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Chapter 84. Can I tonight?

Da Wa got home first.

Once he reached home, he grabbed a back basket and headed out to gather pigweed with his other small friends in the village.
These can contribute to the work points.

Da Wa, who was conscious of being the second man in the family, would forage a basket of pigweed every day after school.

He only had enough time to give the schoolbag to Er Wa to help him take it into the house and did not catch Er Wa saying that Mother had bought a huge watermelon back, don’t go out and get pigweed.

The baby was very responsible, so Lin Qing He doesn't govern him too much now. She let him decide on some things on his own.

This was also to cultivate his independence.

For dinner, it'll be a simple meal, stewed pork ribs with potatoes, a soup, and then cornmeal mantou.

When Zhou Qing Bai was off work, Da Wa also returned.

So they ate dinner first.

As for the watermelon, it was a snack after a meal.

"Mother, why are you willing to buy such a big watermelon?" Da Wa's eyes brightened.

"If I don't buy a big one, how can it be enough for our family to heartily feast on?" Lin Qing He said.

Watermelon was one of her favorites. She had asked Zhou Qing Bai, Zhou Qing Bai liked to eat it. The 6 jin watermelon was actually just right, not too much.

What's more, they were still young now. When they get older, two was required to satisfied them all.

After dinner, the brothers started rolling the watermelon.

Dinner was at six. At seven, Lin Qing He got Zhou Qing Bai to cut the watermelon and then divided it between them.

Coincidentally, Mother Zhou came over and saw the family munching on the watermelon. She sighed at how shocking Fourth's family's life was.

Such a life costs a lot of money.

"San Wa, give a piece to your Grandma." Lin Qing He said.

San Wa grabbed a piece of watermelon and handed it to his grandma. Now, this little brat can understand people's words and can express himself clearly.

Mother Zhou received it and mentioned, "I just heard that your maternal family's Third Sister-in-law had given birth."

Lin Qing He froze for a moment, then her brain reacted, it was Third Brother Lin. When she went back before New Year, she didn't know that the Third Sister-in-law Lin was pregnant.

Even though she didn’t have a good impression of Third Sister-in-law Lin, she still liked Third Brother Lin very much. Must give Buddha face, even if one doesn't to the monk, so she nodded. "I'll see how it is after my brother come over with happy news."

The watermelon was very delicious. It tasted average in Lin Qing He's opinion, while the children were obviously satisfied with it. Even Zhou Qing Bai also enjoyed it.

"Next time I go to the county city, I'll buy another one." Lin Qing He promised.

The brothers cheered in joy. Although the time was now 7 o'clock, the sky was still not dark. The kids took Fei Ying out for a walk.

Lin Qing He knew what was up without asking, she didn't intervene.

Kids, it was good to have a little hobby.

"Tired?" Lin Qing He turned to Zhou Qing Bai: "Do you want me to give a massage?"

Zhou Qing Bai was not tired, but it didn't stop him from enjoying his wife's services. Now that the three children weren't home, he readily let her massage.

Lin Qing He had already knew that he had muscles. Only when she pressed, she found out that the flesh was really tough.

"Not doing it." Lin Qing He gave up after pressing twice.

It was too hard to massage.

Zhou Qing Bai grinned and took his wife into his arms.

On such a hot day, Lin Qing He didn't mind the heat and sat on him. Smelling the refreshing smell of his body after bathing, she spoke: "This soap fragrance is quite nice."

He used the soap she had collected for bathing. After one wash, even the little grease and mud could be removed. It was efficient to use.

"Do you think I'm splurging a lot of money? Think I'm a prodigal woman?" Lin Qing He hugged his neck, stared at him with raised eyebrows.

Zhou Qing Bai shook his head: "No." 
His wife was doing it for the sake of the family, not being extravagant and wasteful.

"I was thinking, when will we have time to go over to the capital and take a look?" Lin Qing He brought up.

"Why do you want to go to the Capital?" Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

"Just curious. The Great Wall, Imperial Gate, the legendary existence." Lin Qing He laughed.

As if. She didn't know how many times she had been there already.

But for people of this era, it was very meaningful to go to the capital.

"Not possible at the moment. After all, outside is unsteady. Wait and see." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He just wanted to mention it. She turned the topic, "Is there anything like jade on this side?"

"Those are all old capital feudal objects." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

Lin Qing He: "..." She understood the environment in which this man grew up since he was a child, so she said: "Then forget it."

Zhou Qing Bai understood that his wife wanted one, so he decided to find some time to check with his old friend. If it was good, he'll bring it back to her.

"Can I tonight?" Zhou Qing Bai asked as he stroked her skinny waist.

Lin Qinghe: 囧. What was inside this head?

But when she met his eyes, Lin Qing He was extremely embarrassed as he was seriously asking her: "After a day's work, you're not tired?"

"Not tired." Zhou Qing Bai beamed. He knew what she meant, and plucked a kiss on her cheek.

Da Wa and his brothers went out to walk for about ten minutes and then came back. After returning, they did their homework as usual and then prepared to sleep.

Zhou Qing Bai ate a meal, and Lin Qinghe, who was eaten, was exhausted in the end.

"You worked in the field for the whole day, every day. Once you're home, you continued to work. You still have that energy." Lin Qing He expressed weakly in frustrated.

Zhou Qing Bai said hoarsely: "If you want to, I can continue."

Lin Qing He pushed him aside. Zhou Qing Bai chuckled and pulled his wife into his embrace. He fanned his wife with a fan and then went to sleep.

Now the weather was really sultry, Lin Qing He frequently made mung bean soup. Every night after a family's meal and rest, they will drink a bowl of sweet mung bean soup.

Third Brother Lin came with happy news after half a month.

Lin Qing He scolded: "It's been a long time since the birth, why come over here now?"

"It was busy for a while, I had to help out at home." Third Brother Lin meekly smiled.

"Hurry up and drink this bowl of mung bean soup. Just look at you, you're so exhausted that you'll soon become a skeleton." Lin Qing He frowned.

