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24. Chapter 24 The excited Old Rong


   Just when the blue robed man walked by the wall filled with papers of questions, he suddenly stopped his steps.

    His pair of eyes stared wide open, trembling as he reached out his hand to take one piece of paper.

    "There's actually someone who answered the Man Luo poison? No way, I have to hurry up and find Old Rong. Only Old Rong knows if  the answer is true or fake."

    At the moment, the blue robed man could not to accommodate Gao Shao Chen; he hastily ran to the Medical Pavilion's inner hall.

    Inside the inner hall.

    Old Rong, whom Shopkeeper Lin said wasn't here, was slowly, without care, sipping the tea in his hands. His old face was covered with anxiety, while in front of him stood a middle-aged man.
Compared to the old man's anxiety, this middle-aged man's face was extremely respectful.

    "Still no one has yet written out the detoxification method for Man Luo poison?"

Old Rong placed the cup in his hand down, gently sighing.

   "Old Rong," the middle-aged man pondered for a moment and replied, "Even the most powerful physicians of our Medical Pavilion have no idea. I’m afraid that other people also do not understand the detoxification method for the Man Luo flower's poison.

   Old Rong bitterly laughed, "I just want to try. If nobody could answer it, I do not blame you. It's just that I overestimated the physicians in Long Yuan."

   When this was said, a burst of hurried footsteps resounded outside the door, and then the room’s door was suddenly pushed open.

   The middle-aged man frowned and coldly looked at the blue robed man who pushed the door to  enter: "Lin Xiao, Old Rong and I are discussing things, who allowed you to disturb us? Still not hurrying to leave."

   Lin Xiao was completely startled and anxiously went down to his knees. "Lord Murong, your subordinate saw that someone has filled out the way to detoxify Man Luo flower's poison. This is why I hurriedly came to report. Asking Lord to forgive my crime."


   This time without waiting for the middle-aged man to open his mouth, Old Rong who was initially sitting and sipping tea suddenly stood up; His breath had quickened a bit.

   "What did you just say? Did someone really write the way of detoxifying the Man Luo flower? Quick! Quickly give that piece of paper to me!"
"Yes, Old Rong."

   Lin Xiao respectfully placed the paper in his hand, and his heart became excited along with Old Rong's movements.

   Old Rong held his breath, the hand holding the paper trembled: "That's right, this is the Man Luo flower detoxification method! Our previous research methods and the one she wrote is only one step different. No wonder we all failed, we just missed one step. It can't do, I have to meet this mysterious person. Lin Xiao, you will immediately find out the physician who answered this question! She is very important to our Medical Pavilion! "

   "As you command!" Lin Xiao again cupped his hands into fist and stood up from the ground. Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something and asked, "That's right, Old Rong, that Mu prime minister manor's Mu Wu Shuang came again to see you. I do not know if Old Rong ... ... "

   Not waiting for Lin Xiao to continue speaking, Old Rong interrupted him with impatient frown.

   "Is she the one who answered this question? If not, make her scram!"


   Lin Xiao's mouth twitched a bit, but still respectfully replied.

   He understands, that right now there's nothing more important to Old Rong than the matter of detoxification of the Man Luo poison.

   Yun Luo Feng never thought that because she left a few scribbles on a whim, this would cause a great sensation in the Medical Pavilion! And that this also led to the Medical Pavilion to collectively move out in order to find her ... ...

    If she knew that it would lead to such consequences earlier, she absolutely would not have left these few scribbles.

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Regular chapter

Hunters - the Sun family
Translated by Maggie   Edited by Simple

Lian Ze raised his head, "Sister, do we really need to go?"

Lian Fang Zhou nodded and smiled. "Rest assured! Hunter Sun went so many times, didn't he come back completely fine? Where can we go, where we can not go, how far in that forest we can go, he definitely knows it inside out! By following him, there will be no problems! "

Lian Ze saw that he couldn't persuade her and only muffled out a, "Oh.”

Lian Fang Zhou looked around and found that except for the forest, the only thing in sight was a wasteland of many long shrubs and weeds. it is a very suitable environment for reclamation and farming.

Lian Fang Zhou could not help but look with envy. In the end, this is the ancient era; ah, if it was modern times, don't mention being a wasteland, she was afraid the woodland would be reclaimed.

