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50. Triggered by a pheasant.

The rest immediately regain their wits. Uncle Li said, "What you're saying... is the truth? Ah Jian could do it?

Lian Fang Zhou grinned. "Uncle, let's give a try, and we'll know then, right? Making charcoal take around 7-8 days!"

"I believe Fang Zhou isn't lying. So, give it a try!" Aunt Zhang followed up.
The Li father and son looked at each other and nodded. "Alright! Let's give it a try! When the time comes, let Ah Jian tell us what we need to do. No need to act polite!"

"Rather than pushing the matter to later, we'll go to the mountain tomorrow then!" Lian Fang Zhou nodded in delight. She already found the perfect spot.

Uncle Li agreed. "If we can make it, then your family take the larger portion of the profit.  We'll take the smaller part."

Aunt Zhang hurriedly agreed. "That's right! Fang Zhou ah, you also need to urge Ah Jian not to tell other!"

Lian Fang Zhou promised, "Aunt Zhang, don't worry. I'm not that muddle-headed. When the time comes, we'll split it between us in equal half. I'm afraid that most of the heavy work will rely on Uncle Li and Brother San Ge."

"It's what they're supposed to do!" Aunt Zhang persisted in declining. Lian Fang Zhou firmly maintain her stance, so she could only agree.

Seeing the situation, Mrs. Zhao secretly let out a sigh of relief. She then sent Lian Fang Zhou out with a grin and treated her more intimacy.

Mrs. Zhao doesn't know if the mushrooms could sell for a reasonable price. However, she does know that charcoal will undoubtedly sell for a reasonable price.

The next day, the two families entered the mountain together. Altogether it was seven people; Aunt Zhang, Uncle Li, Li San Ge, Mrs. Zhao,  Lian Fang Zhou, Lian Ze and Ah Jian. They strapped themselves with chopping timber knife, hoe, shovel and few winnowing baskets.

Lian Fang Zhou, Ah Jian, Uncle Li and Li San Ge worked on digging out a kiln. While Aunt Zhang, Mrs. Zhao and Lian Ze were sent to chop timber.

Ah Jian explained what kind of wood they can chop. After finishing, he glanced at Lian Fang Zhou, and they secretly exchange expression. Then Ah Jian knew he said it correctly and he let Lian Ze go off.

Although wood can become charcoal, the quality depends mostly on what the wood is like, aside from the kiln and the technique used.

Must choose those with thick density hardwood like beech, oak, wild cherry tree, wild pear tree and others as the main base, as it is like tea which relies on the base which makes it how pure its essence is.

These trees turn into charcoal that burns longer, have no sparks, and less ash are leftover. And this ash doesn't fly everywhere.

If the charcoal were from less dense softwood,  it would have sparks crackling and jumping out, and its ash would effortlessly fly everywhere. The burning time would also be half of the hardwood's charcoal. And some doesn't even reach half.

Under Ah Jian's explanation and occasional quick pointers from Lian Fang Zhou, the four of them finally dug a mud charcoal kiln with a chimney and fire entrance after one whole day.

The charcoal kiln split into top and bottom section. The top one holds the soon-to-be charcoal timber. The bottom is where the fire burn. Some pipes connect the top and bottom part. It needs to burn til a certain degree, and then seal kiln so tightly that no air can pass through. After 3-4 days, dig out the kiln, and the charcoal is done.

Hardwood is difficult to chop. With just one day, Aunt Zhang, her daughter-in-law and Lian Ze cut an insignificant amount. Aunt Zhang's heart aches from the fact that Lian Ze was still little.  A few times she insisted that he must rest. It might be because last night her parents-in-law gave a warning to her, Mrs. Zhao did not have any objection.

But Lian Ze wasn't willing. If Aunt Zhang and Mrs. Zhao didn't take a break, then he resolute about not resting.

Seeing that the sun was about to set, they decided to return home.

Uncle Li and Li San Ge already believe in Ah Jian now because the kiln they dug out looks about right.

Anyway, they never saw it before, so it's right.

The next day, the seven of them went up the mountain to chop timber. This time there are more people, and on top of that, robust men, naturally there's no comparison with yesterday.

From time to time, Aunt Zhang and Uncle Li would call Lian siblings to take a break.

Without a doubt, it was strenuous work. Lian Fang Zhou did take several breaks. Lian Ze didn't rest much; instead, he worked slower than other.

Anyhow, Mrs. Zhao wasn't dissatisfied at all. That's because Ah Jian's speed was faster than the Li father and son. It should be said he could match the speed of her family of four. Just watching him, would make you stunned and filled with admiration.

Beside admiration, Mrs. Zhao felt extremely envious. She couldn't help quietly comment her mother-in-law. "Fang Zhou and her family are fortunate. It would be wonderful if Ah Jian were part of our family!"

Aunt Zhang didn't know whether to cry or laugh. She (Aunt) glared at her (Zhao) and admonished her with smiling eyes. "Quickly work and less thinking about what you have and don't have!"

