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The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Saw through the trick

拂云珐琅彩银手链,天然海蓝宝手串- 国风网
Fuyun Bead or literally: sunrise cloud bead
Madam Su pondered. Apparently, it was for Su Li's consideration, she said in a warm tone, "It's alright. Others can't be compared to the royal family's stuff. If there is any damage, you will be charged with contempt toward the royal family. I will take these things first. Fuyun Bead ... Wangye has already personally put it on for you,  so don't take it off. Otherwise, you'll annoy Wangye! You aren't well, so don't go out in the next few days and take a good rest in the house. "

"Yes." Su Li responded obediently, swept her eyes around, and whispering softly: "Why don't I see Elder Brother?" Normally the one who cares about her the most in this house was Su Chun. Today, there was such a big rucksack and he unexpectedly could not be seen.

"Chun er has official duties, and went Zhangzhou in the afternoon." Madam Su replied coldly: "He initially wanted to bid you goodbye, but you are busy greeting Wang Ye, so there was no chance."

Su Li froze. He left? Unexpectedly left without a word? Is he unwilling to see herself interacting with Dong Fang Ze? "Then ... when will he be back?"

"Can't be certain. Maybe ten months max or as little as half a year." Madam Su raised to her feet and headed out. "You should rest."

Seeing Su mother and daughter leave, her eyes slowly cooled down. The contents of the room were quickly swept out. Mo Xiang was a little bit angry: "They're too much! They have it all moved away and kept none for Miss! Miss, Mo Xiang really doesn't understand, you don't have anything decent clothes. Those brocades were so good-looking, so why didn't you leave them aside? Madam took them and will become a young lady in the future! Miss, why do you let yourself suffer? "

Su Li smiled faintly: "Since they like it and let them take it away! I don't care much about such things." Moreover, she doesn't want or use the things that Dong Fang Zhou gave. If she can, she even wanted to gift this string of beads as well! In this Prime Minister Manor, besides Prime Minister was the Madam. Her previous performances have made the Madam very dissatisfied. She must show a little gesture, in order to live a few days in peace.

After that day, Su Qin did not come to her to seek trouble. Su Li occasionally walked out of the courtyard. The servant outside had a respectful and courteous attitude when they saw her, which was completely different from the initial indifference.

She heard many people were gossiping in secret. Prime Minister Manor's second daughter will most likely become Zhenning Wangfei or Jing'an Wangfei in the future. Mo Xiang had sounded out before. To whom does she set her heart on, Dong Fang Ze and Dong Fang Zhou?

Su Li snorted. She had no interest in these two people. In her heart, there was only one thing at the moment. How could she find an opportunity to get Physician Li to finish his unexplained words?

"Miss, it's time to take medicine."

Buy camellia Camellia japonica 'Volunteer (PBR)'
Camellia japonica
Once the dark brown medicinal juice entered the room and the endless bitterness spread out in the air. Su Li took it with a frown. She just raised it to the lips, a faint smell of Camellia japonica mixed with the strong bitter medicine smell. This was unheard of. Su Li's movement halted, looked up and asked Mo Xiang: "What's in this medicine?"

Mo Xiang said: "Nothing else. It's Physician Li's prescription."

Su Li frowned, and asked, "Did you pass the work to others when you were decocting it?"

Mo Xiang shook her head and asked in puzzlement, "No, what's wrong, Miss?"

Su Li remained silent and did not answer. She had looked through Physician Li's recipe carefully, there was no such thing as Camellia japonica in it. So why does this medicine have such a smell?

"Mo Xiang, could I be allergic to Camellia japonica before?" A slight groan, Su Li's mind suddenly turned.

Mo Xiang was surprised: "Yes. Have you forgotten, Miss? You accidentally encountered Camellia japonica two years ago, and a lot of red rashes appeared on your body. The doctor said fortunately, it was just touching. If you eat it by mistake, you will be in trouble!" Mo Xiang prepared another glass of water and put it in front of her. Solemnly reminded: "Miss, you can't forget this. If you encounter Camellia japonica again in the future, you must stay away, don't touch it."

Su Li's eyes flickered and she laughed softly: "I didn't forget, but I'm not sure if it's Camellia japonica." After speaking, she placed the medicine down. At the corner of her eyes, she scanned the outside. She found a girl hiding in the distance and peeped to this side.

