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Yun Family's eldest Miss part 4
Translated By Maggie Edited By Simple

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The study’s secret door opened, and a man in a wheelchair slowly moved over to Yun Luo's side.

This was an elegant, refined-like man. Between the handsome eyebrows was a touch of sadness, his skin was very pale and white; the kind of sickly white where it looked like he could collapse at any moment. Seeing him would make other people feel pity. Unfortunately, this elegant yet indifferent man happened to be sitting in a wheelchair; sickly and physically disabled, making it seem like that he couldn't endure any heavy burdens.

“Father, when she was four you left, so you don't know the humiliations she suffered over the years. And I, as her uncle, who had no way to stand out to defend her or protect her,  caused her to become what she is today, an indifferent young woman.”

The man’s voice was like sweet spring water, it sounded very refreshing.

But, if there were other people here and heard how this man addressed Yun Luo, they would be in shock.

Everyone knows that the great General Yun Luo only had two sons. In the past, one son was more talented  than the other, the Yun family’s second young master, Yun Qing Ya. When he was only fifteen years old he had already reached the pinnacle of the middle level sorcerer and was just one step away from breaking through to high-level sorcerer.

It was known, that within Long Yuan there are only two high-level sorcerers, one is the great General Yun Luo, and the other is the royal family’s strongest individual.

But it took both of them forty years to finally manage to break through the high-level sorcerer bottleneck.

And yet, back then Yun Qing Ya was only 15 years old!

Becoming a fifteen-year-old at the peak of the middle level sorcerer is a matter that would make people very proud. However, the past Yun Qing Ya who achieved his ambition seemed to forget that the tree that stands out in the forest, the wind will definitely destroy it. (tln: I think the idioms meaning must have appeared in a few translated novels already. Like the talented are scouted into their groups but if they can’t get them then they’ll destroy them.)

In the middle of a competition, he defeated his opponent and attracted the wrath of the opponent’s family. In the end, he fell from the top of a mountain, but no matter how much the world thought he was dead, they would have never thought that the supposedly dead Yun Qing Ya was actually still alive!

“Qing Ya, these years you have also worked hard.” Yun Luo laughed bitterly; guilt laced in his voice he said, “If it was not for the Yun family, you would not be hiding. The force that those people command is too strong, if they knew that you are still alive, they would definitely not let you go; and would also not forgive the Yun family.”

Yun Qing Ya slightly lowered his eyes, covering his eyes which were filled with sadness. With an indifferent calm tone, he said: “Even if I live so what? The way I am now is no different from being dead? My strength was wasted, I can only pull through with this disabled body and sneakily live. My own niece suffers humiliation outside and I cannot stand out to help her, if it was a decade ago even if you and I aren’t home, nobody would dare hurt little Feng'er. But now, for the sake of the Yun family, I can’t let anyone know that I’m still alive.”

That year, when he was chased by that force that wanted to kill him, he dragged his heavily injured body and escaped. Not even a day later, the news of his death was spread, but that force didn’t believe he died; so every day they would send people to observe the Yun family. In the end, he hid in the secret chamber, once hidden, he hid for a little over a decade.

Living in the darkness without light for a little over ten years didn't help his illness, it only made it worse.

What left him in even more despair, was that when he was escaping from his pursuers, his Soul Realm was wasted. His  strength disappeared and he could no longer cultivate.

If it wasn’t because father already lost brother and he couldn’t bear to let his father bury his own child again, then maybe, he would have ended his suffering long ago and left this world.

“Qing Ya,” hearing Yun Qing Ya’s words, Yun Luo was silent for a moment, then said, “Even if the news that you live can’t be known outside, little Feng'er is still your niece. Now that she has grown up, it is time to let her know about you, her uncle’s existence.”

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Chapter 9. The two family’s relationship
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple

Like the previous chapter said, there's no chapter 8! As it is an notice on the raw!
The Li San Ge couple looked at each other, knowing they couldn’t hide it from her. So Li San Ge told her the truth.
He hadn’t even finished speaking when Aunt Zhang full of anger said: “Mei Zi what were you doing?! Those four siblings are really pitiful, it’s fine that we can’t help them out, by why do you still want their stuff? These eggs, I don’t know how long it took them to save this much, what a pity, you… look at you! Oh, quickly return them!”
Mrs Qiao was very unwilling, her face sank. “Mother, what are you saying? What did I do wrong for you to talk to me like this! Our family helped them out so much and I just accepted some eggs, isn’t this over the top? And it wasn’t me who asked for it, it was Lian Fang Zhou herself who gifted it. I did say no need; she forcefully stuffed it into my hands. How did it become my fault? I don’t understand why you help them that much, our family isn’t like those rich noble families; I would return it. What did I do this for? I did it for the family. I didn’t say I accept these eggs to hide it and secretly eat them.
Mrs Qiao felt aggrieved and her eyes reddened, she fiercely placed the basket on the ground, turned and ran inside the house.
Li San Ge saw that his mother was angered to the point that her expression changed to a look of anger; he immediately rush to say: “Mother, she’s immature, no need to stoop to her level! You really shouldn’t be so angry, In a moment I’ll get her to apologize to you! These eggs, let ah Juan return them the Lian sibling.
“Ah!” Aunt Zhang sighed again and said: “Mother isn’t angry with your wife; what she said is also not wrong, it’s only that our family is wrong! Later, please explain to her, let her understand the situation. San Ge, ah, that year your father helped someone lift some timber and broke his leg, he rested for nearly a year and couldn’t stand up and couldn’t work. How much did your Lian family’s aunt and uncle help us out? At that time we were poor and had no money to get medicine for your father; I went to their house to borrow some money. Afterwards I found out your Aunt Lian sold her own dowry to scrape for money, or else your father’s leg would have been crippled! You didn’t forget this right?”
“Mother!” Li San Ge said: “How could I forget? You and Father already told Ah Juan and I. I won’t ever forget! Uncle Lian and Aunt Lian are good people, Now their family is in difficulty, it’s right that we should help out!”
“If you can think like this then it alright!” Aunt Zhang said relieved: “Being a person you must live with conscience, God is watching! There’s an old saying, a drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring. (TLN:It means -Even if it was just a little help from others, you should return the favor with all you can when others are in need.) Actually, we can’t help them much, we can only give them a hand! Since it’s like this and we still accept their things, how can our heart’s not feel terrible? Can’t your parents still have some face!”
“Mother, you are right! I already know, you can be at ease! It’s just that Mei’er doesn’t know about this family matter, once I tell her and she knows, it should be fine!” Li San Ge persuaded Aunt Zhang again for a while, and said: “I’ll tell Ah Juan to send the eggs back to Lian family!”
“It’s better that I personally make the trip!” Aunt Zhang sighed: “If Ah Juan goes, I’m afraid she might not take them back! I need to talk to her, in the future to not be like this!”
Aunt Zhang said, then carried the basket of eggs to the Lian family.
When she arrived at Lian’s home, it was the time that the four siblings were having dinner.
Seeing the half pot of water with not much rice sweet potato porridge, Aunt Zhang couldn’t help feel but sad.
When the siblings saw Aunt Zhang, they hurriedly stood up to greet her; Lian Fang Zhou happily called “Aunt Zhang.” Once she saw the basket of eggs, she understood what was the matter—
“Fang Zhou!” She didn’t have the time to open her mouth when she saw that Aunt Zhang’s face sank and said, “What is the meaning of this, girl? Are you looking down on your aunt and uncle, is that it? When did our two families start being so aloof? If I am still your aunt, then you better put away these eggs. In the future, if you need help, just say so; you’re not allowed to send gifts anymore! Or else, I’ll take these eggs and in the future, you won’t need to step a foot through our house door!”
“……” for a moment Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t say anything, after a while she put on a forced smile: “Aunt, I—”
“Just say it! These eggs, will you take them or not!” Aunt Zhang glared at her.
Lian Fang Zhou’s mouth felt stiff, with a heavy heart.
What else could she say?
“Take, I’ll take it!” Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly nodded: “Aunt, you and Uncle Li are really good people, in the future, I will definitely repay you guys back!”
“Now it’s fine!” Aunt Zhang’s face loosened up, and carefully put down the basket, smiling she said: “talk about future matters in the future. If there was a day you make a fortune, then I don’t mind you repaying us! Haha, OK, leave these eggs to eat them yourself, You siblings are at your growth period and should eat better! If there’s no more food, come tell aunt, aunt will help you think of something!”
Naturally, Lian Fang Zhou will not push such a big problem to someone else, but she didn’t want to brush off Aunt Zhang’s kindness; so she nodded and smiled. “If there are any difficulties, I will find aunt!”
“Now that is right!” Ah, I will tell you, this is aunt’s last time saying this, if you ever be aloof again, aunt will really be angry!” Once she got Lian Fang Zhou’s reply, Aunt Zhang then contently left.
“Aunt Zhang and the others are really good people!” Lian Ze said.
“Yes!” Lian Fang Zhou lightly sighed, her eyes seemed slightly heavy. Slowly she said: “Even though Aunt Zhang and the others are only neighbors, they treat us very well; some people are clearly blood-related, but can’t wait to force us into ruin! Ah Ze, tell me, towards these people who’s conscience is being gnawed by dogs, should we be polite?”
Once Lian Ze heard these words, he felt like something is about to happen. His eyes narrowed and he said: “Sister, what are you thinking of doing?”
Lian Fang Zhou with a faint cold smile on her lips said: “In a while, you’ll know! Okay, first, let’s eat dinner!”
After tidying up dinner, Lian Fang Zhou then told Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che to obediently stay at home.
“We will make a trip to Uncle and Aunt’s home!”
“Go to their home? To do what?” Lian Ze stared blankly.
Lian Fang Zhou mischievously smiled: “Of course to go get what was originally our things. Or should it be gifting them money?”
“What is Sister saying—-”
“Those over thousands catty of paddies!” Lian Fang Zhou harrumphed: “How could we let them off lightly!”
Lian Ze eyes darkened, quietly he said: “Sister, let’s just leave it! Uncle and Aunt won’t return them to us!”
At the time when the three acres of paddy fields’ rice matured, Uncle and Aunt hurriedly harvested, they themselves thought they were kindly helping out. Who knew after the harvest, they only gave them three or four bagfuls, and the rest one thousand were privately pocketed.
Once Lian Ze thought about this matter, he felt both remorseful and guilty. What kind of people are Uncle and Aunt, it’s not that he doesn’t know. Why would he think that they were kindhearted!
It’s not like he never asked, but once he opened his mouth, Aunt will then yell. This matter, it could only be left it at that.
However, Lian Fang Zhou has everything thought out and indifferently said: “they, however, may not have the choice to not give! Let’s go, when the time comes, don’t say anything, I’ll do the talking!”
You heartless people, not allowing me to vote. (TLN:I think it means that they don’t allow her to have a say in something.)
Seeing Lian Fang Zhou persistent to go, and that Lian Ze couldn’t persuade her, he was afraid that she’ll be at a disadvantage, so he decided to go together with her.
Simple here: Sorry for the late release and the unedited chapter, our main editor for this series kinda left without saying anything. Our lovely translator couldn’t wait any longer and posted the chapter anyway. Seeing that, I decided to go ahead and edit the chapter, so please do and enjoy. And please, point out any mistakes you see.

