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BTTS 415

 Chapter 415. Weirdo

"Old Madam Zhu from next door wanted to match her to Da Wa." Mother Zhou told to her grandson.

Hu Zi was surprised: "This happened?"

"Yes. However, your aunt didn't agree." Mother Zhou responded. Let alone Fourth's wife, she herself won't agree.

What kind of talent, looks, and academic qualifications did her eldest grandson have? Every aspect was top-notch. Putting aside what kind of person to marry, but it had to be at least a college graduate just like him. Wasn't this too much to ask for?

That virtue of Old Zhu Family's granddaughter. She talked like a cat and acted so squeamish. Mother Zhou didn't like this kind, let alone allowing her to be her eldest granddaughter. No room for discussion.

"Was she looking for you to inquire about Da Wa?" Mother Zhou continued. Don't blame her for asking. This girl had inquired about her eldest grandson with her granddaughter.

"She hadn't." Hu Zi shook his head. Just uttered something he didn't understand.

"Then why did she look for you out of nowhere?" Mother Zhou asked.

"I don't know. I didn't understand what she said." Hu Zi said.

Mother Zhou didn't ask anymore. However, this matter didn't end there because Zhu Zhen Zhen felt that her words didn't enter Hu Zi's brain.

Forget talking to Hu Zi. When she came to her grandmother the next time, she came to find Zhou Xiao Mei and asked Zhou Xiao Mei to pass on to Hu Zi.

"Auntie, I also know that this isn't good, but I really don't have that thought toward your family Hu Zi in that respect. Tell him I'm sorry on my behalf." Zhu Zhen Zhen said with a guilty expression on her face.

Zhou Xiao Mei was stunned and replied to Zhu Zhen Zhen: "I will convey your words to him."

On the other hand, she immediately hopped a bicycle and charged to find Hu Zi.

Seeing Hu Zi, Zhou Xiao Mei went in his face and scolded: "You hooligan. didn't you know that you still have this ability? Are you worried about not being able to marry a wife or what? You actually fancied that kind? Don't you know that one is brainless? They set their eyes on Da Wa. Aren't you making things difficult!"

Hu Zi became stunned silly from this yell.

"What's the matter?" Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai were also at home. The family was playing cards together. It was lively. Then Zhou Xiao Mei burst in.

Zhou Xuan, Zhou Gui Lai, Gang Zi, and Er Ni were all befuddled.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, do you still remember Zhu Zhen Zhen from old Zhu family?" Zhou Xiao Mei asked.

"Remember." Lin Qing He nodded. Her mother-in-law had come here to specially talk about it. So she wouldn't forget it so quickly.

"This stinky boy likes her and ran over to confess to her. She rejected him and this stinky boy dared to pester. Without a choice, she came to tell me." Zhou Xiao Mei glared at Hu Zi as she explained.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai both turned to Hu Zi. Everyone else was looking at Hu Zi. Hu Zi was stumped. In an instant, he shuddered and sprang up.

He quickly stated: "I didn't. I haven't!"

"Dare to do but dare not to admit it? I was wrong about you!" Zhou Xiao Mei glared.

Zhou Xuan, Zhou Gui Lai, Er Ni, and even Gang Zi looked at Hu Zi with contempt. They had the same thought as Zhou Xiao Mei. Condemning Hu Zi for daring to act but not admit.

"I'm not stopping you from looking for a girl from the capital. I do wish for the best for you but don’t know how bad your grandma’s impression of Zhu Zhenzhen is? And her impression of old Zhu Family? You dare charge forward. You're sincerely begging for a beating, right?" Zhou Xiao Mei uttered.

Hu Zi's face turned red.

"Sit down first and speak slowly." Lin Qing He pulled Zhou Xiao Mei to sit down and stuffed her hands with an orange. Then she looked at Huzi and said, "Tell me, what is going on? Aunt believes you. "

What kind of person was this nephew? It had been two years now. How could she not tell? He wouldn’t be so impulsive. He didn’t dare to talk about this kind of thing by himself. If he did have that kind of thought, he would tell his elders.

"Aunt, believe me. I really didn't!" Hu Zi stated.

"Since you didn't, explain. You keep saying you didn't. Clearly, you have a guilty conscience and have nothing to say." Zhou Gui Lai rolled his eyes.

Gang Zi nodded: "That's right. Third Brother, explain!"

"I don't know what is going on. When did I confess to Zhu Zhen Zhen? I met her twice. Yesterday. Only just yesterday. When she saw me, she said some puzzling words. I don't understand it!" Hu Zi felt that he was going to be wronged to death.

"What puzzling words?" Zhou Xuan asked.

"To not like her. It’s impossible for her to marry me, who got a rural household registration. I was sweeping the snow at the time. I didn’t know which family she was from. How could I like her? That's right, Grandma saw it yesterday. Grandma can testify for me!" Hu Zi recalled and hurriedly said.

Zhou Xiao Mei exchanged a glance with her fourth sister-in-law. There was confusion in her eyes: "Really didn't?"

"Really didn't. How could I do that kind of thing!" Hu Zi firmly shook his head.

"Then why did she say this? That expression looks like she is very distressed by your pursuit." Zhou Xiao Mei was stumped.

She was angry due to Zhu Zhen Zhen's reaction.

"She is simply a weirdo. I don't know who she is. I only knew her name is Zhu Zhen Zhen after hearing it from Grandma. Her grandmother wanted to match her to Brother Kai in the past!" Hu Zi angrily spoke.

He can let what she said be bygones. But he didn't expect that she would seek his aunt today. How can she do this?

If he really said something to her, then it was fine. But he really didn't. Not a single sentence. Someone can actually make this out of thin air!

The whole family looked at each other, not knowing what was going on.

"Xiao Mei, what did Zhu Zhen Zhen tell you?" Lin Qing He asked.

Zhou Xiao Mei repeated what she remembered, and then frowned: "She said it as if it were true. I didn't think that she, a young woman, would even fabricate this kind of thing?"