Third Brother Lin was indeed too thin. He was one meter seventy-five tall, which wasn't too short in this era, but it was unknown if he even reached one hundred and ten jins in weight. He was too skinny.

"How can it be as exaggerated as you said, Sister?" Third Brother Lin smiled but still drank mung bean soup.

After drinking, his face displayed satisfaction. This sweet mung bean soup was really delicious.

Lin Qing He scooped up another bowl for him, Third Brother Lin immediately reacted, "Sister, I had enough."

"What enough? One bowl for such a big man? There's a lot left in this pot." Lin Qing He maintained.

She had Third Brother Lin drink mung bean soup as she went in and got some pork out. She gave a jin of pork belly and two ribs. These were private goods from her space.

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Chapter 83. Huge Watermelon

"You wrote these words?" Third Sister-in-law swiftly flipped through some. With a shocked expression, she uttered to her fourth sister-in-law.

The font was beautiful, really well written.

"I wrote it casually." Lin Qing He laughed, those were her written notes that were already revised.

Others were jotted down silently after memorizing the text.

"I didn't know you could write so well. So awesome." Third Sister-in-law couldn't resist admiring her.

As Third Sister-in-law had partaken in a literacy class for a while, the words she knew were very limited, let alone written.

"Previously, my academic record was good. However, I had no choice. My family won't let me study, instead, let my white-eyed wolf Second Brother studied." Lin Qing He said.

Males were being prioritized over females was a common phenomenon found in many parts of the rural area in the country.

"But it's useless to study now." Third Sister-in-law remarked.

"I know it's useless, but it's good to read it. People who read more will be smart." Lin Qing He responded.

Third Sister-in-law felt that her fourth sister-in-law wasn't clever for no reason. Look how studious she was. Even as a mother of three children, she didn't forget to study.

"Third Sister-in-law, don't mention this outside. It's enough for me to look over by myself. If it gets out that I self-study at home, people will laugh." Lin Qing He urged.

"I won't say. But loving to learn is a glorious matter, who would laugh at you?" Third Sister-in-law promised.

"Those petty-minded." Lin Qing He smiled.

Third Sister-in-law recalled Second Sister-in-law's loudmouth face and was silenced. Lin Qing He observed Zhou Dong Dong and grinned: "Little Dong Dong grows so fast. Last year, he was only a little bit. This year he can sit."

"Kids are like that. Wasn't Da Wa the same? He has gotten a lot bigger this year, and those at his age in the village aren't as tall as him." Third Sister-in-law commented.

Lin Qing He said with a laugh: "He's very naughty. In the middle of his homework, he saw his father go fishing for eel and immediately ran off with his two younger brothers."

After talking about the children for a while, they chat on other topics for a while. Then Third Sister-in-law took Zhou Dong Dong home.

Of course, Lin Qing He's reception toward her was good. She picked a few tomatoes, cut them on the plate, sprinkled with some sugar, and served with a toothpick to eat. This was a very good snack for hospitality.

Zhou Qing Bai took his three children out and returned almost in the evening.

The brothers, including Zhou Qing Bai, were all muddy. Lin Qing He didn't care since the clothes were washed by Zhou Qing Bai. It wasn't easy to dry this weather, but there were still spare clothes, so Lin Qing He wasn't mad.

If this she was to wash it, the brothers couldn't avoid a good yell.

Zhou Qing Bai brought back three big ricefield eels and numerous loaches.

During this season, whether it was ricefield eel or loach, both were very fat. And the taste was also impeccable.

The eel didn't need to sit in water first, while the loach needed to. So the eel was stewed straight away for dinner.

Zhou Qing Bai, who ate ricefield eel, was a little stimulated. Afterward, Lin Qing He suffered some good round of happiness issue.

There was no other way ah! This time was too long, so she sweated a lot. Sweating in this hot summer weather was uncomfortable.

But when she complained, Zhou Qing Bai had an innocent expression. He couldn't do anything if it took long. He just last that long.

Lin Qing He chuckled as she pulled his cheeks. It became more and more apparent that this man was black-bellied.

Zhou Qing Bai embraced his wife, filled with content.

In the beginning, retiring halfway made him very lost, because he liked the force very much. That was his dream.

He powerlessly pulled out halfway, so how could his heart feel comfortable?

But now, he doesn't regret returning to a home like this at all.

Holding his wife, Zhou Qing Bai felt very satisfied with his current life. He even blamed himself for neglecting her.

His wife was wonderful, super wonderful. Since he didn't cherish her before, he will treasure her even more in the future.

"Wife, let's do it again." Zhou Qing Bai wanted to dote his wife again.

Before Lin Qing He had the chance to object, he pulled her into a new round of stormy waves and made her woke up late the next day.

Although the summer was hot, the heating summer was also the beginning of fruit produce.

A new round of work began after the rain stopped.

Lin Qing He brought Er Wa and San Wa along with her to county city as she rid of the meat stored in this period

She had the two of them eat popsicles at the entrance of the mall, and ordered Er Wa to take good care of San Wa. The two got a popsicle each.

Er Wa said that he remembers and won't lose sight of his brother.

Lin Qing He also knew he was intelligent, but he was still four years old. Lin Qing He tied their brothers together with a rope at their waists.

She instructed him to watch the bicycle and his brother before she rushed to sell pork.

Due to worrying for the brothers, Lin Qing He came back in half an hour later and was sweating all over.

The brothers were sitting there obediently. Lin Qing He was relieved, but at the same time, she couldn't help being distressed.

"Come, follow Mother to the supply and demand cooperative. I'll buy you cans of malted milk powder." Lin Qing He beckoned.

Er Wa and San Wa saw her coming back and excitedly entered with their mother. The brothers were pretty. As for Lin Qing He's aura and appearance, it was needless to say.

So when the mother and sons came in, it had the salesperson's eyes lit up.

Lin Qing He's handiwork was quite extraordinary; malted milk powder, white rabbit candy, red dates, dried dragon-eyes, and the likes. Especially when she bought a six pound big watermelon outright.