Simple here: Sorry for the late release and the unedited chapter, our main editor for this series kinda left without saying anything. Our lovely translator couldn’t wait any longer and posted the chapter anyway. Seeing that, I decided to go ahead and edit the chapter, so please do and enjoy. And please, point out any mistakes you see.

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The Demon King's Seventeenth Wife is Scary

By Lunnear


This is an original novel ^-^
Love it so far and want to spread it to others!
Tao Jinghua [Crystal Flower], the deadliest and scariest Assassin to ever walk the earth, unknowingly, give up her life to save a city that is being purged. What she never know was how she died.... or so she thought. She herself didn't die, however, in her last minutes of helping a Taoist believer to safety, she accidentally swallowed a pearl and black out. When she wakes up, she found herself in the body of another existence with the same name and gender but different in look girl who is the 29 daughter of a Pottery family. Okay, fine. I don't need to live in a rich family to be happy. Okay, fine. I don't need people to say that I am not pretty. Huh? Wait, what? Is my fiancee dead? What? Could I cultivate to be immortal shall I wished it? What? You want me to marry the Fifth Princess?! Are you sure it's a princess and not a prince? What? The Demon King want me as his wife? Wait a second, first of all, who the hell are you, people?!!!


Chapter 3.2
Translated by Maggie Edited by Simple

This is 3.2 because I translated a chunk of chapter 3 in the teaser!
Since ancient times, both devotion and being filial are difficult. Loyalty and family are also the same; for his loyalty towards His Majesty, he let go of his only 4-year-old granddaughter and went to the border. Once gone, he was gone for ten years. She who couldn’t cultivate, what kind of life did she live for the last ten years? But, once he returned he indiscriminately accused her because of the rumors and blamed her. “Feng'er…....” Yun Luo lifted his hands which were full of calluses and shakily stretched them toward Yun Luo Feng, in the end, he weakly put them down. “Grandfather wronged you and also wronged the whole Yun Family. Your parents sacrificed themselves for the country; Grandfather didn’t care for you.” At that moment, the originally high-spirited General Yun Luo seemed to have aged a few years. Before, he was really angry, and hated that iron couldn’t become steel! But he seems to have forgotten that she was parent-less at 3 and he himself left home when she was 4. From young, nobody had disciplined her; could she even possibly meet his big expectations? He vaguely remembers that year when he was leaving. The four-year-old little Luo Feng pulling his clothes crying for him to not leave. In the end, for the safety of the people of Long Yuan country, he heartlessly left her. “If there’s nothing else, then I’m going back to rest.” Yun Luo Feng sleepily blinked her eyes and lazily spoke. Seeing the indifference on the young girl’s face, deep in Yun Luo’s eyes there was a touch of guilt. He opened his mouth to say something, but all the words felt blocked in his mouth and couldn’t voice out a single sound. “Go then.” Finally, he lightly sighed and weakly dismissed her with his hand. These two words seemed to exhaust all his strength; as he collapsed with his eyes closed. At this time, General Yun Luo no longer seemed to be high-spirited like he was on the battlefield. More like, just like the wind blowing out a candle, the old man seemed so frail. Making Yun Luo Feng feel like she couldn’t bear it in her heart. In the end, she said nothing. She turned around and left the study room. Once the white silhouette disappeared, Yun Luo opened his eyes, with a bitter look on his face; he stared at the empty space in the study room and said: “Qing Ya, was I really wrong?”