Was there something wrong?

Compared with Zhu Zhen Zhen, Lin Qing He obviously trusted her nephew more. She said to Hu Zi: "Don't go to your grandparent's side for now."

She guessed the girl named Zhu Zhen Zhen was really brainless. Maybe it was because Hu Zi occasionally glanced at her, she misunderstood?

"Alright. I won't go for the time being." Hu Zi nodded without saying a word. The one named Zhu Zhen Zhen was terrifying, so let's stay away for the time being!

"Since it's a misunderstanding, I'll go back first. I thought it was true, so I came here to teach you a lesson." Zhou Xiao Mei stood up and stated.

"Take some apples and oranges back to eat." Lin Qing He urged.

Zhou Gui Lai grabbed a net bag to store apples and oranges. They got several boxes of it at home.

"It's cold and lack humidity. When you buy it next year, remember to call me and I will buy more, Fourth Sister-in-law." Zhou Xiao Mei smiled.

She can't really always eats her fourth sister-in-law's. Her family's situation was now in good condition, so there was no need to save so much.

"It's nothing" Lin Qing He waved her hand.


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BTTS 414

 Chapter 414. Dumbfounded Hu Zi

Old Madam Hu came over to old Madam Zhu with enthusiasm.

However, old Madam Zhu directly dampened her mood: "What? You want to match my family Zhen Zhen to the country boy named Hu Zi? What kind of matchmaking are you doing? In your opinion, my family Zhen Zhen can't marry out or what?"

When old Madam Hu just mentioned it, old Madam Zhu sprinkled cold water. She suddenly became a little displeased.

She came here with kindness. Unexpectedly, old Madam. Zhu didn't give her face. She spoke: "If you are unwilling, then forget it."

"My family Zhen Zhen will never marry. Rural household registration? How can that do?" Old Madam Zhu was angered. Then she continued: "Old Zhou Family asked you to come over?"

Old Madam Hu denied it.

 However, Old Madam Zhu had set her mind that it was old Zhou family who requested old Madam Hu to speak on their behalf, "They can really come up with an idea. If it's Zhou Kai, it'll be more like it."

Old Madam Hu went home. She didn't bother to waste any saliva with old Madam Zhu.

Seeing that her face was ugly when she came back, old Mister Hu couldn't help but said: "Now that the two families are relatives, don't keep putting that face."

Old Madam Hu said: "It's not Zhou Family. Old Zhu Family from next door, they really don't want face!"

Speaking with conscience, old Madam Hu was truly optimistic about Hu Zi.

Because this big young man was full of vitality and upright. Although he got a rural household registration, it wasn't a bad thing.

It was because she didn't have a granddaughter herself, she had recommended him to someone who was like a granddaughter to her.

That old Madam Zhu was short-sighted. Did she not think about it? Having such an uncle and aunt who brought him over and were around, he will definitely get advancement in the future.

It was just a household registration. There was no restriction now. Even if one didn’t have a household registration here, they can come here to rent a house. What was the problem?

But when she heard it was Hu Zi, she became unwilling. Because of his rural household registration. What's more, she hadn't killed that thought. With the way Zhu Zhen Zhen was, it would be strange if she could marry Zhou Kai.

"A horse really don't mind having long face!" Old Madam Hu snorted.

For once, old Mister Hu stood on his wife's side, nodding: "This young man is indeed a good man."

"Right?" Old Madam Hu said, "Zhu Zhen Zhen has many sisters in her family and just one younger brother. These girls are not worth anything. Old Zhu's family prioritizes boys over girls. Now there is family planning. Maybe in the future, they'll get a girl too. They haven't disliked her yet and she disliked him."

"Don't say these things." Old Mister Hu waved his hand: "And you don't have to worry about this. I'm feeling embarrassed to go find old Zhou to play chess now."

"What are you doing? Young Jun and Sheng Mei are doing well right now, no?" Old Madam Hu responded.

She felt aggrieved from all the blame she sensed from Mother Zhou.

Originally, she was just purely joining the string. Swear to heaven and earth, she really didn't have any impure thoughts. Who would have thought something like this would have happened?

Although her grand-nephew was indeed wrong, but this kind of matter required two hands to make a slap. If Sheng Mei didn't agree, would her grand-nephew force her? From the beginning to the end, she did not see any grievances from her.

Why should she blame her? Sheng Mei married into her old Zhao family now. Look how wonderful it was. What was so bad?

"They didn't even want to climb high branches at all." Old Mister Hu waved his hand.

"Old Zhou's family is pretending to be noble and virtuous" In response to this, old Madam Hu pouted her lips.

Old Mister Hu said: "Why is it climbing the branches? Old Zhou Family didn't plan to do this. From what I see, that family is kind."

"What do you know? I've seen it all. That granddaughter of old Zhou family named Zhou Er Ni, she got a boyfriend. A capital's local. You can tell he's rich from a glance!" Old Madam Hu snorted.

Old Mister Hu didn't want to talk to her anymore. What did it have to with her when someone was dating? Too nosy.

Because of what happened with old Madam Hu, old MadamZhu told her granddaughter, Zhu Zhen Zhen about it when she came.

"Old Zhou Family sent old Madam Hu to come over as a middle person to match you to their grandson (from their daughter). That's a rural household registration. They can really dream." Old Madam Zhu disdained.

Zhu Zhen Zhen was paused before her face flushed.

Seeing her like this, Old Madam Zhu asked, "What's wrong?"

"I encountered him at the door just now. He kept staring at me." Zhu Zhen Zhen told with a blushing face.

"What did I say. Out of nowhere, they want to send old Madam Hu over to be their matchmaker? Really a toad wanting to eat swan meat. Are you someone he can eye on?" Old Madam Zhu disdained. She hurriedly warned: "These stinky boys know how to coax people. Don’t let him coax you, understand? He got a rural household registration. If you marry him, you will be a countryfolk from now on!"

