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93. Confrontation (part 2)

"You! You are simply confounding black and white!" Lian Fang Zhou pointed at her as she spoke in fury. "I'm not going to waste my breath with you. We'll go to clarify it in front of li zheng and the village elders! I believe there's still justice in the world!"

"You think I'm afraid of you?" Mrs. Qiao pointed at her with a sneer. "So what if you bring it up to them! Hmph, you think they would believe a little girl's word?"
"Fang Zhou ah!" At this time, Lian Li steadily interjected. "About this matter, your Aunt was muddled-headed. You came back perfectly fine! So, let this matter pass and not mention it anymore, ok? I have already scolded your Aunt. From now on, she won't do these foolish things! Ah?"

Lian Li lightly pulled on Mrs. Qiao's sleeve and with his eyes signaled her toward Ah Jian a few times.

At first, Mrs. Qiao wasn't willing and wanted to continue ranting but seeing Ah Jian, she remembered last night's suffering and immediately felt her arms were aching.  Her heart trembled. She faintly harrumphed and not speak anymore.
Lian Fang Zhou was amused by Lian Li's word that was laced with 'affableness' and 'affectionateness'. She coldly smiled, "Uncle! In other words, you also have a part in this? Aunt created a barrier. You and my father are brothers with the same mother! I am your blood-related niece. You actually have the conscience to do this!? Are you not letting down my father? In a hundred year, do you have the face to meet my father? And my grandfather and grandmother?"
At her words, Lian Li felt embarrassed and reprimanded, "What nonsense are you saying! Didn't I say? I only knew about this matter afterward! I had already scolded your Aunt, so what do you still want? Child, why can't you forgive the person in the wrong? No matter how wrong your aunt is, she is still your elder!"

Lian Fang Zhou icily declared, "Is the thing she done something an elder would do!? Uncle, if the same situation happened to Cousin, would you say the same thing?"
"Pah! " Without waiting for her to finish, Mrs. Qiao continuously spat. She agitatedly glared at her with hostility and denounced, "You jinx, what nonsense are saying!"

Lian Fang Zhou harrumphed, "Heart to heart, you are vicious enough! You can do this to your niece, while for your own son, not even allowed to talk about it! Aunt, I won't let it drop like this. Come, you and I need to bring this up to li zheng and the village elders!"

As she spoke, Lian Fang Zhou reached out to drag Mrs. Qiao.

Lian Li hurried to block her. With a frown, he said, "Child, why are you so stubborn? If this matter gets out, what benefit would there be for you?"

"At least it'll let you know that even without parents, I, Lian Fang Zhou, isn't easy to bully! You did such a thing and ruined the whole village's reputation, li zheng and village elders are bound to give me justice! What?" She sneered, "You have the gut to do it, but none to admit it?"
"I won't go!" Mrs. Qiao snorted. "This lady won't admit it, so what can you do to me! Those few still-not-dead-yet will help a silly little girl? Don't be so dumb!"

"Mrs. Lian-Qiao, you are simply downright rude and utterly shameless!" Following that angry bellow, was the sight of li zheng and the three respectable elders coming inside. Each face was colder than the other. Lian Ze was also at the side with a fuming expression.

Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao never expected Lian Fang Zhou to use this kind of method. Their face paled from fright.

Lain Li was so remorseful that his mouth was bitter. He knew something wasn't right. This lass came back after suffering such a great grievance, unexpectedly wanted to reason things out instead of causing a ruckus! So this is why, so this is why!
"Li, li zheng! Third Great Uncle Zhang, Fifth Great Uncle Zhang, Great Grandfather Li, why did, you, come!" Lian Li did his utmost best to put on a smiling face. But no matter how it looked, it appeared forced.

Zhang li zheng and the others remained silent, while their expression was ugly.

"Accused! I've been accused!" Mrs. Qiao loudly yelled with a sob. "Li zheng ah and few great uncles ah, you have to give me justice! This heartless dead girl set a trap and tricked me!"

Zhang Li Zheng just coldly swept a glance toward her, said, "Dare not. How could us still-not-dead-yet give you justice?  What's more, if it's accused or not, didn't you say it just now? The words you personally said, have you forgotten? Us still-not-dead-yet's ears aren't deaf yet!"
"No, it's not like that. I was speaking in anger. It was words said in the moment of rage!" Mrs. Qiao cried. "I was enraged by this dead girl! This girl's eyes never had us two elders in her eyes. What I said, said was to purposely make her mad! I--"
"Enough!" Third Great Uncle Zhang coughed once. He spoke neither fast or slow, "Leave all the talk for when we are at li zheng's home! Let's go!"

Finishing, the few old men and Zhang li zheng turned to leave.  Zhang li zheng called for Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian.

Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian followed them.

"Husband, this, what do we do!" What do we do!" Mrs. Qiao was going mad from angst.

"You stinky old woman with a loose mouth!"  Lian Li was stamping his feet and fiercely scolded, "What to do? Who told your stinky mouth to be not careful and say irresponsible things!"
"I, how could I know those still-......they would be outside!" Mrs. Qiao was mad and worried. She aggressively spat out, "That dead girl is too crafty. She planned a trap to harm me!"

"Let's go. We'll see after we go over! I'm warning you, you better behave! If you dare speak irresponsibly again, hmph, I won't forgive you!" Lian Li coldly said.

"Go where? I'm not going!" Mrs. Qiao expression whitened and unconsciously retreated back.

"Not going? Now you know you to be afraid! Going or not, it's not up to you!" Lian Li coldly snorted, grabbed her arm and forcefully dragged her.

Seeing Hua Jin Tao at li zheng home's slant hall, Mrs. Qiao expression turned white and was so close to fainting.

"What words do you still have to say?" Zhang li zheng icily stared at Mrs. Qiao.

"Kneel! You vicious woman!" Lian Li shouted and pushed Mrs. Qiao.

Mrs. Qiao dare not disobey. After a slight delay, she kneeled down with a lowered head. But her mouth kept on crying out, "Accusation! Accusation!"

"Seem like, you really are treating us still-not-dead-yet deaf ah!" Zhang li zheng's and the others' expression was extremely ugly. Their anger gradually rose and was full of loath.

