both hand clenched again and again. Eventually the lips couldn't suppress the curse down, the body is still quite straight. Head lowered. Waiting for the third hit to fall.
“Eighth Wangye has arrived”
Suddenly, can’t say the time was late or the time was early, just when big Madam’s hand were raised up, had yet to hit down, a call rang out from outside. Making it abruptly stop, not swinging down anymore. 

     Hearing the news of Mo Liancheng's arrival ,Qu Tan er only slightly creased her brows, and not much expression(indifferent), or care, slightly raised her head, swept her eyes at that in mid stage in the air, seems to fall down slat, mouth's corner raised, smiled, but smiled too coldly.

     "Big Madam, Tan er is stilling for your slat to hit down."Qu Tan er slightly smiled, very kindly reminded big Madam to quickly hit down the slat, and that her skin will be able to temporarily relax, save her having to keep the skin stretched tight, making people feel very painful.

“See that I don't. ..” big Madam secretly gritted her teeth.

“Eighth Wangye has arrived”

When big Madam was about to hit, another shout came again, and this this time sound was a little louder, as if to tell the people in the room that Mo Liancheng was a little closer.

     "Big Mother, quickly hit." Qu Tan er saw big Madam was in hesitation, although the taste of being hit isn't good,
 but, heart became evil, or continue to pour some wine on the fire, so that the fire to continue to rage. flourishing burn a little .

  Mo Liancheng has arrived, she would like to see, if big Madam dare to hit down this third whack .

     Now the door is closed, closed off the people, can not close off the news, she was gambling, 
gambling  whether big Madam have the courage. No matter how to say, depending on her title, she still is dignified eighth Wangfei.
“want to beat, if I don't beat you to death, I. ….”

“Eighth Wangye has arrived”

Don't know if it was intentionally, or coincidentally, every time big Madam wants to swing the slat,outside the door will always sounded a call, making the slat in her hands swing doesn't feel right, not swing, anger in her hearts can't calm down.

     However, even if the big lady really want to hit, the time is gone, she have missed the opportunity, because ... ...

     Door, squeaky as it open, Mo Liancheng came in, Yu Hao followed behind.

     Mo Liancheng slight-creased his eyebrows, light eyes swept around, for those big and small ladies who was originally sitting in the room, all stood up, he ignore them, and swept at, naturally, would not miss big Madam seeing him come in and the slat in the hand hurried passed to the steward's hand.

     "Why did Eighth Wangye come, must blame the servants, seeing Eighth Wangye come and not announce, come come come, eighth Wangye please sit." Qu Jiang Lin was first to recover, smiling, and immediately hand over the main seat.

"Eight Wangye please sit, really lost manners." big Madam put on a false smile, fiercely stared at the one still standing indifferent Qu Tan er, her old face angry, gave to Qu Tan er a look, helpless, Qu Tan er was still standing unmoving, completely treated big Madam's cue transparent, not reacting at all.

     Now only think of her, but unfortunately, her back very painful now, mood isn't very good, at the moment have no thought of paying attention to her.

     But big Madam continued to wink, but Qu Tan er directed her a faint indifferent smile, deliberately want to anger her.

    This Miss eye are dull, uncertain, do not understand, ignore it,What can you do?

     At this point, seeing this, not only big Madam, even the old man Qu's face also turned a bit ugly to look ... ...

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The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World chapter 30

Chapter 30 retreat for the sake of advancing

Li Zhonghe raised his head in alarm, apparently, Prime Minister's Miss ate something wrong could ask this question! Seeing that Su Li's eyes were calm and deep, does not seem to be meaningless asked, the next moment he was deeply shocked, hesitated to speak.

     Su Li know that working in the palace for a long time, Physician Li was extremely careful, will never easily assert, under the current development, she colored and slightly smiles:  "I(this little girl) heard the two girls quarrel a few days ago, said virgin could also be pregnant, so I was a bit curious, just conveniently asked, Physician Li does not have to worry too much."

     She seemed to carelessly and seemed to have no meaning. then Li Zhong He heart slowed, thought for a bit: "Virgin can't possibly be pregnant. Unless ... ..."

     "Unless what?" Suddenly Su Li's heart started beating quicking, force herself to calm down, and urgently asked.

     Li Zhong He hesitated, Su Li was anxious, and was about to go forward to ask, suddenly from the outside the door came Su Qin's voice: "Su Qin gives greetings to Jingan Wang! ... ... Ah, Your Royal Highness, your face ... ..."

    Only heard Madam Su exclaimed: "Qin er! Do not be rude!"

Lintel lightly made a noise, a group of people walked in. Dong Fang Zhuo's eyes were cold, taking big steps and sit down beside Su Li's bed, coldly said: "Physician Li, What is Miss Su suffering from?"

    Li Zhonghe hurriedly said in a low tone: "Miss is frail, it is just a cold, with careful care, there'll be no problems."

    Madam Su smiled: "Su Su was frail since childhood, the body isn't well is a common matter." It was supposed to be polite words, but listening to it, from Dong Fang Zhuo's ear it became the speech of shirk. His frigid/blizzard eyes swept around the room, it scared Su Qin that she shrink neck to lowered her head, even did not dare to look at him.

    Dong Fang Zhuo's cold face looked at her, with slightly perplexed eyes he said: "Since the body is frail, do not run around, stay at home to recuperate." the command carried a slight warning tone as if she is his possessions!

