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BTTS 506

 Chapter 506. Dumpling King

"Go start up by yourself. Your dad's dumpling shop is for him to pass the time." Lin Qing He said.

Although the profit of the dumpling shop wasn't very high, but with this shop, her family's Qing Bai will be busy. It had nothing to do with profit.

This way, he won't be bored when she goes to work. When she's off for summer vacation, it can be thrown to the children or be closed and he can travel around with her.

"All right. Once I graduate, I'll see what I can do." Zhou Gui Lai replied.

When he finished eating, Zhou Qing Bai handed over the shop to him. Then he went to the movies with his wife.

Hu Zi went to find Chen Shan Shan. Zhou Xuan went back to study. Si Ni and Gang Zi attended night school. Zhou Er Ni didn't come here to eat. She and Wang Yuan went to Father Zhou and Mother Zhou's side for dinner.

So, only Zhou Gui Lai was left in the dumpling shop. When old Wang came here, he only saw him.

"You are the only one left?" Old Wang asked.

"Yes, they all gone to watch movies or dating. I'm the only one left. God-grandfather, have you eaten yet?" Zhou Gui Lai asked.

"I have." Old Wang nodded.

At this time, Aunt Ma was off work. Zhou Gui Lai was washing the dishes by himself. While washing the dishes, he chatted with his god-grandfather: "God-grandfather, what business do you think I should go into after graduation?"

"Your dad's dumpling shop is very good, no?" Old Wang smiled.

"My dad intends to keep it for himself to pass the time. Only during summer and winter vacations when my mother is on vacation, he'll dump it to me." Zhou Gui Lai said.

What's more, he didn't like dumpling shops. Only that big of a shop. How much money can be made?

"Do you have a plan?" Old Wang asked.

"God-grandfather, how about opening a dumpling factory on my own?" Zhou Gui Lai asked while washing the dishes.

"Huh?" Old Wang was taken by surprise.

"It's the kind of factory that specializes in making dumplings. Once they are done, they are packaged and shipped to those stores where they can be frozen in the freezer and wait to be sold." Zhou Gui Lai explained.

Old Wang couldn't imagine what kind of flow process it was. Since he didn't understand, he said: "If you want to do it, then tell your mom. She knows a lot and can give you a lot of advice."

"I'm worried that the capital is too much and my mom won't allow me to do it when the time come." Zhou Gui Lai hesitated.

"God-grandfather, got some here. When the time come, it can be used to support you." Old Wang spoke.

He basically had no place to use money. And he had a lot of income. One income from the college and one income from the rented out courtyard dwelling.

In the future, his money will basically be reserved for these god-grandsons. It was fine to take it out to support grandson's career.

"How can I possibly take God-grandfather's money." Zhou Gui Lai laughed: "I will definitely rely on my parents then. They have money."

He knew his parents were rich. There were so many shops. The business of each shop was great. It was definitely not a problem to make a few thousand yuan a month. This was a lot.

When he graduates later, they must have saved a lot. So he was thinking of borrowing a sum from his parents. It will definitely be available.

"Use it. There's no use from leaving it like this." Old Wang didn't mind.

"Let's talk about it later. It's going to be a long time before then." Zhou Gui Lai said. Seeing someone coming over to eat dumplings, he washed his hands and went over to cook the dumplings. Then he continued to wash the rest of the dishes and chopsticks.

Zhou Gui Lai bragged to his god-grandfather. In fact, he only had this dumpling factory idea. But he didn't know how to specifically set it up. It didn't prevent him from bragging though. He bragged about becoming the dumpling king.

Old Wang was delighted from hearing this. And was very supportive of it.

The dumpling shop didn't close until nine o'clock. It was already closed when Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai came back.

Zhou Gui Lai accompanied his god-grandfather to his dorm and told him to rest well. Then he came back by himself.

"Where did you go?" Lin Qing He asked.

"God-grandfather came to the dumpling shop. I walked God-grandfather back." Zhou Gui Lai answered.

Lin Qing He nodded: "When free, accompany your god-grandfather more and take him around."

"Alright. I'll take my god-grandfather to travel during the summer vacation. My god-grandpa wants to go to Mount Tai for a walk. Grandfather too." Zhou Gui Lai responded.

"Then ask your second brother, if he has time to manage the dumpling shop during the summer vacation. Then you can take your grandfather and your god-grandfather out." Lin Qing He said.

She planned to go to Dalian with her family Qing Bai this summer, so they had no free time.
Zhou Xuan sighed: "I plan to give make up lessons for the students during the summer vacation, as well as art sketching..."

"Second Brother, I managed it last year. You can't always sit back and enjoy the success, understand? What's more, God-grandfather and Grandfather are both old. They want to go out and see the world. Can't you satisfy their little wish?" Zhou Gui Lai argued.

"Don't act so benevolent. Is it not you who want to go out and play." Zhou Xuan glanced at him.

"One matter is one matter. I do want to go out to play. But it is also necessary to take God-grandfather and Grandfather out and around." Zhou Gui Lai refuted.

"You watch the shop. I'll take them out." Zhou Xuan stated.

"Second, don't go too far. It is I who promised them. And you didn't do any work last year. You still want to push it to me this year?" Zhou Gui Lai responded.

"I can still sketch around when I go out..."

"Are you going out to sketch or going out to take them around to play? I will take the camera with met. Then I can take pictures of all the scenery I see along the way. When I get back, you use the pictures and paint whatever you want. "Zhou Gui Lai maintained.

The two brothers were arguing, but Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai just calmly watched TV and ignored them.

When they were little, Lin Qing He let them be when they fought. Unless they went too far, she wouldn't interfere. One moment they fought, the next, they could share a piece of egg pancakes together. What was the point of parents getting involved. They would be able to mediate by themselves.

After the two brothers quarreled, Third won. Second justified that he won't stoop down to his level. So the dumpling shop was handed over to Second this year.

"When you take your grandfather and the others out, you have to pay attention. Don't go to dangerous places. Drink more water. Also, bring more medicine." Lin Qing He looked at Third and reminded.

"I know. I will make arrangements at that time." Zhou Gui Lai was excited and said.

Although he was sixteen years old, he could really handle it. What's he was so big, it would do him good to explore more on his own.

So Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai have no objection.

As for Zhou Xuan, he woefully sighed. This summer he will have to stay in the dumpling shop.

"The accounts and the likes will be left to you." Lin Qing He said to him without any burden.

"Alright." Zhou Xuan responded.



  1. Okay but 2nd bro has been getting cushy jobs for years. He's basically been a a avoiding Helping at all the shops his parents run by claiming he's gotta study or help someone study. With the eldest gone, it's really not fair to dump everything on the youngest. Let the youngest have fun. Plus he's going out with elders, it's not like he'll go wild and party or anything. I side with the youngest!

    Also, I appreciate that LQH let's her kids figure these things out themselves and only intervenes when they ask or take things too far.

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