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Chapter 1-3.1
Yun Family's Eldest Miss
Translate by Maggie Edited and proofread by Simple

Long Xia Mainland

On Long Yuan country’s prosperous imperial streets, the people were well-ordered and stood on both sides of the road, cheering in praise of the victorious return of the great General Yun Luo.

This Yun Luo could also be counted as one Long Yuan’s legends, he guarded the border for several years; so that the neighboring countries wouldn’t dare to invade. Also, not long ago with one swoop, he made four countries become Long Yuan’s subordinates. Hearing of this matter, His Majesty, Long Yan Da Yue not only moved Yun Luo back to the imperial city to receive commendations but also gave a blank edict. With this blank edict, it is the equivalent of His Majesty's promise to do one of anything.

However, after victoriously coming back, the great General Yun Luo didn’t attend the court meeting to see the emperor but instead rushed home; returning to the General's House.

Following behind him, the soldiers were all silent. The reason why the great General Yun Luo is anxious to return home, nobody was clearer than them! All of this is because of the Yun family’s useless eldest Miss.

It was said, during the years when great General Yun Luo was guarding the border, that trash didn’t provoke just a little bit of trouble. Usually arrogant, domineering, rampant and overbearing is fine. But not long ago, she caused a scandal of snatching a pretty man on the street. Leading her to have her marriage annulled by the Crown Prince. But she couldn’t stand this development; so she chose to suicide by hanging herself.

If she really died, then the general household would have one less disaster. Yet, this trash didn’t die; not only was she saved, she seemed have changed into a different person. Locking herself at home and not going out for half a month. So when the great General Yun Luo triumphantly return to the city, he was in a rush to return the General House……

At this time, inside the General House on an artificial hill was a little girl in white. Both hands holding the back of her head as she lazily relaxes on the rocks, eyes half squinted, looking at the blazing sun in the sky.

“I can’t believe that time goes by so quick, I came to this mainland a little more than half a month ago. Thankfully, within this half a month, I have thoroughly accepted this bodies original memories; and also understood what kind of place this is.”

Half a month ago, she was at Hua Xia University studying medicine and accidentally caused an explosion, when she woke up, she found out she came to this strange and unknown world…….

Yun Luo Feng, when she was at Hua Xia she had the same surname and forename, but the difference is, she was Hua Xia University’s top student, the teacher’s most outstanding pupil. But this Yun Luo Feng is a well-known waste, she can’t read nor practice martial arts. She can’t even do the simplest gathering of energy. Don’t even mention becoming a true sorcerer.

In this world, the strong are respected, a waste that can’t become a sorcerer would suffer ridicule and condemnation. The suffering could be imagined.

But this trash, not only does she have a general for a grandfather, she also has Long Yuan's number one female dream lover; His Highness the Crown Prince for a fiance since birth. However, this trash that has the Crown Prince as a completely perfect fiance still felt discontent, and actually dared to molest a man from a good family that even had a wife! Causing the Crown Prince who finally couldn’t endure, risked offending General Yun Luo to terminate the engagement with the trash.

Whoever would have thought that the trash, Yun Luo Feng not only didn't repent, she wanted to use suicide to threaten His Highness the Crown Prince to have a change of heart. However, the Crown Prince just turned around and left. Thankfully the people in General House saved her in time, only then did it exempt her from the misfortune of dying.

However, nobody knew that when Yun Luo Feng was rescued, she was already dead. Now, inside the body was actually Hua Xia’s Yun Luo Feng.

The young girl slowly sat up on the artificial hill, the corner of her lips lifting up into an evil smile.

If that person’s figure wasn’t so similar to the Crown Prince’s and dressed in his clothes, the Yun Luo Feng who deeply loved the Crown Prince wouldn’t recognize the wrong person and mistake him for someone else. She also wouldn't have rushed up to grab him and end up being charged with molesting a pretty man.

Of course, if only people wouldn’t misunderstand Yun Luo Feng’s relationship with that man.

The important reason is that man, when grabbed by her he started to yell: Saying that the Yun family’s Eldest Miss was endlessly pestering him. How she really wanted to force him to be her boy toy. Sadly, Yun Luo Feng isn’t good with words; while panicking she lost the ability to explain herself. So her silence contributed to the situation.

The memory was up to here, the young girl internally sighed: “This Yun Luo Feng is a noble daughter of a general, but is too stupid! She can’t see through such an easy framing trap, and had delusions to use her own life to get back the Crown Prince’s heart! If the Crown Prince didn’t scheme, why would there be someone wearing his clothes in public streets?”

The Crown Prince, Gao Ling, Long Yuan country's number one handsome man. He was really gifted and had outstanding ability! With his identity and position, would he be willing to marry a waste?

