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BTTS 634

Chapter 634. Let's have a baby

Only then did Zhang Mei Lian put a smile on her face. Then she spoke: "Watch here first. I will go to your sister's side and notify her. She has been thinking about you all the time."

"I will go by myself..."

"You should rest first. You are tired from the journey back. I'll just go over." Zhang Mei Lian hurriedly persisted.

When she finished talking, she picked her bag. Then she came to look for Xu Sheng Mei. At this time, Xu Sheng Mei was naturally not at home. So she saw Zhao Jun.

Zhao Jun raised his eyebrows: "Coming here in broad daylight?"

Zhang Mei Lian anxiously looked around. Only making sure there was no one, she felt relieved and whispered in a hushed voice, "Xu Sheng Qiang is back!"

When Zhao Jun heard this, he let her in and said, "Isn't it supposed be the end of the year? Why is he back now?"

How was Zhang Mei Lian supposed to know. She hadn't asked Xu Sheng Qiang for detail. She got a scare when Xu Sheng Qiang came back without warning.

Fortunately, he came back during the day. If he came back at night and Zhao Jun happened to be at home, what should she do?

How was Xu Sheng Qiang to know that three days after he entered prison, Zhao Jun went over to his place at night and stayed behind. Needless to say what happened when a guy and girl stayed together.

And this relationship had continued to this day. It can be said that Zhang Mei Lian was Zhao Jun's secret lover.

Entering the door of Zhao's house, Zhang Mei Lian's hand was pulled by Zhao Jun. She saw that Zhao Jun was calm. She couldn't help saying, "What to do now?"

"What what to do? Go about as usual." Zhao Jun said indifferently.

So what if Xu Sheng Qiang came back. He would still sleep his wife. It wasn't like it'll get into anything's way?

Zhang Mei Lian hesitated: "How about we cut it off?" 

It didn't matter when Xu Sheng Qiang wasn't back because she was also a woman. Her man was locked up and she still got needs.

So that night when Zhao Jun came to see her, she half-pushed and half-allowed it. That was because Xu Sheng Qiang wasn't back. Now he was back, how can they continue?

What to do when someone discover this?

"What's there to worry? Just don't go to your house in the future. We can open a room outside?" Zhao Jun said when he saw her like this.

"I think we should break it off." Zhang Mei Lian hesitated.

"Can you bear to break it off with me." Zhao Jun responded with a faint smirk.

Zhang Mei Lian's face blushed slightly. Honestly speaking, she couldn't bear to.. Zhao Jun was really good at it. Although it was embarrassing to admit, she really surrendered to his prowess.

"Don't worry about this. He won't find out. Let him watch the store. This way, how can he find out?" Zhao Jun said.

Zhang Mei Lian was slightly relieved by his assurance. Then she looked at him and spoke, "Where have you been there these few days? You haven't been to my place."

"I have been drinking with friends these days. Why? Do you miss me?" Zhao Jun teased.

Zhang Mei Lian blushed and nodded. Seeing her flirty attitude, Zhao Jun took her to their room on the second floor.

When she came out, it was already half an hour later. Zhang Mei Lian sought Xu Sheng Mei in a merry mood.

Xu Sheng Mei was clueless about this affair. Her brother had been imprisoned for more than two years, and she hadn't never taken step to Zhang Mei Lian's side. How can she possibly find out her getting involved with her husband?

But even when she didn't know, it didn't affect Xu Sheng Mei's dislike of her. She felt that her brother's fighting three times misfortune was due to marrying this woman.

If there was a virtuous wife in the family, how could her brother be so unruly?

"What are you doing here!" Xu Sheng Mei angrily uttered.

"Third Sister, Sheng Qiang is back. I came here to tell to you." Zhang Mei Lian told.
Xu Sheng Mei froze. Then she said: "Qiang Zi is back? You're not lying to me?"

"How can I possibly lie to Third Sister. He's really back." Zhang Mei Lian confirmed.

"When did he come back? Isn't this at the end of this year?" Xu Sheng Mei hurriedly said.

Every time she called back, her mother always asked about her son on the phone. Her voice carried sobbing.

Zhang Mei Lian replied: "I don't know. I had asked. He didn't escape. Was released."

Xu Sheng Mei handed over the shop to the employees and left with Zhang Mei Lian.

Although it took a long time, Xu Sheng Qiang didn't say anything. Compared to before going to prison, Xu Sheng Qiang's entire temperament had became calm and restrained.

Once Xu Sheng Mei came over, she sobbingly hugged her brother. Xu Sheng Qiang surprisingly didn't find her annoying. Instead, he said, "Third Sister, I'm fine. I'm already out."

"It's good that you're fine! It's good that you're fine" Xu Sheng Mei repeated: "By the way, why did you come out half a year in advance? We haven't received any news."

"I obeyed the management inside, completed the task, and admitted my mistakes sincerely. So they let me out in advance." Xu Sheng Qiang truthfully told.

Xu Sheng Mei was naturally overjoyed. After staying for a long time, she went out to make a call at a phone booth. She wanted to tell her mother about the good news and save her mother from worrying about it.

Xu Sheng Qiang turned to Zhang Mei Lian: "Mei Lian, let's have a baby."

During his time in prison, he had thought a lot. He was really too impulsive and ignorant before. Now he wanted to start again and planned to have a child.

With a child, it'll feel more like a family. Inside, he heard from the other men with families and children. Most of them were looking forward to coming out to be a new man and compensate his wife and children well.

Zhang Mei Lian's face became stiff when she heard Xu Sheng Qiang's words.

In the past two years or so, she can basically be certain that she can't give birth. Because neither she nor Zhao Jun used contraceptives.

Especially when she first got entangled with Zhao Jun. She was hoping Zhao Jun to make her pregnant.

If she became pregnant, she can say it's Xu Sheng Qiang's. No worry at all!

But in the past two years, she hadn't been able to get pregnant.

However Xu Sheng Qiang came out and wanted a baby. How was she to give birth one for him?

"En. It's okay to have a child." Still, Zhang Mei Lian forced herself to answer.

Xu Sheng Qiang didn't say anything. He turned around to find his elder sister. He had to report his safety to his parents. He came over and saw his third sister was talking on the phone. Obviously, she was talking with his mother. Then he took over.

His mother was crying on the phone. Xu Sheng Qiang also patiently talked to her. After chatting for more than half an hour, he hung up the phone.

"Elder Sister, I'm going to visit my grandparents. Uncle and Aunt too. Are you going?" Xu Sheng Qiang hung up the phone and said.

"Huh? Why are you going over?" Hearing this, Xu Sheng Mei's eyes reddened.

"Got to drop by." Xu Sheng Qiang pursed his lips.

"Forget it. Our family had severed ties with old Zhou Family. You don't know how hard-hearted they are. Our parents have come here, and they still aren't willing to save you!" Xu Sheng Mei gritted her teeth.


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