"Oh" Mrs. Zhao breathed out. She knew it wasn't possible. She was lamenting, that's all.

Suddenly there was a sound of flapping, which startled Mrs. Zhao to cry out. Everyone looked over to see a massive pheasant with a long tail. It was frightened out of its grassy patch and flapped its wings to fly up the mountain on the other side.

"How regrettable! It'll be great if we could catch!" Mrs. Zhao regained her wits and rued as she watched the flying pheasant.

After contemplating a bit, Ah Jian picked up a stone from the ground and threw it straight at the pheasant.

Because the pheasant was flying diagonally upward, its body couldn't go fast. So with Ah Jian's move, it accurately hit it. The pheasant's tragic cried out, and it flapped its wings in a panic as it crookedly fell.

"OH MY!" Mrs. Zhao joyfully screamed and threw away the timber she chopped and rushed over to where the pheasant crashed.

Everyone else was stunned by this scene and blankly looked at Ah Jian.

Ah Jian sheepishly laughed.

"Amazing. Ah Jian, that was awesome! Even Hunter Sun can't do one hit!" Uncle Li gave Ah Jian a thumbs up.

Li San Ge grinned. "Father, you're wrong. Let's not say Hunter Sun; even the best hunter can't beat Ah Jian! Were you previously a hunter, Ah Jian?"

"Made you watch a joke!" Ah Jian just faintly smiled and did not reply to Li San Ge.

Was being amnesiac something you could randomly say to anyone? If they heard it, they would believe he's lying to them.

Uncle Li and Li San Ge were tactful people. Seeing that he wasn't willing to say, naturally, they won't forcefully make him talk. With a smile, they changed the topic and with great interest, they asked if he would give hunting a try.

When Lian Ze saw that Ah Jian have excellent skills, his two eyes nearly shot out stars. He couldn't resist asking, "Brother Jian! When we were in Mount Xian Teng, we came across lots of pheasant, wild rabbits, and others. Why didn't you make a move?"

Ah Jian swept a glance at Lian Fang Zhou and then looked at him. "None of you ask!"

"Just because of this reason!?" Lian Fang Zhou was dumbfounded.  She jokingly commented, "Oh, how regrettable! We wasted a lot of good opportunities!"

At that time, everyone's mind was on the mushrooms. Who would pay attention to pheasant and wild rabbit? And also that Ah Jian, he could really anger someone to death!

Ah Jian laughed. "It's no big deal. Hmm, pheasant and rabbits, Mount Xian Teng got lots of them. In the next few days, it's easy to go hunt some!"

"Ah Jian, you're so cool! If I could also have such impressive abilities, then it'll be great." Lian Ze remarked with envy.

Ah Jian responded with a faint smile, "It's nothing. Skills come from practice. If you want to learn, I can teach you."

"Really!?" Surprised and delighted, Lian Ze's eyes shone like gems. He glanced at Lian Fang Zhou. So excited, he asked Ah Jian with uncertainty. "Is it... is it true?"

Before he wanted to learn from Hunter Sun, but he firmly remembered what his sister said. So even if he knew Ah Jian was very skilled and he long wished to learn from Ah Jian, he dare not ask.

However, when seeing Ah Jian reveal this move today, he was intensely stimulated and spoke out his desire in envy.

He never thought that Ah Jian didn't treat it like a big deal and agree.

"Of course," Ah Jian laughed and swept a glance at Lian Fang Zhou.  He continued, "As long as your sister agree."

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49. Charcoal plan

How else could it go? Just by looking at their tidy clothes and not a single hair out of place, you'll know it went smoothly.

Lian Fang Zhou laughed. "No problem at all! Let's eat now! After tormenting so long, I'm starving!"

"Alright! Let's eat first!" Right now, Third Aunt was at ease. Then her heart couldn't help start itching. She wanted to know how Lian Fang Zhou took care that old witch, Mrs. Qiao.

However, she knew now wasn't the time to talk about this because Lian Fang Zhou won't speak of this matter in front of the two little ones. It could only wait until after dinner.

At this time, the sky has already darkened. Not just Lian Fang Zhou, even the whole family was hungry. Hearing Lian Fang Zhou said that it was okay, they all sat down and happily ate their dinner. Only Third Aunt was itching with curiosity. She can't wait to hear about unfortunate Mrs. Qiao.

Lian Fang Zhou saw it. She mentally laughed and kept on pretending she didn't know.

After dinner, Third Aunt couldn't hold it anymore. "Fang Zhou, did Mrs. Qiao make it difficult for you?"

Lian Fang Zhou looked up and saw Third Aunt's shining eyes stared at her unblinkingly. 

Lian Fang Zhou didn't follow her direction of the conversation and just smiled. "She didn't. How could it be easy for her to bully me? I need to discuss something with Ah Jian. So, Third Aunt, we'll talk about it in detail next time."

