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White Calculation Chapter 2
Translated By Maggie    Edited By Simple

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Ten years later.

Zhen Nan Wang Ji Ting is the Great Night Country's number one General. By royal decree, he was called the mighty brave general; he is also one of the Night Valley Sect's big sect leader. The White Tiger sect leader, it was a name that moved the world. His inner courtyard's secret like his brave meritorious service, was also famous, it is often talked about with great relish by people.

It is said that the Zhen Nan Wangfei is not from any one of the Great Night's famous family's. But it was when Ji Ting was studying in Night Valley, that he privately settled his lifelong fate and got engaged to South Butterfly Sect Leader's daughter. It is said that Zhen Nan Wang really loved his Wangfei; the former emperor wanted to match Great Night's most beautiful first princess to him, but he still did not change his mind. In the end, the former emperor's most favorite Princess Yan Yang was dressed in 10 Li of red and was married into Zhen Nan's Manor as a concubine.

But Princess Yan Yang's belly was really capable, after marrying in, she gave birth to three sons; but the Wangfei for so many years, had none. On one side is the princess's three increasingly healthy and lively big chubby kids, on the other side there was none. For many years the Shizi's spot, Empress Dowager Ci Xiao, and the Emperor often pressured Zhen Nan Wang; but with great effort, he resisted the power of royalty, and did not proclaim the princess's son as the Shizi.

Later, when Yan Yang gave birth to her youngest son, Ji Bei, Wangfei went to the temple to pray. She picked up a baby girl, then after a month she had miraculously become pregnant! Nine months later, Zhen Nan manor welcomed the long hoped for Shizi - Ji Nan.

Zhen Nan Wang named this son, "South"(Nan) - the Princess's three sons were called "East"(Dong,) "West"(Xi,) "North"(Bei,) and "South"(Nan.) He deliberately left this name for his and Wangfei's legitimate child; as well as the Shizi position.

Someone made a storybook based on this situation. "Mandarin Couple Memory," it talked about a young scholar named Lang falling in love with an innocent and good Jiang Hu girl. She was a spoiled, pretty princess that fancied the scholar Lang, scholar Lang, no matter how much wealth he was offered and how much pressure was applied, he still chose the Jiang Hu girl. Together they flew side by side, it was a really moving story.  

Unfortunately, ah, no matter how happily the legendary story ended, it is only a made up story. Princess Yan Yang is more than just spoiled and beautiful, her mother is the Empress Dowager Cixiao. This kind of concubine, the weak Zhen Nan Wangfei is not her opponent. Moreover, the Wangfei is kind and weak, even Yi Ting can only reluctantly let Princess Yan Yang single-handedly control the royal manor. The manor's servants felt respect and love for the kind and weak Wangfei, toward the Princess it is more like awe.

To Princess Yan Yang, the last decade could be described as smooth sailing; the only thing not smooth, would probably Wangfei's adoption of the little orphan girl.

Originally Wangfei had no children for many years, and she had three sons; so when Wangfei brought back an adopted daughter she did not care all that much. Because she pitied Wangfei's empty womb.

Who knew that soon after Wangfei had gotten pregnant, she gave birth to a son! At that time, everyone said that the little orphan was the Buddha's gift sent to the Wangfei as a good luck child. From listening to these words, Yan Yang no longer wanted to see that girl!

Growing up, the little orphan girl became a stubborn, stupid, wild girl. All day long she said words full of strange powers and brought chaos; all those strange things that she said had never been heard of. It caused one calamity after another, Yan Yang didn't like her even more!
(TL/N: I haven't read any of the raw's, I just translate and read it as I go. Now I am feeling curious because of this sentence.)

But her three precious sons happen to like the wild girl; Princess Yan Yang worried that the brothers would turn against each other because of this. For her sons' harmony and future, it is necessary to ruthlessly kick Ji Xiao Li out of the manor.

That day Ji Xiao Li happened to do something wrong and ended up in her hands. Princess Yan Yang didn't say anything, she just ordered her MaMa (I.e attendant) to catch her; and immediately sent someone to invite Ji Ting and Wangfei.

Wangfei came very quickly, once she arrived she immediately apologized. What annoyed Yan Yang most was her sad, weak look. Blocking her words, she bluntly said, "this time I must kick this wild girl out! Sister, there is no need to plead for her! Quickly think of a place to put her!"

"Yan Yang, Xiao Li has done wrong and you want to punish her, that is allowed. But how can you kick her out? She is just a girl, how would she be able to live alone outside... Yan Yang, please forgive her for my sake... "Wangfei was anxious until she a was bit dizzy, leaning close to the attendant beside her, her voice was getting weaker and weaker.

Yan Yang seeing this, couldn't endure and snappily shouted at her: "You quickly sit down! Look at your face it is as white as paper!" Wrinkling her brows she roared at the servants, "are you people dead, ah! Quickly go get Wangfei a cup of warm tea!"

Full of chaos in the house, Wangfei was escorted to sit in a chair and propped her pale face and refused to be distracted as she rested. She kept looking at the side where the attendant twisted her hands trying to hold the girl.