    Su Li's eyebrows sank, did not respond. In view of the lessons just now, she has already understood, with her current status, ability, meeting him head-on, it will only be seeking to eat bitter! Better to step back, and slowly plan. One day, she would let him pay for what he did! Swallow the anger in her heart, she spat out the words against the heart: "Thank Wangye for your concern!

    Dong Fang Zhuo seems to be very dissatisfied with her cold attitude, tightly staring at her for a moment and did not speak. how clever Madam Su is, who didn't restrain her thought for a turn, and quickly smiled: "Wangye must also be tired, here is simple and narrow, please Your Royal Highness come to the front hall for tea. Master will return soon."

    Madam Su wanted to be polite, Did not think that Su Qin who was in a depressed mood at the moment, haven't had time to understand her intention, so she with great dissatisfaction muttered: "The last time Zhenning Wang visited, daddy has ordered people to redecorate again! How is it simple?"

Dong Fang Zhuo heard this and his brows prick up, eyes with fierce swept across, one glance at the three people in the room, and finally stared at the expressionless Su Li, eyes swept up her whole body, the only one ornaments, was ordinary that couldn't be any more ordinary hairpin, as the Prime Minister's daughter, without a single decent accessory! Frowned as he called: "Wang An!"

    The guards that are keeping guard outside the room responded by entering the room, Dong Fang Zhuo's head didn't turn as he command: "Mother Empress had order people to send something to the Manor this morning, immediately to get them. And also, go get the string of Buddha cloud beads/rosary that Father Emperor had rewarded as well! "

    Wang An raised his head in surprise, it seems that the string of Buddha cloud beads is very particular, Dong Fang Zhuo easily gifted it out is incredible. Su Li's mind congeal, hurriedly deter: "Wait! Wangye ... ..."

    "You can not refuse!" Dong Fang Zhuo interrupted her words, soft gaze smiled: "The king said things that are too gifted out, no one can make Benwang take them back."

    Complete determination, not accepting the slightest resistance. Su Li's words were choked in her throat, cannot come out, heart abruptly sank, there's no other alternative. And when those things all moved to put before her eyes, her heart has become more like a rock.

    Silk brocade, porcelain pot, jade cup, a dazzling selection of daily necessities, everything. All heaped there, like a hill in general.

    Su Qin glared with wide eyes, can not hide the envy and jealousy, making her forget the lessons, ran to the hill in front screamed: "These are all for her !?"

Dong Fang Zhuo with unlimited contempt looked at her, his face expressionless said: "Looking how Eldest Miss Su is dressed, should not be short of these things.

    Su Qin is not lacking, but how could Prime Minister's things be compared with the Royal family's things can! Look at this double-sided silk embroidered brocade, silk fine, very colorful and vibrant, how can it be compared with the common embroidery! Look at the fine blue and white porcelain pot, it's exquisitely small, delicate and the quality! As if it is able to transmit light......

    Dong Fang Zhuo hand over a sandalwood box, cover with light lock, suddenly bursting out some light, not only to make Su Qin eyes wide open, and even Madam Su was also stunned seeing it, her face looked uncertainly toward theSu Li, like a hundred thoughts that can't be solved.

    Inside the box is a bunch of glossy rounded jasper beads, clear pure jade green, crystal clear, lined in bright yellow brocade box, even more, brilliant light, people can not move eyes. Dong Fang Zhuo pick up the beads string, held up Su Li's hands, putting the string on the wrist for her, proudly laughed: "These Sunrise Cloud beads are the Ding Land's tribute, these beads are blessed by the Temple of dark and light Grandmaster by chanting seven seven forty-nine days. carry the essence of the earth and heaven. And Father Emperor gave it to me, and I will gift it to you today, and when you see this bead, it is like you are seeing Benwang, keep it safe.

    Su Li was mentally startled, intuitively to pull back her hand, but he held on tightly. Cool beads wrapped around her slender wrist, blooming with a strange luster. Su Li frowned: "This is so precious, Su Li's position is humble, dare not accept!
 Also Wangye please take it back!" Her attitude was resolute. But Dong Fang Zhuo as if not heard, his eyes burning with pressure,
 staring at her eyes and said: "The next time I meet you, I want to see you wear it on your hand!" 
 He turned around as he smiled, strode out the door, leaving behind amazing surprise, the aftermath of agitation.

    Madam Su's gloomy eyes, stared at Su Li looked for a while, after a long while, severely said: "I do not care what way you use to make the two Wangye treat you especially, but you have to bear in mind your own identity, Do not do thing overboard/over the top, bringing trouble to Prime Minister! Qin er, let's go."

    "Madam, please stay." Su Li hurriedly spoke out to deter, looking calm: "Madam's words, Su Li understand, and will bear in mind! Today Jingan Manor sent these things, are things the Empress all carefully selected for the Wangye, Even though Wangye awarded these to Su Li, but Su Li's status is humble, dare not enjoy on my own! ... ...  this courtyard is narrow, no place to store it, lest a moment inadvertently damages the Royal treasures, it will be difficult to explain to Wangye. So ... ... I would like to request Madam to take care of it on my behalf!

    She slightly smiled as she pleaded, the meaning of the speech and look carried no hint of reluctance. 
Saying it is holding it on her behalf, in fact, is to giving it to Su Qin and her mother to enjoy. 
Everyone knows that a person like Dong Fang Zhuo gifting things out, wouldn't ask where and when people use it!

    Madam Su looked back at her puzzle, didn't immediately agree.

    Su Qin's eyes brightened, proudly smiled: "You are actually quite sensible! These things are certain things you can't use, Mother, let people move them away."

