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Man Man Qing Luo Chapter 1 part 2

(Translated and edited by Maggie)

Seventh Madam cupped Cheng Qing's face, the voice was still gentle: "San er, Mother know you are afraid of today's exam, but, Mother only have you as a daughter, if you lose your temper again and missed the test it is embarassing, and in future, in Li family us two mother and daughter's days won't be easy to live." Finished speaking, she frowned.

At this time Mother Zhang held a stack of clothes. Xiao Yu carried in a copper basin.

Seventh Madam put down Cheng Qing from her embrace, holding her little hand, said: "Come on, today, Mother will do your hair."

Mother Zhang shook open a blue skirt  and tied to Cheng Qing's waist, then help her put on purple jacket. A string to the east, a string to the west system. Cheng Qing has become a puppet at her mercy.

Completely dressed, the Seventh Madam lead Cheng Qing to the dressing table to sit down, she suddenly saw a strange face in the bronze mirror, her two hands clutching her face and uttered her surprise: "Ah!

Seventh Madam looked at the sky, her face showing anxiety: "San er, the hour is late, if we don't quickly dress up(put on make up and do hair thingy), it'll be too
late, if we're late, your father, oh, what do we do!"

Test? My father? Cheng Qing slowly put down her hand, slowly opened her eyes, her eyes floating on a layer of water mist, Who this is ? How did I get so small? How did I become like this? She could not believe this, staring blankly at the mirror's red eyes, pale and thin, at most six years old child.

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Then seeing Cheng Qing obediently sitting in front of the mirror, Seventh Madam, Mother Zhang, Xiao Yu stepped up and dressed her. A moment of effort, big eyes appeared in the mirror, with a delicate peach-heart shape face,straight bang, twin bun hair little beauty. Seventh Madam was satisfied as she placed a Hosta flower on the Cheng Qing's bun. Turned and looked with her face showing a smile.

Zhang mother cheerfully said: "Miss looks like Madam,when she grow up will definitely be a beauty."

Seventh Madam held onto Cheng Qing's hand and went outside. Once Cheng Qing went out of the door, she see this courtyard, the middle is a patio, placed with two large stone fish pool, in the middle was a Begonia tree that just bloomed in the morning.It seem that it rained in the morning, the patio was wet, Begonia flower was more a gorgeous red, but now is not the time to enjoy the scenery. Seventh Madam's footsteps  was a bit urgent, hurrying for fear being of late.

Cheng Qing suddenly thought, she herself is to take part in some kind of test, seem very important, just now she seems to say that it relates to them mother and daughter's life or something. Mother and daughter? Cheng Qing's heart palpitate again. Seventh Madam seem to be at most twenty three/four year old, call her mother?

Cheng Qing made effort calm herself, she wanted to know what kind of test is coming up,
 then think of this strange change. Cheng Qing pulls Seventh Madam's hand, raised her face and asked her: "what do I have to pay attention to in the test?"

This is the first time since the morning did Seventh Madam to hear Cheng Qing asked question about the test. Could not help but stop the pace, affectionately touch her head: "San er, Mother know you will try your best, try your best to learn zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Just recite the poem correctly, but sadly,those you do not like are naturally those you won't learn well enough, San er, you promise Mother, whether good or bad, do not cry, do not be ashamed!" Saying to here, the Seventh Madam's eyes have a hint of hatred: "let them toss, we will definitely not drop a single tear! Remember, San er? "

Cheng Qing looked at those earnest eyes of Seventh Madam, nodded her head. Just do not cry, then that's fine! She sighs, what kind of environment is this? This body's owner, what kind of temper she have? A father who married with at least seven wife, what is he like?

Seventh Madam held Cheng Qing's hand as they enter a main hall, the room immediately quiet down. Two rows of chairs at the left and right side of the hall, and there sat five hair filled with pearl and jade women, the middle two chairs were empty. It seems those were Father and main wife's position. Seventh Madam slightly smiled, facing the left bowed and called out: "(Younger) Sister(herself) was late, (elder) sisters please forgive me." And also toward the right side, did the same ceremony, those sitting gave a few noncommittal nod, Seventh Madam are accustomed the cold attitude, so didn't think of wanting the return courtesy/ceremony, taking Cheng Qing, she went to the right end empty seat and sat. Cheng Qing stood beside her, it was then Seventh Madam let go of her hold on Cheng Qing's hand.

Cheng Qing looked to the left, the three women seem to be that father's three wives, standing beside them two girls, the bigger one around ten years old, the smaller one around seven-year-old, Cheng Qing thought, Seventh Madam called me San er, So it seems that these two are my elder sisters. The right side also sat two people, with no children.

Cheng Qing secretly compare the madams and Seventh Madam. She felt the chubby ones and skinny ones, each have their own charm. Seventh Madam also have peach/heart shape face , sharp jaw/chin, a pair of crystal eyes, petite and shows more fragility, Cheng Qing thought, after she herself grow up, afraid it will be the appearance of Seventh Madam.

Just when Cheng Qing's eyes were looking everywhere, she saw the two girls across her curled their lips, and then with disdain they turned away, seem arrogant to the extreme. In her heart she found it funny. Immature kids( literal- small ass child)! Suddenly remembered that she have become smaller than she looked, and her heart extremely uncomfortable, could not help but lowered her head.

At this time, she heard a tinkling of hairpins, all the madams stood up from their seats, delicate sound sweet air, said: "Pay respect to Master and Sister."

And then heard a man's voice: "Sit down, today' s test, Ah Lei, Ah Fei, Ah Luo, are you ready for it? This time once every three months test, do not know whether there is improvement!"


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