These things had Er Wa and San Wa drooling.

They had eaten everything else, so it wasn't anything unusual. But the big watermelon, they had never tried it before!

Lin Qing He didn't go straight away after buying these things. She brought Er Wa and San Wa to the mall to go shopping and bought some school supplies back.

After these were bought, Lin Qing He took her two sons and these materials back home.

"Mother, will you bring us next time?" Both Er Wa and San Wa were in the front seats.

The brothers were sitting on specially-made children's seats, which were drawn by Lin Qing He and asked Zhou Qing Bai to find a carpenter to make them.

Lin Qing He was not at ease when they were at the back as they were too small.

"I'll see how you brothers behave" Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

"We'll all be obedient." Zhou Er Wa immediately superficially swore.

"Be good, eat watermelon." Zhou San Wa was pining for the watermelon.

The mother and sons soon reached home. They didn't eat once they arrived, because Zhou Qing Bai hadn't got off work yet, and Da Wa hadn't finished school.

Have to wait for them to come back before eating.

Although it would be more pleasant to eat it after chilling in the well water, Lin Qing He did not put it in the well water as the children were still young.

"Mother, do we have to wait for Father and Eldest Brother to come back to eat?" Er Wa longingly looked at the big watermelon.

"Then if you aren't at home one day and there's tasty food, we'll eat it first without waiting for you. Would you agree?" Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

Er Wa shook his head and waited for their father and brother.

San Wa was playing with the big watermelon on the cool mat. Since the big watermelon couldn't be eaten first, Lin Qing He gave them a tomato each.

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Chapter 82. Nutritional management

Thankfully, she now had such a business.

Although it was only once every three days, she can earn seven dimes each time. And it was ten times a month, so she can get seven yuans, which was also a considerable amount.

Sometimes, when there was a lot, they can get almost ten jins of meat.

In addition to giving a dime, Lin Qing He also gave Mei Jie some food stamps, which were all exchanged from those old madams in the county city.

Totaling it all, it wasn't much worse than when she went to work.

However, because of Mei Jie's connection, it was very easy for Lin Qing He to buy something out of stock in the supply and marketing cooperative.

For example, there were three jars of honey stored at home, which was gained through Mei Jie's connection.

The honey at this time was really pure wild honey. Lin Qing He bought a jar of winter honey last year.

It solidified like a lump of oil similar to lard.

She had finished it in one winter, as she had to drank one cup of honey water before going to bed every day. She would drink it herself, the children didn't need to drink it yet.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't have a share, at that time he didn't have any importance in her heart yet.

However, since that marital obligation, cough, and she cared about him.

So the nightly honey water included Zhou Qing Bai's share now. Zhou Qing Bai said he does not need it. He didn't like to drink these pure sweet things.

But his wife had him drink, so even if he didn't like it, he had to drink it.

Lin Qing He felt great drinking this honey water.

The health benefits of drinking this for a long time were self-evident. It was essential for Zhou Qing Bai to drink it. He had to do farm work every day. Even though she made three healthy meals a day, it was not enough nourishment.

So Lin Qing He tried hard to manage it for him.

Seven days after the summer harvest began, Lin Qing He slaughtered a chicken at home.

Since raising it in spring, it was now one jin or so. One of them became unwell during the period, so there were five left. There were still four left after the slaughtering. They were still over the limit.

This chicken wasn't eaten just like that. Lin Qing He also pre-ordered a pork stomach from Mei Jie's pig farm.

She washed the pork stomach, cooked it and cut it. Then it was stewed with the chicken as well as a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

It was a pot of sesame, pork stomach, and chicken.

The taste was definitely aromatic. In the evening, the father and sons ate the sesame pork stomach and chicken served with wholegrain mantou.

Although the kids didn't like to eat this kind of mantou very much, Lin Qing He would still make it occasionally. Must eat, even when they don't want to. They can't always eat fine cuisine all the time.

The chicken drum was divided between Da Wa and Er Wa. Lin Qing He expressed that the chicken drum would be eaten in turns. This time, she let them two eat first. Next time, it will be them, husband and wife's turn. When San Wa gets bigger and know how to eat, he'll join in the queue.

Da Wa and Er Wa agreed.

Lin Qing He grabbed a chicken wing and let San Wa chew on it. The rest was Zhou Qing Bai’s. But the only drinking soup and avoiding meat her, was pushed by Zhou Qing Bai to feed on a chicken wing.

A summer harvest took about half a month.

Although the summer harvest wasn't as tiring as the autumn harvest, it must be said that it was still hard work ah. Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother, all slimmed down.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou were tormented a good bit as well.

They had copied Fourth's wife's mung bean soup, so they did not have heatstroke. Truthfully, the mung bean soup's taste can't be compared with Lin Qing He, as Eldest Sister-in-law didn't add in sugar.

Also, old Zhou's family's food wasn't as good as this side.

After such a summer harvest, Zhou Qing Bai was just worn out. As for slimming down or other aches, were non-existent.

Same for Da Wa and Er Wa. Their bodies were excellent.

Once the summer harvest was over, Lin Qing He puffed out in relief.

There was a new round of farm work afterward, but at least, they can always go home and take a rest at noon. Unlike the summer harvest, where 30 minutes was given for meal. After eating, only a little more than ten minutes were left to nap before they had to head down to the field again.

This was draining to death.

Zhou Qing Bai helped Lin Qing He get all the learning materials she wanted.

Although she hadn’t been studying for many years, it wasn't difficult to pick it up again now. Zhou Qing Bai had his education in the organization. Lin Qing He read it herself, on some parts, she deliberately pretended to ask him.

It was mostly to reveal her progress in her studies so that he did not have any doubts. Like this, he was witnessing her progress?

On the surface, Zhou Qing Bai was calm, but he was surprised in his heart because he found that his wife's learning process was really fast. Sometimes he heard her murmur in dreams at night. Those murmurs were reciting the texts. Too dumbfounding.