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Hilarious Pampered Consort chapter 25

25. Chapter 25 Close, Family Law/Punishment 1
 Maggie-Sorry in a rush, didn't have time to edit, but ... readable I guess and got few other chapters for Simple to edit. Didn't want to overload... Sssh don't tell Simple I got some more queue up. 

     "Close the door, carry out family law/punishment ."

     Once Big Madam spoken, Qu Tang´er sighed for the N times in her heart for a while now, and sure enough, this main event is about to be staged.

     First one, splashing water.

     Second one, family law, really have 'first and follow up'/ 'back and front', not a slightest leak ah.

     "Mas... ..." Jing Xin was somewhat anxious.

     "... ..." Qu Tan er shook her head, gave a light laugh to Jing Xin, to calm Jing Xin's heart.

     The door squeaked, and shut.

     Suddenly, inside the house,it was strangely quiet, not a slightest sound was made.

     At this point, the housekeeper came out from the inner room, holding a tray in hand,the tray held slat, a thin slat,
 people can not help but look at it with lingering fear.

Carrying out family law/punishment.

     "Carry out family law/punishment"

     For the N times, Qu Tang'er said what big madam want to say in her mind in advance, for two years, she didn't mix/drift in the Qu House for nothing, whatever the people in the Qu House want to say when they see her, she has already know it off by heart.

     From the beginning, inside the house there's a lot of people, those sitting are sitting,those standing are standing, but no one will come out to help say a word for her, not because of secretly laughing, but just indifference, absolutely cold-hearted.

     "Tell me, how many family law/punishment did you violate today?" Big madam took the slat, shadily asked Qu Tang'er.

     "Big Madam, please teach" Qu Tang'er bowed her head, waiting for the slat to fall, her two hands clenched, when it's time to endure, have to continue to endure.

     Suddenly regretted that the day she have married into the eighth prince's manor, should have prepare a good escape,
 or else, at this moment, her fate wouldn't be this miserable.

     "One, you violated Qu house's number one, eye have no respect for elder, should be beaten/punished or not?"

"Should be hit/punished" Qu Tang'er replied.

     "Two, you violated Qu house's number seven, married husband follow husband,
you did not properly serve her husband,should be beaten/punished or not?"

"Should be hit/punished"

     "Three, you ... ..."

"Should be hit/punished" Quickly hit already, she's waiting.

     Qu Tang'er was a little bit impatient, this one, two, three, one by one counting,
even if big madam isn't tired, she listening to it feel trouble,
and the big madam sitting as she speak doesn't feel tired, she standing as she reply will have back pain.

     "Then you say how hits should it be?"

     "According to you." big madam asked directly, Qu Tang'er's reply is simple, directly according to her meaning/desire, it's fine with however she wants, as long as doesn't hit til one's life is gone then it's fine,
 although the person who is getting beaten is herself.

     "Good, this is what you said."



Originally Qu Tang'er wanted to say something, but only spoke out the word I, when the slab abruptly and severely whack down to her back , and this whack, also near had her whole person hit until she had nearly throw to the ground.


     Really painful, painful!

     when the slab whack down, that moment of pain from behind her whole body, so painful that is made her speechless.

     "Master." Jing Xin was shocked, the next moment, immediately rushed over to take the beating for Qu Tang'er.

     "Stay there, not allowed to come over" Qu Tang'er eyes glanced, coldly staring at Jing Xin, just one raised head, just one cold stare, and then quickly bowed her head, the action was done too fast, that made people not know what to do, and Jing Xin right at that moment, abruptly stopped, did not dare to move forward one step closer.

     This account, she Qu Tang'er will remember,there will be a day when some people should be paid back, she will get them pay back completely, not a bit less.


The second hit came down, hitting harder, but also because of this hit, hitting til Qu Tang'er, her whole person is out of balance and went forward.

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Man Man Qing Luo Chapter 1 part 2

(Translated and edited by Maggie)

Seventh Madam cupped Cheng Qing's face, the voice was still gentle: "San er, Mother know you are afraid of today's exam, but, Mother only have you as a daughter, if you lose your temper again and missed the test it is embarassing, and in future, in Li family us two mother and daughter's days won't be easy to live." Finished speaking, she frowned.

At this time Mother Zhang held a stack of clothes. Xiao Yu carried in a copper basin.

Seventh Madam put down Cheng Qing from her embrace, holding her little hand, said: "Come on, today, Mother will do your hair."

Mother Zhang shook open a blue skirt  and tied to Cheng Qing's waist, then help her put on purple jacket. A string to the east, a string to the west system. Cheng Qing has become a puppet at her mercy.

Completely dressed, the Seventh Madam lead Cheng Qing to the dressing table to sit down, she suddenly saw a strange face in the bronze mirror, her two hands clutching her face and uttered her surprise: "Ah!

Seventh Madam looked at the sky, her face showing anxiety: "San er, the hour is late, if we don't quickly dress up(put on make up and do hair thingy), it'll be too
late, if we're late, your father, oh, what do we do!"

Test? My father? Cheng Qing slowly put down her hand, slowly opened her eyes, her eyes floating on a layer of water mist, Who this is ? How did I get so small? How did I become like this? She could not believe this, staring blankly at the mirror's red eyes, pale and thin, at most six years old child.