Su Li's heart sank. It seemed like it was only peaceful on the surface, but it did not mean that the heart was also peaceful. The scheme changed from open to hidden. This Su Qin, need to be taught a  lesson!

Houttuynia (Yu Xing Cao) in Chinese medicine
Houttuynia Cordata
"Mo Xiang, go and get some Houttuynia Cordata for me."

"Ah, what does Miss want with that?"

Su Li said: "Don't worry about it, just bring it. Remember, don't let people see!"

She looked serious, so Mo Xiang didn't dare to ask more. Houttuynia Cordata was brought over and she took it with the medicine.

The person outside quietly left. Su Li sat calmly in the room, waiting silently for someone's arrival.

Within a quarter of an hour, Su Qin appeared. With a smile on her face, she shouted from a distance, "Sister! The weather is so good today, why don't you go out for a walk? How boring it is to stay alone in the house! I just came from the garden and saw some flowers that usually don't bloom, opened up very beautifully. Sister, come with me to enjoy the flowers. It's really not interesting to be alone! "

Her words had yet to finish when she had entered the room without asking, dragged Su Li out and walked out. The affectionate body language, as if she and Su Li have always been the most intimate sisters. Mo Xiang's eyes popped out, completely scratching her head.

Su Li was dragged away without struggling. She didn't need to think to know what Su Qin's plan was. There are many people in the garden. If she has a red rash there, afraid the rumor in the future won't be just Su Li was ugly. The false rumor of her having a contagious disease will be added! Don't mention about meeting with princes in the future, afraid she'll be locked in the side courtyard forever! Thinking of this, her heart was cold. If she didn't have a sensitive smell and was different from ordinary people, afraid that today will go according to Su Qin's plan.

The Prime Minister's Garden does have a lot of strange flowers and plants. They were full of vitality and flowers bloomed well. Su Li lifted her eyes and lightly scanned everywhere. Suddenly her sight landed on a corner of the courtyard with sparsely bloomed flowers.  She saw a small plant From a wall full of vines, a green arrowhead stuck out. At its peak,  red and white flowers bloomed. On the canvas of green, it was piercing to the eyes. What's more, the shape was strange.
Mucuna birdwoodiana Tutch | 禾雀花开三月间,于清远黄金埠禾雀花基地 ...
Mucuna Birdwoodiana Tutch

Su Li's eyes lit up and asked in surprise: "Is this ... a Mucuna?"

Su Qin said, "What Mucuna?"

Su Li looked at her in shock. "Sister study flowers and plants and don't recognize Mucuna?" The underlining meaning was suspicion.

Su Qin immediately lowered her face. Remembering the matter of white blossom tea from the day before, she wanted to act out but desperately held back. She heard Su Li continued: "The leaves are like a fan, flowers bloom in two colors, shaped like a bird, red-crowned and white-body, hence the name Mucuna! It is an extremely rare and precious flower, mostly sought by women ... Applying it to the face can make women's skin fair and smooth, and is paired with summer grass cleansing water. It can be used internally and externally. The skin will be rosy and delicate within three days, like a newborn! "

"Where did you hear that?" Su Qin's eyes shone, but her mouth expressed doubt: "Must be nonsense? I haven't heard of it!"

Su Li smiled faintly without refuting. Instead, she just commanded to those behind her: "Mo Xiang, help me pick a bunch, I will try it."



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Chapter 3. Personal Interspatial Space part3

This kind of basket was relatively large and contains a lot of eggs. She heard the old aunt said that one basket of eggs weighs 45 pounds.

A pound of eggs cost her eight yuans, originally was eight point two. Ninety pounds of eggs in two baskets cost her more than seven hundred yuans because they are all free-range eggs. Even if she got a discount, they are still expensive.

Naturally, two baskets of eggs couldn't satisfy Lin Qing He, but it was still OK. She crossed the eggs out of the book.

At this time, the aunt from the breakfast shop called. Lin Qing He drove back to the breakfast shop. She gave the aunt a few positive comments. After the praises, she took away three boxes of steamed bun.

Although the size of this foam box wasn't large, the volume wasn't small. It can hold almost fifty in one go. Three hundred big buns were completely packed in six boxes and two trips.