Third Aunt had no way to stop her, so she could only hold back her curiosity. "Ok!"

Hearing Lian Fang Zhou was looking for him, Ah Jian has already tagged behind her. 

Lian Fang Zhou spoke to him for a while at the entrance. At first, Ah Jian was stunned, but afterward, he kept on nodding his head in agreement.  Immediately Lian Fang became reassured and told him. "You go inside first. I'm going to make a trip to Aunt Zhang's for some matters."

Ah Jian didn't speak anymore. He nodded and entered inside.

Third Aunt didn't dare to interrupt Lian Fang Zhou's conversation with Ah Jian. So when she heard movement, she lifted her head to see only Ah Jian coming in and rushed forward to ask, "Where Fang Zhou?"

How could Ah Jian understand Third Aunt's anxious for gossip mind? He just felt that her anxiety was a little odd. He answered, "She said she has something to do at Aunt Zhang's."

"What!?" Instantly, Third Aunt became dejected and started to mutter quietly. "Going over their house every few days, what is she doing?"

Of course, Lian Fang Zhou wasn't going over there to play. She had some matters that she needs to discuss with them.

It was already in the middle of October so that it couldn't count as cold. But deep in the mountain, the temperature was even lower. So basically, there's no mushroom to pick.

Lian Fang Zhou had no plans to sell the mushrooms they just collected over the last few days. She wanted to wait until November-December. As at that time the price would be higher. 

Since it's a dry good, it'll be light, easy to store and won't go off.

So, she'll need to do other stuff earlier.

Aunt Zhang's family would warmly welcome Lian Fang Zhou anytime she comes. So when she arrived, Aunt Zhang, Uncle Li, and Mrs. Zhao enthusiastically called her to sit. Wholly filled intimacy and affectionate.

Mrs. Zhao's eyes flashed when she saw Lian Fang Zhou and quickly asked, " Are we going to the town tomorrow to sell the mushrooms? I have everything prepared."

Mrs. was already itching to sell the mushrooms right away. She was looking forward to the feeling of counting money for a long time now. Just the thought of the few sacks of mushrooms turning to chunky coins, her heart would fly with joy.

"Saozi, no need to be hasty. Wait a little longer! Today I came for a different matter!" Lian Fang Zhou responded.

Then Aunt Zhang criticized her daughter-in-law. "You're such an impatient brat! Didn't we already agree on waiting til November-December to sell them? And you still ask?"

"I saw Fang Zhou came over and thought there was a change in plan!" Mrs. Zhao laughed it off.

Lian Fang Zhou then revealed, "Although it isn't about mushrooms, I want to talk about another matter that could earn money. Just that I don't know if Uncle and Aunt are willing to do it together."

Hearing Lian Fang Zhou say it like this, Uncle Li exchange glance with his wife. "Oh? If you have anything to say, voice it out, Fang Zhou!"

Uncle Li knew it wasn't a matter as simple as collecting mushrooms when he heard it.

Lian Fang Zhou then brought it out into the open. "It'll soon be winter, so I thought if we make some charcoal, then we'll have a limitless market! I--"

"WHAT!?" Lian Fang Zhou had yet to finish when the Li father and son cried out in shock at the same time. Aunt Zhang and Mrs. Zhao were also stunned.

"What are you saying? Making Charcoal?" Uncle Li couldn't believe it.

"That's right..." The whole family's reaction made Lian Fang Zhou scared. So when she nodded, she felt a bit... guilt-ridden?

"Fang Zhou ah," Uncle Li burst out laughing. "Making charcoal is labor that requires technique. Not everyone can do it! Within this ten mile radius, not many families can do. Those who can are passed down from generation to generation to earn a living. None of them would teach other!"

"That's right. In our village, no one can do it! If they know, then with one winter they can earn nearly one year of expense. They would have already been worry-free!" Li San Ge also laughed.

The Li Family treated Lian Fang Zhou as a little kid suddenly thinking of a strange idea and doesn't know the in-depth difficulties. So she could say it so lightly. They laughed as they explained it to her.

Mrs. Zhao lightly sighed out and felt disappointed. She thought Lian Fang Zhou had some good idea to earn money.

Li Juan cast a glance at her sister-in-law and secretly curled her lips.

However, they really did underestimate Lian Fang Zhou.

In her previous life, Lian Fang Zhou often went to the farming village because of work reason.  She has seen the process of making charcoal before, and at that time she was curious and purposely went over to help. She had intensely questioned the fellow villager.

In the modern time, heating technologies are plentiful in winter. And there's also factory-made charcoal sold. So the villager's traditional way of earth kiln's charcoal is troublesome, as it wastes energy, time and resources. It's an old method that can't keep up with time, so not many people would make charcoal.