"I...I understand." Zhu Zhen Zhen nodded. She didn't want to marry a rural guy. So she decided when she meets this guy named Hu Zi, she'll make it clear to him.

She stayed with her grandma for a while. Washed the dishes and clothes. Old Madam Zhu was still rambling on: "Old Zhou Family got really a small belly. They got a washing machine and refuse to lend it. I have never seen someone stingy like this!"

"Grandmother. I'm done washing, I will go back first." Zhu Zhen Zhen said.

"En." Old Madam Zhu waved her hand.

As soon as Zhu Zhen Zhen came out, she saw Hu Zi sweeping the snow at the door. In Zhu Zhen Zhen's eyes, it was him waiting for her as he knew she was here.

Zhu Zhen Zhen's face turned red at once. Especially since Hu Zi looked over.

"Make way." Hu Zi didn't know this girl was a relative of old Zhu Family. He spoke to the person who was in his way of clearing the snow.

"I...I know about your feeling toward me." Zhu Zhen Zhen uttered.

Hu Zi looked at her with a puzzled look. What feeling? He didn't understand?

"I can only say sorry to you. I shouldn't marry and go to the countryside." Zhu Zhen Zhen turned her head away and uttered.

The conditions in her family were also poor. How can she marry someone worse? If Zhou Kai was willing to marry her, then she would be willing.

After all, she heard that his family's conditions were very good and he can help her maternal family in the future.

Hu Zi understood right then. Still, he was dumbfounded. What...what was the situation?

Seeing his expression displayed that he had suffered a blow, Zhu Zhen Zhen felt she was a bit cruel. However, she kept going: "You...don't think about me. I thank you for your feelings toward me but we are really inappropriate together."

Hu Zi was about to say something when Mother Zhou came out and saw this. She hurriedly said: "Huzi, has the snow been swept? After sweeping, come in. I will give you a bowl of chicken soup to drink while it's hot!

"Oh. Okay." Hu Zi took back the words he wanted to say and ignored this confusing person behind him.

Mother Zhou also ignored Zhu Zhen Zhen. This was a silly person.

But after entering the house, she still asked her grandson: "What's the matter? What are you talking about with Zhu Zhen Zhen?"

"I don't know what she's on about." Hu Zi replied. He really didn't understand. He didn't even know her name. How could he have any feelings for her?

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BTTS 413

 Chapter 413. Good market

Zhang Mei Lian and Hu Zi made their way to the mall. She asked about a lot of things along the way.

Hu Zi didn't pay much attention to her. He felt that the woman's lip lock was a little bit broken. She kept talking all the way and always kept on inquiring.

One moment, she was asking him how many people were in the family. Then the next was his salary.

"Don't mind me for asking too much. Well, isn't it because I saw you're not bad. I want to introduce you to a girl." Zhang Mei Lian placed a smile on her face.

Only then, Hu Zi understood. A grown lad. Nineteen this year. If he were in the country, he would have to marry a wife.

So he became a little embarrassed and said, "No need. I will go back to the countryside to marry someone from that side."

"Huh?" Zhang Mei Lian was taken aback, "You will go home to marry a wife from the countryside in the future?"

"I have a household registration in the countryside, so I naturally want to marry someone from the countryside" Hu Zi explained honestly.

He never thought of marrying a girl from here, the capital. After all, the difference between urban household registration and rural household registration was quite extraordinary.

There were indeed girls from rural households who married into big cities and obtained urban household registrations. But girls from big cities, who married rural men, obtained rural household registrations.

Few were willing, so Hu Zi didn't give that option a thought at all.

Sure enough, he was an uneducated uncouth boy from the countryside. He had no ambition at all. However, she couldn't find anyone better than him at the moment.

"Household registration is only temporary. Not all girls dislike country guys. There are also some girls who don't care about this, as long as they are nice." Zhang Mei Lian said.

She felt that a girl from the capital like herself, who didn't mind him being a countryside greenhorn, was really hard to find even with a lantern.

"That's true. But it's too few. I don't think I can meet one." Hu Zi shook his head.

If he can marry a girl from the capital, it would be wonderful. Hu Zi wasn't stupid. After his baby is born, he/she will have a grandmaternal family in the capital. This was good for the child.

However, he was also realistic. It was okay if he can't marry a girl from the capital. It was the same if he went back to his hometown to marry a wife. He can bring her over then. All in all, he'll get someone to marry.

"You look pretty good. You should be able to meet someone. If a girl from the capital marries you, what can you give her?" Zhang Mei Lian asked.

Hu Zi was stunned and said, "I have nothing to give."

He only got a salary. Which was only right to give to his wife. But the rest, he indeed had nothing.

Zhang Mei Lian was hesitating whether or not to talk to him anymore.

The rural household registration was enough. This person was completely a wooden knot. He didn't get the hint at all.

And she could tell that there were many brothers in his family. So they were extremely poor.

Zhang Mei Lian hesitated.

She bought ten jins of flour and then brought it home. It was considered a luxury.

Mrs. Zhang who saw her buying back so much flour, the smile on her face became sincere. Seeing her expression, she asked, "What's the matter? The one from next door called Hu Zi gave it to you?"

"Sister-in-law, I'm wondering whether or not to continue with him." Zhang Mei Lian voiced her mind.

Mrs. Zhang said: "Why do you say this out of nowhere?"

"Sister-in-law, you don’t know. His family is very poor and there are many brothers in his family. This guy. Although he is tall, he is like a piece of wood. Not clever at all. Like this, how can I hope for him to come out and work for himself in the future?" Zhang Mei Lian responded.

Mrs. Zhang didn’t care about this, and said, “I’m not sure if he can come out to work alone. However, I do know that this year his aunt has given him a salary raise again. This salary alone is enough to feed you even if doesn't come out alone."

More importantly, once this relationship is established, she'll covet the salary there. When she becomes a relative of old Zhou family, they'll have to arrange a position for her anyway.