Hosta Bressingham Blue.JPG
Image result for Hosta plantaginea
Then seeing Cheng Qing obediently sitting in front of the mirror, Seventh Madam, Mother Zhang, Xiao Yu stepped up and dressed her. A moment of effort, big eyes appeared in the mirror, with a delicate peach-heart shape face,straight bang, twin bun hair little beauty. Seventh Madam was satisfied as she placed a Hosta flower on the Cheng Qing's bun. Turned and looked with her face showing a smile.

Zhang mother cheerfully said: "Miss looks like Madam,when she grow up will definitely be a beauty."

Seventh Madam held onto Cheng Qing's hand and went outside. Once Cheng Qing went out of the door, she see this courtyard, the middle is a patio, placed with two large stone fish pool, in the middle was a Begonia tree that just bloomed in the morning.It seem that it rained in the morning, the patio was wet, Begonia flower was more a gorgeous red, but now is not the time to enjoy the scenery. Seventh Madam's footsteps  was a bit urgent, hurrying for fear being of late.

Cheng Qing suddenly thought, she herself is to take part in some kind of test, seem very important, just now she seems to say that it relates to them mother and daughter's life or something. Mother and daughter? Cheng Qing's heart palpitate again. Seventh Madam seem to be at most twenty three/four year old, call her mother?

Cheng Qing made effort calm herself, she wanted to know what kind of test is coming up,
 then think of this strange change. Cheng Qing pulls Seventh Madam's hand, raised her face and asked her: "what do I have to pay attention to in the test?"

This is the first time since the morning did Seventh Madam to hear Cheng Qing asked question about the test. Could not help but stop the pace, affectionately touch her head: "San er, Mother know you will try your best, try your best to learn zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Just recite the poem correctly, but sadly,those you do not like are naturally those you won't learn well enough, San er, you promise Mother, whether good or bad, do not cry, do not be ashamed!" Saying to here, the Seventh Madam's eyes have a hint of hatred: "let them toss, we will definitely not drop a single tear! Remember, San er? "

Cheng Qing looked at those earnest eyes of Seventh Madam, nodded her head. Just do not cry, then that's fine! She sighs, what kind of environment is this? This body's owner, what kind of temper she have? A father who married with at least seven wife, what is he like?

Seventh Madam held Cheng Qing's hand as they enter a main hall, the room immediately quiet down. Two rows of chairs at the left and right side of the hall, and there sat five hair filled with pearl and jade women, the middle two chairs were empty. It seems those were Father and main wife's position. Seventh Madam slightly smiled, facing the left bowed and called out: "(Younger) Sister(herself) was late, (elder) sisters please forgive me." And also toward the right side, did the same ceremony, those sitting gave a few noncommittal nod, Seventh Madam are accustomed the cold attitude, so didn't think of wanting the return courtesy/ceremony, taking Cheng Qing, she went to the right end empty seat and sat. Cheng Qing stood beside her, it was then Seventh Madam let go of her hold on Cheng Qing's hand.

Cheng Qing looked to the left, the three women seem to be that father's three wives, standing beside them two girls, the bigger one around ten years old, the smaller one around seven-year-old, Cheng Qing thought, Seventh Madam called me San er, So it seems that these two are my elder sisters. The right side also sat two people, with no children.

Cheng Qing secretly compare the madams and Seventh Madam. She felt the chubby ones and skinny ones, each have their own charm. Seventh Madam also have peach/heart shape face , sharp jaw/chin, a pair of crystal eyes, petite and shows more fragility, Cheng Qing thought, after she herself grow up, afraid it will be the appearance of Seventh Madam.

Just when Cheng Qing's eyes were looking everywhere, she saw the two girls across her curled their lips, and then with disdain they turned away, seem arrogant to the extreme. In her heart she found it funny. Immature kids( literal- small ass child)! Suddenly remembered that she have become smaller than she looked, and her heart extremely uncomfortable, could not help but lowered her head.

At this time, she heard a tinkling of hairpins, all the madams stood up from their seats, delicate sound sweet air, said: "Pay respect to Master and Sister."

And then heard a man's voice: "Sit down, today' s test, Ah Lei, Ah Fei, Ah Luo, are you ready for it? This time once every three months test, do not know whether there is improvement!"

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White Calculation Chapter 2
Translated By Maggie    Edited By Simple

Surprise! I know I said 28th but thought I post this up instead cause I still making my way through the extras. Enjoy! And here's the chapter 1 link!

Ten years later.

Zhen Nan Wang Ji Ting is the Great Night Country's number one General. By royal decree, he was called the mighty brave general; he is also one of the Night Valley Sect's big sect leader. The White Tiger sect leader, it was a name that moved the world. His inner courtyard's secret like his brave meritorious service, was also famous, it is often talked about with great relish by people.

It is said that the Zhen Nan Wangfei is not from any one of the Great Night's famous family's. But it was when Ji Ting was studying in Night Valley, that he privately settled his lifelong fate and got engaged to South Butterfly Sect Leader's daughter. It is said that Zhen Nan Wang really loved his Wangfei; the former emperor wanted to match Great Night's most beautiful first princess to him, but he still did not change his mind. In the end, the former emperor's most favorite Princess Yan Yang was dressed in 10 Li of red and was married into Zhen Nan's Manor as a concubine.

But Princess Yan Yang's belly was really capable, after marrying in, she gave birth to three sons; but the Wangfei for so many years, had none. On one side is the princess's three increasingly healthy and lively big chubby kids, on the other side there was none. For many years the Shizi's spot, Empress Dowager Ci Xiao, and the Emperor often pressured Zhen Nan Wang; but with great effort, he resisted the power of royalty, and did not proclaim the princess's son as the Shizi.