(Paeonia lactiflora)
That girl was in a goose yellow short dress, in the Ji manor, she is the adopted daughter Ji Xiao Li. Xiao Li saw her mother being so anxious that her illness relapsed; Xiao Li also felt aggrieved and was anxious. While she was struggling, she loudly clarified:"It wasn't me! It was Little White, he himself came to find me to be marked! Her Highness Princess's courtyard's Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) plant will soon be in its havoc season, they spent the whole night praying and it caused Little White to be unable to sleep ..."

Princess Yan Yang hearing the wild girl still daring to sprout nonsense, "bang" she angrily slapped the table. Wangfei was startled and whispered to stop her daughter. "Xiao Li! You promised mother to no longer say these words of strange powers from the chaos God!"

Ji Xiao Li opened her mouth and dejectedly closed it.

Wangfei's white face turned to the Princess in a quiet tone and apologized; but how could Yan Yang be willing to listen. She said she must definitely drive the wild girl out of the house.

Fortunately, Ji Ting also arrived at this time. He had just come back from the practice field, and was still wearing his riding and archery black gold armor, and was full of killing aura. Once he entered through the door the chaotic atmosphere in the room stilled, maidservants and old woman unconsciously took a deep breath as the oppressive aura thickened.

ZhenNan Wang's eyes swept around the crowd in the house, then fell on the face of Princess Yan Yang,

"What happened?"

Yan Yang angrily stood up, letting Ji Ting be seated at the top. She pointed to the messy hair of the poor pug on the ground. "Wangye look! She took advantage when the maidservants weren't prepared and carried away Little White; resulting in being him painted into this revolting color! I do not know what she used, even after scrubbing with a half-basin of soap beans it's still not washed clean!"

Ji Ting looked at his adoptive daughter, the attendant holding Xiao Li hurriedly let go and Xiao Li caught her breathe. Rubbing her shoulders she honestly replied, "Yes, it was me, I added cinnabar rice wine; the paint should not fade for one month."

"Oh?" Ji Ting said, "cinnabar and rice wine have this effect?”

Ji Xiao Li nodded: "Daddy, want to try it? In the morning l mixed a full bowel, I still haven't used it all up!"

The solemn Zhen Nan Wang could not help but curve his mouth and shook his head.

In this house, it is also Ji Xiao Li who dared to speak like this with Ji Ting. The maidservants of the house looked at each other; Ji Xi, Ji Bei, these two chuckled out loud. Princess Yan Yang was angered until her face was flushed, her eyes showed that she wanted to rage. Her confidant Qi attendant then stepped forward and respectful bowed toward Ji Ting: "...It is just a Pekingese, originally it wasn't worth anything. These years Miss Xiao Li had broken the Princess's things is no different from this. A few years ago those big red coral plant's which was given by the former emperor to the princess as dowry were broken to pieces when the Miss fell. The Princess was secretly depressed for so many days, but didn't bother a single hair on Miss."

Qi MaMa is also a part of the Princess's dowry; those years in the palace, she was the most capable palace staff. To deal with these small scenes it is simply like killing the chicken with a chopper, her words were said very beautifully. "This time it actually involves Wangye and the whole manor, so the Princess became angry and also invited Wangye and Wangfei." (ed/n: Which do you guys prefer? Attendant or MaMa? In the third person I prefer “attendant” but when they are referred to I will use it as “MaMa.”

Ji Xi and Ji Bei who were nearby was restraining themselves for a long time, Ji Be who was impulsive at this time full of rage shouted, "just a dog, Qi MaMa can actually create so much nonsense, and also implicate the whole manor from top to bottom?! "

Qi MaMa's tone was sincere and bitter, "Third young master probably doesn't know, if it was only an ordinary dog, even if the value of rare species was a million gold, the Princess wouldn't drag in so many people; delaying Wangye's military matters and delaying her Highness Wangfei's rest. Actually... This Pekingese is Empress Dowager Duan Mi award to the Princess, the Princess especially allocated a maidservant to take care of it. She was afraid of that someone might take it away to treat it as leverage, but now... But now the snow white Pekingese was painted by Xiao Li like a malevolent demon and it has to put up with this body of red hair for a month!”

Once these words came out, even Wangfei who doesn't know was surprised. (tl/n: I believe it means a kind person who was an outsider and came to town and doesn't know the usual customs, a secluded kind of person.)

Right now there is two Empress Dowagers in the palace. Empress Dowager Ci Xiao is the Emperor's birth mother, Empress Dowager Duan Mi is the wife of the former emperor; back then she was the most favorite of the whole palace. The former emperor even allowed her to intervene with court affairs; her background of Duan Mi family was promoted to Holy Family and now in the court, there is a "Duan Mi Envoy" post, specifically for Empress Dowager Duan Mi to use.

Such a dignified status that hold's real power, Empress Dowager Duan Mi, even the Zhen Nan Wang and Princess Yan Yang could not afford to offend. Not to mention Empress Dowager Duan Mi supports the Eldest Prince. Zhen Nan Manor is a diehard loyal to the Emperor; Empress Dowager Duan Mi often failed to win over Zhen Nan and already has the intention to get rid of them.