Everybody had heard of the Lian Family's matter between the two branches. So when Lian Fang Zhou brought over Hua Jin Tao to complain in tears in the early morning, how could they not give judgment for her as li zheng and village elders?

"You shut up!" Lian Li fiercely glared at Mrs. Qiao. With an apologetic smile, he spoke, "This woman, this woman doesn't have much experience. Li zheng and few great uncles forgive this time! This time she was muddle-headed! She shouldn't have done this foolish thing!"
Third Great Uncle Zhang coldly harrumphed, "This sounds like human words! Mrs. Lian-Qiao, do you know your wrong?"

Being glared by Lian Li, Mrs. Qiao hung down her head and quietly admitted, "I, I know my mistake!"

Her heart was filled with extreme rage from suffering such embarrassment in front of Lian Fang Zhou.


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92. Confrontation (part 1)

“No rush,” Master Wang lightly patted her hand, laughed, “Miss ah, as you can see, I’m not pressuring you. It’s better that you obediently come over! Even if you jump, you won’t be able to escape! Look here, didn’t I say? You can’t escape! So why bother?”

Lian Fang Zhou remained silent and just coldly stared at him.

Master Wang pay no heed to it, he shook his head and lightly sighed as he grinned, “Why bother! Really why! To refuse a toast, only to drink a forfeit, Miss isn’t a smart person!”

Hua Jin Tao shot daggers at Lian Fang Zhou as if she wanted to eat her alive. She stamped her feet, “This wild girl is someone that needs to be taught a lesson! Why is Master still be polite with her! Quickly capturing her is the right method! Master, watch carefully! Watch how this concubine teaches her a lesson! I will definitely make her docile!”

Master Wang turned to Lian Fang Zhou, said, “You hear that? This is your last chance! You come over now, we’ll let bygones be bygones. Otherwise...”
He finished with a snicker.

At these words, Hua Jin Tao spirit rose as Master Wang was silently agreeing with her words. She pointed at Lian Fang Zhou, yelled, “Capture her for me! No need to be polite!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that they have to gift her away tomorrow morning, Hua Jin Tao would definitely stab the golden hairpin at her a few times for revenge.

Even though she can’t let her body be injured, she still didn’t plan to let her off easily!

How could she not be furious and want to regain her standing after suffering in front of the servants? But she forgot that she too was born as a country girl!

The maids and the old women knew concubine Hua was heavily doted by Master. So at her words, they clamored and dashed over without any objection as they wanted to curry Mistress Hua’s favor by capturing Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou didn't want to go down without putting a fight, so she tried to plunge out. Around half a dozen of six maids and old women rushed in together. Since the pavilion was small and such a large crowd pushing around, no progress was made. In a moment, they were not able to capture Lian Fang Zhou. Instead, two of them got pushed down by her. Those who were pushed down became stunned and caused their colleague to trip and stumble. It was chaos as the pavilion was filled with shriek and curse.

One person found an opening and grasped Lian Fang Zhou by the waist. She loudly exclaimed, “Captured! I got her! Quickly help out!”

Forced into a corner, Lian Fang Zhou repeatedly pinched so hard that her finger nearly broke. That old woman did not loosen her grip as she endured pain and howled.

Before her eyes, she saw another person dashing over. Anxious, Lian Fang Zhou lowered her head with her mouth open to bite.

Unexpectedly, she had yet to bite down, when the woman grasping her tragically screamed. She exerted her strength to break free and then pushed her away.

And happened to crash into the woman who was rushing over. The two of them yelped in surprise as they fell backward together.

Additionally, another two people who were bolting over also tragically yelled for an unknown reason and staggered into a fall.

Seeing the situation, Lian Fang Zhou was overjoyed. She hurriedly held up her skirt and then dashed toward the edge.

Master Wang and Hua Jin Tao froze and widened their eyes in surprise.

This girl's personality isn't wild, but an extraordinarily wild. It was simply too-- courageous!

Master Wang's gaze sank. He decided to take the matter into his own hands. But before his feet could move, he felt a something was placed against his waist. A male's cold and cheerless voice icily sounded from behind him. "Master Wang, you better not move!"

Master Wang's body shivered. He forced himself to be calm and steadily asked, "Who are you? How did you enter?"

The outer yards' wall was as much as six-meters tall and as well as that, the courtyards had people keeping night watch and vicious hounds. No thief had ever entered Wang Household. To suddenly have an outsider coming at this time and what's more,  approached his behind without him detecting, how could it not make his heart chill? 

Needless to say, the one who has entered was Ah Jian.  Ah Jian snorted, disdainfully replied, "I want to enter, then I can easily enter!"

Master Wang and Hua Jin Tao did not see Ah Jian. However, Lian Fang Zhou did. Now, she can guess the reason for the women's loosening grip and fall down.

Her heart relaxed. Her spirit grew. She revealed an enormous grin at Ah Jian as she dashed over to him!

"Master, quickly capture her! Quickly! Don't let her escape!" Hua Jin Tao was so focused on Lian Fang Zhou, she didn't notice her Master had already been captured by someone.

As Hua Jin Tao cried out, she dashed forward to grab onto Lian Fang Zhou, but as a woman living in leisure, she was no match for Lian Fang Zhou. And what's more, she wasn't going all out like Lian Fang Zhou. 

Lian Fang Zhou threw out a leg and mercilessly kicked Hua Jin Tao's stomach. It never crossed Hua Jin Tao's mind that not only did she not dodge it, but instead meet it head-on. She really suffered from this kick and tragically screamed out as she collapsed to the ground.

"Master! Ah-- Who, who are you!?" Hua Jin Tao's tone became shocked. Only now, did she see Ah Jian beside Master Wang and also the dagger held to Master Wang's waist.

"Ah Jian! You finally came!" Lian Fang Zhou ran over. Her eyes couldn't help but become moist as she looked at Ah Jian.

“Are you alright?” Ah Jian faintly smiled, gave her a reassuring nod.

“I’m fine!” Lian Fang Zhou shook her head. She took a deep breath and coldly voiced out, “However, need to have a good discussion with Master Wang couple!”

Ah Jian inclined his head and said, “Master Wang, can we step to the side and talk?”

Master Wang bitterly smiled. Did he have any other choice?