After this summer harvest's food distribution, Lin Qing He's family got a lot allocated to them.

Zhou Qing Bai received 10 work points, his share naturally bountiful. In addition, there were two pigs at home. From the beginning of May, Da Wa carried a basket of pigweed every day to exchange for the work point.

Lin Qing He went back to gather pigweed too, but her's was taken home for the pigs at home.

But because of this, her family got a lot distributed to them a lot this time. At least this time, it wasn't necessary to buy food.

Lin Qing He pulled some out of the space, and it was mostly sufficient.

As for the two huge pigs at home, it was raised excellently.

Mother Zhou was very surprised when she came over to check last time.

She didn't mention it outside. Lin Qing He told her not to say anything. There were excess chickens in the backyard.

Wait for the remaining chicken to be slaughtered and it'll be fine to talk about it. If the village branch secretary wants to come over to observe it, it was no problem but for now, it wasn't possible.

Grain had been harvested for almost half a month, and a new round of seeds had been planted before the weather turned gloomy. Then it began to rain.

Even Zhou Qing Bai had a happy face because it saved a lot of effort. No need to manually water, and it was almost God was providing a meal for them.

Lin Qing He studied at home, the brothers as well.

Although it was seven years away from the reintroduction of the college entrance examination, she was bored, might as well do it.

Initially, she wanted to make some clothes but reconsidered. The whole family basically had three or four sets of clothes to wear. In this era, it was definitely plentiful.

Once the rain stopped, Second Brother and Third Brother came over to call Zhou Qing Bai.

They wanted to capture ricefield eel and loach. Zhou Qing Bai grabbed a bucket and followed them. Zhou Da Wa and Zhou Er Wa immediately declared they were following. San Wa also wanted to go.

Lin Qing He turned to Zhou Qing Bai. Zhou Qing Bai approved: "Let's all go."

So the three brothers were overjoyed, got off the kang, and headed out with their father.

Lin Qing He continued to study on her own. Third Sister-in-law brought Zhou Dong Dong over for a visit.

When she saw that she was studying and reading, she was surprised: "Are you studying by yourself?"

The most difficult part, i.e. Zhou Qing Bai, was passed. Toward other people like Third Sister-in-law, Lin Qing He didn't care what they thought.

"Aren't we quite free now? Staying at home is also staying, so I asked Qing Bai to bring me some books to read." Lin Qing He explained.

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Chapter 81. Temporary work

Because it was summer harvest, what they ate was relatively simple, but absolutely nutritious.

They had spring pancakes.

The spring pancakes were all packaged up and brought over by Lin Qing He from home.

Small pieces of meat, diced mushrooms, fried leeks with eggs, and her specially made tomato sauce and seasonal veg were all wrapped inside. The taste was particularly exquisite and delicious.

Along with this was soup. Lin Qing He had brought bowls, one for each person.

After eating they rested. Then chomped another fresh tomato, the taste was perfect.

The food on this side was definitely the best in the village. The old Zhou Family had no way to compete.

Second Sister-in-law watched the family of five over there eating spring cakes, especially on the bountiful fillings. The smell could drift over here.

"Eat so well, why doesn't she bring some over to Father and Mother." Second Sister-in-law grumbled as she chewed on her pancake.

"They already separated. Eat yours." Mother Zhou shoot a glance at Second daughter-in-law, who clearly wanted to stir trouble.

With these words, it got Second Sister-in-law to shut up. But she was greatly discontent on the inside.

Lin Qing He didn't stay long. She rubbed a layer of sunscreen on Zhou Qing Bai, Da Wa, and Er Wa. This was what she got while she collected her supplies. Two big cans of it.

It became handy at this moment. Da Wa and Er Wa were better as they joined in for the fun of it. Lin Qing He didn't stop it, but everyone must wear a hat.

Zhou Qing Bai was the main force. He sunburnt till he was red. Lin Qing He's heart felt unbearable at the sight.

"You don't have to apply this on me." Zhou Qing Bai said.

"I don't have much left here, only a few applications left." Lin Qing He stated.

Zhou Qing Bai's brows softened at this.

"Rest ba." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded, led Da Wa and Er Wa to drowse.

Lin Qing He packed her things and took San Wa home. It was really hot today, like a fire.

But on such an important day, no one can escape it. They have to go to the field and speedily harvest. Lin Qinghe was lazy and never gone to the field, so everyone had accustomed it, feeling there was no reason to criticize.

As soon as the horn sounded, Zhou Qing Bai and the rest went down to harvest the field again.

Da Wa, Er Wa, and the other children were better off, the requirements from them weren't big. They were responsible for picking wheat ears in the field, which were calculated by weight for the work points. These children were quite hardworking.
But no matter how energetic they were, at the end of the day, it was also very exhausting.

When they returned home, Er Wa was laying on his father's back. Obviously, he was too tired.

Lin Qing He was startled, fearing he had a heatstroke, and declared, "Tomorrow, Er Wa, don't go."

"No, I will go!" Er Wa instantly replied.

"Not tired?" Lin Qing He eyed him.

"Not tired!" Er Wa nodded.
Judging by how he was,Lin Qing He left him be. She reminded him: "If you are tired immediately go to rest, understood?"

"I know, I won't push myself. If I get heatstroke, it'll be painful." Er Wa said.

Other children had suffered heatstroke. Just watching how they vomited and had diarrhea, he felt uncomfortable.

After eating a simple and nutritious dinner, Lin Qing He brought out the completed mung bean soup and cooled it in the well water.

This was rock sugar and mung bean soup, adjusted to mild sweetness, but it still tasted great.

Lin Qing He intends to feed the father and sons a few more times of mung bean soup. She scooped out two bowl amounts and got Da Wa to send it to his grandpa and grandma.

Lin Qing He told Zhou Qing Bai: "Tomorrow I will add on mung bean soup for you. This is the best for cooling off the heat."

"Sure." Zhou Qing Bai agreed.