Later, when Yan Yang gave birth to her youngest son, Ji Bei, Wangfei went to the temple to pray. She picked up a baby girl, then after a month she had miraculously become pregnant! Nine months later, Zhen Nan manor welcomed the long hoped for Shizi - Ji Nan.

Zhen Nan Wang named this son, "South"(Nan) - the Princess's three sons were called "East"(Dong,) "West"(Xi,) "North"(Bei,) and "South"(Nan.) He deliberately left this name for his and Wangfei's legitimate child; as well as the Shizi position.

Someone made a storybook based on this situation. "Mandarin Couple Memory," it talked about a young scholar named Lang falling in love with an innocent and good Jiang Hu girl. She was a spoiled, pretty princess that fancied the scholar Lang, scholar Lang, no matter how much wealth he was offered and how much pressure was applied, he still chose the Jiang Hu girl. Together they flew side by side, it was a really moving story.  

Unfortunately, ah, no matter how happily the legendary story ended, it is only a made up story. Princess Yan Yang is more than just spoiled and beautiful, her mother is the Empress Dowager Cixiao. This kind of concubine, the weak Zhen Nan Wangfei is not her opponent. Moreover, the Wangfei is kind and weak, even Yi Ting can only reluctantly let Princess Yan Yang single-handedly control the royal manor. The manor's servants felt respect and love for the kind and weak Wangfei, toward the Princess it is more like awe.

To Princess Yan Yang, the last decade could be described as smooth sailing; the only thing not smooth, would probably Wangfei's adoption of the little orphan girl.

Originally Wangfei had no children for many years, and she had three sons; so when Wangfei brought back an adopted daughter she did not care all that much. Because she pitied Wangfei's empty womb.

Who knew that soon after Wangfei had gotten pregnant, she gave birth to a son! At that time, everyone said that the little orphan was the Buddha's gift sent to the Wangfei as a good luck child. From listening to these words, Yan Yang no longer wanted to see that girl!

Growing up, the little orphan girl became a stubborn, stupid, wild girl. All day long she said words full of strange powers and brought chaos; all those strange things that she said had never been heard of. It caused one calamity after another, Yan Yang didn't like her even more!
(TL/N: I haven't read any of the raw's, I just translate and read it as I go. Now I am feeling curious because of this sentence.)

But her three precious sons happen to like the wild girl; Princess Yan Yang worried that the brothers would turn against each other because of this. For her sons' harmony and future, it is necessary to ruthlessly kick Ji Xiao Li out of the manor.

That day Ji Xiao Li happened to do something wrong and ended up in her hands. Princess Yan Yang didn't say anything, she just ordered her MaMa (I.e attendant) to catch her; and immediately sent someone to invite Ji Ting and Wangfei.

Wangfei came very quickly, once she arrived she immediately apologized. What annoyed Yan Yang most was her sad, weak look. Blocking her words, she bluntly said, "this time I must kick this wild girl out! Sister, there is no need to plead for her! Quickly think of a place to put her!"

"Yan Yang, Xiao Li has done wrong and you want to punish her, that is allowed. But how can you kick her out? She is just a girl, how would she be able to live alone outside... Yan Yang, please forgive her for my sake... "Wangfei was anxious until she a was bit dizzy, leaning close to the attendant beside her, her voice was getting weaker and weaker.

Yan Yang seeing this, couldn't endure and snappily shouted at her: "You quickly sit down! Look at your face it is as white as paper!" Wrinkling her brows she roared at the servants, "are you people dead, ah! Quickly go get Wangfei a cup of warm tea!"

Full of chaos in the house, Wangfei was escorted to sit in a chair and propped her pale face and refused to be distracted as she rested. She kept looking at the side where the attendant twisted her hands trying to hold the girl.

(Paeonia lactiflora)
That girl was in a goose yellow short dress, in the Ji manor, she is the adopted daughter Ji Xiao Li. Xiao Li saw her mother being so anxious that her illness relapsed; Xiao Li also felt aggrieved and was anxious. While she was struggling, she loudly clarified:"It wasn't me! It was Little White, he himself came to find me to be marked! Her Highness Princess's courtyard's Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) plant will soon be in its havoc season, they spent the whole night praying and it caused Little White to be unable to sleep ..."

Princess Yan Yang hearing the wild girl still daring to sprout nonsense, "bang" she angrily slapped the table. Wangfei was startled and whispered to stop her daughter. "Xiao Li! You promised mother to no longer say these words of strange powers from the chaos God!"

Ji Xiao Li opened her mouth and dejectedly closed it.

Wangfei's white face turned to the Princess in a quiet tone and apologized; but how could Yan Yang be willing to listen. She said she must definitely drive the wild girl out of the house.

Fortunately, Ji Ting also arrived at this time. He had just come back from the practice field, and was still wearing his riding and archery black gold armor, and was full of killing aura. Once he entered through the door the chaotic atmosphere in the room stilled, maidservants and old woman unconsciously took a deep breath as the oppressive aura thickened.

ZhenNan Wang's eyes swept around the crowd in the house, then fell on the face of Princess Yan Yang,

"What happened?"

Yan Yang angrily stood up, letting Ji Ting be seated at the top. She pointed to the messy hair of the poor pug on the ground. "Wangye look! She took advantage when the maidservants weren't prepared and carried away Little White; resulting in being him painted into this revolting color! I do not know what she used, even after scrubbing with a half-basin of soap beans it's still not washed clean!"