"But his person is not good, he has no ambition." Zhang Meilian frowned.

Mrs. Zhang mentally voiced if he was so wonderful and ambitious, would he set his eyes on you?

Have you not look at what your reputation had become? After dating so many guys and getting caught bringing so many people back to the dormitory.

The only thing you can take out is the capital's household registration. What else do you have to show for?

However, these words can't be spoken out directly.

Mrs. Zhang said: "With the way he is, it's still not bad. I think he won't do badly in the future. Also about having so many brothers in the family. Just don't go back in the future. It's no problem to rent a place here. There are other brothers. His uncle and aunt are capable. As long as he works hard, would he do badly?"

Zhang Mei Lian sighed.

If it weren't for negative encounters and those few won't marry her, would she fall to this state?

As for the local residents who want to marry her, their work weres temporary and their conditions at home weren't good. They were even worse than Huang Hu.

What was the use of having the capital's household registration?

"Don't think about it so much. He is very good like that." Mrs. Zhang couldn't help but utter.

She was still thinking that this matter had to be done as soon as possible. If Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai knew about it, they might not be able to get approval.

After all, they wouldn't let their nephew marry someone like this, even when she got a capital's household registration.

Reaching this, Mrs. Zhang couldn't help adding another sentence: "Also, Youngest Sister. Don't assume that he can't marry a wife. You know old Madam Xu's granddaughter, Chen Shan Shan. She is now working in the clothing store. Also, Ma Cheng Min's cousin called Ma Cheng Yue, who is about the same age as him!"

"Those girls. Would they set their eye on him?" Zhang Mei Lian said with a clenched heart.

"How can they not? His uncle has the ability and brought him here. If it succeeds, then their job will be stable. Both of them have salaries. His aunt will think of a way to transfer his registration in the future. Then, it'll be a veritable capital's household registration." Mrs. Zhang snorted. She felt that this sister-in-law slightly lack awareness.

Having such a marriage, what more did she want!

It was indeed not easy to transfer a household registration. It required a state-owned unit's approval and property before can the relocation was possible.

And it might not necessarily succeed.

Ma Cheng Min was able to come back at that time due to Uncle Ma and Aunt Ma nearly exhausting all their coffin money.

Hu Zi delivered the flour for Zhang Mei Lian and then went to his grandfather's side. Because he went a little bit frequently, old Madam Hu was familiar with him.

Old Madam Hu was very optimistic about Hu Zi. Although he was a bit tanned, one can tell he was very energetic at a glance.

She didn't dare to mention it to Mother Zhou. Mother Zhou was currently giving her silent treatment. So she went to find old Madam Zhu to talk about it.

Talk about what?

Naturally about Zhu Zhen Zhen.


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BTTS 412

 Chapter 412. Taking action

Still, it was the New Year celebration. They received a cold seat at Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai's side. However, with the older generations of Father Zhou and Mother Zhou, they placed more importance on the celebration of the New Year.

Due to this, they were kept for a meal.

Although this meal wasn't all that rare at all, Zhao Jun's face wasn't so stinky as he regained his face from what happened at Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai's place.

However, Zhou Xiao Mei had the same attitude as her fourth sister-in-law.

When she came to find Lin Qing He to take a bath in the bathhouse, she muttered to her fourth sister-in-law: "You haven't seen it. That expression really made me want to kick him out. To the unknown, they would think we wished to worship his stinky feet! "

Just speaking about it had her slightly enraged. It was because Zhao Jun looked down on her Da Lin due to her Da Lin's slight stutter. That was why he ignored her Da Lin.

"If it weren't for Father and Mother giving them some degree of face, don't think about having a bite of rice at home." Zhou Xiao Mei grumbled.

It wasn't like they ate his Zhao Family's rice. What was he looking down for?

People like Wang Yuan, who was young and promising and also the boss of a large garment factory, didn't look down upon her Da Lin. So who did Zhao Jun think he was?

And even when the conditions of her family were average, their bun shop's business was stable now. It wasn't a problem to make a few hundred yuan a month. Even when they were far from being rich, there was no need to butter up to Zhao Jun.

"His kind of person stepped on others as he bolsters himself high. Don't put it in your heart." Lin Qing He said.

"Sheng Mei is pregnant and he isn't concerned about her. How will she live from now on?" Zhou Xiao    Mei remarked.

Although she disapproved of Xu Sheng Mei, she was still her eldest sister's daughter. She did hope for the best for her. But from what Zhou Xiao Mei saw, she seems like a former big landlord's maid who served the young master?

She was her biological aunt. So Zhou Xiao Mei felt very uncomfortable when she saw it.

"She chose the path herself. She'll have to keep going even if she walks until her feet are full of blisters. What's more, even though you aren't optimistic about it, she might find it great." Lin Qing He thought otherwise.

She felt Xu Sheng Mei wasn't so fragile. What maid serving the young master was just a retreat to advance. She just didn't know this move would be effective when handling Zhao Jun.

If Xu Sheng Mei can still have the courage to bring Zhao Jun over for New Year greeting from this year on, Lin Qing He will no longer underestimate this niece.

Her thought was really out of the ordinary. Otherwise, she wouldn't really dare come knocking. Was there any embarrassment seen from Xu Sheng Mei? None, she was very calm.

She wanted to use old Zhou family to restrain Zhao family. That way, Zhao Family can see that she wasn't alone. There was old Zhou family behind her.

Lin Qing He was clear about these thoughts.

"Yesterday, I seemed to see Er Ni in a bad mood." Zhou Xiao Mei continued.

During these few days of New Year, Zhou Er Ni lived at the house.

"What's the matter?" Lin Qing He asked.

"I don't know. She didn't say either." Zhou Xiao Mei shook her head.

Lin Qing He didn't say anything. Either way, it was about Wang Yuan's family.