I guess it look like this little guy
So if the Pekingese that the Empress Dowager Duan Mi awarded to the Zhen Nan Palace has the slightest problem, it could be made into a big problem. If it leads to disrespect of the Empress Dowager, executing the whole family is a possibility.

Ji Bei also wanted to defend Xiao Li with a few more words, Ji Xi had made up his mind to prevent his reckless brother and wordlessly, quietly pulled him behind him.

"What MaMa said is right." Ji Xi smiled and nodded to Qi MaMa, and respectfully said to Ji Ting: "Since matters have reached this point, I must ask Father to deal with is as early as possible. Has this news been transmitted outside of the manor? If the Empress Dowress were to blame us, with Eldest Prince and his thousands of follower by his side, how could it be explained clearly with words? Big Brother seems to have private relations with the Eldest Prince's manor staff, and those thousands of followers of Qin Sang and Night Valley have strong a relationship, the fourth brother could speak with her..."

Ji Xi's words were meant to check if the cause of the problem is concrete - since you said this matter is really serious, then we better hurry and deal with the consequences of it! Weren't you are worried about the safety of the whole manor? Then hurry up and fight for the safety of the whole manor!

How could Princess Yan Yang not hear the meaning of her son's plan, suddenly she got angrier as she sneered again and again; The slender fingers with gorgeous extravagant nail polish, heavily placed the teacup in her hands onto the table on the side. A crisp sound of porcelain collided.

Ji Ting then turned to the Princess said, "well, these things I will deal with, you do not have to worry too much.”

Ji Xi is also at the side and with a sincere look on his face, said, "We, the Ji family have with each generation guarded the Great Night. Faithful to the sun and the moon. Daddy is the court minister, us four brothers are of one heart loyal to Great Night, Emperor and Empress Dowager must definitely perceive this. "

Talking in an ingratiating and clever manner, stinky brats! Princess Yan Yang was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood. She stood up to start cursing, Ji Bei cleverly rushed forward; while rubbing his mother's back to help her sit down, he loudly shouted with a tiger's mighty face, "Xiao Li! Still not coming to apologize to my mother!"

Xiao Li dejectedly agreed.

Seeing that it ended happily, Qi MaMa gave a wink across to the attendant who had just caught Xiao Li, the MaMa attendant quietly gave her a big pinch at the waist.

Suddenly the little girl jumped really high, her mouth shouting "pain!" Her hands touched something unknown from the waist and took it out, with a wave of her hand and threw it out.

Beside that pellet size thing hitting the attendant's chin, there weren't any other injuries; but once that thing collided it became a clump of smoke and could hear a slight "hiss..." Sound. After that, the attendant's old face was hidden in the smoke...The smoke fog dissipated and the old face actually turned blue!

The maidservant woman suddenly screamed in the room, "Witchcraft! She is using witchcraft again!"

A room of full of chaos, maidservants and old woman, intentionally or unintentionally, panicked. The room was full of scurrying, Princess Yan Yang was protected by her faithful Qi MaMa in front of her, she directed a sneer at Ji Ting and simply said: "Wangye, you see these strange things? I have come across this every few days, on Sister's side, there must be more? But Sister loves her daughter, I can only learn from Sister. Knowing how to hide and not report. I don't know when these days will end! "

Ji Ting frowned silently, Wangfei cried in shame. Ji Xi hated that iron couldn't turn to steel as he winked to Ji Bei, Ji Bei ground his teeth and came forward to catch his adopted sister.

"Take the antidote out!"

Ji Xiao Li also knew that she's in trouble again, and obediently took out some dark and swarthy pellets: "I do not know which one it is, Third Brother throw it at her face again and again..."

Ji Bei was angered until his pretty face was crooked, bitterly he snatched them and called the paralyzed crying blue-faced attendant who was sitting on the floor to go back to the backyard.

Ji Ting saw that Yan Yang's eyes were full of fire, sighing he said: "The matters outside of the house I will deal with, you do not have to worry about it. But Xiao Li... This is too outrageous, Wangfei take her back, restrict her well."

He said as he walked out. The adopted daughter's pitiful eyes followed him, making Ji Ting not able to bear it. After walking past her he paused his footsteps; then said to her, "the last time I told you, if you make your Princess Niang Niang angry again, daddy will punish you. "

"...Punished to copy script again?" Xiao Li raised her face to look at him and worriedly asked. She often got into trouble, Ji Ting always punished her by making her copy scripts; the Eastern Courtyard's large study room had thousands of books, almost every book... From the beginning, she had copied.

Ji Ting shook his head, "This time I won't punish by making you copy script."

Ji Xiao Li deeply sighed out in relief

"Instead, you will be punished by going into seclusion to reflect for half a month."

Ji Xiao Li's leg went weak, she tearful and miserable called out, "Daddy!”

Listening to her decide with much difficult, "it's better to punish me by making me copy script instead!”

Ji Ting seriously said: "Not up for discussion! This half a month you will stay in your yard, if you do not obey, I will have to punish you more severely!"

Xiao Li bowed her head and returned back to the Wangfei's side. Princess Yan Yang's mood finally eased up a bit.

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