However, Lin Qing He still wanted more big buns, so she straight out booked five hundred, and planned to come to collect it tomorrow morning.

Although the aunt didn't understand the reason behind the action, Lin Qing He gave a deposit of 1,000 yuan, so she readily agreed and didn't act nosy. She simply asked her to come over at this time tomorrow morning to get her buns. At that time, she would have it all packed up with the same foam box and not one less.

Lin Qing He expressed that they're a known brand, she naturally believed nothing will go wrong.

Then she drove away, returned to the market again. Because she had bought eggs here, and what's more two baskets. So this time Lin Qing He didn't dare to make such a big move.

At this time, the market has opened, and soon it became bustling with people.

Lin Qing He got her eyes on the pork. Her luck was pretty good because today ’s pork was all excellent and from local pigs. It's the type that has no taste and very delicious. Even if she doesn’t like pork much, if she encounters this pork, she'll buy a little.

However, the price was a bit more expensive, but Lin Qing He doesn't care a bit.

Originally she wanted to be low-key but seeing this kind of pork, Lin Qing He threw it out of mind. At once, she asked for a half side of the rib, pork belly, lean meat, oily fat and the likes she wants from the first pork shore. The same situation with the next few pork store.

This made the few pork stores' bosses puzzled and questioned what's going on?

 "There are three relatives from my mother's family who have a happy event happening today. Initially, they already had it arranged with the pork store there but suddenly they sold it to others. This is an emergency ah, so they came to me?" He helplessly explained: "I won't talk more. Hurry, help me chop up the ribs. Don't need to bother with the pork belly and fats meat. Just pack them for me."

Although the few pork store owners didn't understand how the other pork store promised and then go back on their word? But there seems to be no other explanation than this.

Why else would they suddenly ask for so much pork?

Only weddings can use so much pork.

So without hesitation, they immediately chopped the ribs and the likes for her.

Lin Qing He settled the bill one store by one store. Altogether the ribs weighed 80 pounds or so and one pound was 25 yuan. The ribs cost more than 2,000 yuan.

There were also pork belly, lean meat, and fatty meat. Because they were already picked out and heard her say that it was for happy events, they were willing to give her leeway.

Just buying so much at once, except for giving her back a few yuans change, the price was not cheap.

Lin Qing He asked them to help carry them to the vehicle and transported all the pork away.

She drove the vehicle to a remote place. After Lin Qing He made sure no one was around, she immediately put the eight bags of ribs and all kinds of meat into the space.

Adding up the pork and ribs, it amounted to 5,000.

In addition to buying buns and eggs, she now has almost 45,000 yuan left.

She canceled the word meat off the list. With this much ribs and pork, it's enough to eat for a long time. As for other meat, chickens, ducks, fish, etc., forget it, she doesn't have much money. She thought it through, even if there's a lot of money, the space only has ten square meters. It is very limited, can’t hold much.

She had to prepare some of everything for the just-in-case moments.

As for the market, she couldn't go there anymore. She drove to a pretty far large wholesale market in the city.

She began to order rice, brand name rice and 50 full packs of it. Each pack was 20jin (aka 10kg) of top-quality good rice packed in vacuum.

The wholesale manager thought she was going to open a store by herself. As soon as he asked and found she wasn't, he wondered why did she order so much?

Lin Qing He explained that it was ordered by her workplace and was a benefit for everyone.

Besides the fifty bags of rice, she also ordered fifty bags of 20jin flour, also top quality.

Because it was a large order, the price was at the wholesale price, so it wasn't expensive.

On top of that, there was peanut oil. She bought a certain flower brand one. This brand was very expensive, but it was also very pure.

She also uses this brand of peanut oil. A barrel was 5.5kg, equalizing to 11jin. She looked at the wholesale price. After a moment of hesitation, she got five barrels. Even wholesale price, it was 100 yuan or so per barrel!

Five barrels were nearly six hundred.

The wholesale price of one bag of rice was 45 yuan. The retail price was 60 yuan. Meaning 15 yuan cheaper.

But fifty packs of rice also meant more than 2200 yuan.

The price of flour was similar to rice. Fifty bags also amounted to 2000 or so.