Zhou Er Ni was 20 years old. Was there any necessity for them to say anything to such a grown girl? They should let her solve it by herself. If she can't, this niece will come over and ask her.

Except for Zhao Jun and Xu Sheng Mei, there was nothing else.

During the New Year, the whole family was naturally happy.

As for Zhang Mei Lian from next door, she seemed to be very polite every time they saw her. Lin Qing He didn't care about it. It was just a neighbor. The level of trouble was far less than Xu Sheng Mei.

But Xu Sheng Mei was pregnant after all. In this icy and snowy weather, she would stay in Zhao's house.

Lin Qing He told Ma Cheng Min to keep an eye during his visits to his relatives and friends during the New Year. If there was anyone good, then two or three people will be recruited.

She planned to open another women's clothing store next year because the women's clothing store was really profitable. The profit of the men's clothing store wasn't low. At the most, it can only reach two-thirds of the income of the women's clothing store.

The minimum was only one-third. Which showed that no matter what era it was, women's clothing was the darling of the market.

Men's demand wasn't very high in this area. Especially the men in this era. Most might not change one or two all year-round.

So Lin Qing He wanted to open another women's clothing store, It was a great idea because in the future, there will be a shortage of money. If she didn't open more stores now and make more money, how can it do?

But the shop hadn't been checked yet. It'll have to wait until after the New Year. When th Housing Management Bureau is working there, she'll go ask then.

Zhou Qing Bai and Lin Qing He went to the movies that day. Zhou Xuan and Hu Zi were left at home. As for Gang Zi and Zhou Gui Lai, they took the camera and went to stroll somewhere.

According to Zhou Gui Lai's meaning, it was necessary to use a camera to keep these memories. What's more, the film Wang Yuan bought for him allowed him to splurge.

"I'm going to Grandpa's side. Are you going?" Hu Zi watched the TV for a while before asking.

Zhou Xuan was reading an English book. His current level of English was extremely high due to Lin Qing He's teaching. When he finished reading this, he would send it to his eldest brother. This book was very good. He was a little fascinated by it.

"You go." Zhou Xuan said as he grabbed an apple to eat.

Hu Zi left him be. He took an apple and came out while chewing on it.

When he came downstairs, he saw Zhang Mei Lian rushing after him. Hu Zi swept a glance at her. Although they had exchanged a few words, they weren't familiar with each other. He ignored.

"Hu Zi, I'm going to buy some flour. It's quite heavy. Can you help me?" Zhang Mei Lian bit her lips while looking at him.

"My name is Huang Hu. Call me Huang Hu." Hu Zi said.

It was weird to be called by his nickname by a strange woman, so he corrected her.

Zhang Mei Lian smiled and said, "Huang Hu, right? Nice to meet you. I will introduce myself again. My name is Zhang Mei Lian. I am your neighbor."

Hu Zi nodded and was about to leave. Old Zhang Family had a so-so relationship with his uncle's family. There was nothing to talk about.

"Huang Hu, I need your help." Zhang Mei Lian followed and said.

Hu Zi bluntly replied: "Buy less. I'm going to my grandpa's house. No time."

"My family forgot to buy more last time. It's definitely not easy to buy this time. I have to wait in line. One trip isn't enough. How can I buy less?" Zhang Mei Lian explained. She couldn't help but mentally disdain. I'm giving you such a good opportunity and you don't know to cherish it!

"What's more, our two families are neighbors. Left and right neighbors. Can't you even help me with such a favor?" Zhang Mei Lian kept going.

Hu Zi was still very friendly. He wasn't familiar with Zhang Mei Lian, so he hesitated for a while and nodded.

Zhang Mei Lian was satisfied and beamed: "Thank you. You are such a nice person. Are you helping at your aunt's place now?"

"En." Hu Zi nodded. Everyone in the community knew that. There was nothing to say.

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BTTS 411

 Chapter 411. Sitting on the cold seat

Zhou Kai, who was celebrating the New Year on his own at the military academy and was clueless about his important role, was currently feeling a little homesick.

Since growing up, this was the first time he hadn't spent the New Year at home and was spending it outside. It really felt a little cold and windy.

"What's wrong? Homesick?" One of his dormmates laughed.

"This is the first time I haven't spent the New Year at home." Zhou Kai replied.

"Come. Let's go to Principal's house," His dormmate suggested.

"Not going. Go by yourself." Zhou Kai originally wanted to follow, but for some unknown reason, he shook his head.

"Why don't you want to? Principal told me to take you with me." His dormmate asked.

"Just say that I'm not feeling well." Zhou Kai waved his hand, and then went back to the room.

In fact, he wanted to go over to have a mouthful of hot soup. But Principal's wife was a bit too friendly. He didn't want to go there too much.

"Are you worried that Principal will introduce his daughter to you?" His dormmate laughed.

"Go to the side." Zhou Kai threw a kick over.

"I say, she looks pretty. Although she is a bit unruly, it's not bad. What's with that expression? What's more, she's nineteen. Not Young." His dormmate continued.

Zhou Kai couldn't bother to respond to him.

Lin Qing He, who didn't know her eldest's situation, was still in a happy mood during the New Year.

New year, new atmosphere. Everything was pretty good.

But after having too many good days, there will always be someone restless who jumps out to make trouble. Such as their niece, Xu Sheng Mei.

Lin Qing He really didn't want to see her anymore. She didn't even attend her wedding. Wasn't her attitude obvious enough?

However, Xu Sheng Mei had her way. She came knocking despite others' dislike.

She hadn't noticed that she had such a personality before. This psychological quality was extraordinarily tough. It was no wonder that she dared to do such things behind so many elders' back. How was she an ordinary person?

"Uncle, Aunt. Zhao Jun specially brought this from home. Both bottles are good wine." Xu Sheng Mei smilingly greeted.

"On this icy weather and snowy ground, you should be at home. You are pregnant" Lin Qing He glanced at the two of them, and finally set her eyes on Xu Sheng Mei. It was the New Year, so she didn't want to touch the mold and uttered.