So she could understand the grievances of Gao Ling.

However, what she couldn’t understand is, that Gao Ling for not wanting to ruin his reputation, framed Yun Luo Feng as not acting like an engaged woman and molested a pretty man.

At this time, Yun Luo Feng’s close maid Qing Yan ran over in a hurried manner. Her originally panicked face changed into happiness when she saw the young girl sitting on the artificial hill. Hurriedly running to the front of Yun Luo Feng, panting as she said: “Miss, Master General returned,  he ordered you to go see him in the study.”

“Grandfather returned?”

Yun Luo Feng froze for a second, how could she forget. Today is the day of great General Yun Luo’s triumphant return! Not long ago, this was the day the original bodies owner full of expectation had been waiting for! Who knew that she had already died from someone else's scheme before she could see her grandfather, who she had wholeheartedly missed for an entire decade.

“Let’s go, take me to see Grandfather, the old man!”

She regained her awareness and pinched Qing Yan’s delicious apple-like little face. That stunning face showed an evil malicious smile.
(TLN: I can’t believe that such a description for face exists!???)

And then, not waiting for Qing Yan to react, she went toward the study rooms direction.

Inside the General House’s study, a white-haired ashen-faced old person had an expressionless face as he was sitting on the chair. In a serious mood, he looked at the girl in white clothes standing front of him.

Standing at the front, Yun Luo Feng lazily yawned, she already entered this study for half an hour. But in this half an hour, General Yun Luo said nothing; he just expressionlessly looked at her. Seeing that General Yun Luo hadn't opened his mouth, Yun Luo Feng, of course, wouldn’t speak first.

“Recently you did some publicly indecent things, I already heard. Shouldn’t you be giving me an explanation?”

Finally, General Yun Luo couldn’t hold in his anger, with a heavy expression on his old face, he sternly asked.

“What kind of explanation do you want?” She lightly laughed, “If you choose to believe an outside rumor, rather than your granddaughter, then what you heard is what happened, I have no need to explain.”


General Yun Luo slapped the desk, BANG! Under the strength of his hand, the desk was broken into two. With the honor of the old man’s anger, it had become a sacrifice.

“Is this your attitude towards your grandfather?”


Yun Luo Feng laughed, her lips raised and said: “When you were guarding the frontier, did you ever care about me, your granddaughter? When I suffered from humiliation, who stepped up for me? When someone schemed against me, hoping for someone to stand out and protect me, where were you?”

If General Yun Luo wasn’t guarding the frontier, would the former Yun Luo live such a miserable life? Or even be framed and ruined.

So she held resentment in her heart towards this grandfather, who left home when she was four and afterward never came back.

Because of this body’s former owner’s resentment, she would use such words in front of this old man’s face.

However, once Yun Luo Feng finished saying this; she felt her whole body relax as if something broke free. She knew that this bodies original owner wanted to say these words. So the remaining trace of the original bodies regret had disappeared.

The young girl's tone that carried heavy accusation made the full of  fury Yun Luo calm down. His old body that had become paralyzed in the chair, carried a bitter smile on his face.

He knows, throughout the years he owed his granddaughter so much.

Particularly what she just said, like a heavy whack from a punch, ruthlessly striking his heart, made his heart unbearably tight. In the end, all he could do was heavily sigh.