Ji Ting looked at his adoptive daughter, the attendant holding Xiao Li hurriedly let go and Xiao Li caught her breathe. Rubbing her shoulders she honestly replied, "Yes, it was me, I added cinnabar rice wine; the paint should not fade for one month."

"Oh?" Ji Ting said, "cinnabar and rice wine have this effect?”

Ji Xiao Li nodded: "Daddy, want to try it? In the morning l mixed a full bowel, I still haven't used it all up!"

The solemn Zhen Nan Wang could not help but curve his mouth and shook his head.

In this house, it is also Ji Xiao Li who dared to speak like this with Ji Ting. The maidservants of the house looked at each other; Ji Xi, Ji Bei, these two chuckled out loud. Princess Yan Yang was angered until her face was flushed, her eyes showed that she wanted to rage. Her confidant Qi attendant then stepped forward and respectful bowed toward Ji Ting: "...It is just a Pekingese, originally it wasn't worth anything. These years Miss Xiao Li had broken the Princess's things is no different from this. A few years ago those big red coral plant's which was given by the former emperor to the princess as dowry were broken to pieces when the Miss fell. The Princess was secretly depressed for so many days, but didn't bother a single hair on Miss."

Qi MaMa is also a part of the Princess's dowry; those years in the palace, she was the most capable palace staff. To deal with these small scenes it is simply like killing the chicken with a chopper, her words were said very beautifully. "This time it actually involves Wangye and the whole manor, so the Princess became angry and also invited Wangye and Wangfei." (ed/n: Which do you guys prefer? Attendant or MaMa? In the third person I prefer “attendant” but when they are referred to I will use it as “MaMa.”

Ji Xi and Ji Bei who were nearby was restraining themselves for a long time, Ji Be who was impulsive at this time full of rage shouted, "just a dog, Qi MaMa can actually create so much nonsense, and also implicate the whole manor from top to bottom?! "

Qi MaMa's tone was sincere and bitter, "Third young master probably doesn't know, if it was only an ordinary dog, even if the value of rare species was a million gold, the Princess wouldn't drag in so many people; delaying Wangye's military matters and delaying her Highness Wangfei's rest. Actually... This Pekingese is Empress Dowager Duan Mi award to the Princess, the Princess especially allocated a maidservant to take care of it. She was afraid of that someone might take it away to treat it as leverage, but now... But now the snow white Pekingese was painted by Xiao Li like a malevolent demon and it has to put up with this body of red hair for a month!”

Once these words came out, even Wangfei who doesn't know was surprised. (tl/n: I believe it means a kind person who was an outsider and came to town and doesn't know the usual customs, a secluded kind of person.)

Right now there is two Empress Dowagers in the palace. Empress Dowager Ci Xiao is the Emperor's birth mother, Empress Dowager Duan Mi is the wife of the former emperor; back then she was the most favorite of the whole palace. The former emperor even allowed her to intervene with court affairs; her background of Duan Mi family was promoted to Holy Family and now in the court, there is a "Duan Mi Envoy" post, specifically for Empress Dowager Duan Mi to use.

Such a dignified status that hold's real power, Empress Dowager Duan Mi, even the Zhen Nan Wang and Princess Yan Yang could not afford to offend. Not to mention Empress Dowager Duan Mi supports the Eldest Prince. Zhen Nan Manor is a diehard loyal to the Emperor; Empress Dowager Duan Mi often failed to win over Zhen Nan and already has the intention to get rid of them.

I guess it look like this little guy
So if the Pekingese that the Empress Dowager Duan Mi awarded to the Zhen Nan Palace has the slightest problem, it could be made into a big problem. If it leads to disrespect of the Empress Dowager, executing the whole family is a possibility.

Ji Bei also wanted to defend Xiao Li with a few more words, Ji Xi had made up his mind to prevent his reckless brother and wordlessly, quietly pulled him behind him.

"What MaMa said is right." Ji Xi smiled and nodded to Qi MaMa, and respectfully said to Ji Ting: "Since matters have reached this point, I must ask Father to deal with is as early as possible. Has this news been transmitted outside of the manor? If the Empress Dowress were to blame us, with Eldest Prince and his thousands of follower by his side, how could it be explained clearly with words? Big Brother seems to have private relations with the Eldest Prince's manor staff, and those thousands of followers of Qin Sang and Night Valley have strong a relationship, the fourth brother could speak with her..."

Ji Xi's words were meant to check if the cause of the problem is concrete - since you said this matter is really serious, then we better hurry and deal with the consequences of it! Weren't you are worried about the safety of the whole manor? Then hurry up and fight for the safety of the whole manor!

How could Princess Yan Yang not hear the meaning of her son's plan, suddenly she got angrier as she sneered again and again; The slender fingers with gorgeous extravagant nail polish, heavily placed the teacup in her hands onto the table on the side. A crisp sound of porcelain collided.

Ji Ting then turned to the Princess said, "well, these things I will deal with, you do not have to worry too much.”

Ji Xi is also at the side and with a sincere look on his face, said, "We, the Ji family have with each generation guarded the Great Night. Faithful to the sun and the moon. Daddy is the court minister, us four brothers are of one heart loyal to Great Night, Emperor and Empress Dowager must definitely perceive this. "

Talking in an ingratiating and clever manner, stinky brats! Princess Yan Yang was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood. She stood up to start cursing, Ji Bei cleverly rushed forward; while rubbing his mother's back to help her sit down, he loudly shouted with a tiger's mighty face, "Xiao Li! Still not coming to apologize to my mother!"

