Monday, 5 December 2016

Hehe...Christmas is coming

Ok, fellow readers, I'm feeling greedy this December. 

So once my Xmas break start, I'm going to take White Calculation by Big Grey Wolf as side project. 

AND I will do 1-3 chapter translation of any Chinese novels that have been dropped for more than 4 months as a Christmas present to you guys. (Limit-12)  

So comment with the title below. (Must be in NU system).

If there's more than 12 novel mentioned, then I will do random selection or by most mentioned or last mentioned or whatever idea that pops up... 

 Deadline for novel nomination-12/12/16 00:00:00 blog time

Please share this news to get more yummy novel choices. 

Enjoy your December and Christmas ^-^


  1. Wow. That's a lot of side projects. Personally, I'm just hoping to see more of Village Girl as Family Head and GEWW.
    I can't think of any series at the moment that was dropped and that I really miss.

    1. I'm going to bulk translate Village girl as family head and GEWW since my college break is 1 month long. As for 12 novels, they are pressies, just few chapters, so not really a side project like white calculation.

    2. Wow. Nice break then. Thanks in advance for all the hard work!

  2. Man Man Qing luo!!! Good synopsis

  3. I nominate these 2 interesting novels. 1 - Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce. 2 - The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World

  4. Sorry guys I was trying to use Google+ comment. On the comment section it said this post have 11 comment but somehow 6 of them won't show up and I can't find them. I disabled it now. Everything should be back to normal.

  5. Uh, I may be too late since I just discovered this blog today. But maybe having an additional chapter from The Tang Dynasty's Female Forensic Doctor would be nice. According to Novel Updates, it has been about a year since its last update. I guess translating the novel is just not people's cup of tea or the terminology is difficult. Either way, it would be cool to see a chapter or two.