Adding all these, it's at the boundary of 5000.

Lin Qing He counted in her head and then appraised the space again. Two baskets of eggs, eight bags of pork, and six foam boxes of ready-to-eat buns were inside. This left five-sevenths of the ten squares space.

 After putting these rice, flour and peanut oil, there were still about three-sevenths space left.

She asked the wholesale manager to call people to put all the goods in the minibus. But there were too many things and the minivan couldn't fit it all.

Lin Qing He decided to take half and send it to her workplace first and then came back half an hour later. The wholesale manager said that it was no problem and gave her a receipt.

Lin Qing He left fifty bags of rice and five barrels of peanut oil before leaving. Halfway on the road, she placed the goods inside the space.

And crossed out the words oil and rice in the book.

As a sales department manager, Lin Qing He was skilled at making maximum use of one day's time.

Halfway on the road, she changed direction and headed directly to the pharmacy next to the urban hospital. She visited this pharmacy once before, and their stock was complete. Just the price was expensive. One trip a few hundred was cut down.

But now Lin Qing He couldn't care about so much.


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Chapter 2. Personal Interspatial Space part2

Sure enough, the other business has yet to open, but the breakfast shop here opened at 6.15a.m. There were already street cleaners buying buns from here and ate while leaving.

"Auntie, give me one bun and a cup of soy milk. The three yuan worth bun." Lin Qing He said.

The aunt of the breakfast shop answered and soon brought it to her.

A hot steamed bun with a cup of soy milk.

Lin Qing He came by this store by chance half a year ago and came in for breakfast once and found this store.

The aunt in this store is local. Her family got three buildings for rental. According to the current house prices, like her single apartment will cost one thousand a month, without including the utility bills.

Cheap ones cost six or seven hundred a month. And three buildings are collecting rent, what does that mean?

Even if a family does nothing, there's no worry about food and clothing.

But the aunt's family couldn't sit still. The couple opened the breakfast shop with their eldest son and daughter-in-law, and the business was extremely prosperous.

Not only was it clean and hygienic, but it was also particularly good.

Like the bun Lin Qing He was eating, just one is enough for her to be full as she got a small stomach.

A bun costs three yuan, but it contains meat, eggs, and cabbage. It tastes very delicious and has plenty of ingredients.

And this bun is why she drove all the way here.

When Lin Qing He still haven't figured it out, she was skeptical. Would transmigrating with an interspatial space really happen to her?

After hesitating for two days, she thought it through today, the third day. This decision made her feel a sense of urgency. She was afraid that she would transmigrate to the poor place before she was ready.

Then that would mean call heaven get no answer, call earth get no inspiration (T/N: nowhere to turn for help).

And she didn’t know if there was any place for cooking. This big and delicious bun was really suitable!

"Auntie, how many buns are there? You're very skilled. It's so fragrant, I want to buy it for my colleagues." Lin Qing He wiped her mouth with paper and told the aunt.

The aunt laughed, "There is still more, but if you buy more, I can't make it cheap for you, our profit is not big."

Because the business is really good, there are a lot of made in general stores. Before there were construction sites making a large order, but it was the same, no discount on the price. That's because no matter how much was bought, this store's bun can be all sold out.

There is no shortage of big clients like Lin Qing He.

"Auntie, how much you have, pack it all for me. I drove over here, so I can be put in the back seat." Lin Qing He said: "But you really have to give me a cheaper price, this trip of mine saved your family a lot of effort?"

The aunt saw that she wasn't joking, said, "Then I'll see how much there is."
She went to take a look and soon came out: "I have made a lot today. There are three hundred, how much do you want?"

"There are only three hundred?" Lin Qing He couldn't help ask.

"Oh, little girl is not big in age, your tone is not small. Three hundred isn't little. At most, three of our buns are enough to make a big fellow full," the aunt said.

"There are many people in our workplace unit, and they are all big men. Their appetite can't be compared to us. And it tastes this good, one person will have at least two or three. The three hundred are not enough to share." Lin Qing He said with a smile.

"Are there that many people in your unit?" Aunt froze and looked at her suspiciously.

 Even if one person gets three, three hundred are enough for one hundred men.