So that's why filled with curiosity, Lian Fang Zhou ask about it with the fellow villager. Instead of keeping it a secret, the fellow villager felt proud of teaching a city person something they don't understand. He kept on explaining to her nonstop, including a lot of problems that need to be watched out for.

She was a bright and quick mind person with a good memory. Who could have known that she could use the knowledge now.

And because of that day's conversation, allowed her to know this age's high-end technique labor. But at this age, not just anyone can do it, especially women. Without any exception a young girl like her.

So that's why even if she had the idea of making charcoal, she had no way to explain it to other. And also, doing this task can't rely on just her and Lian Ze. It's strenuous work.

Today, she finally got an inspiration and thought of a good idea. And that was Ah Jian. She can't know it but Ah Jian could.

That's why just now she had talked it through with Ah Jian. She had pushed this matter onto Ah Jian's shoulder. So when the time comes, she can let Ah Jian listen to her explanation and then let him repeat it them to hear. With her advising at the side, Ah Jian couldn't possibly do anything wrong.

In an instant, Lian Fang Zhou's heart became free from anxiety. It was right to let Ah Jian stay. This way in future she could use Ah Jian as an excuse whenever she wanted to do something.

As to why she trust Ah Jian that much, Lian Fang Zhou never gave it any thoughts.

"Uncle and Aunt, I understand what you said. However, I wasn't joking. I'm serious!" Lian Fang Zhou declared. "Naturally I don't know how. It's Ah Jian who does!"

"Ah Jian?" Everyone froze at the same time. They half believed her.

They don't know that about Ah Jian's amnesiac. Even if they know, it's nothing. Being amnesiac doesn't mean he has no memory at all. Ah Jian remembering or subconsciously understand something was possible.

"Yes! Ah Jian!" Lian Fang Zhou clearly stated and nodded with a bright smile.

"You... Are you telling the truth? Aiya, that's wonderful! What are we waiting for, let's go make charcoal!" Her parent-in-law had yet to recover when Mrs. Zhao excitedly cried out.

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48. Don't let there be a next time

Two liang?  You can buy several sets of those teapots and cup. Unbelievable, she actually dared to say it.  What an idiot!

Lian Fang Zhou had a 'have you become stupid?' look. And snorted, "I'm warning you, the next time you dare to spread malicious rumors, I won't be smashing teapots and cups!  Believe it or not, I'll beat you up with all I got."
With a blink, Lain Fang Zhou's eyes deepened.  Any retort from Mrs. Qiao was choked back by her gaze. She could only blankly watch Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian leave.
Only when their figure disappeared from her sight, did Mrs. Qiao regain her breath. She then spat out, "You're just bluffing! As if anyone is afraid of you!"

Before she finished speaking, her face received another slap from Lian Li. Enraged, Lian Li shouted, "Will you stop it! You only know how to cause unnecessary trouble!"

Mrs. Qiao started screeching again. Initially, her cheeks were already stinging. Now, this slap made her head spin from the pain. Immediately she was also annoyed. In addition to Lian Li's scolding, she felt infuriated. With a  roar, she jumped on Lian Li; she wailed, cursed and hit him.

Flustered and exasperated, Lian Li dodged and retaliated as he bellowed, 'STOP.' But why would Mrs. Qiao listen? So the two of them got into a scuffle.

After Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian left Lian's first branch, Lian Fang Zhou lightly sighed out in relief.  Hopefully that gossiper, Mrs. Qiao learned her lesson. Or else, she won't let her off next time! Although she doesn't care about the rumors, it didn't mean she liked to be harmed by someone out of nowhere.

Under the faint moonlight, the two of them didn't speak. They just moved with light steps.

She tilted her head to peek at Ah Jian. Suddenly she felt a bit troubled. She coughed and gently spoke out. "About that... Ah Jian,  I was hasty. So what I just said, don't take it to heart..."

"Huh?" Ah Jian questioned. "What words?"

After saying this, the phrase about she and him being unmarried popped up in his mind. His face immediately reddened slightly and had no courage to look at her. Luckily the moonlight was very weak, so she didn't see any change in him.

However, Lian Fang Zhou didn't remember those words. Feeling uncomfortable, she replied, "About-- indenture!"

Afraid that he would misunderstand her, Lian Fang Zhou rushed to continued. "I just said those words to anger them two. You have helped us a lot. We'll remember that at heart!"

These few days, Ah Jian accompanied them to the mountains to gather mushrooms. He's very quick-witted, or more likely he has a talent in this area. He became familiar with Mount Xian Teng's terrain and surrounding faster than the Lian siblings.

With him leading, they would have a fruitful return every day.

He also recognizes a vast amount of medicinal herbs. That day Lian Fang Zhou plucked some bupleurum tenue and said that she wants to save it to treat cold and fever. He then happened to find a variety of other herbs and explained each one to her; handles stomachache, headache,  dispel poison, stop bleeding, knife wounds, burns, and others. Just from a casual talk, you can tell how skilled he is.