Satisfied, Lin Qing He continued, "You're tired today too. Go rest."

Zhou Qing Bai shook his head, he wasn't that exhausted. He went to clean the pigsty but found that it was cleaned.

It goes without saying, Lin Qing He had tidied it. For this man, she made a sacrifice.

"I can tell you now, I'll do it for you this summer harvest, other times you can do it by yourself." Lin Qing He stated.

"You don't have to do it, just wait for me to come back." Zhou Qing Bai stared at her.

"You're already that exhausted, I can't dump it all on you." Lin Qing He pouted.

Zhou Qing Bai's eyebrows were extremely soft, she could sense the sweetness in his eyes.

This was rarely seen from this tough guy's gaze.

"Go to rest." Lin Qing He waved.

Soon Da Wa came back. This kid was worn out from today too, so Lin Qing He gave the brothers a bath and sent them to the Kang to play. She gave them mung bean soup at 6:30 in the evening.

Can't say it was super chill, but it was still cooled by the well water. Plus with the addition of rock sugar, the sweetness was fulfilling to drink.

From the next day onward, Lin Qing He delivered mung bean soup at approximately 10 am.

Of course, she prepared a share for Father Zhou and Mother Zhou. As for the others, Lin Qing He couldn't be bothered to care.

As anticipated, Second Sister-in-law wasn't short on sour words, remarking that the adults can go without, but how can the children not have some?

Eldest Sister-in-law took care of the children while cooking at home, and Third Sister-in-law came to work.

Because Eldest Sister-in-law had only given birth for two or three months, she didn't have to take part in such bustling actions. She was in charge of the family's food and took care of the babies at home.

This time Eldest Sister-in-law also gave birth to a son.

Lin Qing He wasn't stingy at that time. She gave her two trotters to stew with peanuts to eat, which was great for breastmilk.

Third Sister-in-law was dead on her feet, but she didn't pay any heed to Second Sister-in-law's words.

They had already separated out. Lin Qing He, this fourth sister-in-law, could give the elders a mouthful, and that was all there was to it. The rest wanted to eat her family's stuff? Impossible.

Mother Zhou had instructed Eldest Sister-in-law when she came back that day to cook some mung bean soup at this side and get Fourth's wife to deliver it together.

Second Sister-in-law began mumbling again: "Are you two old ones afraid of eating Fourth's family to poverty?"

This time, Third Sister-in-law didn't hold back and told Eldest Sister-in-law about it.

"Qing He had Father and Mother drink some, she was dissatisfied and said she didn't prepare for the children. Now Mother told you to make it for the whole family, she's still not pleased. All-day long, she complained these behind her back." Third Sister-in-law vented.

"Who would deny that? I heard Tao Zi's Mother mentioned it the day before yesterday that Wang Ling wanted to mock Qing He, but Qing He had her grudgingly return home. Wang Ling has a good relationship with her." Eldest Sister-in-law's mouth also twitched.

"That's a long tongue woman. I can hear her splurting things everywhere I go," Third Sister-in-law remarked in despise.

"Don't bother with it, at most, she'll only dare to talk about it privately. If she got the ability to go to talk about it in front of Qing He's face, see if Qing He will spare her." Eldest Sister-in-law concluded.

Third Sister-in-law had nothing else to say, this summer harvest was exhausting.

Because summer harvest was a hectic time, Lin Qing He didn't go to the county city to sell pork. The pork that was collected every day was placed into the space.

Once this was over, she'll go to the county city to get rid of it.
Mei Jie was now out of work. Only then, Lin Qing He knew that she was only a temporary worker before. No wonder the original owner had rarely seen Mei Jie before.

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Peach Pit Landlord - 9

Last teaser for this suggestion. Any translator interested, do pick it up!

Chapter 9. Hooligans and landlord

The few guys Li Yuan met were all famous hooligans in the rundown neighborhood. The yellow hair at the head was called Han Bing, a few years older than Li Yuan. Others were his foxy and doggy friends, and Li Yuan had known them since childhood.

These people also lived in the rundown neighborhood, but none of them had stable jobs. They usually do nothing but scams and blackmail. The vast majority of people in the rundown neighborhood hate them, but can't do anything about these guys. Sometimes they get bullied by them.

In Li Yuan's memory, he had received a lot of anger from these people since he was a child. When he was young, he was often beaten by these people. When he was older, I was blackmailed by them to give a lot of money. In short, he suffered bitterness from this group of people.

Li Yuan had always wanted to resist, but because he was frail and sick since he was a child, a confrontation was simply asking for trouble. Although occasionally he would come up with some "conspiracy and tricks" to retaliate against each other, but in general he suffered a lot more. So even if he didn't hate this group of people, he was still extremely disgusting.

A few years ago, the boss of Han Bing and others was sentenced for the crime of provoking troubles and they had stopped for a while. However, they had recently reappeared. They often appeared on Guanqian Street at night and begun to charge those vendors a "management fee".

Li Yuan never expected that he would meet Han Bing and the others at the door of his house and he would be seen by the other party. He knew that it was too late to run again at this time. If he did that, he would definitely receive the hooligan's wrath in the future.

However, there was nothing good coming from Han Bing's call for Li Yuan. He definitely wanted to squeeze some oil from him. If Li Yuan didn't run away, the money he made from just selling tomatoes would be hard to keep.

Li Yuan, who was in a dilemma, squatted next to the tricycle and said loudly as he fiddled with the pedal, "Oh, this broken bike is broken again!"

Li Yuan pretended to be repairing the bike but actually took advantage of the opportunity that the other party’s vision was blocked by the tricycle and quietly stuffed most of the money under the wooden boards of the cart's body. He left a little over 100 yuan in his pocket. .

There was a reason why Li Yuan did this. If Han Bing found that he didn't have a penny in his pocket, they would have to beat him a few times to vent their anger. And if Han Bing and others didn't return empty-handed, Li Yuan would naturally avoid physical suffering. These were the experiences that Li Yuan has gained over the years. It may not sound out of the ordinary, but in fact they were all experiences gained in exchange for blood and tears.