Lin Qing He laughed: "Just our unit doesn't need so many. Isn't there a unit next door? However, I'll take those three hundred first. Auntie, what do you think it should be pack in? I'll take it to them first to see if they like it. If they like to eat them, you may have to work hard and do overtime today. Been working overtime for a while, so the workplace order snacks.”

"What kind of workplace are you in? To need a big girl to come out to handle this?" The aunt saw that she wasn't fooling her, so she took out a foam box and spoke.

It's a bit like a foam box that contains popsicles when you were a kid.

"How about using this box?" said the aunt. Because construction sites order buns, so the store has these big boxes, specially reserved for packaging buns.

"Okay." Lin Qing He saw it looked very clean, nodded, and replied to her last question: "This wasn't appointed for me to do. My sister-in-law is responsible for the few unit's meals, but she has a cold. I have no choice but to help her out? Auntie, your bun is good, a lot of filling and clean. This is famous in the area, everyone will definitely like it, and my sister-in-law can also rest. "

Although these words are full of loopholes, under the rendering of Lin Qing He's colorful rubbish, the aunt didn't care about it that much.

First packed up three foam boxes for her, because some had not been steamed yet, so the aunt asked Lin Qing He to wait for her. Lin Qing He said that she'll take the three foam boxes first and told the aunt to continue steaming for her and she will take the already steamed ones in the foam box to her workplace first and will return soon.

Although there were some loopholes in Lin Qing He's remarks, it was true she got matters to handle. The payment was cleared in one go, so the aunt didn't doubt anything. Under Lin Qing He's bargaining, the aunt reduced the price by twenty yuan.

Although it's only twenty yuan, Lin Qing He doesn't mind the saving was small. She can't wait to divide one cent into two cents. Twenty yuan is enough for her to refuel.

 After leaving the breakfast shop, Lin Qing He parked the car in a quiet, deserted place, and directly put three foam boxes into the space.

Then she headed straight to the nearby market.

She came to buy eggs.

She usually cooks herself and treats herself, so she comes to this market to shop.

As soon as Lin Qing He arrived there, she bought up the free-range egg from a local old aunt.

It was because they are familiar and she also knows the old aunt's eggs are the freshest, and basically, none are broken.

Speaking of about, there are also free-range eggs sold in supermarkets. Those eggs are also cheaper, but they have to be picked carefully, otherwise, it was easy to buy bad ones.

Although the eggs of this old aunt are a bit expensive, Lin Qing He doesn't mind buying from her. And this transaction, the old aunt also gave her a little discount.

It was the old aunt’s son who carried them over to the market for her to be sold. Lin Qing He came over at that time. The old aunt's son hasn’t left because he will help the morning rush, otherwise, the old aunt can't handle on her own.

So Lin Qing He asked the young man to load her two baskets of eggs into the vehicle.

Two baskets of eggs got loaded in, Lin Qing He immediately settled the money including two baskets and carrying pole. Then sent him away.

Knowing that the other party would be confused, Lin Qing He ignored it. Anyway, she gave him enough money.

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BTTS Teaser 1

T/N: As I am temporarily laid off from work, a.k.a unemployed and got nothing to do at home other than reading or playing games. So when I see some interesting synopsis, I'll translate it, add it to my 'in consideration' list under the novel translation page and do some teaser. I'll be delighted if you guys can comment on your thoughts on the novels. It'll help me when I choose the main project or potential side projects.

Chapter 1 Personal Interspatial Space part1

"Mother, I'm so hungry. "

In the single apartment, Lin Qing He opened her eyes on her bed and was in a daze. After a while, she sighed frankly.

She grabbed the phone at the bedside and checked the time. It was only 5:30 in the morning, and it was May in the lunar calendar. The sky outside was already bright at this time.

Lin Qing He put down her phone silently, and then a magical scene happened. Out of nowhere a glass of water in her hands!

Lin Qing He observed this cup of hot water which was still steaming. It was just like when she put it in last night.

Taking in the phenomenon within her eyes, Lin Qinghe no longer hesitated, she got up to wash up.

She was just an ordinary office worker and did it pretty well. She is currently the sales department manager. Although she was ordinary, what happened to her recently was not ordinary.

As she brushed her teeth and saw her dark circles in the mirror, Lin Qing He shook her head again and sighed. Although her heart was in a mess, she did not forget to put on her makeup.