Even though he doesn't remember when he learned it, but he knows. And also when he said it, instinctively nobody would doubt him.

Not just Lian Fang Zhou, even Lian Ze, Mrs. Zhao and Li Juan admire him greatly. Lian Ze became even more close to him like a diehard follower.
Without anyone noticing, he already has already become part of this family.

So it was that!
Ah Jian couldn't help become disappointed. But he immediately cast aside that feeling and grinned. "I know. I'm not bothered by it all!"

From his tone, Lian Fang Zhou knew he didn't take it to heart. She broke out into a grin. "That's great. I can be at ease then."

Ah Jian nodded and turned to look at her thoughtfully. He asked, "They always bully you and your siblings, right?"

Lian Fang Zhou sighed. With a sense of mockery and helplessness, she murmured, "Made you see a joke! Those are my blood-related uncle and aunt!"

Contemplating for a second before Ah Jian comforted her. "You don't have to feel sad. That kind of people exists but not often seen. It's not worth being depressed over that kind of people."

Lian Fang Zhou made a sound of agreement. "I won't be depressed over them. It's not going to be easy for them to bully me!"

Thinking of her actions tonight, Ah Jian grinned. All of a sudden he seriously asked her: "Miss Lian, don't chase me out alright? Next time you want to settle matters with them, I'll come with you!"

Lian Fang Zhou froze. Naturally what he meant was supporting her when he said he'll accompany her. Her heart felt warm and chuckled. After giving it some thoughts, she sincerely nodded. "Yes, what you say is reasonable! Next time I come without your support, it won't do."
"So, so you won't chase me out?" Ah Jian was surprised as well as delighted. His eyes lit up.

Slightly embarrassed, Lian Fang Zhou dare not meet his gaze. She quietly responded: "Actually, since you came to my home, you have helped us a lot. Really! If you don't hate it, then stay!"

"Of course I don't hate it." Ah Jian became elated and beamed with joy. His heart finally settled down and relaxed.

Lian Fang Zhou also smiled. Then in a flash, she recalled something and mentally sighed. She thought, 'if one day you regain your memory, would you still stay here?'

Definitely won't! The things you know isn't something an ordinary man would understand. So where are you really from? What kind of identity?

In short, definitely won't be ordinary at all!

I don't know if letting you stay is a right choice or not...

Although Lian Fang Zhou didn't say it out loud, her expression subconsciously reveals a bit. Ah Jian acutely detected it and blanked out before dejectedly asked. "Am... I putting you in a spot?"

"Huh?" Lian Fang Zhou came back to her sense. Stupefied, she asked. "Why would I be in a spot?"
She couldn't help look at Ah Jian in puzzlement. A moment ago he was on top of the world. But in a blink of an eye, his mood drop down?

Ah Jian looked like he had something to say but stopped for some reason. In the end, he asked. "Is letting me stay... causing difficulties?"

"What?" Lian Fang Zhou's mind came to a halt. It took her a while to realize that he misunderstood. She quickly denied with a laugh. "Not at all! How could it be!"

"Okay!" Ah Jian responded, but he still doesn't believe it.

His expression made Lian Fang Zhou's heart softened as if she has don't something to hurt him. She also found it funny that she would have this kind of feeling. She continued. "Really, no difficulties! Just now I was thinking of another matter!"

Fine. Since we already encountered each other, it counts as fate. Then in future, let's meet and depart on a good note!

Thinking like this, Lian Fang Zhou found the weight in her heart lightened.

"So it's like this!" Ah Jian grinned again and sheepishly said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have wildly guessed!"

Lian Fang Zhou sook her head. "It's nothing at all. Not something you have to apologize for."

The two of them had already reached the entrance when they grinned at each other.

Before they entered the house, the two of them saw Third Aunt pacing around the house like ants in a hot pot. They also heard Lian Fang Qing clear voice comment. "Third Aunt quickly sit down. You flashing to here and there is making me dizzy."

"Shoo, you're just a kid, what would you understand! Go over to one side!" Third Aunt halted her steps and indignantly spoke. Then with a lift of her head, she saw Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian. She rushed over and anxiously questioned. "How was it? How did it go?"

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47. Forcing Mrs. Qiao
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He watched Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Lian walk out of the courtyard. If they leave now, then it would be hard to reverse the situation.

 Lian Li became desperate, he couldn't bother with it anymore and scurried over.  "Niece, I'm completely at fault! Please be merciful and let us off! Whatever condition you have, say it!"

Lian Fang Zhou was waiting for him to say this. Once spoken, she paused and halted her footsteps. Ah Jian also stopped and leisurely stood by her side.

"Husband, what are you saying! Have you become muddle-headed!" Hearing Lian Li say this, Mrs. Qiao felt exasperated and immediately screeched.