As soon as the pretending Li Yuan hid the money, Han Bing led his friend to the tricycle. He lifted his leg and kicked the tricycle, swearing, "What a broken bike, throw it away!"

"It can't be thrown away. I borrowed this bike. If thrown away, I got to repay for it." Li Yuan stood up from the back of the bike and grudgingly smiled at Han Bing and the others: "What did you call me for?"

Han Bing said with a sullen expression: "Of course we called you for something! Brother Jun is about to come out recently. We have to take a good look at him to get rid of bad luck, but...our wallet seem to be tight recently."

Speaking of this, Han Bing tilted his head and looked at Li Yuan, and then sneered: "Looking at your youthful rosy appearance, you must be doing pretty well recently? Take out how much money you have, and let the brothers help you spend it!"

Han Bing had said the same thing to Li Yuan many times. For so many years, this group of guys had always been like this and not made any progress.

And Li Yuan's response method had not changed. He frowned and said: "Brother Bing, you know my situation. How can there be any surplus money? Be discreet, I only got around 100 yuan on me..."

Li Yuan said as he took out the change that he deliberately left in his pocket, which was immediately snatched by Han Bing. He quickly counted the changes in his hand, and his expression became ugly. He looked up at Li Yuan and said, "It's only more than a hundred yuan? Are you dismissing a beggar?"

"Budget been tight these days. These are all my asset!" Li Yuan simply turned out all his pockets to show Han Bing, indicating that he did not lie.

In summer, he don’t wear much, so Li Yuan had three pockets altogether on his body. Han Bing and others could easily see that,

He really had no money.
Since there was no oil to squeeze from Li Yuan, Han Bing and the others didn’t bother to put more effort on him. Several people expressed their contempt for Li Yuan, the "poor ghost," and left with the money they had just obtained from him.

If it was a few days ago, one hundred yuan would make Li Yuan feel heartaches for a few days. But his current self had the shadow of a broad road in front of him. One hundred yuans was nothing.

But this didn't mean that Li Yuan didn't take this seriously. Even though he seemed calm on the surface, his heart was full of disgust for these hooligans.

Looking at the departing back of Han Bing and the others, the fake smile on Li Yuan's face gradually disappeared. He coldly muttered to himself: "I have tolerated so many years. Sooner or later, I will settle the account with you!"

In the past, Li Yuan wanted to teach Han Bing and others a lesson, he had to think of a way to do it secretly. And even if it was like that, it can only punish this group of people a little. There was no way to properly vent out of the disdain in his heart. What's more, he had to be careful not to be discovered by these guys. And now Li Yuan had a magical peach pit, his confidence was much stronger than before.

Li Yuan knew that Han Bing and others were insufferably arrogant in the rundown neighborhood, but they were really small and insignificant roles in society. Once Li Yuan makes a lot of money and gain social status by relying on the peach pit, it'll just be a simple effort to deal with this group of people.

 Li Yuan had already thought about it. He must take good care of this group at that time. Not only will he vent out anger for himself, but he also will avenge for the other neighbors who were bullied by them.

However, for Li Yuan, it was not time to retaliate against Han Bing and the others. Instead, he needed to go back and see how the ginseng planted yesterday looks like.

Putting the money hidden in the tricycle into his pocket, Li Yuan first returned the bike to his neighbor, Uncle Wang, and then walked home unhurriedly. When he was still some distance away from home, he saw someone standing at the door.

Seeing this person, Li Yuan's brows pinched again, and he couldn't help but quietly grumble: "What day is it today? How come I encounter these nasty guys!"

Standing in front of Li Yuan’s house was his landlord and Wu Hua’s father, Wu Jin Long. If Li Yuan were to make a ranking on the people he least wanted to see in this rundown neighborhood, Wu Jin Long was second only to Han Bing and others. He belonged to the category of people Li Yuan hates most.

Wu Jin Long was in his 50s. He had a beer belly and there were few hairs on the top of his head. He only relied on the long hair on one side and combed it to cover the top of his bald head. In Li Yuan's words, this was called "local support the central."
This kind of hairstyle was okay in normal times, but it will be a little troublesome in windy weather. And today happened to be very windy, so Li Yuan could see the long hair on the side of Wu Jin Long's head messily dance in the wind from a distance.

Wu Jin Long also saw Li Yuan, so he ignored his fluttering hair and greeted him loudly: "Little Li, you came back at a good time. I happen to look for you for some matters. Come, come!"


Chapter 80. Summer Harvest

"Why do you know, Fourth Sister-in-law?" Zhou Xiao Mei's cheeks flushed red.

"Why else do you think I told him about your day off tomorrow? If he comes to pick you up tomorrow, then you should seriously consider it. If he doesn't, his head will be too thick and also proves that his relationship with his uncle isn't great, to not even give a reminder." Lin Qing He finished and went back.

When she went to bed at night, she brought up Su Da Lin to Zhou Qing Bai.

"Quite a good lad. Shorter than you, almost one-eighty." Zhou Qing Bai's height was almost one meter eighty-five, which was really tall in this era of widespread malnutrition.

"His facial features are also pretty good. A high nose that gives a bit naive feel and the eyes are contrasting black and white. Clear, no twinkle of crookedness." Lin Qing He continued.

With her face, the other youths couldn't see Zhou Xiao Mei beside her. On the other hand, she can't see her existence in Su Da Lin's eyes. Only Zhou Xiao Mei was in his eyes.

"Although he stutters a bit, it's not really important to live a life. In the future, if they quarrel, ten of him still won't be Xiao Mei's opponent. I heard Xiao Mei say that the house is okay. More than ten square feet. "Lin Qing He said.

Don't look at the house of this time with the eyes of future generations. At this time, a whole family squeezed in the house of approximately 40 square feet.

It can be seen how much of a luxury residence Su Da Lin's home of 40 square meters was.

"His salary is 34 yuan a month." This salary was double of Zhou Xiao Mei's.