"I felt a little uncomfortable when getting up this morning. Still, these are what we should do. Not anything less." Xu Sheng Mei smiled: "What's more, we should have come here on the second but there were many guests at home. My mother-in-law wants to introduce me to relatives, so I can't find any time."

"Don't strain yourself over this." Lin Qing He responded as she brought them over to the sofa. She asked, "Sheng Mei can't drink tea. Go and make a cup of honey water for your sister Sheng Mei. What kind of tea do you drink Zhao Jun?"

"Green tea." Seeing her nice attitude, Zhao Jun was slightly pleased and replied.

Then he took out the cigarette and motioned it to Zhou Qing Bai. Zhou Qing Bai said, "I don't smoke."

"My uncle told you last time that he doesn't smoke." Xu Sheng Mei chuckled.

"Then I forgot." Zhao Jun said. He wanted to light one for himself.

Lin Qing He said, "You can't smoke inside." She turned to Xu Sheng Mei: "Moreover, Sheng Mei is still pregnant. Letting her smoke second-hand smoke isn't good for the foetus. You should pay more attention during normal days."

Zhao Jun became irritated. His parents didn't preach to him like that. Still, he couldn't say anything and put the cigarette and the match aside.

"Is Uncle's dumpling shop business doing okay?" Zhao Jun asked.

"So-so." Zhou Qing Bai answered concisely.

Lin Qing He didn't speak either. After Zhou Qing Bai brew the tea, she urged, "Drink tea."

From the start, they didn't like Zhao Jun. Since they were here, they'll entertain him. But if they want them to be friendly, not happening. Otherwise, the other party might think they were trying to flatter him.

"This tea is good." Zhao Jun drank the tea and uttered.

"This tea was bought from the south. It's the best green tea. If you like it, I will give you two packets later. We don't have any at our place." Lin Qing He responded.

Zhao Jun grinned and said, "That can't do."

"No need to be reserved." Lin Qing He said. Turning to Xu Sheng Mei, she chattered a bit. Xu Sheng Mei responded to them one by one with a very well-behaved expression on her face.

After sitting for a while, everyone watched TV. Basically, there was nothing to say.

Probably noticing that it was time to leave, Xu Sheng Mei said stiffly: "We haven't even gone to see grandpa and grandma. Uncle, Aunt, we will head over there now."

"Go. Be careful when going down the stairs. Also when walking. It's snowy, you shouldn't have come out." Lin Qing He said.

After sending them out the door, she ran into Zhang Mei Lian who had just returned.

"Auntie." Zhang Mei Lian greeted Lin Qing He and then looked at Zhao Jun and Xu Sheng Mei. Her eyes lingered on Zhao Jun before returning home.

When Zhao Jun brought Xu Sheng Mei downstairs, he was still full of complaints.

"What's your uncle and your aunt's attitude? I came a long way to  be a guest and they treat me like that?" Zhao Jun muttered angrily.

Although he didn't desire it, he found it too much! Not even letting him stay for a meal.

"Go to my grandparent's side first." Xu Sheng Mei was also irritated. She didn't expect that during the New Year, they didn't even let them stay for a meal. How can they not give her face?

Zhao Family was very rich. Now that she has entered the Zhao Family, having or not having a relative like Zhou Family was the same. She was considering their previous connection and she came to have a look.

"I'm telling you. This time is the last I'm coming here. Don't call me in the future. Simply shameful!" Zhao Jun felt he lost face.

Those of his friends wanted to invite him to dinner and may not necessarily agree to it. Now he willingly descended from his high chair to come here, he actually received a cold seat. Thinking about it, he felt enraged!

The couple dropped by Father Zhou and Mother Zhou's place with their stomach full of fire.

Zhou Qing Bai and Lin Qing He didn't treat it seriously.

Zhou Qing Bai was a friendly person. He usually didn't give anyone an attitude. But he really didn't like this nephew-in-law, so he naturally put up a cold front.

As for Lin Qing He. With Wang Yuan as a comparison, Zhao Jun was simply like dust.

Putting aside that he was vain and arrogant, he didn't have any good quality. With one glance at that personality, one can tell he was a bad apple.

For this niece, Xu Sheng Mei. She had already done her best. As for the rest, she can count on her own blessing. She won't have anything to do with her anymore.

This kind of crop-up happened once was enough. There can never be a second time.

But after such an encounter, these two should see clearly her and her family's Qing Bai's stance and won't come again. It was awkward for everyone to sit together and have no conversation. After all, they really didn't want to see her.


Friday, 11 June 2021

BTTS 410

 Chapter 410. As Eldest Sister-in-law

Although he was from the country and looked average, his sturdy built was really appealing.

From then on, Hu Zi will encounter Zhang Mei Lian from time to time. Because Zhang Mei Lian showed her gentle and generous side, Hu Zi thought this girl was pretty good.

Lin Qing He didn't know these things.

On the first day of the New Year, they stayed at home and had prepared a lot of sweets and snacks at home to entertain the workers who came to visit.

On the second day of the New Year, Father Weng and Mother Weng brought Weng Mei Jia over to the house as a guest.

Needless to say, Lin Qing He was delighted.

Especially when Mother Weng clicked with her.

"I have never seen anyone with such good maintenance like Teacher Lin.  Young Kai and his two younger brothers are already this big and you're not looking any bit old at all. I'm like a yellow-faced woman compared to you." Mother Weng uttered.

Originally, she felt Lin Qing He was young from the photo she saw. Let alone seeing her in person. She was truly looked youthful. Not like a person of this age at all.

Lin Qing He smiled: "It was bitter before sweet for me. I got a lot of worries back then. Now that the naughty boys are all grown up, I got to think about myself. I don't want to worry about them for the rest of my life. Let me lazy around."

"My mother used to say, stealing a floating life for half a day." Zhou Gui Lai said.

It had Father Weng and Mother Weng all smile.