Lian Fang Zhou gave a cold chuckle and moved her feet to leave.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Lian Li angrily roared as he glared at Mrs. Qiao. He then hurried forward to stop Lian Fang Zhou. He wanted to reach out to grab but glanced at Ah Jian by her side.  He reached out his other hand and clasped his hands together. "Fang Zhou, my niece! You can't leave. You can't leave! If your cousin gains honor and rank, you'll also receive some benefits too. In future, who would dare bully you and your siblings? Isn't that right? You can't harm him in a fit of rage!"

Lian Fang Zhou looked at Mrs. Qiao briefly and then indifferently spoke to Lian Li. "The words that Uncle says, I don't deserve it.  Hehe, I'm afraid  I don't have the fortune to wait for that day. I'll be set up by someone before that!"

"How could that be! Who would do this kind of- matter for no reason!" Lian Li felt a bit guilty inside. He changed 'wicked matter' to 'matter' when he spoke out.

He understood why Lian Fang Zhou came.

"That's hard to say! There's all kind of people in the world! Some people are born to love creating malicious rumors and can't stand other being well off! Just like Hua Family's daughter-in-law. If I don't teach her a lesson, she won't know how stinky her mouth is!" Lian Fang Zhou casually pointed out.

Lian Li mentally rained down curses on Mrs. Qiao's head. So what if others want to raise a wild man or have a secret affair. What has it to do with you? Why pry when there's nothing to do!  Now your stinky mouth stirred up trouble.

After he finished cursing Mrs. Qiao, he was secretly shocked by Lian Fang Zhou's scheme. If Lian Fang Zhou came over to fight over this matter and she'll lose if she spoke out! It's a fact that her household took in a stranger. So what Third Aunt lives there and even if nothing happened at all, once suspicion contaminated her, there's no way to plead innocence, since the more they explain, the worse it gets. 

However, she didn't even mention a single word. Instead, she sent over Third Aunt to create a ruckus for some inexplicable reason. He was already sure that Third Aunt 's ruckus was Lian Fang Zhou's idea to agitate his wife to lose control. This way she grasps their weakness and forces him with no choice but to lower his head to her. 

Lian Li felt chills crept over his back:  so formidable at such a young age. What would it be like in few years time?

Forget about them wanting to scheme for their land. They'd be lucky if they weren't by her! 

For that reason, his son's future is more important! Cause if his son became an official, what does he have to afraid of?

Immediately Lian Li's face blacken. He twisted his head and bellowed at Mrs. Qiao: "Still not coming over!"

Being yelled at by her husband in front of Lain Fang Zhou, Mrs. Qiao felt humiliated. She harrumphed and grudgingly answered. "Go over to do what!"

Hearing her still not knowing her wrong and still dare to talk back, Lian Li became even more furious and his face blacken even more. He bellowed even louder. "GET OVER HERE!"

Caught off-guard, Mrs. Qiao was startled. Seeing that his face was pitch black and brimming with rage that was about to erupt, she dare not retort. Livid, she slowly walked over.

Lian Li felt pained seeing this. So when she was few steps away, he immediately grabbed him and forcibly pulled her over. He spun her to place her in front of Lian Fang Zhou and coldly ordered. "What good thing you did, so apologize to Niece!"

Mrs. Qiao stared at Lian Li with widened eyes: let her apologize?

 "Hurry up!" Lian Li gave her an icy glare. He voiced in a low tone through his gritted teeth. "You want to ruin your son?"

Mrs. Qiao was very unwilling. She doesn't believe that Lian Fang Zhou and Third Aunt would go the County Academy. What kind of place is that place? They say they'll go; then they can go?

But at this moment, Lian Li's whole body was pulsing with a tyrannical vibe. It left no room for her to refute. So, she quietly stuttered. "What, what wrong have I done that I need to apologize for?"

"Quickly apologize! Stop being a windbag!" Lian Li shouted. "What your stinky mouth said, do we still need to ask?"

Mrs. Qiao froze and then immediately understand that Third Aunt's ruckus was to do with this.

She became mad and even more unwilling. She slanted her eyes to Ah Jian and was about to speak. Coincidentally, she met with Ah Jian's calm and steady gaze. For no reason, she came to a stop and dared not speak out.

"It seems like tomorrow we'll have to go to the county town!" Lian Fang Zhou coldly voiced out.

Just as Lian Fang Zhou's word came to a stop, Lian Li suddenly pushed Mrs. Qiao to her front. He coldly pressurized her. "Get out off here, if you don't apologize now!"

Did he team up with an outsider to bully her? And also want to kick her out?

Mrs. Qiao nearly exploded in a fury. But she could hear that Lian Li wasn't joking with her.

Mrs. Qiao kept on enduring with all her might. She turned to Lian Fang Zhou. "I'm sorry..."

Lian Fang Zhou coldly stared at her, "In future, if I hear any malicious rumors or gossip, I won't care about whether you're an elder or not!"
Mrs. Qiao shot dagger at her before immediately lowering her eyes. On the inside she thought: you wretched lass, when did you every respected your elders? You didn't give one penny of the ten liang to your elder as filial piety.

