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Hilarious Pampered Consort chapter 25

25. Chapter 25 Close, Family Law/Punishment 1
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     "Close the door, carry out family law/punishment ."

     Once Big Madam spoken, Qu Tang´er sighed for the N times in her heart for a while now, and sure enough, this main event is about to be staged.

     First one, splashing water.

     Second one, family law, really have 'first and follow up'/ 'back and front', not a slightest leak ah.

     "Mas... ..." Jing Xin was somewhat anxious.

     "... ..." Qu Tan er shook her head, gave a light laugh to Jing Xin, to calm Jing Xin's heart.

     The door squeaked, and shut.

     Suddenly, inside the house,it was strangely quiet, not a slightest sound was made.

     At this point, the housekeeper came out from the inner room, holding a tray in hand,the tray held slat, a thin slat,
 people can not help but look at it with lingering fear.

Carrying out family law/punishment.

     "Carry out family law/punishment"

     For the N times, Qu Tang'er said what big madam want to say in her mind in advance, for two years, she didn't mix/drift in the Qu House for nothing, whatever the people in the Qu House want to say when they see her, she has already know it off by heart.

     From the beginning, inside the house there's a lot of people, those sitting are sitting,those standing are standing, but no one will come out to help say a word for her, not because of secretly laughing, but just indifference, absolutely cold-hearted.

     "Tell me, how many family law/punishment did you violate today?" Big madam took the slat, shadily asked Qu Tang'er.

     "Big Madam, please teach" Qu Tang'er bowed her head, waiting for the slat to fall, her two hands clenched, when it's time to endure, have to continue to endure.

     Suddenly regretted that the day she have married into the eighth prince's manor, should have prepare a good escape,
 or else, at this moment, her fate wouldn't be this miserable.

     "One, you violated Qu house's number one, eye have no respect for elder, should be beaten/punished or not?"

"Should be hit/punished" Qu Tang'er replied.

     "Two, you violated Qu house's number seven, married husband follow husband,
you did not properly serve her husband,should be beaten/punished or not?"

"Should be hit/punished"

     "Three, you ... ..."

"Should be hit/punished" Quickly hit already, she's waiting.

     Qu Tang'er was a little bit impatient, this one, two, three, one by one counting,
even if big madam isn't tired, she listening to it feel trouble,
and the big madam sitting as she speak doesn't feel tired, she standing as she reply will have back pain.

     "Then you say how hits should it be?"

     "According to you." big madam asked directly, Qu Tang'er's reply is simple, directly according to her meaning/desire, it's fine with however she wants, as long as doesn't hit til one's life is gone then it's fine,
 although the person who is getting beaten is herself.

     "Good, this is what you said."



Originally Qu Tang'er wanted to say something, but only spoke out the word I, when the slab abruptly and severely whack down to her back , and this whack, also near had her whole person hit until she had nearly throw to the ground.


     Really painful, painful!

     when the slab whack down, that moment of pain from behind her whole body, so painful that is made her speechless.

     "Master." Jing Xin was shocked, the next moment, immediately rushed over to take the beating for Qu Tang'er.

     "Stay there, not allowed to come over" Qu Tang'er eyes glanced, coldly staring at Jing Xin, just one raised head, just one cold stare, and then quickly bowed her head, the action was done too fast, that made people not know what to do, and Jing Xin right at that moment, abruptly stopped, did not dare to move forward one step closer.

     This account, she Qu Tang'er will remember,there will be a day when some people should be paid back, she will get them pay back completely, not a bit less.


The second hit came down, hitting harder, but also because of this hit, hitting til Qu Tang'er, her whole person is out of balance and went forward.


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