Lin Qing He asked Weng Mei Jia: "Have you started your internship this year?"

"En. I have completed most of the theory. I will start the internship this year." Weng Mei Jia nodded.

The internship takes up a lot of time. It takes about two years before one can become a regular employee.

"No rush. Take your time. You are only this old. Still, you choose this major well. No matter when it is an in-demand career." Lin Qing He said.

"It's just too laborious." Mother Weng felt distressed for her daughter.

Being a nurse wasn't easy. After all, not every patient and their family members were so friendly. Some were quite unreasonable.

"I like this profession." Weng Mei Jia shook her head.

"Being a nurse is really hard work, especially during the internship. Still, it trained people. You grow up, you should learn to be on your own." Lin Qing He said.

"The nurses in military hospitals have it be better." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"En. I plan to enter that industry when the times come." Weng Mei Jia pursed her lips and smiled.

"Our eldest will be out of the military academy next year. When the time comes, he'll be at the same place as you. You have to help Aunt Lin mind him." Lin Qing He said.

"My brothers are also there. We will take care of each other at that time." Weng Mei Jia nodded.

Lin Qing He was very satisfied. Listen, how good she was with her words?

"Young Kai isn't young at this age. My family Guo Liang also said that he would introduce him to someone." Mother Weng smilingly mentioned.

"What introduction? He's only that big. Still, haven't grown up yet. However, I will treat my daughter-in-law like a daughter in the future. There will be no such mother-in-law and daughter-in-law conflicts that happen out there on my side. There will be no need to live with me in the future. When the time comes, they'll move out alone and be their own master." Lin Qing He stated.

"Oh, I'm just zoned out a bit and you all reached so far? Is sister Mei Jia going to be our sister-in-law?" Zhou Gui Lai, who was watching TV, turned around and uttered.

No matter how calm Weng Mei Jia was, she can't help but blush.

"A kid. Don't have a lock to his mouth. Uncle, you guys, ignore him." Zhou Xuan said.

Lin Qing He didn't say anything. Just turned to Mother Weng: "When do you usually have a break?"

"It's Sunday." Mother Weng deliberately ignored that sentence and answered.

"Me too. I'm usually idle at home on Sundays. If you are free, come and find me. I will make you some good things." Lin Qing He uttered.

"Then don't find me annoying then." Mother Weng grinned.

Originally, they didn't plan to stay for lunch, but couldn't win Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai's like for their daughter.

 They stayed for lunch before getting sent out.

On the way back, Father Weng kept saying, "They're really great."

It needn't be said for Mother Weng. She felt that if she was in-laws with Lin Qinghe, they would be like sisters. It would be truly wonderful.

"Mei Jia, what do you think?" Mother Weng asked her youngest daughter.

Weng Mei Jia blushed: "Mom, what are you talking about? It's nonsense. Zhou Kai's brothers doesn't know the situation."

"You already this big. Mom is going to start looking around for you. Your grandma still had to talk about it before, but my mother didn't agree with the situation in the family. The old Ji's house next door also came and talked about it. Didn't agree." Mother Weng said.

When Zhou Kai first attended college, Mother Weng was thinking about it. Now after so many years have passed, the more she looked at Zhou Kai, the more satisfied she became.

But this satisfaction reached its peak after meeting Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing bai.

"If I find someone for you, then I must be looking for someone like Zhou Family. You've seen it too. Your Aunt Lin and your Uncle Zhou get along well. Zhou Kai almost grew up with your second brother. You know his character." Mother Weng said.

"Mom. It's the New Year. Don't talk about this." Weng Mei Jia said helplessly.

"Then let's not talk about it. Anyway, I am optimistic about Young Kai. If you find someone else and have a bad life in the future, then don't come to me and cry." Mother Weng said.

From the eyes of the experienced, she found that Zhou Family had no flaws. What's more, they matched with her family's conditions.

Father Weng eased the situation, "It's going to snow later. We have to head back quickly."

So the family made their back.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai were in a good mood. Lin Qing He pulled out ten yuan and rewarded her Third: "Take it to buy sweets."

Just now Third's innocent remarks allowed her to be certain that Mother Weng had that intention. Lin Qing He was very pleased because she happened to be pondering about another's daughter becoming her own daughter-in-law.

"Mom, do you really want Sister Mei Jia to be our sister-in-law?" Zhou Gui Lai grinned after receiving the money.

"What? Can't do?" Lin Qing He said.

"Of course it can. My eldest brother should marry someone like this. She is gentle and knowledgeable. She is a college student and a nurse. The conditions at home are great. A match with our family." Zhou Gui Lai threw out flatters one after another.

"It's fine to talk about it with me. You aren't allowed to bring it up outside, understand?" Lin Qing He warned.

"I know. I'm not brainless. The birthdate characters haven't been checked yet." Zhou Gui Lai replied.

Lin Qing He was satisfied and sat down with Zhou Qing Bai for a cup of tea. She cozily said: "If this goes smoothly, our family will gain an addition in two or three years."

Zhou Qing Bai had transferred his desire from a daughter to a granddaughter. He kind of wanted to hold a granddaughter, and responded, "Let him work harder."


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BTTS 409

 Chapter 409. Considered as marrying down

Old Zhou family didn't know that Zhang Mei Lian, who came home during the New Year, was desperate to get married.

She could tell old Zhou family really didn't have a good impression of her. She saw Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai and would greet the couple. They ignored her.

So Zhang Mei Lian felt really hopeless.

She wasn't young now. She really wanted to marry.

In the past two or three years, she went out to rent a place by herself. She did indeed dated.

Altogether, there was a total of six. Three of which weren't humans. After sleeping for a month or two, they simply broke up with her. There was another. She was pregnant with a child and he still didn’t want to recognize it. What else can she do? Abort it.

There were two more. Those two want to marry her.

However, she didn't want to marry because there was no other reason but that their family had a large population and the conditions were very poor. How could she marry?