"There won't be any!" Lian Li immediately followed up. "None at all!"

Lian Fang Zhou gave an unimpressed smile. "Really? Then shouldn't Aunt give me a pledge? I'm still a bit worried."

Lian Li turned his head to Mrs. Qiao. "Well, hurry! Make a vow!"

Mrs. Qiao couldn't stand her husband's glare, so she disgruntledly promised. "I, I  swear that from now on I won't!"

"Won't what?"

"I won't create malicious rumors!"

Lian Fan Zhou remained silent. She just stared at her.

"Are you stupid or what? Speak more clearly!" Lian Li pushed her again.

Seeing that her husband continuously put her to shame in front of other people, Mrs. Qiao was livid and mentally stressed. A burst of anger burst out, and she immediately yelled: "I, Mrs. Qiao swear that from now on if I ever create malicious rumors or gossip to frame my niece wrongly, I will be struck to death by lightning!"
Lian Li did not expect her to yell, so it made him jump.

Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian weren't startled. Instead, Lian Fang Zhou chuckled and swept a glance at her. "You better remember what you said today, Aunt. The Heaven won't be deceived. It's listening, and it remembers! Ah Jian, let's go!" " 

She doesn't want to stay here any longer.

In a fit of anger, Mrs. Qiao made a ruthless vow. Initially, she thought Lian Fang Zhou would say some polite words. But instead, of gracious words, it was a loud wake-up call. At once, her temper flared up, and she stamped her feet. "Stop right there!"

Surprisingly, Lian Fang Zhou did stop. She turned around and indifferently asked, "Anything else?"

Mrs. Qiao reached ou her palm to her and with a sunken face, she demanded, "You smashed our teapot and cups and wanted to leave like this? Compensate us with two liang now!"

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46.There's no husband, so where would the adulterer come from

Lian Li was under the impression that Mrs. Qiao's pettiness was acting up, couldn't bear that Lian Xiao Man is now living peacefully, so she (Mrs. Q) went to nitpick her (3rd Aunt) matters. And this causes her (3rd Aunt) to run over to sob and fuss at their door.

Mrs. Qiao is this kind of character.

But he knows very well, right at this moment Mrs. Qiao's 
expression isn't like she is fibbing. And also there's no need for her to lie to his face.

So that means she is telling the truth.

Both of them were in a trance for a moment.

Mrs. Qiao stiffly spoke: "She came to our home entrance to cause a ruckus out of nowhere, while we had to accompany her, no?" 

"This wretch!" Mrs. Qiao suffocated from anger, head feeling dizzy.

Lian Li was also muted by anger, on the inside he was extremely miserable: after half day of ruckus, the person being unreasonable is Lian Xiao Man! And the couple themselves don't even know why she came to make a scene at all! How can they not feel miserable?

"That little wretch! Does she even put you her elder brother in her eye, or me her Sister-in-law? I'll find her! I have to ask her why she came to our home and caused trouble out of the blue!" Blinded by anger Mrs. Qiao, wanted to rush out.

"Come back here!" Lian Li roughly caught her and coldly commented: "Haven't you had enough of creating a scene?"

"But how can I leave it like this?" Mrs. Qiao sharply cried out. She blamed the four slaps on her face on Third Aunt's shoulder.

Leave it be? Definitely not.

Let's not say, Mrs. Qiao, even Lian Li isn't willing too.

"Future days are long!" Lian Li spat out the four words through the gap of his teeth, then took large steps into the house.

Mrs. Qiao doesn't care about what future days are long; she only wants to go over now and make a scene. Return Third Aunt a few hard slaps.

But they have suffered a lot today, so not only is their whole body without energy, even their brain feel very chaotic. In addition to that, the second branch got that wretched lass, Lian Fang Zhou. So if she goes now, she'll definitely won't gain any benefit. All she could do was vilify a few words quietly and temporarily hold her anger and follow her husband inside.

The couple was angered so much by Third Aunt that their head was feeling faint.  They ultimately didn't realize the oddness of their own house being light up-- no one home so how could they bare to light the candle?

After they enter the house, both of them lift their head and unexpectedly saw a Lian Fang Zhou with a cold face sitting in at the top middle. She had frightened them.

"You... why are you here!?" Mrs. Qiao questioned.
Lian Fang Zhou coldly laughed and suddenly stood up and picked up a teapot and fiercely flung at the floor. With a bang, it shattered to pieces.

As Mrs. Qiao gasped in shock, she continued to smash four cups one at a time. All turned to shattered pieces.

"I had it with you!" Mrs. Qiao saw that in a blink of an eye Lian Fang Zhou had smashed her teapot and four cups into smithereens, her heart tightly twist in pain. She screamed and jumped to strike Lian Fang Zhou. 

It's just that her eyes were so focused on Lian Fang Zhou, that she overlooked Ah Jian who was at her side.