"So much wasteland, but unfortunately we don't enough strength. It would be good if we can reclaim the land! We can grow a lot of things!" Lian Fang Zhou could not help but sigh.

"Sister," Lian Ze looked at her and smiled. "How can it be so easy! Reclamation of a wasteland needs to have proof or a certificate, it needs measurements, the value needs to be estimated, and then we have to pay for it. After that, we need to go to the county head to put it on record, get the land lease and then it'll count!"

"We also need money!" Lian Fang Zhou now understood, no wonder no one had done reclamation!

"How much money is one mu?" She quickly asked.

"This I don't know." Lian Ze shook his head and said, "no matter how much it is, right now we can't reclaim it anyway!"

"You're right!" Lian Fang Zhou laughed; "so we wait until we can afford and then we'll try. It's just mountains, not a fertile land, I expect it won't go anywhere!"

Spend some money to get the land in hand, that is a good thing ... ...

"Even so, it depends if it worth it or not," Lian Ze said. "This wasteland after reclamation, every year we have to pay taxes! It seems to be 300wen per an acre of land."

"... ..." so in the ancient era, there's also a tax for so many things! If there were agricultural loans, that would be good!

The four of them were busy for half a day, then they finally dug out all the sweet potatoes. Lian Ze and Lian Fang Zhou loaded them into baskets and each picked up half a big basket. Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che also each got a bamboo basket, each of them carried a basket.

Four individuals moved like ants, they went back and forth three times. With great difficulty, they transported these sweet potatoes back home.

Previously it was straightforwardly stacked in the corner of the room, but now Lian Fang Zhou let it all pile up in the attic.

the attic was dry, so the sweet potatoes wouldn't rot, and they can be better preserved. And what's more, the water contained in the sweet potato will slowly evaporate even more; this way sugar content will increase and when it is eaten it'll be even sweeter.

In fact, there's a lot of ways to eat sweet potatoes. Besides making sweet potato porridge, they can bake it at the stove side and they can cook a sweet potato sweet soup. When the skin is removed, it can be cut into thin slices,  placed into a batter and be deep fried. They can also make dry sweet potato shreds, steam them and cut into pieces and spread it out in the sun to dry for dried sweet potato. If ground into a powder, it can also be also made into a variety of flavored desserts; they can also be beaten into a paste and be used to make a sweet potato flour....

However, looking at the economic state of the present Lian Family, that cooking method was something Lian Fang Zhou can only dream about.

Sweet potato flour, sweet potato desserts, boiled sweet soup, it all seems so distant. There is also the sugar needed, plus all the oil it would take to deep fry, Lian Ze would eat her instead!

The only methods that could be given some thoughts about are, to make some sweet potatoes into shreds or sun-dried sweet potatoes.

With just these, she can't make a lot, because after all with this method of cooking, the taste may be better, but it basically only counts as snacks. It can't fill the stomach, ah! And they need these sweet potatoes to fill stomachs for now!

So they can only have some good meals occasionally and  leave some for the Chinese New Years to eat.

After finishing dinner early, Lian Fang Zhou forced Lian Ze to go with her to Sun Zhang Xing's home, to ask about the Mount Xian Teng matter.

Sun Zhang Xing's family are outsiders, so they don't have any fields, only two or three meager acres of land; they're even poorer than the Lian Family. They lived in a thatched shed, so you can imagine the situation at home.

But what made Lian Fang Zhou admire most, is that the Sun Zhang Xing couple gritted their teeth as they stopped spending money on clothes and food to let their only son, who is 13-years-old, Sun Ming be sent to the county's school to study. She heard that his results aren't bad and is expected to be one of the five in the school to pass and become a scholar.

It is also because the couple needs to pay a lot of money each year; so that's why they were always unable to buy fertile land. Sun Zhang Xing has also taken the risk in entering Mount Xian Teng again and again.

When Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze arrived, the couple was sitting down at the shabby table for supper.

On the table was an unknown dish, a small dish of dark pickles and two bowls of thin sweet potato porridge. The couple sat opposite of each other.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and called, "Uncle Sun, Aunt Sun," when she entered. Sun Zhang Xing and his wife Mrs Miao were stunned.