So after thinking about it, Zhang Mei Lian set her eyes back to old Zhou Family.

She must forget about Zhou Kai. Zhang Mei Lian's eyes fell on Hu Zi.

She had checked with her mother, old Madam Zhang because she hadn't come back for a while and she didn't understand the situation. What she didn't know, old Madam Zhang knew.

"What's the matter? You still want to marry the guy called Hu Zi?" Old Madam Zhang rolled her eyes and muttered.

"What's wrong? I think he isn't a bad choice too." Zhang Mei Lian said.

Although his appearance and height weren't as good as Zhou Kai's, he still wasn't bad. Not too terrible on the eye and wasn't too short. At least 1.78 meters. The most important thing was that he was related to old Zhou family.

"Forget it," old Madam Zhang said irritably, "Hu Zi is their nephew. His family is from the countryside. Got nothing to their name. The brothers both came here to make a living. You still want to go out with him?"

Obviously, old Madam Zhang didn't know that her family's sweet potato was rotten and thought it was a good melon. That's why she looked down on others.

"This is their nephew. They have opened so many shops. How can they help him in the future?" Zhang Mei Lian felt the idea was better as she kept thinking about it.

Hu Zi's skin was a bit tanned. Being in the capital hadn't been able to nourish him whiter. Still, Zhang Mei Lian felt that even when he was from the countryside, it was fine.

Being a countryfolk was perfect. A capital's girl like her was willing to marry him. His ancestors will be puffing out green smoke when he brings her back, right?

As for things with a bad reputation, it didn't matter. Can reputation feed you?

"Mom, this is their nephew. He can't possibly work for them for a lifetime. If he goes out by himself, how can his uncle not support him?" Zhang Mei Lian said.

Old Madam Zhang didn't speak.

Zhang Mei Lian continued: "When he comes out to do it alone, he definitely won't be worse off. How can he not make any money at that time? And because it is so far away from his village, he must live here. It's also convenient for me to take care of you, Mom."

Old Madam Zhang was moved. So she spoke: "About the matter of you dating a few times, those old loose-tongue ladies knew about it." 
Reaching here, she couldn't help pinched her daughter and scolded: "Putting aside the fact that you brought them home for the night, you actually got caught by someone else. Do think there's not enough trouble?"

Zhang Mei Lian felt very aggrieved. In fact, she brought them home very late and she told them to leave early in the morning. Who knew that she was still caught?

"I'm afraid that the couple next door won't agree." Old Madam Zhang said.

"When a nephew marries a wife or not, their approval isn't necessary." Zhang Mei Lian didn't take it seriously.

If the guy called Hu Zi went to the dormitory with her, she'll cook the uncooked rice. How can old Zhou Family not admit it?

"In fact, that kid doesn't seem bad. It's just, he got a rural household registration and not much capability," said old Madam Zhang.

"Rural household registration, then so be it. See if there is any chance to move over in the future." Zhang Mei Lian responded.

"Youngest Sister, you have to work harder. Old Zhou Family brought a lot of nephews and nieces here. Didn't their niece named Xu Sheng Mei married out a while ago? I heard that the guy is still very rich." Said Mrs. Zhang.

She felt that her youngest sister-in-law was similar to her eldest sister-in-law. They were versatile people. Any man can go to her place to sleep. Still, she got the advantages of being a big city person.

As for Zhou Kai, forget it. They both were got household registration in the capital. It was normal for them to look down on Zhang family. While that Huzi was a veritable countryfolk.

If he can bring a wife from the capital back home, his family will definitely be happy.

If it succeeds, old Zhou family won't go back to their hometown to ruin their reputation.

So Mrs. Zhang wasn't optimistic about Zhou Kai. However, she was optimistic about this younger sister-in-law hooking up with Hu Zi. If it works out, she will be regarded as a relative of old Zhou family.

Mrs. Zhang was eyeing Lin Qing He's work unit. She heard that there had been a lot of salary increase this year.

There was mung bean soup in summer and night school's dinner in the evening. The treatment was very good.

If she becomes a relative, she has to arrange a position for her no matter what.

"Then I have to come back and live at home. Hu Zi is living here." Zhang Mei Lian said.

"When you come back to live at home, what will happen to your world?" Old Madam Zhang asked.

"There is still a bicycle at home. Let me use it." Mrs. Zhang chimed in: "There is only one Youngest Sister in the family. I hope that she'll live well."

Zhang Mei Lian agreed, saying that she would definitely not forget this kindness in the future.

While Old Zhang family was discussing this, they never thought about the attitude of old Zhou family.

Don't know if it was a matter of luck, Zhang Mei Lian just headed out and encountered Hu Zi.

Hu Zi just came over from his grandparents' side.

"Are you called Hu Zi?" Zhang Mei Lian smiled softly when she saw him.

Hu Zi didn't know her. He had to go to work during the day and night school at night. It was pretty late when he returned home. After watching a bit of TV, he would head to bed.

Zhang Mei Lian had lived outside for more than two years, so they really didn't know each other.

"My family is old Zhang family from next door to your uncle's house. My name is Zhang Mei Lian." Zhang Mei Lian said with a smile.

Hu Zi nodded and said, "I have some matters."

Lin Qing He wasn't the kind to badmouth old Zhang Family. What's more, a family like Old Zhang was fake lofty. They wouldn't set their eye on Hu Zi's rural household registration. They were targetting her eldest.

So Lin Qing He didn't say it. Zhou Qing Bai won't even bring it up. Zhou Xuan and Zhou Gui Lai didn't treat it as a serious matter.

So Hu Zi only knew that the relationship with Aunt Ma's family was great. But basically, no interaction with old Zhang Family from next door. The relationship was definitely so-so.

Otherwise, with his uncle's and aunt's disposition, they would visit each other during the New Year.

So Hu Zi didn't say much to Zhang Mei Lian.

However, Zhang Mei Lian's eyes were shining.