Because Zhou Xiao Mei was a new worker, even if it has risen a bit this year, it was only 17 yuan. Su Da Lin has 34 yuan since he was a team leader and also because he had been working for a long time.

A family of five, such as hers, can live well for ten dollars a month. Of course, the standard defined by the time.

Using Lin Qing He's standard, she had to add ten yuan. Twenty yuan was enough for her family to live comfortably.

Previously, she felt she went through the money quite quickly, but now Lin Qing He has a way to make money.

Using the pork from Mei Jie and her husband, she can earn approximately four yuan each time.

Over at the black market, the meat coupon wasn't required. She could exchange it for some grain coupons, but the price was still dear. It could be as much as 1.5-1.6yuan per jin.

Pick-up was every three days, each time five jins of meat. Including the extras, it was about seven jins.

After giving Mei Jie a dime profit, the cost of a jin of meat was one yuan. She can earn five dimes.

Each time, she can earn four yuan. Once every three days, so forty yuan profit per month.

Of course, Lin Qing He was very cautious when handling pork. She specifically looked for old ladies. These old ladies usually have a large population at home and wouldn't cause trouble. They were more careful than she was when they exchanged.

In a month, she can earn this amount. Even if her own consumption was big, she can still save a lot.

Lin Qing He was quite satisfied. What's more, she wanted to put in an effort to save money. Saving money this way, meant she'll have a lot saved by the time the restrictions dropped. She'll have enough capital.

These were too far in the future, let's get back to Zhou Xiao Mei's matter.

After listening to what she said, Zhou Qing Bai uttered: "You think he's good, then it's fine."

"You trust my eyes so much?" Lin Qing He beamed and said to him.

Zhou Qing Bai's lips slightly curved and silently looked at her. Lin Qing He found that his smile was really pretty, even though he rarely smiled.

"If I guess right, Xiao Mei will probably marry this year. We don't have much stuff but at that time,  we'll add a new quilt to her dowry." Lin Qing He pondered.

In this period, a new quilt was an excellent product. What's more, it displayed how great the relationship was between two sisters-in-law. Otherwise, which sister-in-law will give such a quilt?

"You decide." Zhou Qing Bai didn't interfere with these things at home.

Lin Qing He hugged his waist and commented, "You have lost a lot of weight during this time."

She nurtured him so well in the winter, fat and strong. Now, they were about to enter the summer days and he had clearly lost weight.

"I haven't." Zhou Qing Bai shook his head, only got strong.

"Wife, have you recovered yet?" Zhou Qing Bai's voice became hoarse again.

Lin Qing He coughed dryly and replied, "That thing of mine hasn't left yet."

Zhou Qing Bai sighed out a breath. Lin Qing He giggled as she pulled his cheeks, "Why are you so improper now?"

When have I been proper to you?

Zhou Qing Bai raised an eyebrow, his eyes revealed this message.

Lin Qing He understood it and responded with a faint smile: "When you first came back, you were. I told you to go to sleep next door. Didn't you agree so readily? I thought you had no interest in me."

Zhou Qing Bai became helpless.

How can it be said like this? His biggest wish when he came back was that she could peacefully live.

Human's desire will always get bigger and bigger. Although she had a bad temper, her care for him had no lacking. Although she was still lukewarm to him in that while, he can feel that she was different from before.

So he didn't know when he started to want to be close to her.

"Hurry up and sleep. Next month is the summer harvest. Instead of conserving strength, you want to toss around," Lin Qing He urged.

Zhou Qing Bai hugged her as he dozed off.

It was now May.

In May, the weather was getting hotter and hotter, and the loach and ricefield eel came out in the field.

As Zhou Qing Bai busied away, he would bring some back from time to time. It wasn't just him, Da Wa, the lad liked to catch loach.

He carried a bucket in joy. Both Er Wa and San Wa followed too. Because the water was not deep and it was all in the mud ditch, Lin Qing He had let them be. But she did warn Da Wa to keep an eye on his little brothers from time to time. Da Wa was quite responsible.

The loach that was brought back was raised in clear water for one night and can be eaten the next day.

It was loach and tofu, or iron-plated loach, or braised loach. Including Zhou Qing Bai, who didn't like the earthy taste, they all loved with these dishes.

In a blink, it was early June.

The summer harvest will begin at the end of this month.

But in the past few days, it was raining. And it was pretty big.

"Will this affect the summer harvest?" Lin Qing He asked.

"No." Zhou Qing Bai stayed at home as he didn't need to work on rainy days.

"It's great that it won't, otherwise we won't have anything to eat. We're counting on this crop." Lin Qing He remarked.

But God was doing his beautiful work. It had been pouring for seven-eight days. In mid-June, it started to clear up.

What's more, it was hot sunny days.

The summer harvest's horn sounded until the end of June.

On such important days like Summer Harvest, the whole village was going to participate, except for Lin Qing He. Da Wa and Er Wa joined in, as they could also get points for collecting wheat.

Lin Qing He managed the domestic animals at home, then prepared meals and brought it over with San Wa once it was done. The whole family had a picnic under the tree.

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Chapter 79. Slight stutter

Truth to be told, Zhou Xiao Mei found a match in this while.

"He's just a little bit older. Twenty-nine this year. The only children in his family. His parents are gone and owned a house. He's quite honest, but only got a little stutter."

"A little stuttering?" Lin Qing He looked at her.

"En, it's just a little stuttering, it's not very severe. His uncle is the director of the textile factory, while he is the leader of a group in the textile factory." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded.

"Twenty-nine is not too big, and his condition isn't bad. How come he hasn't married yet?" Lin Qinghe looked at her.

"He's healthy, no illness at all. It's just because of his stutter and people believed his life is hexed as his parents are both dead. What's more, he got no brother and sister to back him up, just an uncle." Zhou Xiao Mei explained.

Even though this era was worn out, there are still some beliefs.

He stuttered, parentless, and was the only son at home. So even if he had a house and a job, the girls in the city would show disdain.