Lian Fang Zhou swept a cold glance to Hua Jin Tao who had fallen to the ground, icily hollered, “And you as well!”

It was already the next morning when Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian returned to Da Fang Village.

When Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian rushed to Lian Li’s and Mrs. Qiao’s home, Mrs. Qiao was feeding the chicken. Seeing Lian Fang Zhou burst in with a cold expression and seething with killing intent, it startled her so much that the chicken feed in her hand fell onto the ground with a bang. Shocked, she exclaimed, “How, how did you come back?”

“Naturally, you don't want me to return!” Lian Fang Zhou declared with hate. “Aunt, to heartlessly sell me, how did I offend you? After selling me, you can easily order around my siblings and easily take over our family land!”

“What happened! What happened!” Lian Li came out from inside and at the sight of Lian Fang Zhou, his expression also slightly changed.

Mrs. Qiao glared at Lian Fang Zhou with incomparable resentment, shouted, "Time and time again, you contradict me. You don't place me, the elder, in your eyes! Heaven has no eyes for letting you come back!"

"You seized our family's grain, occupied our family's field, and even wanted to take ten liang, our whole living expense that came from dissolving my engagement. How can I not refuse you? This is called contradict? You want to force us, siblings to die, then you'll be happy? We didn't beg you to look after us, nor did we borrow a single grain or a piece of vegetable. So how did we bother you? If you don't give an explanation for last night's matter, I won't let it drop!"

Lian Fang Zhou pointed at her as she angrily demanded.

"Ha!" Mrs. Qiao laughed toward the sky, said, "You won't let it drop? So what if you don't let it go? Hmph, say that I sold you? As long as I deny it, nobody would believe it! Go give it a try. I also need to divulge to people how you don't respect your elders!"


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91. Rescue (part 3)

Hua Jin felt pain at her neck, that was cool and sharp feeling dug into her skin. It made her trembled.

So frightened, her legs weakened. With a white face, she leaned toward Master Wang to sought help. In a shaking voice, she cried out, “Master, save me, save me!”

“Shut up!” Lian Fang Zhou became more aggressive with her. She icily bellowed, “ You better behave! Even if I die, I will drag a scapegoat down with me!”

Hua Jin Tao lips quivered as she became more and more terrified. She dared not make a single sound.

Master Wang squinted his eyes, he examined Lian Fang Zhou with great interest. Sure enough, this girl's personality is truly wild and spicy! And what's more, after waking up, she appeared more vibrant than before. Especially those eyes, it glowed brightly. It got a unique allure to it.

Seeing Master Wang acting silently and calmly, Lian Fang Zhou heart sank. It appeared that he doesn’t care about the life or death of his concubine! This was terrible! 

If it was really like that, then even if she has a hostage at hand, she might not be able to leave their gate. Dawn had yet arrived, so who knows how much longer can she grab hold of this b***h?

As time go on, there will be times when she carelessly loosened her grip. And if by chance, they capture the opportunity, then she won't be able to have a chance to be liberated!

The situation was really bad, but Lian Fang Zhou still wanted to give it a try. She can only take a gamble! Taking the chance while her current mental state and strength are at its best.

“If you don’t want her to die, get out of the way!”Lian Fang Zhou glared at Master Wang as she yelled.

However, Master Wang just burst into laughter and did not budge an inch.

Lian Fang Zhou placed more strength into the hand that gripped the gold hairpin. Pain radiated from Hua Jin Tao’s neck, then a warm fluid ooze out of the skin could be felt. It was blood.

Scared out of her mind, she broke into screams, “Master, save me! Master, save me!”

Xiao Yao-er and the old woman expression were white. They froze at their spot with their mind turned silly.

Master Wang glanced at Hua Jin Tao. In the end, she was his beloved concubine, he couldn't bear to see her hurt.  He retreated to the side, then ordered Xiao Yao-er and the old woman to make way. On the other hand, hs spoke to Lian Fang Zhou pleasantly. “Miss, don’t mess around! Do you think you can leave our Wang Family’s gate? Obediently put down the gold hairpin, and I’ll let this matter off! You came to have a good life. From now on, you’ll eat fragrantly and drink merrily, decked in gold and silver and have servants attending you. Isn’t it better than days in the countryside?”

Master Wang heart started itching. At this moment, he was pondering whether to gift the person to Manager Xiao or leave her for himself? After thinking it through, he endured the pain and cut off his desire. After all, the benefit of wealth is more important than women!

Lian Fang Zhou sneered. Gripping Hua Jin Tao, she carefully maneuvered to the entrance one step at a time. She warned coldly, “You better not play anything! Otherwise, with a slip of a hand, who knows what will happen!”

“I won’t! I won’t! You, no matter what don’t move your hand! No matter what! ”Hua Jin Tao was deathly pale, she agitatedly said.

It was important to help the Master get on the important guest's good side. However, her own life was even more important! 

Like this, Lian Fang Zhou gripped onto Hua Jin Tao as she walked step by step out of the door. Just a short distance of twenty-thirty steps, felt as if she used all her strength. So stressed that her back was sweating and arms were aching.

Holding a hostage, particularly in enemies' den, wasn't an easy task. 

“Where’s the main gate? Take me there!” Lian Fang Zhou  lowered the gold hairpin in her hand, and coldly demanded, “You better behave, don’t go playing tricks!”

“I dare not! I dare not!”Hua Jin Tao's voice trembled, then guided Lian Fang Zhou one step at a time.

Master Wang also came out. The maid and old woman behind him steadily followed Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou pinched her brows, roared, “You stay there! Not allowed to come over!”

This time Master Wang didn't comply with her words. Preserving a calm appearance, he spoke, "That won't do. What if you hurt my beloved concubine? Miss, since you whole-heartedly wish to leave, then I won't force you. Release my beloved concubine, and I'll let you go!"

Naturally, Lian Fang won't believe his words.  She coldly glanced at him and made no sound. There was nothing she can do if he persists on following. 

Just like that, the few of them slowly made their way out. As they were passing the greenery and rockery, Hua Jin Tao's eyes spun.
"AH!" A sudden shriek sounded out. She loudly cried, "Mouse! There's a mouse!"