He replied with an "Ah!” and wiped his mouth. He was a bit surprised as he stood up, smiling he said, "Is this not Fang Zhou and Ah Ze? You have come to--"

Sun Zhang Xing is an outsider, and towards all the villagers, he is particularly polite. But because he lived at the village edge, he doesn't have many exchanges with the villagers.

At the moment, he was racking his brain but he still couldn't think of when exactly he had contact with the Lian Family siblings?

His questioning eyes could not help but look to his wife, “you called them over?”

Mrs Miao was also puzzled and lightly shook her head at him.

Sun Zhang Xing then laughed as he faced them and Mrs Miao also greeted with a smile. "Our family is too simple, we let you see in such an embarrassing way!" (ED/N: Dang these people are too nice, our MC just walked into their house while they were eating and were still courteous towards her.)

"Uncle Sun, Aunt Sun is too polite! It's actually us disturbing your dinnertime! You should eat first, wait until later to talk, by then it won't be too late!" Lian Fang Zhou apologetically smiled and sat down at the side with Lian Ze.

Sun Zhang Xing don't know why they come, so how could they keep eating? So he smiled, "No problem, no problem, you speak, speak first!”

Lian Fang Zhou could see his confusion and straightforwardly open her mouth and smiled. "It's like this, we would like to know when Uncle Sun is going to Mount Xian Teng. We are thinking of going with Uncle Sun for one trip."

"What?" Sun Zhang Xing and Mrs Miao eyes opened wide, they were stunned.

"What did you say?" Sun Zhang Xing said in surprise. "You want to go to Mount Xian Teng? For what?"

His tone suddenly carried a hint of wariness. Could these siblings also want to go hunting? In fact, how would they have the skills to? Or do they want to follow him to split the hunt for nothing ... ...

That cannot do, it's not enough for his family!

"Of course hunting, we can't do, that area is Uncle Sun's ability!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she said, "we just want to see if there are mushroom and the like in the mountains; to get some for the New Year. "

She added, "Our family's situation, you also know ... ..."

Sun Zhang Xing and Mrs Miao could not help but look at each other, the two's hearts could not help but soften a little.

Although the two family's specific circumstances are not the same, there is a saying that happy families would all be happy, while unhappy families would each have their own misfortunes.

They both belonged to the unhappy type. It is said that those with same illness sympathize with each other; Lian Fang Zhou's words, it was naturally easy to arouse their sympathy.

Sun Zhang Xing gently sighed, and was about to promise, when Mrs Miao's heart jumped, hurriedly she said, "How can this be allowed? Fang Zhou, you siblings are still so small, on such long mountain roads, will you be able to bear it? And, it's too dangerous! "

Mrs Miao said as she winked at her husband again and again.

What if something happened to the siblings? Their family is an outsider, they originally had to tuck their tails as they lived, how can they ask for more trouble for themselves?

Sun Zhang Xing immediately understood the meaning of his wife, just when he "hehe" as he tried to refuse, Lian Fang Zhou rushed to say, "Uncle Sun, Aunt Sun, in fact, we just want Uncle Sun to take us to recognize the roads only. Us siblings aren't naive children; when we arrive there, would we run around just to get into trouble? And, it's just this time, this time only! Right, wait a moment!"

Lian Fang Zhou said as she turned around to go out and got the melon scoop of rice that was at the doorway. The so-called melon scoop, is an old musk melon that has been cut into two from the middle and hollowed out on the inside of the flesh; it could be used to scoop water and other things.

"We siblings were embarrassed to let Uncle Sun lead the way for nothing, after all on that Mount Xian Teng we are not familiar with it. We have to invite Uncle Sun to talk about what we should pay attention to on the road, where we can go and not go! This bit of rice is a tribute, I hope Uncle Sun and Aunt Sun won't reject it  ... " Lian Fang Zhou shyly smiled.

Sun Zhang Xing and Mrs Miao saw that scoop of rice and could not help but light up their eyes.

To those with no paddy fields, rice is the most expensive and rare. To see the rice made them feel more moved to the point it made their eyes light up and their hearts jump. Even more than it would see money. This is was a desire, a pursuit of desire.

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Chapter 23 Warm like Jade Fourth Prince
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Marci

    "Put Miss Yun's bill on my tab."

   Just when Wu Qi made things difficult for Yun Luo Feng, a warm jade-like voice came from behind.