Xiao Li dejectedly agreed.

Seeing that it ended happily, Qi MaMa gave a wink across to the attendant who had just caught Xiao Li, the MaMa attendant quietly gave her a big pinch at the waist.

Suddenly the little girl jumped really high, her mouth shouting "pain!" Her hands touched something unknown from the waist and took it out, with a wave of her hand and threw it out.

Beside that pellet size thing hitting the attendant's chin, there weren't any other injuries; but once that thing collided it became a clump of smoke and could hear a slight "hiss..." Sound. After that, the attendant's old face was hidden in the smoke...The smoke fog dissipated and the old face actually turned blue!

The maidservant woman suddenly screamed in the room, "Witchcraft! She is using witchcraft again!"

A room of full of chaos, maidservants and old woman, intentionally or unintentionally, panicked. The room was full of scurrying, Princess Yan Yang was protected by her faithful Qi MaMa in front of her, she directed a sneer at Ji Ting and simply said: "Wangye, you see these strange things? I have come across this every few days, on Sister's side, there must be more? But Sister loves her daughter, I can only learn from Sister. Knowing how to hide and not report. I don't know when these days will end! "

Ji Ting frowned silently, Wangfei cried in shame. Ji Xi hated that iron couldn't turn to steel as he winked to Ji Bei, Ji Bei ground his teeth and came forward to catch his adopted sister.

"Take the antidote out!"

Ji Xiao Li also knew that she's in trouble again, and obediently took out some dark and swarthy pellets: "I do not know which one it is, Third Brother throw it at her face again and again..."

Ji Bei was angered until his pretty face was crooked, bitterly he snatched them and called the paralyzed crying blue-faced attendant who was sitting on the floor to go back to the backyard.

Ji Ting saw that Yan Yang's eyes were full of fire, sighing he said: "The matters outside of the house I will deal with, you do not have to worry about it. But Xiao Li... This is too outrageous, Wangfei take her back, restrict her well."

He said as he walked out. The adopted daughter's pitiful eyes followed him, making Ji Ting not able to bear it. After walking past her he paused his footsteps; then said to her, "the last time I told you, if you make your Princess Niang Niang angry again, daddy will punish you. "

"...Punished to copy script again?" Xiao Li raised her face to look at him and worriedly asked. She often got into trouble, Ji Ting always punished her by making her copy scripts; the Eastern Courtyard's large study room had thousands of books, almost every book... From the beginning, she had copied.

Ji Ting shook his head, "This time I won't punish by making you copy script."

Ji Xiao Li deeply sighed out in relief

"Instead, you will be punished by going into seclusion to reflect for half a month."

Ji Xiao Li's leg went weak, she tearful and miserable called out, "Daddy!”

Listening to her decide with much difficult, "it's better to punish me by making me copy script instead!”

Ji Ting seriously said: "Not up for discussion! This half a month you will stay in your yard, if you do not obey, I will have to punish you more severely!"

Xiao Li bowed her head and returned back to the Wangfei's side. Princess Yan Yang's mood finally eased up a bit.

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Chapter 14

14.You want a man?
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple

Merry Christmas guys!

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and called out "Aunt!" She did not continue her other conversation.

Mrs Qiao could not help but glance at the rise of that neatly built roof, her heart became even more jealous. She laughed saying: "I say, Fang Zhou ah, we have to repair the roof of our house; on your way to buy more tiles, let us borrow them to use first. Wait until your uncle is free, and then go to buy them and we will return them back to you!”

"You want to borrow our tiles?" Lian Fang Zhou asked.

Mrs Qiao saw that her attitude was very good and did not get angry at all, she was secretly pleased inside.  She nodded and said, "Yes, of course, it is to borrow, later on, we will definitely return them to you!”

"Oh, how much do you want?" Lian Fang Zhou asked again.

This time Mrs Qiao was so happy that flowers bloomed in her heart, she quickly calculated mentally in her head, and hurriedly laughed saying: "Oh, not too much, ah, eight hundred or nine hundred is enough. Oh, no, maybe more than a thousand pieces."

In her heart she was secretly proud that she could speak so well, saying "more" than a thousand. As if more or less depended on the situation. If she could get more then get more, what the roof doesn't need, she can use to cover the pig pen, cattle stalls and more, ah ...

Lian Fang Zhou then lightly sighed, full of regret she said, "but Aunt, this is really unfortunate, yesterday the roof of our house had been repaired. The tiles are almost all used up; ah, we were only left with a few sets of ten tiles, if you do not mind, then take it. Otherwise, you will need to wait until the next time we buy, you should come early ah!”

Mrs Qiao was suddenly stunned; she looked around the yard, and sure enough, the ground was clean. Besides those few sets of ten tiles, was there more?

She could not help but get furious, glaring at Lian Fang Zhou she said, "dead brat, you are messing with me!"

"Aunt, I'm being accused wrongly, ah!" Lian Fang Zhou laughed and said: "You asked and I answered. How did it become me fooling you?" Suddenly her face darkened, with eyes like ice she stared at Mrs Qiao, coldly saying, "Your house was newly built last year, but you ran up to me asking for thousands of tiles, I think you are the one messing with me?”

Mrs Qiao was suddenly dumbfounded, snorting she said, "What 'want'? It is borrow! Just borrowing! If you aren't willing to give them, you say so much nonsense!”

"Ohhh -" Lian Fang Zhou dragged the 'oh' sounding full of ridicule. "So it was 'borrow' ah, I don't know if borrow and want have any distinction in Aunt's eyes, personally I think there's none!"