Lian Fang Zhou's mind was constantly under high concentration and angst, so she was feeling a bit exhausted and became deeply alarmed by this shriek of Hua Jin Tao. Taking advantage of this moment, Hua Jin Tao broke away from her and bolted to the side. As she ran, she screamed, "Catch her! Capture that dead girl!"

Immediately Xiao Yao-er and that old woman dashed toward Lian Fang Zhou, while yelling, “ Somebody! Come! Thief! Catch the thief!”

Master Wang laughed with delight.

Lian Fang Zhou stamped her feet. She promptly made a decision and randomly chose a direction to run.

Xiao Yao-er and that old woman immediately chase after. Not long later, few old women on night duty joined in. Master Wang and half frightened to death Hua Jin Tao also followed behind.

Luckily in the inner households, there’s no footboy and male servant. Otherwise, Lian Fang Zhou couldn't have run far.
After running for a while, Lian Fang Zhou bitterly wept due to the surrounding scenery. She had run into Wang Family's back garden!

In front was a two mu, square-shaped pond. The edge was a zig-zag bridge that meanders through the water and connected to a cornice pavilion in the middle of the pond.
At the sight of people behind catching up and people blocking ahead, she was under the circumstance of being outflanked. She had no paths other than that pavilion.

Lian Fang Zhou's heart became cold. It couldn't be that she'll have to die today?  

Her survival instinct made her head for that pavilion. If it's not the end yet, she will not give up.

It was till this moment, she finally understood how tiny her strength was as an individual. Understood what was called heaven give no answer, the earth gives no help (a.k.a nowhere to turn for help)!

This pond was neither too big or too small. Even if she jumped in, there would be people pulling her out! If she falls into their hand, then she’ll have to leave Yunhe County tomorrow! After leaving, she as a little woman, and furthermore in the ancient era, it’ll be as hard as ascending to heaven to return back here. 

Lian Fang Zhou was in despair as well as in a fury. 'Mrs. Qiao!'

She swore, if she somehow escapes today's misfortune, she will not let Mrs. Qiao off! Definitely not!

“Stop right there.” When Master Wang saw that Lian Fang Zhou ran to the pavilion, he was delighted. This was shooting a fish in a barrel ah unless she can grow wings and fly! Therefore, he slowly opened his mouth and stopped the maid and old women who were chasing her.

Hua Jin Tao rubbed her neck which stung in pain, spoke with full of hatred, “Master, what are you waiting for! Quickly order people to capture that wretch!  I want to see how she resist now!”

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It has been a busy month! Lots of drama in RL from people quitting at work and I filled in to participate in summer events to family trouble and career searching. Thank god I stock up some chappies, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to reach this month target release. Next month, I will have to drop back to the starting point, 4 releases.

90. Rescue (part 2)
Madam Wang trembled in fury and ferociously shot daggers at Hua Jin Tao. If it weren't for personal maid, Yin Shuang's arm, there was a risk of flopping down due to anger.
"For real?" Master Wang's eyes lit up as excitement sprouted in his voice.
"Naturally, it's true!" Hua Jin Tao happily declared as she quickly bobbed her head. She said, "Master, do you want to go see?"

Master Wang pondered for a second. The important guest planned to leave Yun He County tomorrow, so the sooner this matter was settled, the better. Once the important guest is pleased, not only will the inventory be cheaper for his store but also,  the style will be more trendy. This meant big business!

"Let's go have a look!" At once, Master Wang became energetic. Then turned to Madam Wang, said, "You go sleep by yourself first! I have some matter to take care of!"

Madam Wang hated that she couldn't eat up Hua Jin Tao. But she knew she can't voice out objection at this time now that her husband has already spoken out. Otherwise, it'll have a reverse effect.
She pushed herself to raised the corner of her lips to bare out a smiling face. She inclined her head, responded, "Go then, Master! Don't catch a cold! Yin Shuang, quickly fetch a cloak over!"
Hua Jin Tao couldn't resist stealing a glance at Madam Wang. She curled her lips in disdain, 'What endurance she got! But so what? All she can do is endure!' 
Yin Shuang swiftly brought a silky brown feathered cloak with gold edge out. Madam Wang personally put it on Master Wang's shoulder, smiled, "Master, go ahead now! Rest early, don't tire yourself too much!"
Master Wang was very pleased with how virtuous his wife was. He nodded with an "En" an then took Hua Jin Tao with him.
After Master Wang and Hua Jin Tao left, Madam's expression sank with a snap. Carrying a scowl, she sat down and spitefully scolded, "That little slut is too arrogant. Sooner or later, this madam will do my most to vent out this vexation with interest as well! You go, check what tricks that slut is up to!"

Yin Shuang knew this instruction meant to go stealthily watch and eavesdrop. This wasn't the first time. She answered and hastily left.
Actually, Lian Fang Zhou woke up during the journey. It's just that she dare not act rashly.
She secretly sighed out in relief when she was laid in the room. She thought her opportunity to escape had arrived, but unexpectedly, that maid and old woman stood guard by her side.   Her mind cried out in distress. She can only continue to wait and see what happens.
"Master, it's here! Take your time!" Hua Jin Tao charmingly curled her lips slightly. Xiao Yao-er and that old woman hastily stood up to go open the door.
Lian Fang Zhou immediately relaxed the hand which was clenched at her side.  She dared not act carelessly.
Some footsteps came closer and mixed among it were a heavy rouge scent. Lian Fang Zhou slightly held her breath.
"It's her?" It was a middle-aged man's voice.

"Yes, Master. Do you think she's suitable?" An endearing young woman's voice sounded out. It was Hua Jin Tao, but Lian Fang Zhou doesn't recognize who she is.
After a moment, she heard the man grunt in satisfaction. He beamed, "Tao-er is very capable. This girl is quite dewy, her appearance is a good draw, and her skin is white! Haha, not bad, not bad at all!"
At these words, Lian Fang Zhou felt sick. She can approximately guess why they have captured her.

