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BTTS 535

 Chapter 535. Catastrophe strikes, each fly their own

Lin Qing He was rushing to find faults back then. All was fine if old Lin Family was a little soft, even if they didn't her a lot of help. But how did old Lin Family react?

She didn't hesitate to make such a cut. For so many years, she hadn't asked the old couple's situation. Nor did she send a penny back.

She had put it into action.

She taken on the unfilial label. Who cared what other said. It was fine that she can live comfortably.

But in this situation, she and Zhou Qing Bai had to go back.

Not a problem. Second and Third were on vacation and Eldest was back. Going back now, they can come back before the New Year.

Lin Qing He first made a call to Third Sister-in-law.

"You guys are on holiday. No one would answer the phone in the office. So I called Xiao Mei's side." Said Third Sister-in-law.

"What's the situation now?" Lin Qing He asked.

"Their old house was too old. It was collapsed from the snow in the middle of the night. Uncle Lin reportedly ran out quickly, while Auntie Lin got crushed," Third Sister-in-law told.

So this the true portrayal of catastrophe strike, each fly their own?

Lin Qing He was silent for a while and said, "Then we will go back today."

"Then I'll let your third brother know." Third Sister-in-law acknowledged.

Lin Qing He hung up the phone with her and then came to the train station with Zhou Qing Bai to catch their ride. As for the home, it was left to the three sons to manage.

It took a few days to reach the county city.

She and Zhou Qing Bai first came over to Third Brother Lin's shop. Third Brother Lin wasn't at the shop right now. Only Third Sister-in-law Lin was there.

Seeing Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai, Third Sister-in-law Lin called out with joy.

"Where is she now? The hospital or at old home?" Lin Qing He said

"Took her back to old home the day before yesterday. She passed last night." Third Sister-in-law Lin answered.

Lin Qing He didn't have any expression and asked, "Where is Third Brother?"

"He's in the village." Third Sister-in-law Lin answered. Then she grumbled: "First Branch and Second Branch are really rotten. When this winter came this year, Ah Xiu's father went back to the village to look around, he felt that the roof wasn't stable. He brought them a cartful of things back for them to repair. However, those things were divided between First Branch and First Branch. The old house didn't get any repair. The snow fell a little bit that day and it was crushed."

Lin Qing He frowned.

"Since this winter, we sent home a lot of food. There were a lot of eggs and meat included. But those things often get divided between the two branches. Can't say anything about that. However those are for the roof and they took them!" Third Sister-in-law Lin uttered angrily.

Lin Qing He asked, "When will the funeral be done?"

Third Sister-in-law Lin chattered a bit to her, so her Third Sister won't assume her family didn't take care of the two elders. They had really took care of them.

However their son wasn't just her husband. In front of him were two older ones.

"The funeral will be the day after tomorrow," Third Sister-in-law Lin replied.

Lin Qing He nodded and said, "Let's go over that side first and then go back to the village later. Will my Third Brother come back?"

"He will get home in the evening." Third Sister-in-law Lin responded.

Lin Qing He nodded and followed Zhou Qing Bai over to Third Brother's shop.

"It's already at this time. Stay at our home for dinner before going back?" Third Sister-in-law urged.

"We'll go back to the village to eat." Lin Qing He shook her head.

After hopping on their bike, they headed back to the village.

The keys to their house were all placed at Eldest Sister-in-law's side. Eldest Sister-in-law had clean up the house for them and said, "I estimated you'll be coming back soon."

The news that Mother Lin was gone had spread. No matter how bad their relationship was, she had to come back to send her off now she was gone.

"This New Year." Lin Qing He sighed softly.

Zhou Qing Bai assured: "It's nothing. I'll go over tomorrow."

"Why are you going tomorrow? Let's go together the day after tomorrow." Lin Qing He stated. She hadn't been there for a long time. Although she was back to send off, it was only send of. Other things were all male affairs. What part did she, the married daughter, had?

Let's go together the day after tomorrow.

Eldest Sister-in-law began to prepare dinner as she chatted with Lin Qing He: "Now in the Fangyuan, everyone is scolding old Lin's first branch and second branch for not being filial."

That side wasn't too far away from here. Words spread especially when the snow was so big that it caused people to die.

What's more, over there was the maternal home of famous Lin Qing He.

Since it happened news spread everywhere. Saying before the snow, old Third Lin had brought a lot of good materials back as he wanted his parents' roof to be repaired.

Old Third Lin had often sent things back. Every month, a living allowance was given to the two elders. The whole surrounding area knew about this.

This time, the roof repair materials were split between first branch and second's roof instead.

It was why this incident happened.

Originally, Mother Lin wasn't young anymore. If there was no such incident, there would be no problem to live for another five or six years. However, her head was hit and she had immediately fainted. Also, her legs were crushed until it was broken.

Although she was sent to the hospital and got treated, they had told them to prepare for her funeral. She had been comatose.  Completely unconscious.

These matters spread from Linjia Village. Soon, it spread all everywhere. Eldest Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin were often criticize for being inhumane.

Actually, Eldest Brother Lin was wronged. He didn't want it. It was second branch. Then his wife wanted to copy. So this happened.

Nowadays, it was basically spread all over the several villages in Fangyuan.

Third Brother Lin had already dealt with this affair and went back to the county town. After returning, he realized that his sister and brother-in-law had both returned and went back to Zhoujia Village.

"I'll go there tomorrow." Third Brother Lin stated.

On the day of the funeral, his wife and children have to go back too.

"I told Third Sister it's not that we are not filial." Third Sister-in-law Lin mentioned.

"Why talk about those?" Third Brother Lin frowned.

"Got to talk about it! Or else Third Sister will mistakenly think that we aren't taking care of the old couple?" Third Sister-in-law replied.

Third Brother Lin didn't say anything.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai had gone back to the village and returned to their home after eating at Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law's.

After travelling so long. they were naturally tired. The couple boiled water, took a hot bath, and then went to bed first.

The next morning, they came over to Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law's for breakfast.

"Old Fourth, when I came over last night, you already fell asleep." Second Brother dropped by.

"Second Brother, have you eaten yet? Let's eat together?" Eldest Sister-in-law asked.

"I've eaten." Second Brother answered.

Eldest Sister-in-law nodded. She scooped a bowl for Eldest Brother and said, "This winter is as cold as the previous one. It's extremely freezing."

"It's much better now. One can have a full stomach. Before, it was eat until 50% to 60% full." Eldest Brother remarked.

Second Brother grinned. Then he meekly looked at Lin Qing He and asked: "Fourth's wife, how are San Ni and Ai Guo doing over there? I heard that they have given birth to a big round boy?"


  1. Eldest Lin was wronged? Please!! 🙄🙄 so what if his wife wanted to join in…as the husband & the man of the house he should of man up and not take anything in the first place. Even when his wife join in…he should of put his foot down and says no. But he didn’t he still let his wife be.

    1. I totally agree! Wronged my ass! It's not like his wife is the only forceful one. In that patriarchal era, his words are worth more than his wife. They're even his own parent. Actually he was also greedy and just used his wife as an excuse.