   Originally, Wu Qi still showed a proud face when she faced the guy who walked over. However she suddenly stiffened, and her expression turned ugly like she ate feces, but didn’t dare to say a word.

A man clothed in a brocade costume,  looking noble without any comparison, emitted an aura on stage that could not be compared to  the aura of a person like Wu Qi. A warm smile was displayed on his face, and a pair of eyes contained a gentle luster.

        Unparalleled handsomeness, warm like Jade!

    Suddenly, these (eight) words entered into Yun Luo Feng's mind, making Yun Luo Feng unable to help but give another look at the man.


This man, even though his face had a smile, that smile did not reach his eyes. His gentle eyes concealed a kind of fox-like cunning and insidious gaze within!

   "Fourth Prince," said Mu Wu Shuang maintaining a stunning smile on her face, as if just now she didn't order Wu Qi to make things difficult for Yun Luo Feng. "So you came to visit Old Rong?”

   Gao Shao Chen smiled, spreading out the folding fan in his hands; his eyes that were initially warm became a bit cold.

   "I did not come to visit Old Rong, just came to buy a few bundle of herbs. I did not expect to see you troubling Yun Luo Feng Yun! Shopkeeper Lin, put Yun Luo Feng's bill on my account.

   "Even if my General Manor is poor, we can still pay five million." Yun Luo Feng slanted a glance at Gao Shao Chen and then turned to the blue robed man. "I'll take these herbs first. Later you can go get the money from General Manor. However, this price of yours is too expensive, how about ... ... you gift me those grass plants.”

   The young girl's eyes flashed for a moment, pointing to the corner where green herb grass laid. She made the statement with a smile full of meaning.

   The blue robed man became stunned for a moment; then he politely smiled: "Miss, these are just one of the most common herb grasses, and are of no real use. If Miss Yun likes, you can take away that corner of herb grass. "

   "Many thanks."

    Yun Luo Feng didn't try to be polite; she packaged all of the herb grass and walked back to the door without looking back.

    Gao ShaoChen watched the girl’s figure disappear and abruptly laughed: "I did not expect for this Yun family's Yun Luo Feng to be bearable unlike what the rumors said. Maybe my brother will lose a treasure."

   Mu Wu Shuang stood beside Gao Shao Chen. After hearing these words, she felt greatly uncomfortable.

    What does he mean by the Crown Prince will lose a treasure? Only she is worthy of being the Crown Prince's woman. Yun Luo Feng that kind of waste, she doesn't even have the qualifications to  become the Crown Prince's concubine!

    "Let's go."

    Due to receiving a good education, Mu Wu Shuang did not have an outburst. She glanced at Gao Shao Chen once, then led her flock of followers out of Medical Pavilion, disappearing into that bright afternoon sunlight ... ...

"Your Highness Fourth Prince, may I ask what herbs you have come here to buy?" The blue robed man saw that they had left, smiled slightly, and politely asked.

    Gao Shao Chen's eyes flashed like a fox with a kind of cunning light: "What herbs did Yun Luo Feng buy just now? Give me one set of all.

    "Just a moment, I'll get them ready."

    The blue robed man was in a good mood. After all, there aren’t many days when he could sell such expensive herbs in one day. So at the moment, his smile was no longer so polite, but a smile from the heart.

Maggie here! College started again. And also juggling with work. So starting from February, there'll be a decrease in release. And I finally found a way to contact VGAFH author. If (s)he approve, then I wouldn't stop at chapter 60 (that's the limit of free chapters on yunqi and my parents are worried about the legal part.) So finger cross. Now need to find a way to contact GEWW's. If any reader could help, I appreciate if you could tell me. GEWW's limit is 83.

Also I'm stopping the sponsored chapters. Not enough time now college started again

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GEWW character table

Here's the link to the GEWW up-to-date character table!

Some Character's name meaning

Yun Luo Feng
云 -Cloud
落 -to Fall, to Suffer, to Leave, to Record, to Decline, fall behind, missing or generous
枫 - Maple

So Cloud Falling Maple or Cloud Generous Maple?

Yun Luo
云 -Cloud
- ?/old name of several rivers

Hmm... Cloud and River?

Yun Qing Ya
云 -Cloud
清 -Clear, pure, quiet, settled, get rid of or purge
雅 -Elegant or proper

Cloud pure elegance? Cloud purge properly?