Mrs Qiao was angered until she wanted to collapse, her nose almost breathed out smoke. Since she born from her mother's womb, she had never been this angry!

Especially in the past, it was just her bullying the Second Branch; now she was bullied by a family that was left with a nest of small bastards, this imbalance was terrible. So today's share of anger was more intense.

"You should be proud then!" Mrs Qiao sneered, "having dissolved your engagement sure is good, what is there to be proud of! I believe, in this lifetime you shouldn't even think of being able to marry off!"

"Aunt, please leave!" Lian Ze furiously rushed up.

"Ah Ze," Lian Fang Zhou held him. Towards Mrs Qiao she faintly smiled and said: "The things you said, I do not care! I marrying off or not is not for you to have a say in! Isn't it just finding a man? Really easy! In this world, two-legged toads aren't easy to find, but two-legged men there are plentiful of!"

"You, you -" Mrs Qiao's eyes opened wide, her leg stomped with an "Oh" sound. "You are really, really shameless!"

Lian Fang Zhou also ignored the stunned Lian Ze and chuckled with a meaningful look toward Mrs Qiao. Watching intently, she smiled. "Aunt, ah, why are you blushing? You already gave birth to a baby; are you still thinking that you're a young girl, na. Shy, ah? Or say, you also want to find a man? I advise you to save it, with you like this, even giving money there's no man willing to want you!"

"You, you!" Mrs Qiao felt a burst of dizziness, she felt like she was seeing stars in front of her. She was angered until she almost fainted and her was heart going crazy until she didn't know what to do!

"What you, you?" Lian Fang Zhou harrumphed: "I'm telling you, ah. Oh, and quickly bring a thousand catties of grain back to us, otherwise, hmph! My mother said she will definitely go find you!"

"You are dreaming!" Mrs Qiao's breath finally returned to normal, she bitterly spat at the ground; with a red and greenish pale white face she ran out fleeing.

Lian Fang Zhou felt it was interesting and couldn't mask her laughing as she bent over.

She heard a faint "Sister" reaching her ears. Lian Fang Zhou froze and secretly breathed out "Damn!” She only remembered beside her there was also Lian Ze.

She looked up at him, Lian Ze's face had a suspicious flush. He was both embarrassed and awkward, he was also angry and sad.

"Sister how can you, how can ---" Lian Ze was so depressed that he couldn't say it.

"How can I say those words, right?" Lian Fang Zhou continued, facing his eyes she gently sighed. Softly she said, "Ah Ze, Sister was only saying it; I just want to scare Aunt! What kind of person Sister is, don't you already know? Sister was just using her mouth to talk about it. Could it be, that you look down on your Sister?”

"No, no!" Lian Ze repeatedly shook his head. "How can I look down on my sister! I also know my sister said it only to anger Aunt, but in case Aunt talks about it to the public, would that not be bad for sister's reputation?"

Lian Fang Zhou chuckled, smiling as she said: "Don't worry, those words, how can she say it out loud to someone else? Will people believe that I, an unmarried girl would say that kind of thing? Did Sister ever say those kinds of words before? Since that's the case, even if she talks about it, who would believe it!”

Thinking of Mrs Qiao's awkward state, Lian Fang Zhou could not help but burst out laughing, "hehehe..."

"......" Lian Ze for a moment was speechless.

"Alright," Lian Fang Zhou gently patted his shoulder; softly smiling; "Sister will promise you, from now on I won't say these kinds of words!"

"Ah!" Lian Ze nodded, then his face showed a bit of a smile.

Mrs Qiao escaped from Lian Fang Zhou's home, she still felt flush and her heart was beating irregularly. Not until she returned to her own home, did she breathe out a long sigh of relief.

"What's the matter with you?" Asked Lian Li, looking strangely at her.

"I -" Mrs Qiao was startled, she started stuttering, "no, nothing, nothing is wrong!"

Although she and Lian Li have been a couple for several decades, but these words she can't say it, it is simply embarrassing to death!

"Nothing wrong? If nothing is wrong then why do you look like you have seen a ghost!" Lian Li stared at her with dissatisfaction.

Mrs Qiao internally thought, It is scarier than seeing a ghost! Lian Fang Zhou that girl, eight out of ten a ghost has possessed her body, or else she is completely crazy; how else could a young girl say these kinds words.

"That Lian Fang Zhou is really going too far, hmph, I just asked to borrow some tiles from her; she even teased me!"

Mrs Qiao coughed and changed the topic, angrily she spoke with Lian Li about what happened.

When Lian Li heard it he also felt angry. "This is really outrageous! This girl is really lawless! If she doesn't want to give then just simply say no, but to actually talk like this! And You, we just changed the roof of the house and yet you still said all that. isn't this simply asking to be ridiculed? My face, you completely lost it! You have embarrassed me! What are you standing for? Hurry up and go cook!"

Mrs Qiao snorted, "if You're that capable, then why don't you go find her and get even? Really!" She went to the kitchen to wash the rice pot and no longer mentioned it.

She placed the pot on the rack, then went to the yard to feed the chickens and close the pen.

When she saw those chickens, she suddenly froze for a moment, then "ahhh!" as she screamed, "husband, quickly come, come and see!"

"What are you howling like a ghost for!" Inside the house, Lian Li was startled and was scared by her scream, angrily he stormed out of the house.

"You look, you look!" Mrs Qiao did not bother with what he said and pointed at the chickens in the yard.