Naturally, Ah Jian immediately stood in front of Lian Fang Zhou. 
With just a light lift of his hand, he swatted Mrs. Qiao away like a fly. She staggered backward. After stumbling for few steps, she became stable again.

Only then did she notice Ah Jian. She gave him a vicious glare. When she met with Ah Jian's ever so calm gaze, her whole became as stiff as a board. She stood there, not daring to move a step.

"Lian Fang Zhou! You shameless girl!  Not only did you raise an adulterer at home, you even brought the adulterer to hit your elders!" Mrs. Qiao redirected her glare at Lian Fang Zhou and viciously screeched.

Not a single hint of anger was on Lian Fang Zhou's face. Instead, she didn't lose one bit of her composure at all. She lightly smiled, and in an icy tone, she said: "Seems like Third Aunt's ruckus isn't enough. Tomorrow we need to go to the County town and have a good talk with cousin's Academy."

Startled, Mrs. Qiao swept her over her and Ah Jian. And then she raised her lips to a sneer: "Alright! Go on, talk then! I think it's better to talk about your matter first!"

Mrs. Qiao pointed at Ah Jian and smirked: "Let's talk about you lacking in woman's propriety first. To let an adulterer live at home!"

When she finished, Mrs. Qiao gave her a smug look, as if she caught Lian Fang Zhou's weak spot. Her heart immediately cried out in delight.

Not just her, Lian Li was also slightly smirking at the side: This time his woman has become astute.

Lian Fang Zhou paused for a bit and started to laugh mockingly. She steadily gazed at Mrs. Qiao and questioned: "Lacking in woman's virtue? Adulterer? I haven't married yet, so what woman's virtue? I have no husband, so what adulterer? Ah Jian is our family's farmhand. We have an indenture as proof. If you speak any more rubbish, we'll make a trip a trip to the county town!"

She coldly laughed and raised her brow and continued: "Ah Jian and I aren't married. If I marry him for real, then what? Who would say anything?"

Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li became tongue-tied. They were completely dumbfounded. 

What Lian Fang Zhou said was right!

Hearing Lian Fang Zhou say this so brazenly, Ah Jian's heart slightly jumped. Out of nowhere, an inexplicable feeling sprouted. 
He couldn't help steal some quick glance at her. Inside he felt a bit happy.

However, Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li were furious. They didn't have the slightest clue what to do with her.

In the ordinary course of events, Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li should take their field as well as taking care of the four siblings after their parents passed away. Afterall, they were the only elders in Lian Family.

But Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li were a bit unwilling when they thought about the fact they would need to prepare dowry for their two nieces and help two nephews find a bride.

Even so, the second branch's few acres of land is very tempting. So they have their plans. They felt that those fours kids have fully grown up yet, what could they understand? After few years, they could use some trick and take over all of those lands. And also don't have to take care of them. Isn't that great?

So when the Village Junior Officer Zhang made an appearance to request them to take in and care for Lian Fang Zhou and the others as their uncle and aunt, they rejected no matter what. Firmly stating that the first branch and second branch has already separated, so the second branch got nothing to do with them. And also that even though their brother and sister-in-law is gone, they still have the house and field. Lian Fang Zhou is 15, and Lian Ze is 12. They aren't kids anymore. So why would they take them in? And they have to fund their son's study. They indeed don't the energy to do more...

This matter brewed for few days. No matter what Officer Zhang said, they were still not willing. In the end, Officer Zhang let it go.

Everyone in the village knows about this matter.

So if Mrs. Qiao and Lian Li want to take control of Lian Fang Zhou's marriage, it wouldn't be possible.

Third Aunt? She has already married off, so she can't intervene with her maternal family's matter.

So it's entirely possible for Lian Fang Zhou to choose her husband. She couldn't possibly let her young brother help her decide, right?

Lian Fang Zhou coldly glanced at the couple with disdainful, mocking gaze. She coldly said: "Ah Jian, let's go! We'll go to the County town tomorrow with Third Aunt!"

Lian Fang Zhou raised her foot to leave. Ah Jian briefly looked at them and then followed Lian Fang Zhou.

"Fang Zhou! My niece!" Lian Li distressingly thought he mustn't let Lian Fang Zhou make trouble at the County Academy and ruin his son's reputation.

Lian Fang Zhou dare to risk going, but he couldn't.

Lian Fang Zhou didn't bother with him. Her footsteps didn't halt at all; she kept on steadily walk away.

"NIECE! NIECE!" Lian Li became frantic. He hurried over and reached out to grab Lian Fang Zhou's arm.

But before he could touch Lian Fang Zhou, Ah Jian raised his hand at the right time and blocked his outstretched hand.

Ah Jian's movement seems very natural and very relaxed as if it didn't contain any strength. However, Lian Li, like Mrs. Qiao earlier, felt as if a powerful force ram over. He couldn't help stagger few steps away.