Hua Jin Tao began simpering and appealingly said, "Naturally, this concubine will put master's matter in first priority! Isn't this why this concubine dare not waste a single moment and hurry back so late in the night!"
Master Wang had lost his head in exhilaration and forgot to ask. Now that Hua Jin Tao reminded him, he then questioned in puzzlement, "If you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten. Out of nowhere, why did you persist on returning in the middle of the night?"
Hua Jin Tao paused. It goes without saying, she won't tell the truth. After all, the truth wasn't so pleasant to hear! She daintily complained, "Initially I planned to return early tomorrow morning! However, I couldn't get Master's matter out of my mind! Since I couldn't sleep, might as well come back! Master, is it wrong for me to come back ahead of time?"

"No! Not wrong!" Master Wang did not suspect anything with her explanation. He smilingly exclaimed, "It's that you're back! Haha, did you know,  Boss Xiao is going to leave Yun He County tomorrow afternoon? Originally, I was worried about what kind of present to prepare for him! Your return was perfect timing! Haha!"
Hua Jin Tao heard this and was overjoyed at the unexpected news, she clapped in delight and said, "Such a coincidence! This concubine and Master have, what that phrase--"
"Our hearts that beat in unison!" Master Wang heartily laughed.

"Right! Right! Our hearts beat in unison!" Hua Jin Tao delicately smiled. She continued to giving flatters, making Master Wang even merrier.
"Why is this person still asleep? What's happened?" Suddenly Master Wang slightly frowned in doubt and questioned.
Hua Jin Tao lightly coughed, and lightly brushed over it with a smile. "This matter was decided by this girl's elder. The girl is a bit unruly, so her elder decided it's much more convenient to have her unconscious! Master, didn't Boss Xiao say he likes lively girls? Isn't this just perfect! Hehe, it couldn't be that a big boss like him can't even tame a rural girl?"
Master Wang paused then laughed it off, not take it too seriously. He spoke, "Since it's like that, early tomorrow, wake her up. Send someone to help bathe her and change into pretty clothes. Need to dress up well!"
Hua Jin Tao quickly acknowledged with a smile. Afterward, she coyly called 'Master!' and then supported Master Wang to return to the bedchamber to rest.

After hearing these words, a fire welled up in Lian Fang Zhou's heart. Now that they were leaving, she secretly let out a breath and wished for them to hurry up.

Tomorrow morning, they'll send her over to whatever Boss Xiao's place. Afraid at that time, no matter whether she's awake or not, they will send her away. Meaning, the time she can use is quite limited.
However, Heaven has no eyes. At that moment, some dust floated down from the ceiling and landed on Lian Fang Zhou's nose. Her nose immediately started itching. She endured it with all her might, but in the end, she wasn't able to restrain herself. 'ACHOO!' A resounding sneeze resonated.
This sudden sneeze startled Master Wang, Hua Jin Tao and the servants. Few pairs of eyes simultaneously looked over at her.
"So, you were awake! It's great that you're awake!  Xiao Yao-er, Wu ma, you guys properly serve her! Miss Lian is an important person!" After coming out of her shocked state, Hua Jin Tao instructed with a sneer, clearly not taking Lian Fang Zhou seriously at all.

From her viewpoint, this was her own ground, so naturally, it was she who was in charge! Just an insignificant rural girl, how could she place her in her eyes?
Xiao Yao-er and Wu ma jointly responded, "Yes!"

Lian Fang Zhou's heart sank. She knew once this moment passed, she won't have another chance! Because she was on her own here, there was no one else that can help her!

She swiftly turned her body and sat up. Not waiting for everyone to react, she flew like a wind toward Hua Jin Tao. Without warning, she pushed Master Wang away, then pulled Hua Jin Tao over, prised a golden hairpin out of Hua Jin Tao's hair and held it to her neck. She yelled, "Don't move! Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!"


Thursday, 25 July 2019


89. Rescue (part 1)

“Quickly stand up!” Ah Jian swiftly bent down, forcefully pulled him up. Softly spoke, “Rest assured, I will definitely rescue her! Calm down, okay? This issue isn’t as big as the sky falling down!”

Lian Ze blanked out, raised his to gaze at Ah Jian and his mind slowly settled down.

“Really?” Brother Ah Jian said it’s not as big as the sky falling down. But in his opinion it was.
“En,” Ah Jian nodded and declared. “Let’s go, we return first! Have a discussion! You got to believe your sister. She’s not someone who easily let the people who schemed her do as they like.”
“En!” The knot in Lian Ze heart loosened a lot, he lightly dipped his head.
The two of them returned home, found Aunt Zhang was also there. Initially, they planned to head to Aunt Zhang's home and let them know not to worry them. Now it saved them a trip.
“You’re back! Oh, where’s Fang Zhou?” Aunt Zhang, Third Aunt, and the two little ones stood up. Not seeing Lian Fang Zhou, they all started wondering.
Lian Ze’s eyes reddened, lowered his head, his lips moved, but no sound came out. He was terrified that he would burst into tears when he makes a sound.

Ah Jian swept a glance at everyone then spoke, “Bump into trouble. But rest assured, I’ll save and bring her back……”
At word 'trouble' and 'save', Third Aunt and Aunt Zhang heart clenched. When Ah Jian finished, both their face whitened at once.
Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing half understood and half didn’t, but observing everyone expression, they knew something terrible happened. Both of their lips slanted, and couldn’t help but to start whimpering.
“That goddamn old b***h! Heartless b**tard! She actually committed this kind of wicked thing” Third Aunt broke into cursing. As she comforted the two little ones, she declared in vex, “I'm going to settled this with her now!”
“Third Aunt, you can't” Ah Jian rushes to interject. “Before Fang Zhou come back, don’t say a word about this matter outside and also don’t go causing trouble. When Fang Zhou return, we can discuss what to do!”

“Correct! What Ah Jian said is right! That how the matter should be handled!” Aunt Zhang unanimously agreed
Third Aunt paused, then it came to her.

If this matter was to be exposed, what reputation would she have left? Even though everyone knew deep down, it was Yang Family going overboard in the dissolved engagement matter and felt pity for her, but to say her reputation wasn’t affected at all would be a lie.

If including this matter, then it was really ---

“Alright! Alright! I was angered silly by that wicked woman!” Third Aunt nodded at once, anxiously said, “This, we better quickly save Fang Zhou ah! What should we do!”