Xiao Mo
小 -Small/Little
陌 -footpath/street or unfamiliar (from 陌生).

Gao Ling
高  -High, tall, above average or loud
陵  -mound, tomb, hill or mountain

Mu Xing Chou
慕  -Admire
行  -walk,travel,capable,behaviour, in circulation, ok
仇  -enemy, hatred, hostility

Admire the hostile behaviour, so true. You'll see what I mean later on.

Mu Wu Shuang
慕  -Admire
无  -Not have
双  -Pair
无双 = unparalleled/unmatched/incomparable/unrivaled

Very ambitious name. Admire the unrivaled... a pity it's going to be thrown into the dirty water.


---Sponsored by Piotr---
Land reclamation also comes with a cost
Translated by Maggie   Edited by Simple
"Haha, you, this girl getting better and better at speaking! No need to thank me, look at you, thanking people again!" Aunt Zhang chuckled, and said, "don't exhaust yourself too much in the future. If there is heavy work, just say it to us and let your Uncle Li and Brother San Ge go do it! You're a girl, how much strength could you have? Ah Ze is still small, his body and bones are still tender, better not break it! That is a matter for a lifetime, na!”

"En, Aunt rest assured, I will take good care of Ah Ze and the others!" Lian Fang Zhou's heart warmed up and nodded as she smiled.

Aunt Zhang saw that she purposely ignored the first half of the sentence, and couldn't help sigh; at the moment it wasn't good to say anything more, so she simply said a few words, then went back.

"Let's go! We'll also go in and rest! Tomorrow we need to wake up early." Lian Fang Zhou smiled, holding Lian Fang Qing's hand in one hand and Lian Che in the other.

"Sister, Sister, we won, right? Mrs Liu that bad guy, that rotten egg lost!" Lian Fang Qing's round eyes were wide open and asked as she looked up.

"... ..." Lian Fang Zhou was a little dumbfounded, this little girl, look at that little face filled with excitement, how could she know this matter was very perilous. If she made one bad move, then she would have suffered thousands of accusing fingers, and the one everyone would have cast aside is her!

"Good little girl, go back and obediently sleep! This matter, you're not allowed to talk about it anymore. In the future, if you see the Hua Family's people, take a detour, understand?" Lian Fang Zhou sternly smiled as she said to her.

Lian Fang Qing blinked her eyes, obediently said "en,” and whispered, "I do not want to give way to her...... They are all bad people......"

The next day, after breakfast, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze took the little twins to the garden. She and Lian Ze stuck the long tree strips into the ground and were tied to the pile and woven tightly three times. Lian Fang Qing and Lian Ze then got some twigs and sticks, tightly stuck them into the interwoven strips, and the vegetable garden was thoroughly surrounded.

Aunt Zhang and Mrs Zhao had originally come to help, but Lian Fang Zhou insisted that it was easy work and definitely didn't need help. So Aunt Zhang could only give up.

Originally full of reluctance, Mrs Zhao saw the situation and her heart felt more comfortable; she frankly shot a smile at Lian Fang Zhou.

After spending a whole morning fencing the garden, at noon they took a break for more than an hour. In the afternoon Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze tidied up the garden again and made the soil even. They transported some ash from the stove and chicken manure from the chicken coop, mixed evenly into the soil, doused it with water and made it ready for tomorrow to plant the seedlings. This place will be used as a nursery.

In the evening, Lian Fang Zhou picked up packs of herbs, wrapped it in a yellow paper that this body's mother used last year.

At home, naturally, no one can read. So these yellow papers were marked with black charcoal marks, it must have been used to distinguish between the variety of seeds by this body's mother.

Lian Fang Zhou held these yellow paper bags in her hand and thought of people that have already passed away; she could not help but be secretly sad for a moment.

Although she doesn't recognize the marks on the yellow paper bag, but she was a professional agricultural researcher; so towards a variety of agricultural seeds, she is no stranger. Just taking a look at what's in her hand will make it crystal clear.

Among these seeds, there were several kinds, like daikon, celery, napa, cabbage, bok choy, Chinese cabbage, and cauliflower.

She opened one pack after the other. She used a stick around the size of a coin and gently rolled back and forth, the outer skin of the seeds got thinner or even slightly cracked.

