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BTTS 302

 Chapter 302. Convenience shop

Then Lin Qing He heard Mother Zhou go over it once.

This year, wasn't the contract responsibility system coming into place? Everyone was doing their own part and no longer worked together.

Third Brother Lin took on a lot of lands. For a hardworking person like him, he can take on a lot. However, he just cut the amount to half.

He only took on half of the originally planned amount.

Since the land was divided and the winter wheat was planted, Third Brother Lin had devoted all his attention to this business.

In the beginning, he collected eggs to sell on behalf of others and earned a little money for the effort. After winter kicked in, he stopped collecting eggs.

Why? It snowed, so was easy to slip. If there was any loss, it will be on him.

Not taking eggs, so Third Brother Lin switched to chickens.

Carrying a scale, he rode the bicycle he bought from his sister and went around the whole countryside. His profit was extremely good.

A chicken was one yuan or so. He can make almost two dimes profit if he gets it to the city.

And because of this, Third Brother Lin was motivated.

At the end of the day, he can collect about ten chickens at most. The minimum was five or six chickens. When these were sent to the city, money will be earned.

It wasn't just that. He also bought a lot of soybeans and mung beans from the villagers this year. He kept it to sprout them to beansprouts.

This was very profitable. No one would believe this. That bit of bean sprouts accumulated in a month can make almost 50 to 60 yuan.

There was also income from chickens.

It can be said that since the beginning of winter this year, Third Brother Lin had really made a fortune.

Of course, Lin Qing He didn't know about these. She saw Third Brother Lin the next day.

At this time, Lin Qing He knew that doing business would make money. But looking at Third Brother Lin, one can never tell he made a profit.

He wore a very old jacket.

He came over once he collected the chickens. Today, he collected a lot of chickens. Two chicken coops contained a dozen chickens.

"Sister, Brother-in-law." Third Brother Lin was overjoyed.

"How many years have you worn this jacket? Still not buying a new one?" Lin Qing He couldn't help but utter when seeing her third brother like this.

"It's no big deal. It's enough to keep out the cold. No need to wear much." Third Brother Lin said with a smile.

"You're all frozen." Lin Qing He said to him.

She poured a basin of warm water, and then gave him a towel to wash his face. Third Brother Lin knew that his sister cared about him, so he obeyed.

After washing, Lin Qing He dug out some vanishing cream for him to put on, and said, "I bought a lot of vanishing cream. You take this jar with you. Smear some on when you go out every day. You're younger than me by one year and looked older than your brother-in-law."

Third Brother Lin just grinned.

"Alright, first take your brother-in-law to sell chickens and ducks. When you come back, come directly here for lunch. I set aside a roast duck for you. You have to bring them back for my nieces to eat." Lin Qing He said.

"Okay." Third Brother Lin set off with his brother-in-law.

It was the 26th at this time. Already close to the New Year. Whether it was Zhou Qing Bai's chicken and duck or Third Brother Lin's chicken and bean sprouts, they were selling fast.

The two returned when it was midday.

Lin Qing He, Father Zhou, and Mother Zhou had finished eating. She cooked them a chicken noodle soup and let them be full before they talk.

"Sister, your culinary is too good." Third Brother Lin said contentedly after eating until his stomach was bulging.

"Let your wife put more effort into food and she can also make you delicious." Lin Qing He responded.

After finishing tidying up, she sent Zhou Qing Bai to wash. She sat down and asked, "Did you figure it out?"

Third Brother Lin smiled and said, "I just went to try it. I didn't expect that this year the city really didn't care about it."

"How do you feel now?" Lin Qing He smiled.

"Great." Third Brother Lin became serious and declared, "Sister, I plan to continue doing it next year. I also plan to collect some fruits and vegetables from our mountain and sell them in the future. Sister, do you think it will work?"

"It will work, but it's too tiring." Lin Qing He said.

It takes about two hours to get from here to the county city, even if one rode a bicycle. There was also a cart of fruits and vegetables. Very exhausting.

"I'm not afraid of being tired." Third Brother Lin shook his head.

What was so scary about being tired? What was scary was not making any money after exhaust themselves. Just like before. Drained to a half-dead state and how much money did he make?

"Go back and forth to the county town like this, have you ever thought of opening a convenience shop in the village?" Lin Qing He didn't stop him. Next time she goes to the south, she'll check if there was a motorcycle. If so, she'll get one back for her third brother.

Always going back and forth to the county city on a bicycle was exhausting.

"Convenience shop?" Third Brother Lin was surprised.

"Go to the county city and find some supplies. Like sour plum, powder candy, monk meat, and candies that children eat now.  They can be shipped back for sale. Also soy sauce and vinegar. You can also find some places. Buy more and they will definitely be willing to give you a bargain. There will be some supplies in the county city. You can earn the difference." Lin Qing He advised.

"Not a bad idea." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Since he started doing business, he had also realized that one shouldn't underestimate these small margins. It's overwhelming in large quantities.

Less become more. One can earn a lot in one month.

Third Brother Lin's heart slightly moved.

After all, it was indeed very convenient for him as he traveled between the county city and the village.

"Isn't it embarrassing to selling things in the village?"Third Brother Lin said while scratching his head.

"You would be ashamed but your wife wouldn't. You only need to manage the shipping. Let your wife do the rest." Lin Qing He didn't care.

Her sister-in-law wasn't a soft persimmon. She can do this.

"Then alright. I'll talk to her when I go back." Third Brother Lin nodded.

"These two pairs of socks belong to your brother-in-law but he hasn't worn them yet. They are all brand new. Bring them back to wear. And this pack of red dates is for my nieces. Take this pack of milk candy back. I also specially brought you malt milk extract for you. Don't forget this jar of vanishing cream. Don’t save it. You used this towel. Take it home. There is one roast duck for each family. Your family gets one." After Lin Qing He packed these things, she told Third Brother Lin to take them back.

Third Brother Lin uttered helplessly: "Sister."

"Take it back. Don't speak of those needless words." Lin Qing He waved her hand and said, "Do you want to come over on the 1st?"

"Want." Third Brother Lin nodded.

"Okay. Come over then and I'll make good food for you." Lin Qing He acknowledged.

So Third Brother Lin took these things back home.

"Third Sister and Third Brother-in-law are back?" Seeing these things, Third Sister-in-law Lin knew who gave these and asked

"They're back." Third Brother Lin nodded.

"I'll go make you some food first." Third Sister-in-law Lin said before she sorts it out.

In the end, her heart ached for her man.

Third Brother Lin said, "No need. My sister made me chicken noodle soup. I was very full. Put these things away. I will tell you something."


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