With this said, Aunt Zhang started to be overwrought. Wang Ji Satin and Silk shop’s Wang Family was a well-known wealthy household in town. To go to their house to find her, let’s not mention they aren’t going to admit, even entering their gate was a problem.

“Let me handle that. I’ll enter town right now!”Ah Jian said.
Third Aunt and Aunt Zhang looked at each other, spoke words like ‘Be careful on the road!’. Aunt Zhang couldn’t resist asking, “It won't be easy to enter Wang Family’s gate. After you reached the town, do you have any plans?”

Of course, the plan is to enter high, leave high! However, Ah Jian didn’t voice it out, just uttered, “I have my own plan. You can rest assured!”

Entering the town in the middle of the night required the Village head’s written permission; otherwise, the town door won't open. Aunt Zhang and Third Aunt went to handle this matter, saying Lian Fang Zhou caught a fever and needed to invite a doctor from town. Zhang Li Zheng didn’t make it hard for them.
Ah Jian’s pace was fast, he entered town about two hours before dawn.

At this time, the streets already had early-rise ground sweepers, and a lot of roadside food stall had opened with the oil lamp on and was being busy.
Ah Jian very quickly found out the address of Satin and Silk shop’s Wang Family.

Wang Family’s inner yard has three part: a small garden, a left compound house, and a right compound house. It wasn’t enormous, but it already counts as a rare find in town.

Ah Jian did a simple inspection, then directly head to the stable.

Usually, the driver would live near the stable area as it is more convenient to look after the horse.
Ah Jian did not know why he knew these stuff, but he knew it as if it was a natural thing.

He captured the driver and interrogated the direction of the Wang couple and Hua Jing Tao’ s chamber out of him. After he made him faint, Ah Jian got closer to there while it was dark.

As for Hua Jing Tao, she had anxiously speed back to Wang Manor with Lian Fang Zhou, ordered Xiao Yao-er and rough old woman to place Lian Fang Zhou on a couch in her own room’s side room and instructed them to keep watch. While she, rushed to find Master to report happy news.
Master Wang and Madam had already asleep. According to rationality, Hua Jing Tao should have brought it up in the next morning, but she was too thrilled. Feeling that she made great achievement and what's more Master dotes on her, she became unbridled.
Madam Wang had long seen her as an eyesore. However, her Master likes her, so she can only endure.
It went without saying, the maid that took vigil outside Madam Wang’s room dislike Hua Jing Tao as well. So seeing her, who should be back tomorrow, returning in the middle of the night and also haughtily run over to Madam’s bed to find Master. Simply not placing Madam in her eyes!
The maid was deeply vexed and wasn’t willing to go notify. Inside and out, her words were pushing Hua Jin Tao away and shooing her away.  Hua Jin Tao was drunk on displaying her achievement, so how could she possibly leave? So she started arguing with that maid at the entrance.

As they dispute, they had woken up Master Wang couple with all the noise.
"What is happening here?  Which sane person would endlessly make noise in the middle of the night? If it spread out, what a sight it'll be!" Madam Wang wore a middle garment with a tangerine feather and embroidered outer robe on top and had her hair loosely rolled up. Because she just got out of bed, her two cheeks were still rosy. At the sight of Hua Jin Tao, she extremely furious and gave her a vicious glare.

Normally, Master Wang doted this young, beautiful concubine who knew how to be coquettish and showed worship. However, Madam's words were also logical. He pondered whether he spoiled her too much, so much that she acted like this!

"Why did you come back during the middle of the night? Still not returning to your room? If there's a matter, talk about tomorrow! Go!" Master Wang scowled in displeasure.
"Master!"  Hua Jin Tao didn't put Master Wang's expression in her eyes. She quickly grinned, "If it was normally, this lowly concubine dare not disturb Master.  This lowly concubine have an urgent matter to report to Master! Master, please let this lowly concubine speak, it'll only take a few sentences!"
"No matter how urgent,  it is in the middle of the night! Why not early tomorrow?" Madam Wang sneered, "Don't use such a small matter to play around! Master is already tired out after a day of work. With this din of yours, how can Master's body take it? Now you're saying you're in the right!"

Hua Jin Tao doesn't take Madam Wang's word seriously. She endured the scolding without changing her expression. Her pupils didn't slant toward her, rather the pair of pretty eyes eagerly looked at Master Wang.
Seeing Hua Jin Tao like this, Master Wand sunk into contemplation. Then said, "Speak, what matter do you have?"

"Master!" Madam Wang saw that Master Wand made her lose face in front of a concubine, she felt embarrassed as well as angry.

"Yes." While Hua Jin Tao's brows loosened and eyes smiled. She curtsied, then approached Master Wang and whispered into Master Wang's ear.  It was an obvious display of hiding from Madam Wang.

Saturday, 20 July 2019


88. Interrogation (part 2)

Ah Jian no longer delayed. A 'crack' rang out, Mrs. Qiao's left arm loosely hung down, and in pain, she screamed out. 
"Speak or not!" Ah Jian coldly bellowed

Seeing Mrs. Qiao only moan out in pain, he turned his head to Lian Ze, spoke, "Stuff her mouth!"

Unhesitantly, Lian Ze grabbed a nearby cloth from the table, scrunched into a ball, and stuffed it into Mrs. Qiao mouth.
Ah Jian placed more strength, Mrs. Qiao's other arm snapped with a crack. He vigorously pushed her, making her fall to the ground. He icily uttered, "If you want to speak, then nod. If not, I'll twist apart your leg joint.  And, persist in not saying, break off your fingers one at a time! Don't believe, then give it a try!"

Lian Li saw the situation, his body stood there shivering.  Both of his legs weakened and dropped onto the ground paralyzed. He wanted to tell Mrs. Qiao to say it quickly, but his teeth clattered when he opened his mouth. Not a whole word was utter out.

It hurt so much that Mrs. Qiao's eyes teared up. She was wrong! Really wrong!

It hurt so much that it felt like she was dying. She had never thought it was possible for one to be in such pain.

Only till this moment, did she understand how incorrect her thoughts were! She believed the guy in front of her definitely have ways to force an answer out of her.

If he were being reasonable, he wouldn't do anything to her; but once he acts unreasonable, what else can she do other than honestly confess!
Because she doesn't want to keep being in pain, and even more don't want to become disabled.

