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Chapter 38. Insuppressible life

"What did you say?" Drowsy from sickness, old Mrs. Chen forced herself to sit up. Half suspicious and half fierce, she uttered: "Did she really say that?"

Mrs. Chen sat on the edge of the kang. Her mind was spinning. She nodded at old Mrs. Chen's question. "Ah! I had heard it from Wan Niang and felt it was important. So I hurried to tell Mother. "
Actually, she was somewhat dubious about it. But thinking about her two sons who were talented and smart, but had never been able to pass the entry-level exam, there must be a reason for this.

A dry stick-like hand slapped the kang: "Wonderful! I didn't expect that I who devote my life to this family to get cursed by money-wasting thing at old age!"
Old Mrs. Chen was surprised at first, but now she believed ninety percent now. She only felt that she was being harmed by those money-wasting things in the second room and wished to dig a hole and bury them.

"What are you being noisy for?" Yue Da Fu, who came back from the outside, saw that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair muttering in each other ears. He only heard the second half of old Mrs. Chen's sentence: "What's curse or not curse? Every day only know to be noisy."

Old Mrs. Chen exuded displeasure: "I'm about to be killed by those money-wasting and you are ridiculing me here. It look like you can't wait for me to die so that you can marry a young one back?"
She was never one to mash her words and can say anything. Yue Da Fu couldn't do anything about it.

Although he had no way to govern old Mrs. Chen, he can still intimidate the younger generation. He glanced at guilty conscience Mrs. Chen who was sitting on the edge: "What did you tell your mother just now?"
Yue Da Fu didn't really like this daughter-in-law very much; lazy and loose mouth. If it wasn't for old Mrs. Chen who was crying and throwing a tantrum, he wouldn't have allowed her to enter the door.

Mrs. Chen was always afraid of her father-in-law. Seeing him ask such a question, she timidly stood up a little and intermittently responded, "I didn't say much..."

How could old Mrs. Chen care what she said? She directly stated: "Said that I'm about to be cursed by those money-wasting things in the second branch!"
Then she poured out all the words that Wan Niang had said: "Tell me, would I be cursed by those money-wasting things if Patriarch hadn't to stop me and had them dead long ago?"

Yue Da Fu had some doubts in his heart. Wan Niang had just entered the family after all and had her own ideas. But what if what she said was true?

While pondering about what to do, old Mrs. Chen broke into scolding rant. Looking nothing like a someone get cursed. He waved his hand and said, "Stop for a moment. Wait until I go to Baiyun Temple tomorrow and ask."

Baiyun Temple was a temple where most people from nearby areas and villages go to burn incense and pray to Buddha. Incense fire was very prosperous. In the early morning of the second day, Yue Da Fu took Yue Chang Lu and drove an ox cart to Baiyun Temple after getting for the birth dates of several children in the second branch.

Old Mrs. Chen and others waited anxiously at home for a day. Finally, the return of the solemn-looking Yue Da Fu father and son arrived.

"How did it go?" Seeing that he was finally back, Mrs. Chen, who was still laying on the bed, hurriedly sat up with the help of Mrs. Chen and eagerly looked at Yue Da Fu. Because she was afraid of those few money-wasting things harming him, she didn't even dare to let them in the kitchen today!

Yue Da Fu's face was solemn. He sat on the edge of the kang and took a gulp of water before he sighed heavily: "The fortune-telling monk at Baiyun Temple said that our Yue family can't suppress the lives of those children. All in all, we can't live together."

Recalling what the fortune-telling monk said today, the originally skeptical Yue Da Fu believed it more now: "The fortune-telling monk said You Jin, You Zhu, and the two who were just born are in the way of our family."

When she heard that it was the most rebellious You Jin and You Zhu, old Mrs. Chen only felt that her whole body's blood was rushing to her head. Her eyes were a little dark: "If I knew earlier, I wouldn't keep one of them back then!"

After being in a trance for a while, old Mrs. Chen hurriedly spoked: "This can't do. We can't let our family's luck be ruined by these money-wasting things. The two bigger ones, married them out as soon as they can. While the younger ones, simply drown in a bucket!"

Though it was two lives, in old Mrs. Chen's eyes exchanging for the prosperity and wealth of her Yue family with drowning Mrs. Su's money-losing things was worth it.

However, Yue Chang Lu hesitated: "Mother, that's two lives!"
Although he couldn't believe it was his own child that hindered the luck of the whole family, he couldn't drown his own children back then. He couldn't force himself now.

"You worthless thing! Could it be that you want to dig food in the ground for the rest of your life?" Old Mrs. Chen angrily pointed at her son. This was why she looked down her second son the most. Not as smart as Eldest and Third. His personality was also cowardly.

Yue Chang Fu on the side was a ruthless person: "If you lose the generations of wealth of our Yue family for two children that couldn't live for a few days, then Second Younger Brother, you are really the sinner of our Yue family."
Yue Chang Fu only cared him being able to live a good life. Never cared about the life and death of others. Naturally, he said it with no stress.