No one would believe her if she talked about it. For three consecutive nights, the dream she had contained a child who grabbed her, called her mother and ask for something to eat. The dream felt so real, it nearly scared her witless.

At first, she thought she was too tired as she had recently worked overtime, so she didn't care.

But the second night, she had the exact same dream. Along with this dream, an interspatial space of about ten square meters appeared in her body. It was about the same size as her single apartment.

This scared her.

But probably because she has the habit of reading novels, her ability to accept was relatively strong. Of course, this is also related to her strong tenacity.

In short, she accepted quickly.

The interspatial space on her body is in the palm of her hand. With just a thought, she can see it. The space was like a storage box. Last night, she put a cup of hot water into it as an experiment and it was exactly the same when she took it out in the morning. The temperature didn't change at all.

This is enough to prove that the space was unchanging. The condition it was in when placed inside, is the condition it'll be when taken out.

And just now, the child was in her dream again, calling her Mother and saying he was hungry. And then she was awakened.

But this time, she finally didn't hesitate anymore. The strong uneasiness in her heart made her have an intuition that something strange would happen, so she had to make some preparations.

Because she saw in the ‘dream’ that the place was extremely poor, she wondered whether if it was in the apocalyptic years. The supplies and food were very scarce. The faces she saw were very vague, but without exception, their bodies were all skinny and faces were sickly yellow.

Although her childhood days wasn't easy. But compared to the environment seen in the 'dream', her life growing up under the five star, red flag (basically Chinese flag) in the early days of reform, food and clothing was not a problem. It is impossible to imagine that(the dream) kind of living environment.

Her novel was not read in vain, and now she has an additional interspatial space on her. She believes that if she doesn't do anything else, then maybe by chance transmigrated to the apocalyptic era, she will starve to death!

Soon Lin Qing He finished washing and sorting herself. She took out a pen and paper and began to count the supplies to be purchased. The basic seven (firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, tea) had to be prepared with the exception of firewood and tea.

Among them, rice and oil are the top priority!

Lin Qing He replaced the firewood and tea with brown sugar and rock sugar. White sugar isn't necessary. Rock sugar was enough to replace it. Eggs were added to the notebook.

In the dream place, something like eggs is definitely an asset currency.

In addition to the eggs, there was meat. No matter what kind of meat, she has to get some anyway.

And also medicines, for emergencies, colds, fevers, bloating and diarrhea are all necessary. And needed to buy some oil/menthol balm for all kinds of aches.

One box of these things was sufficient, and will not occupy much space.

After writing these, Lin Qing He felt that the food supplies were almost enough.

Then she started to write the rest. She didn’t know if it was cold there or not, but warm quilts had to be prepared. The mattresses had to be prepared as well. All of it needed to be grey and not colorful because she saw in the 'dream', the place is gray and white. There was no color at all.

Thinking of this, forgive Lin Qing He's natural optimism and there were some heavy exhales. (T/N:???)

Afterward, materials began to be added again. There were some personal items of her own. Although the materials were important, she also wanted to leave some private space for herself to buy some female personal items, which were also equally important to her.

 Few pages are written full of materials. She looked back and forth several times to make sure she didn't have anything left out and then sighed in relief.

Then she started counting her savings.

 After checking a few times, her saving was only 50,000 yuan.

For her who has been working as a department manager for just a few years after graduation, this deposit is naturally small. But there was no other way, as her expenses weren't small on most days.

Cosmetics are a necessity. Every so often, she goes shopping or eats out with my friends, which one doesn't cost money?

From the current her, one can't find the shadow of the past.

She was an orphan girl abandoned by her parents. She grew up with her grandmother in rural from a young age. When she was a sophomore, her grandmother passed away. From them on she fed herself until she graduated from college to find a job.

Although life wasn't easy, she still persisted. Now she was living very well.

Originally she wanted to save a down payment, and when the time comes for her to get a house for herself so that got her to save on some expenses and try not to be part of the moonlight group.

She still has more than 2,000 yuan of loose money on her, plus 50,000 in her card, it's a total of more than 52,000 yuan.

Straight out, she rented a minibus online.