Mrs. Qiao tried to look up at Ah Jian, continuously nodded with a teary face.

These were not tears of repent; instead, it's of pain!

Lian Ze swiftly bent down, pulled the cloth out of her mouth, anxious commanded, "Speak at once!"
Ah Jian stood there unmoving like a towering mountain, looked down at her from high up.

Mrs. Qiao retched out in disgust for a moment before taking deep breaths. With a face full of sweat and tears, she begged, "It hurts! Can you stop the pain for me first! Stop the pain!" 

Ah Jian remained there motionless, his expression was still cold and aloof.
Don't ask why, but he knew to deal with some people, one had to torture her to get the truth. And once she gets a chance to relax, bad water will appear in her stomach again (come up with evil thoughts).
Mrs. Qiao despaired. She finally understood that before she speaks the truth, Ah Jian will not stop the pain for her. At that moment, she dared not to demand conditions anymore, endured the pain and jerkily explained all she and Hua Jin Tao done clearly.
Before she finished, Lian Ze was so mad that veins popped on his forehead, his fists clenched so tightly that his joint whitened and reddened eyes glared at her with the intent of ripping her apart.
"How could you! How could you..." Lian Ze was infuriated to an unexplainable summit, and his mind was filled with resentment and desolate. But he did not know how to curse her.

"What did you say!" Lian Li was also shocked, looked at Mrs. Qiao in disbelief. His voice trembled, "You, you woman, you, what good thing you have done! You got big guts!" 

He had never thought Mrs. Qiao would be so bold. Even though he also dislike Lian Fang Zhou and the few kids and curse them private in couple discussion and said similar words but he never thought of doing it for real.
Ah Jian lightly patted Lian Ze's shoulder to remind him to calm down. He coldly watched Mrs. Qiao, "Is what you tell the truth? Not a word of lies?"

"None! None! It's the truth! Really!" Mrs. Qiao's conscious was fuzzy from the pain, and her sight became messy. She only felt her mind was fainting and blackening under the burst of pain assaulting her.
This feeling was like being in hell, so how could she possibly dare hide anything.

Ah Jian sneered, "Alright, then swear in the same way! You understand my meaning!"

The meaning was to do the same as she did with Hua Jin Tao, make an oath with her son's life.
At once, Mrs. Qiao swore, and despite the pain, she urgently looked at Ah Jian.

Ah Jian disdained her in his heart. He snorted, squatted down and 'Crack! Crack!' Her dislocated arms were returned to normal. He had the intention to teach her a lesson, so when helping her fix them, he purposely made her suffer.
"If something happened to my Sister, Surname Qiao, pay with your life!" Lian Ze glared at her with entirely red eyes, turned around to dash out.

Ah Jian icily glanced at them and also turned to leave.

Both of Mrs. Qiao's arm still ached, couldn't use much strength. Seeing that the person already left, her courage returned. After exhausting some effort to sit up on the ground, she squawked, "A beast that has no respect for elders, did you see what he said! That dog deserves to be struck by lightning!"

"You b****!" Lian Li suddenly rushed over, raised his hand, and 'Pa! Pa!' Left and right, he fiercely slammed her two slap, viciously voiced, "You actually dare do this without my knowledge! You, you want to cause the death of me!"
Mrs. Qiao covered her inflamed aching cheeks, tearfully clarified, "Didn't you also say by selling that dead girl, you can vent out anger! I successfully did it, why are you now blaming me instead?"

Lian Li threw back, "You call this successful? If it was successful, how could that brat bring that wild man to trespass into our home? If you did it well, how could you end up like this?"

Mrs. Qiao heard that her own man wasn't blaming her for doing this matter, but rather blaming her for not doing it cleanly and cause trouble. Her heart slightly relaxed, she quickly spoke, "How is it not a success? Hua Jin Tao must have reach town by now! Hmph, when they go knocking, the rice already become cooked! What can they do then? Other than accepting it? This matter isn't something glorious, so would they widely spread it around? When it gets out, they'll lose face!"

She venomous bit out, "Just risking one-time suffering to get rid of the detestable lass, this lady find it worth it!"

Mrs. Qiao spiteful scold as she crawled up from the ground, stumbled to sit on a nearby chair.
Lian Li glowered at her. His brows pinched as his mind fixed on something else, who knows what he was thinking.

Ah Jian caught up with Lian Ze, grasped his arm, and said, "Let's return first."


"Listen to me, let's return first." Ah Jian's tone was firmer. He confidently declared, "Don't worry, even if they want to --, the soonest should be tomorrow. We still have time. Be calmer, nothing will happen to your sister!"
The road wasn't easy to travel during the night. When Hua Jin Tao reached home, it was nearly in the middle of the night. The distinguished guest must have already fallen asleep. It would be unreasonable to send someone over in the middle of the night!

"Brother Ah Jian!" When Lian Ze blanked out, he suddenly kneeled down toward him. Kowtowing, he cried, "Save my sister! Please save my sister!"

Lian Ze started sobbing, his shoulders quivered like a leaf in the autumn wind. His suppressed cry was like a whimpering kitten.

He had never come across this situation. He really didn't know what to do! At this moment, his mind was chaotic and frightened. That deep feeling of being at a loss and helpless made him go crazy!


Monday, 15 July 2019


87. Interrogation (part 1)

"What craziness has gotten into you! You--"

"Speak! Where my sister!?" Lian Ze sternly bellowed, his expression became frosty. A cold, severe stare landed on Lian Li, that gaze dying to dismember him.
Lian Li froze. His half-finished scolding literally came to a halt and felt foolish.

"Your sister? What does it have to do with us where your sister is! You saw for yourself, she's not at our home." Lian Li grumbled, his tone has calmed down. Initially, he wanted to say a few vicious words, but seeing Lian Ze was about to erupt into a rage, he judiciously decided not to say too much.
"You still deny it!" Filled with resentment Lian Ze glare at Mrs. Qiao. "Someone clearly saw you beckoned my sister to your home!"

"Mrs. Qiao's expression slightly changed, rushed to interject, "What nonsense are you saying! Unless I went crazy, then I would beckon her to my home! And also, I never went out tonight! It's dark, so who knows who went blind and started a rumor! They deserve to be struck by lightning for accusing this old lady!"