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7. Gifting Chicken Eggs
Translated by Maggie Edited by Pete  Proofread by Simple
And there's no chapter 8!
Lian Fang Zhou laughed to herself bitterly: This ‘respected one’ really is—-
What could she say!
She could only endure!
Aunt Zhang and her husband, Li Da Mu were frank people. Seeing her they smiled charmingly in greetings.
Aunt Zhang knew that Fang Zhou definitely wouldn’t drop by just to play and also being afraid that the girl was shy, she took the initiative instead of waiting for the visitor to speak and prompted with a smile: “If there’s something that you need from us just ask, we are not strangers, no need for fake courtesy or to feel embarrassed!”
Lian Fang Zhou suddenly felt warmth in her heart; she wasn’t easily moved by other people, but at this moment she felt heat and flutters in her chest. And the overwhelming warmth, the kind brought by the best of humanity.
She couldn’t help but secretly make a vow: If in the future her family becomes rich, she would definitely pay them back well.
“Since you said it like this, it’s just that there’s something I want to trouble you with!” Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she said: “It’s like this, since winter is nearly here, I want to fix the roof and the windows in our house. But I don’t know where to buy the tiles and the timbers, I also don’t know the proper the price, so I wanted to inquire with Uncle Li……”
Once Aunt Zhang heard this, she slapped her leg, nodded and said, “Of course, your home’s windows definitely need fixing! You’re all young, when winter comes, you shouldn’t be cold. It was thoughtful of you to think of this at this time!”
“That’s right” Li Da Mu also smiled and said: “The temperature is high this autumn, the price of tiles and the like is lower now than when buying in the winter. Approximately twenty Li from here is a stone quarry that has a manufacturer specializing in tiles and bricks. Tomorrow when I have time, I’ll take Lian Ze for a trip. Our family has an oxcart, I’ll help you transport them back.
[ TL Note : 1 Li is roughly 500 meters. ]
“Uncle Li, that’s very kind of you! I’m sorry to trouble you so much!” Lian Fang Zhou felt both grateful and guilty in her heart. With a smile, she said: “I can’t really refuse. Thank you……”
“Oh, no need to be polite! That one time your parents helped us a lot. So in the future don’t say these kinds of words, please” Li Da Mu shook hands, his tanned face breaking into a simple and honest smile.
Lian Fang Zhou nodded, promised with ‘Ah’ and agreed on a time for departure; then took Lian Fang Qing to return home.
Once they got back and discussed this matter, Lian Fang Zhou asked Lian Ze: “Our family has two old hens, right? Have they laid any eggs yet?”
“Are we going to have eggs tomorrow morning?!” Lian Fang Qing’s eyes lit up. Her face was full of expectation and excitement.
Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t bear to see her disappointed, so she smiled as she nodded: “Yes, tomorrow morning sister will make some fried eggs for you all to eat, are you happy?”
“Really! It’s great!” Lian Fang Qing clapped her hands as she cheered.
Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze looked at each other, the two of them smiled faintly, but their hearts were clouded.
“The eggs are here.” Lian Ze turned around, brought over a basket and seeing that Lian Fang Zhou was counting, offered: “A total of 41. The salt we use, the oil and sister’s needle and thread were all bought with the money from selling the eggs. I originally wanted to save up to a hundred and then take them all to the city to sell.”
Fang Zhou couldn’t help sighing: “In the future don’t sell them! For the matter of salt and oil, we’ll think of another way! In the future, besides leaving some for hatching chicks, keep the rest for Qing’Er and Che’Er to eat! They are still young, right now their bodies are growing, it’s not allowed to let them suffer poor meals! Or else in the future, we will regret it!”
“Alright, I’ll listen to sister!” Lian Ze nodded.
“In fact, you are also a big child, we should also really give you some nourishment, it’s a pity that our family now—”
“SISTER!” Lian Ze was noticeably angry and interrupted Lian Fang Zhou’s sentence, he said unhappily: “I’m not little! I’m a man. I should be taking care of the family. In the future, I need to marry sister off!”
Once Lian Fang Zhou saw his reaction, she regretted what she just said a little bit, knowing that he was a person with high self-esteem, and said quickly: “Yes, yes. Sister spoke wrongly! You are truly a big reliable man.”
Lian Ze didn’t forgive her for her previous words just because she said this. He looked at her and said: “There will be a day when sister will believe me!” and turned to leave.
Lian Fang Zhou slightly shook her head and laughed. She took a clean basket, picked 30 eggs carefully placing them inside and stored the rest for later.
Then, carrying the basket with eggs inside, she went out toward Aunt Zhang’s house.
She lightly knocked on the courtyard’s door. When Mrs Zhao opened the door and saw her, she couldn’t help but give the girl a killing glare: “Why did you come again? Making so many trips today to my house, are you taking this for a city’s gate?!”
“I’m sorry to disturb you, Sister Zhao!” Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly apologized with a smile. She glanced at the basket in her hands and said: “Tomorrow I will trouble Uncle Li, so I felt I couldn’t do nothing in return, but our home doesn’t have much money. These eggs are to show some gratitude, there’s not much, but please accept them sister Zhao. Don’t reject!”
Mrs Zhao was stunned, let out an embarrassed ‘Oh’,and smiled: “So it’s like this… Then you can bring it in and tell Uncle and Aunt…
“No need be this troublesome! I still need to return to make dinner! Handing it over to Sister is all the same!” Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she said. Then she handed over the basket.
“This, that’s too kind of you! It’s better that you take it back!” Mrs Zhao glanced at the basket of eggs, rubbed her hands and smiled.
“Sister if you say words like this I will feel awkward!” how could Lian Fang Zhou not hear the pretense of refusal in Mrs Zhao’s words. With a smile, she forced the basket into the woman’s hands.
“Ah!” Mrs Zhao smiled as she held the basket, saying happily: “Early tomorrow I’ll send the basket back!”
“Sister, you can send it back anytime, it’s just a basket!” Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she took her leave.
Mrs Zhao closed the yard’s door, happily count the eggs in the basket, then saw her husband, Li San Ge coming over rather abruptly: “What are these?”
“Aiya!” Mrs Zhao was startled, patted her chest and stared at him saying: “You scared me to death! Where did you pop out from!”
She giddily retold Li San Ge the situation with Lian Fang Zhou and eggs. She sighed happily: “Now that I think about it, this Fang Zhou, ah, this is the first time she came over to offer something and not to ask for something! She seems liked a changed person now and understands how to be a human!”
Li San Ge hearing this started to wrinkled frown, he asked in an accusing tone: “Who told you to take those, those siblings already don’t have it easy!
Mrs Zhao unhappily said: “What are you saying? In this village, isn’t everyone barely able to survive? You tell me, who has it easy? Do we have it easy?”
“Aiya, I can’t explain everything clearly in one hour and a half!” Li San Ge said: “In short, you are not allowed to accept! Return it quickly and be careful, because if father and mother learn about this, you’ll be scolded!”
“I’m not returning! I just won’t!” Mrs Zhao was dissatisfied: “It wasn’t like I asked for it, they took the initiative to gift it! Only idiots would give this back! Anyway, if you don’t tell father and mother, how would they know?”
“What won’t you tell us? Huh, what is that in your hand, Mei Zi!” Aunt Zhang just came out of the house, and hearing the last sentence couldn’t help asking.

