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BTTS 409

 Chapter 409. Considered as marrying down

Old Zhou family didn't know that Zhang Mei Lian, who came home during the New Year, was desperate to get married.

She could tell old Zhou family really didn't have a good impression of her. She saw Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai and would greet the couple. They ignored her.

So Zhang Mei Lian felt really hopeless.

She wasn't young now. She really wanted to marry.

In the past two or three years, she went out to rent a place by herself. She did indeed dated.

Altogether, there was a total of six. Three of which weren't humans. After sleeping for a month or two, they simply broke up with her. There was another. She was pregnant with a child and he still didn’t want to recognize it. What else can she do? Abort it.

There were two more. Those two want to marry her.

However, she didn't want to marry because there was no other reason but that their family had a large population and the conditions were very poor. How could she marry?

So after thinking about it, Zhang Mei Lian set her eyes back to old Zhou Family.

She must forget about Zhou Kai. Zhang Mei Lian's eyes fell on Hu Zi.

She had checked with her mother, old Madam Zhang because she hadn't come back for a while and she didn't understand the situation. What she didn't know, old Madam Zhang knew.

"What's the matter? You still want to marry the guy called Hu Zi?" Old Madam Zhang rolled her eyes and muttered.

"What's wrong? I think he isn't a bad choice too." Zhang Mei Lian said.

Although his appearance and height weren't as good as Zhou Kai's, he still wasn't bad. Not too terrible on the eye and wasn't too short. At least 1.78 meters. The most important thing was that he was related to old Zhou family.

"Forget it," old Madam Zhang said irritably, "Hu Zi is their nephew. His family is from the countryside. Got nothing to their name. The brothers both came here to make a living. You still want to go out with him?"

Obviously, old Madam Zhang didn't know that her family's sweet potato was rotten and thought it was a good melon. That's why she looked down on others.

"This is their nephew. They have opened so many shops. How can they help him in the future?" Zhang Mei Lian felt the idea was better as she kept thinking about it.

Hu Zi's skin was a bit tanned. Being in the capital hadn't been able to nourish him whiter. Still, Zhang Mei Lian felt that even when he was from the countryside, it was fine.

Being a countryfolk was perfect. A capital's girl like her was willing to marry him. His ancestors will be puffing out green smoke when he brings her back, right?

As for things with a bad reputation, it didn't matter. Can reputation feed you?

"Mom, this is their nephew. He can't possibly work for them for a lifetime. If he goes out by himself, how can his uncle not support him?" Zhang Mei Lian said.

Old Madam Zhang didn't speak.

Zhang Mei Lian continued: "When he comes out to do it alone, he definitely won't be worse off. How can he not make any money at that time? And because it is so far away from his village, he must live here. It's also convenient for me to take care of you, Mom."

Old Madam Zhang was moved. So she spoke: "About the matter of you dating a few times, those old loose-tongue ladies knew about it." 
Reaching here, she couldn't help pinched her daughter and scolded: "Putting aside the fact that you brought them home for the night, you actually got caught by someone else. Do think there's not enough trouble?"

Zhang Mei Lian felt very aggrieved. In fact, she brought them home very late and she told them to leave early in the morning. Who knew that she was still caught?

"I'm afraid that the couple next door won't agree." Old Madam Zhang said.

"When a nephew marries a wife or not, their approval isn't necessary." Zhang Mei Lian didn't take it seriously.

If the guy called Hu Zi went to the dormitory with her, she'll cook the uncooked rice. How can old Zhou Family not admit it?

"In fact, that kid doesn't seem bad. It's just, he got a rural household registration and not much capability," said old Madam Zhang.

"Rural household registration, then so be it. See if there is any chance to move over in the future." Zhang Mei Lian responded.

"Youngest Sister, you have to work harder. Old Zhou Family brought a lot of nephews and nieces here. Didn't their niece named Xu Sheng Mei married out a while ago? I heard that the guy is still very rich." Said Mrs. Zhang.

She felt that her youngest sister-in-law was similar to her eldest sister-in-law. They were versatile people. Any man can go to her place to sleep. Still, she got the advantages of being a big city person.

As for Zhou Kai, forget it. They both were got household registration in the capital. It was normal for them to look down on Zhang family. While that Huzi was a veritable countryfolk.

If he can bring a wife from the capital back home, his family will definitely be happy.

If it succeeds, old Zhou family won't go back to their hometown to ruin their reputation.

So Mrs. Zhang wasn't optimistic about Zhou Kai. However, she was optimistic about this younger sister-in-law hooking up with Hu Zi. If it works out, she will be regarded as a relative of old Zhou family.

Mrs. Zhang was eyeing Lin Qing He's work unit. She heard that there had been a lot of salary increase this year.

There was mung bean soup in summer and night school's dinner in the evening. The treatment was very good.

If she becomes a relative, she has to arrange a position for her no matter what.

"Then I have to come back and live at home. Hu Zi is living here." Zhang Mei Lian said.

"When you come back to live at home, what will happen to your world?" Old Madam Zhang asked.

"There is still a bicycle at home. Let me use it." Mrs. Zhang chimed in: "There is only one Youngest Sister in the family. I hope that she'll live well."

Zhang Mei Lian agreed, saying that she would definitely not forget this kindness in the future.

While Old Zhang family was discussing this, they never thought about the attitude of old Zhou family.

Don't know if it was a matter of luck, Zhang Mei Lian just headed out and encountered Hu Zi.

Hu Zi just came over from his grandparents' side.

"Are you called Hu Zi?" Zhang Mei Lian smiled softly when she saw him.

Hu Zi didn't know her. He had to go to work during the day and night school at night. It was pretty late when he returned home. After watching a bit of TV, he would head to bed.

Zhang Mei Lian had lived outside for more than two years, so they really didn't know each other.

"My family is old Zhang family from next door to your uncle's house. My name is Zhang Mei Lian." Zhang Mei Lian said with a smile.

Hu Zi nodded and said, "I have some matters."

Lin Qing He wasn't the kind to badmouth old Zhang Family. What's more, a family like Old Zhang was fake lofty. They wouldn't set their eye on Hu Zi's rural household registration. They were targetting her eldest.

So Lin Qing He didn't say it. Zhou Qing Bai won't even bring it up. Zhou Xuan and Zhou Gui Lai didn't treat it as a serious matter.

So Hu Zi only knew that the relationship with Aunt Ma's family was great. But basically, no interaction with old Zhang Family from next door. The relationship was definitely so-so.

Otherwise, with his uncle's and aunt's disposition, they would visit each other during the New Year.

So Hu Zi didn't say much to Zhang Mei Lian.

However, Zhang Mei Lian's eyes were shining.


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