As for the rural girl, he didn't really fancy the other side, so it was like this until now.

"How did you two met?" Lin Qing He asked.

The food factory was a bit away from the textile factory.

"I had a day off, right? I went out shopping when I was idle. At the park, I bump into two dirty men and he intervened and scared them away." Zhou Xiao Mei confessed a little embarrassedly.

Lin Qing He nodded and said, "How long have you known him?"

"Half a month. I went to see a movie with him yesterday. On the way back to the dormitory, he told me that he wanted to match up with me and hope I agree." Zhou Xiao Mei's cheek slightly flushed.

Lin Qing He checked if he knew about her rural background?

Zhou Xiao Mei said she had mentioned it. The other said that he did not care about these and liked her for who she was.

"At this current time, he should be off work. Let's go, take me over to have a look." Lin Qing He directed.

Feeling extremely shy, Zhou Xiao Mei still agreed to.

She trusted her fourth sister-in-law, so they went over.

It was about half an hour's journey. What a coincidence it was. When the two came over, they happened to meet Su Da Lin on a bike as he had just got off work and intend to head home.

Lin Qing He's appearance was naturally eye-catching. Many people couldn't resist glimpsing at her. The reactions weren't small, but still, Lin Qing He didn't bat an eyelid.

Zhou Xiao Mei whispered: "When I go back next time, I will tell my fourth brother that he needs to keep a good eye on you, Fourth sister-in-law." She had told her mother-in-law before. With her Fourth Sister-in-law's appearance, a lot of city folks want to marry her.  Her mother didn't believe that.

"Look, that one has been watching you. Is that the one the guy you called Su Da Lin." Lin Qing He ignored that and only remarked.

Zhou Xiao Mei followed her line of sight, and it was Su Da Lin. She waved at him with a little bit of excitement as well as shyness.

Su Da Lin came over.

"Su Da Lin, this is my fourth sister-in-law." Zhou Xiao Mei introduced, and then reintroduced again to Lin Qing He: "Fourth Sister-in-law, this is Su Da Lin."

Hearing this, Su Da Lin understood at once what was going on. Even though he was 29, he felt still a little embarrassed. He nodded to Lin Qing He: "Fourth ... Fourth Sister-in-law."

"Oi, who are you calling?" Zhou Xiao Mei's face burst into redness.

Lin Qing He was also stunned.

Then Su Da Lin recognized what he did. Instantly, he flushed in embarrassment and quickly clarified: "I ... I did not... do it intentionally, I ... I just ... just ..."

When he became nervous, he stuttered even more.  For a long time, he couldn't explain it properly.

"It's okay. I heard my Guzi mention about you and specifically came over to thank you for your righteous intervention last time. I had told my Guzi to go out alone less." Lin Qing He nimbly responded.

Su Da Lin nodded.

"There's nothing else. I will take my Guzi away first. She will have a day off tomorrow." Lin Qing He finished and led Zhou Xiao Mei away.

Su Da Lin saw how she spoke a few words and left with Zhou Xiao Mei, became downcast at once.

His performance was terrible just now. He felt that Xiao Mei's Fourth Sister-in-law must be discontent with himself.

He headed straight to his uncle's house.

"Da Lin, you're here. You got a day off tomorrow. Aren't you going to take your match to the movie tonight? Aunt can tell you, your match is a good catch. She got many brothers and sisters, so she's suitable for you." His aunt grinned.

His Uncle nodded too. He was quite satisfied with Zhou Xiao Mei.

"Aunt, I ... might have blown... blown it." Su Da Lin uttered in frustration.

Both his uncle and his aunt were shocked: "What?"

Su Da Lin sighed. So he stuttered as he recalled Lin Qing He bringing Zhou Xiao Mei over to thank him. After a few words, she took Zhou Xiao Mei away.

His uncle and his aunt exchanged a glance and asked, "Was there anything else said?"

"No ... no." Su Da Lin shook his head. When his uncle and his aunt couldn't help but show their regrets, he remembered: "Said ... Said Xiao Mei will have a day off ...tomorrow"

"What's the point of saying that," his uncle responded.

While his aunt was delighted as soon as she heard it: "Da Lin, you still have hope. I think her sister-in-law is quite satisfied with you."

"What ... what?" Su Da Lin froze.

"Yeah, what does that mean?" His uncle followed up.

"If she's not satisfied, how can her sister-in-law mention that her Guzi doesn't have to go to work tomorrow. Isn't this hinting you to go find her when you have time?" His aunt explained.

"Really ... really?" Su Da Lin couldn't help uttering.

"How can you two men understand us, women's thoughts? There's no mistake in listening to me. Take a leave tomorrow and take Xiao Mei around for fun. In addition, you got to promise to Xiao Mei, that us three won't be short a single thing on the wedding present and guarantee to let her marry you in a magnificent style, " his aunt said.

"Okay ... Okay." Su Da Lin, as a big man, was a bit abashed at the mention of this matter.

As this side conversed, Lin Qing He had also talked to Zhou Xiao Mei about it on the other side.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, are you dissatisfied with Su Da Lin? He's usually not this bad. It's probably because he saw me bring my family over and got too nervous to speak." Zhou Xiao Mei uttered.

"Look how anxious you are." Lin Qing He chuckled and said to her.

Zhou Xiao Mei was taken aback: "Fourth Sister-in-law didn't look down on him?"

"Did I tell you, the first criterion for choosing a spouse is that their parents are dead and have a car and a house. Sure, he's not a smooth talker. But I've checked him for you. This person isn't bad. It's your problem now. Have you considered that after marrying him, you have to be prepared for some long-tongue women who will talk about you marrying such a stutter?" Lin Qing He observed her.

"Whoever dares to criticize Da Lin, I'll tear her mouth!" Zhou Xiao Mei reacted immediately.

Lin Qing He grinned and spoke, "You have to consider these carefully. Dress up pretty tomorrow. He will probably ask for leave to take you out to play."