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6. Ten liang isn't much.
Translated by Maggie     Edited by Pete      Proofread by Simple

Lian Fang Zhou looked gratefully at Aunt Zhang and thanked her. Then she turned toward Mrs Qiao and said: “Aunt, now that there’s nothing for you to do here, please leave! Ah, and also I thank you for being a witness. Really, thank you!”
Mrs Qiao felt anger and hatred in her heart. She wanted to rush up and take the money from Lian Fang Zhou’s pocket. But she knew that in these circumstances she couldn’t gain any benefits. She could only harrumph bitterly and part with a sarcastic “You better look after yourself now.”
Aunt Zhang also stood up and sighing to herself she asked: “Now that this marriage matter was broken off, what plans do you have for the future?”
Lian Fang Zhou smiled lightly while looking at her and said calmly: “Aunt Zhang, you said before to continue living, no matter what the days are like! I will definitely take good care of my siblings. One day we will be well off.”
Aunt Zhang nodded her head, feeling pleased. She smiled and said: “I see that you thought it through! That’s good, that’s right! Don’t think about what your aunt said. You are a good girl. In the future, you will definitely have a good marriage. I should return now. If you ever need help with something, no need to hesitate. Just come to our house and ask, alright?
“Thank you, Aunt Zhang! I’m afraid in the future, I will trouble you a lot!” Lian Fang Zhou said honestly.
“Next door neighbor, no trouble at all. Since you say this, I can not worry!” Aunt Zhang laughed heartily and left.
After sending off Aunt Zhang, Lian Fang Zhou let out a sigh of relief. She smiled towards Lian Ze and said: “At last, this matter is settled. Come, let’s return— What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”
Suddenly finding that Lian Ze was staring at her steadily, Lian Fang Zhou felt somewhat puzzled.
“No, nothing!” Lian Ze answered quickly. But although his mouth said one thing, his expression was definitely not like that.
Lian Fang Zhou sighed: “We are a family, if there’s something you want to say, then speak! What the point of hiding things from your sister?” Well, even if he didn’t speak, she could roughly guess what was on his mind.
Lian Ze felt that what she said was reasonable, so he looked at her and said: “It’s just that I feel sister changed, becoming—”
“Not the same as before?” Lian Fang Zhou helped him finish the sentence.
Lian Ze nodded.
Lian Fang Zhou’s face clouded and she laughed bitterly: “Ah Ze, there’s a phrase saying the present cannot be compared to the past, this saying fits us! Now, today and the past are not the same. We are orphans. Your sister thought it through. The only way for us is to become stronger and more powerful. Otherwise, everyone will bully us. Even not stepping on other’s toes will cause more gossip and ridicule; good people like Aunt Zhang are very few! Sister is not afraid of fighting and becoming a shrew. I also won’t let anyone bully us! Do you understand?”
“I’m sorry sister!” Lian Ze hearing her explanation felt guilty and also moved.
Lian Fang Zhou repeatedly pat his shoulder: “What are you sorry for, we are family. There’s no need for this. We must carry on living happily. This way dad and mom in heaven will be at peace, don’t you think?”
“Ok!” Lian Ze was convinced as well as ashamed! He thought to himself: Damn, what am I overthinking this for!
“Sister, from now on I will work hard to let our family live happily!” Lian Ze promised.
“Great, Sister believes in you!” Lian Fang Zhou smiled faintly. It is good that he has the determination and the will to fight.
For lunch, the four siblings had sweet potato, then, in the afternoon, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze busied themselves working in the garden.
They already fertilized the pepper soil in the morning and did digging in some places. So, besides tidying up, just a little work was left to do.
Once the two reached the garden, they saw a group of fist-sized little chicks spreading out happily across the plots looking for food.
Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t help but frown, she was thankful they haven’t planted seeds yet. If there had been planted or sprouted seeds there, then all that work would be ruined now.
“These are aunt’s chicks” Lian Ze frowned as he spoke. His face showing a bit of annoyance.
Lian Fang Zhou looked around: “Actually our garden’s fence isn’t that good. Definitely not strong enough. In a few days let’s go up the mountain and get some bamboo and tree branches to fix it. For now, let’s leave the problem alone since we haven’t planted anything yet.”
Lian Ze nodded: “If we fixed the fence and these chicks still entered, then it is definitely aunt putting them in on purpose. Having a reason, we can go up to their door and ask! But sister didn’t you say these two days that you want to sow seeds? How about I bring Qing’Er and Che’Er up the mountain to gather the branches now?”