It was a driver's license she got from the time she studied in college and work. At that time, she wanted to make some money as a chauffeur. Later, I dislike the fact it was little money and lots of trouble, so she dropped it.

It was a young man who rented out the minibus. Because he wants to go back to his hometown for a few days, so he planned to rent it out. He originally thought of just giving it go, and didn’t expect someone would really rent it.

 After Lin Qing He contacted him and heard that urgently need it, he drove it over. It was not too far away and arrived downstair in around ten minutes.

 Lin Qing He paid the deposit online, so there is no need to pay anymore. After trying to drive it, it was very smooth, even if she hasn't drive for a long time.

Although the minibus was a bit old, there was only one row of seats behind the seat and the last row was dismantled to become a minibus that could carry goods. Lin Qing He was very satisfied.

Sending off the vehicle's young owner, who tried to strike a conversation with her, she carried her bag and hit the road.

She hasn't had breakfast yet, so better to eat breakfast before you start fighting.

This breakfast shop was a ten-minute drive from the apartment where she lives. The journey was short. Lin Qing He was aware she's a foodie. But she can't come here often because the location wasn't on the way to work.

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IWCBP Teaser 1.1

T/N: As I am temporarily laid off from work, a.k.a unemployed and got nothing to do at home other than reading or playing games. So when I see some interesting synopsis, I'll translate it, add it to my 'in consideration' list under the novel translation page and do some teaser. I'll be delighted if you guys can comment on your thoughts on the novels. It'll help me when I choose the main project or potential side projects.

Intro to novel- Immortal wife can't be provoked

1. Rebirth into a farming family

At this moment it was Xu-shi (7pm-9pm), the faint sun spilled down on the ground. Within the village, there are already a few households with cooking smoke emerging.

In a small corner of the village, there was a small thatched house. In front of the house was a small pen and within there were few skinny hens and a piglet.

A thin body girl that looked around ten and wore sackcloth clothes, had a bundle of firewood that was three times bigger than her over her back. After exhausting much effort, she raised a tiny hand to push open the thatched house's wooden door and took big steps in.

Inside the house, there are two stone beds side by side on the left side and a stove to the right. While the middle was a short wooden table and a few straw-weaved stools.

The little girl face slightly changed when she saw elder sister, who should have been resting on the bed, was crouching on the ground and held a rag that long lost its original color to rub a corner of the wooden table. Mother said, elder sister must not move around.

She hurriedly threw the firewood roughly toward the stove, stepped forward to snatch the rag and carefully brought the girl inside to sit on the stone bed. Her mouth nagged, "Elder sister, Mother had already said it countless times. Your injury has yet to recover. So how can you do this rough chore. It's better for me to do these."

That girl she supported was also covered in sackcloth clothing and appeared to be twelve-ish.

She wiped off the sweat that appeared on her forehead, weakly smiled, "Xiao He, I have rested on bed for more than a month. If I don't get out of bed and move around, my whole body will get moldy."

Hearing her words, Qing He's glared over. "Be injured in the sinews or bones required one hundred days. You only rest this much and start crying out. Uncle Lu already said that your injury need to be nursed for at least three months."

The Uncle Lu she mentioned was the only amateur doctor in the village. Whoever have some illness in the village, they would all look for him.

Just as Qing He had finished speaking, a thirty-something woman with normal features and somewhat charming but was slightly tanned and skinny walked into the room with a bamboo basket in their hands.

The woman smiled and said to the two girls, "Yue-er, Xiao He, we have vines and wild vegetables today." Then she went to the nearby stove and started cooking.

Qing He heard that there were vines and wild vegetables, cheered. "Today we don't need to go hungry. That's great!"

Vines are very scarce, and it is difficult to find several stems on the whole mountain. It took Mrs. Zhang a lot of effort to find this many.

Looking at the pair of mother and daughter who were happy over a wild vegetable, the woman who was helped to the bed by Qing He couldn't help but feel sad. What kind of poverty made them so easy to satisfy? When the injury is healed, she must make this family rich.

At this time, Qing He bounced to the stove and start the face. Her eyes shone brightly as she spoke, "Mother, big sister, today I found a cotyledon while gathering firewood. Tomorrow, I will go to town to exchange for three black coins. That's enough for us to buy and eat brown rice for half a month."

