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BTTS 451

 Chapter 451. Fellow villagers

"It's fine if she doesn't agree. But not only did she disagree, she also told me that she is going to take Si Ni over. Mother, did you hear that!? She wants to bring Si Ni over. She has already brought Er Ni from First Branch over. Now she's taking Si Ni over but not me!" Zhou Liu Ni angrily uttered.

Second Sister-in-law became motionless.

"Mother, say isn't she looking down on our second branch? It's because there's a college student in First Branch and Third Branch, she's closer to those two branches and doesn't want to interact with our second branch!" Zhou Liu Ni was so angry that she was about to breathe fire.

She really wanted to go to the capital. Especially wanted to go to the capital but she couldn’t go. That fourth aunt was too hard-hearted. She was so young back then and finally made it. However, she didn’t even let her stay one night and sent her back directly.

Now that she had grown up, she will definitely not hold with her if she goes over again.

So she went to ask her, but she still disallow it.

Second Sister-in-law was silent with solemn face.

After Zhou Liu Ni complained about Lin Qing He, she couldn't help but came out and find a loafer in the village.

The loafer heard her complain and responded: "Who can you blame? Blame your mother for not having a good relationship with her. Your two aunt is close to your fourth aunt. She is definitely going to take care of them. Your mother give her attitude. It would be weird if she can take care of you."

"Why are you still talking about my mother!" Zhou Liu Ni was dissatisfied.

"Then what I'm saying isn't the truth?" The loafer said: "Teacher Lin is a nice person."

He was about the same age as Zhou Kai. Back then, who in their age didn't envy Zhou Kai and his brothers for having a mother like Teacher Lin?

Teacher Lin wasn't stingy. This loafer had come knocking to ask for water before. He was too hungry then. At that time, Teacher Lin was cooking and gave him a small sweet potato.

Zhou Kai and the others had such a mother made people extremely envious.

Zhou Liu Ni was originally dissatisfied, but in truth, what the loafer said made some sense.

Wasn't it because her mother had a bad relationship with her fourth aunt? Her eldest aunt would talk to her fourth aunt on the phone every month, while her mother can't say a word for the end of the year.

So Zhou Liu Ni went home again to look for her mother. Second Sister-in-law greeted her with a slap in the face: "You don't have the capability and dare to ask me to curry favor with her? You hoof, want some beating, don't you?"

Zhou Liu Ni ran out crying.

When Second Brother came home, he happened to see her running out.

"What did Liu Ni do to you for you to hit her?" Second Brother said.

"Why did I beat her? She went to find her fourth aunt and wanted to go to the capital with her. Her fourth aunt wanted to take Si Ni instead of her, so she cried!" Second Sister-in-law coldly snorted.

Second Brother frowned upon hearing this: "Si Ni is a nimble worker. With the way Liu Ni is, isn't it too embarrassing to compare with Si Ni?"

Second Sister-in-law was originally just complaining to him. When she heard this, she was annoyed: "What? Other people’s daughters are good, but our own daughter isn't? Then go to be someone else’s father. What kind of father are you for Liu Ni!"

Second Brother scolded: "What are you talking about? Comparing Liu Ni with Si Ni? It's can't even match a strand of Si Ni's hair!"

It's not that he wanted to belittle his second daughter. Typically she did nothing, ate everything clean, be lazy to death, and committed thieving acts.

While his niece, Si Ni? She was a good hand in and out of the house. With her in the house, there is no need for her mother to get her hands dirty at all.

Wasn’t it normal for Fourth's wife to want Si Ni and not Liu Ni?

Moreover, with his daughter's personality, nine out of ten she will cause trouble when she goes over. Better for her to not go over.

Just patiently wait until she's eighteen next year and married her directly.

Second Sister-in-law was infuriated: "Instead of standing on the family's side, you always help outsiders. I have never seen anyone act like you!"

Second Brother had enough of her her and went straight back to the room.

Lin Qing He didn't know that there was a quarrel in the second branch. Still, she didn't bother to pay attention.

Zhou Qing Bai returned drunk. Lin Qing He fetched some water to wash face and said, "Why drink so much?"

"Not much." Zhou Qing Bai shook her hand and said.

Seeing his second brother's aggrieved appearance, Zhou Qing Bai realized the importance of marrying a good wife.

For some unknown reason, he had a feeling that his original life was supposed to be like his second brother's. It shouldn't be far off.

But because of his wife, he took another path. A steady path that made him feel very happy.

Lin Qing He didn't know what he was thinking, and said: "Hurry up and wash your face. Go lie down after washing."

"When are we going to San Ni's side?" Zhou Qing Bai spoke.

"Early tomorrow morning. Let's go over and let Zhou Dong host a dinner tonight." Lin Qing He smilingly replied.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded with a smile, but requested his wife to wash his face. Lin Qing He gave him an eye roll: "Already a growth adult."

Though she said that, she still washed his face and hands before sending him back to the room to rest.

Lin Qing He was going to lie down with him, but Mrs. Cai came over.

Lin Qing He came out to talk to Mrs. Cai.

After chatting with Mrs. Cai for a while, Zhou Dong came over and made a special reservation: "Auntie, come over tonight to my home for dinner with my uncle. After coming back so many times, you haven’t eaten at our place once. You must come over tonight."

"I was just saying that I was going to your place to have a meal tonight and now you came here. Then your uncle and I will not be polite with you." Lin Qing He jollily uttered.

"Of course, you must go over for a meal. Zhou Dong, cook a few more dishes tonight. I will go there too." Mrs.Cai said with a smile.

"No problem." Zhou Dong merrily responded.

He took a detour first and went to notify Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law to prevent them from making too much.

Mrs. Cai continued to chatter with Lin Qing He. Lin Qing He had a great conversation with her.

After a while, Mrs. Cai returned.

Lin Qing He went back to the room to rest with Zhou Qing Bai. Seeing no one was around, she took out an electric fan to use.

The house got electricity now, which included this room.

The couple slept until after four o'clock. They had woke up too early in the morning.

"Wash your face. We'll go over and wait at Zhou Dong and Ba Mei's place to eat." Lin Qing He said with a smile.

They didn't go there empty-handed. They brought a jar of milk powder, a jar of malt milk extract, and two packets of white rabbit candies.

When they arrived, Zhou Dong was chopping chicken and Cai Ba Mei was already cooking at the stove. Mrs. Cai was watching TV with her grandchildren in the room.

"Uncle, Aunt, go in and watch TV. It will be ready to eat soon." Zhou Dong said with a smile.

"You only need to bring yourself. Why bring so many supplements." Mrs. Cai spoke.

"For the children. With more nourishment, they will grow taller in the future." Lin Qing He smiled.



  1. 'For some unknown reason, he had a feeling that his original life was supposed to be like his second brother's. It shouldn't be far off.'

    ZQB is having an epiphany

  2. Thank you for the chapters 🥰 I’m glad they’ll be going over to San Ni and her husband’s and that Si Ni will be joining the rest in the capital. Eldest sister-in-law is so sweet. I’m also really sad for second brother 😔 is it bad to hope that he’ll get away from the grips of his wife and second daughter to be able to enjoy the familial love from his brothers and eldest daughter?

    Anyway I just hope all the good hearted people get what they deserve in the end ❤️