 Lian Li heard this, looked at Mrs. Qiao with suspicion, and there was an inkling of doubt in his mind. He can tell Mrs. Qiao was slightly nervous. What's more, when he came back, Mrs. Qiao was standing in the yard.

If nothing happened, why did she stand in the yard for no reason?

Lian Li left thoughts as thoughts, he won't help Lian Ze questioned his own wife. Especially under the situation where Lian Ze was so turbulent.

"You saw for yourself if your sister isn't at this hall, where can she be? If you don't believe me, you can call her!" Lian Li sneered.

Mrs. Qiao heard her husband sticking up for her, her heart slight settled. Her back became uptight and snorted.

"I don't believe you! I'm going to search!" Lian Ze's gaze was anxious as well as chaotic.

"Ha! What a funny joke!" Lian Li was mad, pointed at him, and said, "Who do you think you are? It's enough that you don't think of us as your elder, but you shouldn't also think of stamping us! Lian Ze, aren't you afraid of retribution?"
"I will definitely search!" Lian Ze'mind was focused on Lian Fang Zhou, so how could he bother with so much? As he spoke, he intended to dash in.

"Stop right there!"

"Rebelling! Rebelling! Actually rebelling!"

It goes without saying, Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao won't agree, they stepped forward to push and block.

Mrs. Qiao yelled, "You can't search our house, just because you want to. You must give us an explanation if you can't find anything!"

"Kill or cut, do whatever you like!" Lian Ze didn't even wrinkle his brow. He firmly believed Lian Fang Zhou was definitely hidden by them.

"Peh!" Mrs. Qiap spat at the ground, uttered, "Who would kill or cut. I don't desire your life! If you can't search her out, you must apologize and do three dogeza to us in front of everyone. Also, compensate us a hundred silver liang!"

If there's no cash at hand, we can also agree on selling the land and work to pay back.
Without any pondering, Lian Ze was going to agree, but Ah Jian found there was something fishy about the matter and lightly pulled him, said, "Stop!"

"What does this matter have to do with you!? What do you think you are! You, an outsider have no right to intervene in Lian Family's matter!" Mrs. Qiao discourteously pointed at Ah Jian and scolded.

Ah Jian's face was calm with no hint of anger, the glow in his eyes was restrained and so deep that one doesn't know where the bottom is. Mrs. Qiao glanced at him and became timid. She unconsciously dodged to the side. Remembering this was her home, she forcefully straightened her own back. A stance of not letting it drop.

Ah Jian steadily took a step toward her,

Instantly, Mrs. Qiao felt a mighty torrent of pressure pressing down on her, making her feel slightly suffocated. She subconsciously retreated backward and stammered, "What, what are you doing! You, you, don't come over!"

Ah Jian didn't bother responding her. In a few steps, he calmly stood an arm-width in front of her, asked, "Where is Fang Zhou?"
"How would I know! She's not my family, why bother with her!" Mrs. Qiao screeched back.
With a wave of a hand, Lian Li stood upright in front of Mrs. Qiao, glared at Ah Jian, "What are you doing? Do you have a right to speak here? You--"

Ah Jian raised his hand, pushed Lian Li to the side. Lian Li clearly saw his action was very light, but he stumbled back five-six steps before he could regain his stability.

"YOU" He yelled out in fury as he bolted to fight it out with him. Ah Jian swiftly looked over, icy cold eyes gazed at Lian Li, making his heart tremble and legs stood to the ground like a nail.

At this moment, he dared not go forward; instead, he wanted to run far far away!

What he doesn't was that aura was called killing intent and it was one reeked with blood.

Ah Jian turned his head back, still kept on staring at Mrs. Qiao. He lightly spoke, "I'll ask you once more, where is Fang Zhou?"

Mrs. Qiao's panic at the beginning and the forced calmness afterward did not escape Ah Jian's eyes.  And later on, when Lian Ze insisted on searching the house, her certainty let Ah Jian clearly deduce she knew where Lian Fang Zhou is, and it was definitely not in this yard or inside this house.

"I, I don't know," Mrs. Qiao was agitated and mad, so she freaked out and yelled in response.

Ah Jian fiercely grabbed her arm, Mrs. Qiao shrieked out, "What are you doing! What are you doing! Somebody! Save me!"

"Shout, keep on shouting. Best that you called all the villager to come to see the liveliness!" Ah Jian did not withdraw a single bit. Instead, it was just like he said, and the strength in his hand secretly increased.

Mrs. Qiao groaned out in pain. Gritting her teeth, she struggled as she cried out 'Let me go!'. She had lost her former tone.

Fine, even if she wasn't young anymore, she was still a woman! If someone saw her arm being gripped like this by Ah Jian, her name will be affected. And the one who gets laughed at and talked about would be her.

It was obvious that Ah Jian didn't care. However, she does and Lian Li as well.

"Still not talking!" Lian Li bellowed and suddenly forcefully pulled.

"Ah!" Mrs. Qiao shrieked in pain. With great momentum, her body turned and flung away. A clear clang rang out. A snow-white, shiny silver fell out of her pocket and cold light shimmered from it.

Staring at that silver, Lian Li quietly gasped and his expression was vicious when he glared at Mrs. Qiao.

"It's, it's my own!" Startled, Mrs. Qiao was panic-stricken.

"Is that so?" Ah Jian raised a brow, icily spoke, "You're not telling the truth! This piece of silver is around few liang, nobody would carry this much on them for no reason! If you still don't say, then don't blame me for being impolite!"

Mrs. Qiao betted on the fact that Ah Jian and Lian Ze had no evidence, so what can they do anything to her. Even though she was terrified and panicked on the inside, she just had to persist on denying, they can't do anything to her!

She was confident that they dare not take her life!
Lian Ze saw those few pieces of silver and heard Ah Jian spoke like this, he bolted over, seized Mrs. Qiao as he shouted, "What did you do to my sister! What did you do to my sister! "

"I have no time to be wordy with you. You won't talk, I have my ways to make you talk!" Ah Jian saw how she can persist on denying, he was also anxious. Seeing those nuggets, he immediately had a bad premonition.
Mrs. Qiao twisted her head to the side, sneered.