At this time, Lian Fang Zhou came up with a new idea in her head. She laughed lightly and answered: “No need to rush with the sowing. It can wait.”
Lian Ze froze. He didn’t know what was she planning inside her head.
Seeing that things were nearly done, Lian Fang Zhou left to return home first.
Although the inside of their home was barely more than the four walls, but it still needs some good cleaning. What was done this morning, was only a rough tidying up.
Both Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che were watching the house; they didn’t go out to play. Seeing their sister come home to clean, they also, like shadows, followed behind to help out.
Lian Fang Zhou was both moved and sad. She couldn’t brush off their good will, so she smiled and let them be. Occasionally, she allowed them to help and pass certain things to her; the two siblings agreed loud and clearly. They were extremely happy.
After she cleaned up properly, Lian Fang Zhou boiled another pot of water. While she was sitting by the stove watching the fire, she was also silently calculating how to use the ten silver liang.
The roof and the windows definitely needed some fixing or else, once winter arrived, when wind and rain leaked through the cracks, what could they do? This household couldn’t afford a person to get sick.
And there were also winter clothes, quilt and some other things that needed to be purchased. For the same reason— to prevent illness!
If there was anything left over after that, she had to think how to maximize the purchase of food to fill the belly— Ah, I nearly forgot!
She still had to ask about the matter of seeds.
Last night she asked a lot of questions to Lian Fang Qing and now she could approximately understand the family situation.
The three acres of paddy field need rice seeds, but she didn’t know how much money would that require. There was also the farming equipment; she also wanted to buy some feed for the ducks and chickens.
Lian Fang Zhou sighed. Ten liang doesn’t seem to be little but it is also not much!
If she knew earlier then she would demand twenty liang. But, she wasn’t sure if they would give it! Ugh, what is the point of thinking about this now!
She couldn’t help breaking into a self-deprecating laugh.
When she was preparing to make dinner, she nearly saw the bottom of the rice jar and looking at the pile in the corner of their attic, only four pitiful packets of rice could be seen. Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t help feeling her mood worsen a bit.
With only this little food, even if they made sweet potato porridge, she was afraid that there wasn’t enough for one family of four to eat until the new year. Not to mention the next year’s harvest time.
Lian Fang Zhou smiled bitterly.
After dinner, Lian Fang Zhou told Lian Ze to boil water for the twins to bathe. She herself prepared to visit Aunt Zhang ‘s home.
Even though the family was poor, they still had to be clean and neat. For every one of them to become like a striped cat, with the whole body covered in odor sweat… She wouldn’t allow it!
But even if the water didn’t need money, was there none required for the firewood too?
Once Lian Fang Qing heard that her sister wanted to go out, she jumped up and held her hand, clamoring to go together
Lian Fang Zhou thought that with one more person courage improves, so she nodded to agree and smiled as she held Lian Fang Qing’s hand.
The person who opened the door for them had her hair in a roll up flat bun.1
It was a young, short, tanned woman wearing a brown lattice-patterned clothes.
Lian Fang Zhou mind went blank for a moment, but while she was still thinking how to greet, Lian Fang Qing already smiling, called in a spoiled and clear voice: “Sister Zhao!”
Lian Fang Zhou only then understood that this was Aunt Zhang’s daughter in law! She smiled and called out “Sister Zhao!”
[ TL Note : This is a way to address a married woman in the same age group that is in good relations with you, but not blood-related. ]
Mrs Zhao seeing Lian Fang Qing’s blinding smile cried out and reached to her head. But towards Lian Fang Zhou, she just showed withdrawn politeness. With a reserved nod and smile that didn’t reach her eyes, she asked: “Did Fang Zhou came to look for our Ah Juan?”
Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t help but wonder in her heart; when did she offend Mrs Zhao. But this wasn’t the time to be thinking about that. So she smiled politely: “No, I came to find Aunt Zhang, but don’t know if Aunt Zhang is here—”
“Is it Lian Fang Zhou? Quickly, come in!” Aunt Zhang hearing the voices outside was already smiling as she came out to greet the guest.
Lian Fang Qing then let go of her sister’s hand, happily called Aunt Zhang and ran towards her. Aunt Zhang laughed heartily as she replied and held her in her arms.
Lian Fang Zhou also was busily replying and heading in that direction, but she heard Mrs Zhao behind her whisper in a level tone: “I don’t know what they came for again… The nerve to trouble other people…”