"Father! Think of Wen Tao brothers. Don't you want to see these two children you have worked so hard to cultivate to stand out?" Mrs. Chen received eye signal from old Mrs. Chen and directly took Yue Da Fu's trump card: "It doesn't matter if I have suffered for half my life, but what about the few children, Father?"

Have to say, Mrs. Chen's words hit Yue Da Fu's heart. Yue Da Fu, who experienced sharp vicissitude in one day, sighed. Sincerely, he looked at Yue Chang Lu and spoke, "Old Second ah. Now Wan Niang had gave birth to a son for you. Whether the two little one can survive is another matter. How about we leave it be?"

Yue Chang Lu's originally mind state shaken a little. Hearing what Yue Da Fu said and thinking how Wan Niang had given birth to a healthy boy, he also felt that it didn't matter. He gav a slight nod: "I'll listen to Father."

Old Mrs. Chen clapped her hands with satisfaction: "Old man, long night means many dreams. How about taking advantage of the night to drown the two calamity stars?"
Thinking that she was still laying on the sickbed and the two precious grandsons will soon be taking the Tongsheng exam, old Mrs. Chen felt the earlier the better.


The main room had yet to negotiated a plan, when this side's You Jin already knew about the vicious heart of old Mrs. Chen and others.

The back story to this: You Jin sister noticed the abnormal attitude of old Mrs. Chen and others. Especially Yue Da Fu and Yue Chang Lu, they entered the main room as soon as they came back and the door was closed. You Jin felt that something was going to happen. Taking advantage of no one's attention, she quietly hid under the window sill to eavesdrop on the movement inside.

While everyone inside was speechless, You Jin quietly snuck back to the west wing. She decided not to hide it from Mrs. Su anymore. She told Mrs. Su everything she had just heard: "Do you really want to watch little Tenth and Kang'er get drowned by that old witch and then sell me and You Zhu?"

Mrs. Su felt her hands that were holding the baby tremble. Her poor babies was only born ten days ago. Was she really going to watch her babies who she had worked so hard to nurture for ten months to be drowned by them?

Mrs. Su burst into tears and shook her head frantically: "No! You Jin, Mother's own fate is terrible. I concur to all the sins I have suffered. But mother can't harm you!"

"But you are only one person. Completely outnumbered. If they really want to take away two children, what can you do?" You Jin was forcing Mrs. Su to be the master of her own life. There was no better opportunity to make Mrs. Su reborn. So she must grasp it well.

Mrs. Su's heart was numb and in turmoil. After pondering for a while, she remembered what happened back then and stretched out a hand to hold You Jin's sleeve tightly: "Quick! Go and beg Patriarch! As long as Patriarch is willing to come forward, we will be fine! "

That's right. Back then, after the birth of You Zhu and You Bao, old Mrs. Chen disliked that it was daughters again and was about to drown them. If it wasn't discovered by You Jin and Patriarch came forward to save the lives of the two sisters, You Zhu and You Bao may have already reincarnated into a family now.

You Jin nodded. Inviting the patriarch was indeed the best method. Not only would it save the two newly born children, but also to make matter big. They can take the opportunity to leave Yue Family! It was a perfect chance from the heaven. Then she said to Mrs. Su: "I can go and ask Patriarch to come, but Mother has to be firm and can't be indecisive anymore. Now that they say that our Yue Family's luck is be hindered, we will live on the edge of fear every day as long as we are still in Yue's house. Patriarch can protect us for a while, but he can’t protect us for the rest of our lives.”

Mrs. Su took a deep breath. Raising her hand, she slowly and firmly wiped the tears from her face: "Don't worry, Mother won't hold you back."
In fact, how could she not understand what You Jin said before. It was jsut she hadn't been forced to that point. She always can't bear to. But now that it was at a critical moment of her family being destroyed. How can she back down?


You Jin appeased a few girls before explaining to You Yin, You Zhu, and You Bao: "If someone comes to carry away your younger brother and sister later, just run into the yard and cry no matter who it is. Even if it's Father, understand?"

Although the three sisters didn't know what happened and felt a little flustered, they can sense something big was about to happen. They nodded obediently and agreed: "Third Elder Sister, don't worry. We understand!"

Standing at the door of the west wing, she let out a deep breath. Somewhat couldn't believe that she was about to jump out of the fire pit Yue Family. After eleven years of suffering, it was about to end. It felt like an illusion.

Suddenly, the door of the main room opened with a creak. It turned out to be Yue Chang Lu at the lead. He saw You Jin standing at the door of the west wing looking straight at him. For some reason, Yue Chang Lu suddenly felt guilty. As if what he had done was seen through by this precocious daughter.

Judging by his guilty conscience, it seem that they has already decided to come and drown the babies at this moment? You Jin sneered and ignored him. She just opened the courtyard door and walked outside. It was already dark now. The lively village had quieten a lot. It was really a good time to do something bad!

Yue Chang Lu's mind was occupied. He didn't care to ask You Jin where she was going in the evening. In addition, the people in Yue Family involved in this matter didn't know that You Jin already knew their plan. So You Jin opened strolled out of Yue Family's door and went to Patriarch for help.

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