Cotyledon grass, the most common reinvigorating spiritual grass on Tianxuan continent.

There are three types of currency; black coins, purple coins, and amethyst. One hundred black coins can be exchanged for one purple coin, and one thousand purple coins can be exchanged for one amethyst.

For a household like Qing He's, a few black coins are enough for one month's expense, but they have never seen a purple coin.

These are what she has known after being here for a while.

After listening to Qinghe's words, the woman's face revealed a grin and she freed her hands to pat Qinghe's head, complimented softly: "Good girl."

Qing He heard the woman's words and could not help showing a little pride and joy.

After all, she was still a ten-year-old child, so how could she not be happy being praised by her mother.

The girl sitting on the bed watched the mother and daughter who were busy making dinner in front of her and her heart warmed.

Actually, she wasn't the eldest daughter of this family, Qing Yue. Her name is Jiang Xiao Yue.

She was a beautiful water polo person. Over there, she had her own family, with her most beloved grandpa, her favorite job, and her comrade in arms.

But after an accident, when she woke up, she was lying on this shabby stone bed and came into this unknown world.

She still remembers that when she woke up, she saw the woman in front of her, whom other people called Mrs. Zhang. At that time she asked where this was, Mrs. Zhang was so scared that she cried.

Seeing that she didn't even recognize anyone, Mrs. Zhang thought that she had hurt her brain and lost her memory, so she patiently explained that she was her eldest daughter, Qing He's sister, called Qing Yue. This year she was twelve. It's almost time for coming of age.

After listening to Zhang's words, and seeing her petite body that was obviously half the original, her face became pale like paper and her eyes were dull. Is God playing with her? To let her die and rebirth, and what more rebirth into a completely unknown world! She didn't want to die or be reborn, she just wanted to stay by her grandfather's side...

Zhang looked at the daughter who seemed to be bewitched, she couldn't help burst into tears, shouting: "Immortal above, my daughter's life is very strong. Don't come for her."

Before Mrs.Zhang’s words were finished, Jiang Xiaoyue fainted again with a bang. She could not accept the reality in front of her.

 At that time, Zhang and Qinghe were scared witless and quickly called for Doctor Lu. And then invited the witch to do a ritual.

When she woke up again it was already the next afternoon. She sighed when she saw the environment she was in and staring blankly at the edge of the bed. Mrs. Zhang talked to her, she didn't reply.

Qing He always looked for interesting topics to arouse her, she still didn't respond. Just laid in bed lifelessly.

She laid there for three days without saying a word, neither eating nor drinking. Only when she was asleep, Mrs. Zhang could quietly feed her with porridge and wipe her face and body. In fact, Jiang Xiao Yue knew about all this. Gradually moved by them, she accepted the reality of rebirth.

She began to ask for food and drink.

At that time, Mrs. Zhang was overjoyed to death and whirled away to fetch her porridge.

Every day, Jiang Xiao Yue stared dully at the dilapidated roof when she woke up.

Wicked god, I don’t want to die, you let me die. I don’t want to reborn, you let me reborn.

Alright, these few days she was touched by Mrs. Zhang and Qing He and felt that rebirth wasn't that bad. But why did you make the money-loving her reborn to this poor peasant daughter's body!

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Thursday, 2 January 2020

New Year, New Novel?

Long time no see! 😁

Christmas season is over and my work schedule tone down a bit, meaning I can pick up a new Novel to translate. But what to pick? I'm thinking of short novel, like under 500 chappies. Other than that, I got nothing. So this is where you guys come along. Recommend me some Chinese novel or I'll choose random one and I'll translate the synopsis and few chappies and you guys vote. Whichever reach 40 (cause it's 20+20) is the ONE! If this plan doesn't work out... 😫

Slán! And wish you guys the best this year!

Edited 24/3/20
Plan aborted! I was too occupied by binge reading and work...

Edited 29/3/20
I'm continuing the plan until further notice as I am temporarily laid off from work, a.k.a unemployed and got nothing to do at home other than reading or play games. So when I see some interesting synopsis, I'll translate it, add it to my 'in consideration' list under the novel translation page and do some teaser. I'll be delighted if you guys can comment on your thoughts on the novels. It'll help me when I choose the main project or potential side projects.