Then she found three shallow dishes and placed the seeds on them. Damion and celery seeds were put into separate dishes; the remaining seeds were mixed and placed into one dish. Water was then added to each dish until it covered the surface of the seed.

It should soak for one night, and the next morning the seed bud will sprout out. This way of planting it, it will not only sprout out faster, but germination rate is higher as well.

While Lian Fang Zhou was doing these things, Lian Fang Qing sat nearby with her hands on her cheeks with her beautiful eyes wide open looking at her curiously.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled at her and just let her be.

She put the three dishes on the table. The next morning, once she woke up, and sure enough the seeds cracked out a gap; popping out a little bit of a white bud.

After breakfast, she went to the vegetable garden with Lian Fang Qing and sprinkled the seeds and watered them.

They will only need a few days before they can have fresh vegetable seedlings to eat.

She needs to wait until the vegetable seedlings grow until they were two fingers long, then they can pick up those that are healthy and robust to transplant.

Lian Fang Zhou also looked at the pepper plant that was slightly trimmed and fertilized a few days ago and found that it had turned green and bloomed out a lot of small white flowers. Little fruits can be seen, her heart burst with joy.

Lian Fang Qing is also giggling happily. "My Sister is really great! This pepper is growing again!"

Lian Fang Zhou laughed, "wait until the pepper grows up, then Sister will make fried eggs, OK?"

"En! Tender pepper is not one bit spicy, I like to eat them the most!" Lian Fang Qing smiled as she nodded, she also said, "Sister and second brother should also eat them!"

Now Lian Fang Zhou can really cook one or two eggs every day for her and Lian Che, but Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze themselves don't eat them, so that was why Lian Fang Qing said this.

Unexpectedly, Lian Fang Zhou's heart felt warm, smiling as she casually said, "OK!"

These little guys, they always make her feel moved.

The sisters shut the door to the vegetable garden and returned home. Lian Ze and Lian Che went to dig sweet potatoes; they were afraid that they'll only return at noon.

After a break, Lian Fang Zhou did not feel relieved and was worried. She then called out to Lian Fang Qing to lead the way and the both of the went.

That piece of land where the sweet potatoes are at are in the northwest of the village. It is six miles on the horsehead slope, at the bottom of the slope was a road winding along the mountain, the land was on that hillside.

The field was about a mu (1 mu= 0.0667 hectares) or so, 3 or 4 parts were planted with sweet potatoes; also, 2 parts had a variety of taro. It was just a month until harvesting time.

The rest of the plants were cowpea, soybeans, chili peppers and the like. Since at this time of the year, it has already passed the right time to plant; so the ground is full of messy yellow vine foliage.

Near the edge of the slope, two slanting large bowls were growing on the thick pear tree. Lian Fang Zhou went over to take a look and then said, "this pear tree is not fruitful, next year we need to cut it.”

"When it blooms it's really nice to see, sister can we please keep it!" Lian Fang Qing in a spoiled manner immediately opposed.

Lian Che scratched his head and said, “every year Mother planted pumpkin, winter melon and musk melons at the bottom of the tree; then let them climb up for fruition, why do we need cut it, sister?”

It was then that Lian Fang Zhou noticed on the top of the tree there was also hanging a lot of semi- dry, semi yellow vines. She suddenly realized something, she smiled and said, "so it's like that ah, then keep it, let's not cut it!”

She could also see that on the vines there was a lot of melon stems, presumably because there was no food so the melon has long been since picked away.

Lian Fang Zhou secretly shook her head. This bodies respected one, (the bodies former owner), can be really muddled head while living her life. She was a fourteen to fifteen-year-old girl, let's not talk about others, but she couldn't even grow some food to eat, and just counted on the Yang Family's marriage! She does not know why that Yang Huai Shan was so set on loving her...

Lian Ze had already dug a lot of sweet potatoes, with the exact same method of planting the vegetable garden. It's not like the modern method of stem or root cutting, but from a seed to a sweet potato. This is such a waste, ah!

Lian Fang Zhou went up and took the hoe from Lian Ze and smiled, "Ah Ze, take a break and I'll do it! We'll dig this all up today. In the evening I'll go find Hunter Sun to see when he's going to Mount Xian Teng!"