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32 Ugly words said beforehand

Translated by Maggie   Edited By Yi Yue

Because everyone never thought Lian Fang Zhou, a skinny weak little girl would have such courage and charisma, for a moment everyone couldn't react.

"Aunt (Mrs Qiao), Third Aunt (Xiao Man), don't argue, if you keep arguing like this until sunrise, there won't be any good result, besides the throat being sore and hoarse. We're all one family, what is the point! Third Aunt, let's go!"

Lian Fang Zhou deeply breathed in and calmly spoke.

"Need you--" Mrs Qiao rolled her eyes at Lian Fang Zhou, in midst of saying ‘Need you to so nosy,” Lian Li glared at her, so she suddenly regained her wits, hurriedly shut up and changed to a heavy harrumph. Lian Xiao Man also gave a deadly look at her, quiet cold laugh-- that was a really cold laugh, it made people's body feel a slight shiver.

"What Fang Zhou said is right, everyone disperse now!" Lian Li loudly called out.
Lian Fang Zhou silently curled her lips in disdain; some people really don't know how thick their skin is (means shameless), he still have the guts to open his mouth. At this time, everyone regained their wits, and one after another start discussing. However the content of discussion changed: Lian Family's girl, ‘how great she is!’. One after another, everyone dispersed.
Mrs Qiao was angered with Lian Fang Zhou -- She is set on believing that Lian Fang Zhou purposely waited until she (Mrs Qiao), her husband (Lian Li) and Lian Xiao Man fight til no reconciliation point can happen and then came over, purposely letting them make a fool of themselves and show her goodness.

In addition to Lian Fang Zhou's loud shout from a moment ago, clearly that shout included her, and a strange coincidence, she actually listened to her shout and stopped arguing with Lian Xiao Man, doesn't this mean she, Mrs Qiao listens to Lian Fang Zhou's words? How could that do!
Mrs Qiao directed her anger on Lian Fang Zhou (kind of like holding hatred but switch with rage).

She knows Lian Xiao Man’s nature very well, so she purposely said this words loudly "Niece Fang Zhou, you siblings have had no family head for so long, now you happen to bring back your Third Aunt, so the family finance or whatever problems crop up, you have an elder to make decisions! Or else it won't be right!"

Lian Fang Zhou was originally pondering on how to clearly state that Third Aunt is a guest in front of everyone, otherwise in future Lian Xiao Man may possibly do something where it isn't right for her to talk. Hearing Mrs Qiao's words meet her desire.

Lian Fang Zhou politely said in a loud voice: "Aunt, those words aren't reasonable! How could you corrupt Third Aunt's reputation? Third Aunt has Third Aunt's family, to run over to the maternal family to become the family’s decision maker? What are you making people think of her? How would they see Lian Family? Does that mean in future after Lian family's daughter marry out, they then run back to the maternal home to become the family head? What would that become! Third Aunt is an understanding person and absolutely won't be muddled-head like you."

Aunt Zhang has already came forward to help Lian Fang Zhou, to support Lian Xiao Man, hearing these words she also nodded her head and said:"What Fang Zhou said is reasonable! There has never been such married daughter not watching their reputations matter! Mrs (or sister-in-law) if you prefer Qiao shouldn't say that!"

Everyone also nodded, agreed, and said Mrs Qiao is in the wrong.
Especially those women with sister-in-law's (husband's sister) in the family; if in the future each family’s sister-in-law start having this intention, for no reason to run over the maternal family to boss around, who would be able to put up with it?
Mrs Qiao just sneered, but didn't answer. She knows she doesn't need to say anything because she know Lian Xiao Man's nature very clearly!
Lian Xiao Man heard Mrs Qiao's word and her heart was moved: Even in her dreams she want to become the family head once. Unfortunately, her man died, this life she, the daughter-in-law can't become an experienced old woman (experience the hardship of running the household)! Of course no longer having the chance of becoming the family head. Isn't there a good opportunity in front of eyes now? Because of Lian Fang Zhou's words, it created a slight feeling of displeasure in her heart.

She didn't let it go into her heart (means didn't take it seriously), because she didn't place any importance on the four siblings. In her opinion, since Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze obediently took the initiative to run over to collect her, then in future, whatever she said, would they disobey?

Lian Xiao Man faced the ground and spat again, coldly harrumphed: "She's just wants to drive a wedge between us. Especially because her intention are up to no good! Let's go!"

"Alright!" Lian Fang Zhou nodded her head. The two siblings, Lian Xiao Man and Aunt Zhang left together. Anyway what she wanted to say is already said. If this Third Aunt really wants to be a troublemaking moth, then don't blame her for 'changing face and not recognise her' (This phrase means forget all previous interaction and give no respect or consideration)

Once entered the yard, Third Aunt saw the repaired like new house, tidied up neatly yard and her eyes lit up, happily commented: "Not bad, not bad. This house really isn't bad!"

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze stared at each other, Lian Ze's brow slightly tighten, Lian Fang Zhou signalled him not be impatient. Lain Ze didn't say anything and just cast down his eyes.

"I won't go in, still have stuff to do when I go back!" Aunt Zhang saw the situation and mentally sighed. This Lian Xiao Man really is 'scars heal, forget the pain' type. Not a single thanks was said and once entered, she stared at the house. Pitiful siblings, why have such a bitter life!

However in other difficulties, Aunt Zhang could help out, but this is Lian Family's family matter. So even if Aunt Zhang have the heart to, she could only stand by and do nothing. No matter what era, sticking into other people's family is a taboo.
"Aunt Zhang, take care!" Lian Fang Zhou gratefully smiled toward Aunt Zhang, then toward Lian Xiao Man, she politely said: "Third Aunt, can you help send off Aunt Zhang!"

Aunt Zhang originally wanted to say "No need", but saw Lian Fang Zhou giving her the eye, then held her tongue. Lian Xiao Man's brows was slightly wrinkled, obviously showing a not very willing expression. Lian Fang Zhou, a younger generation actually ordered her, this made her extremely uncomfortable.

However she is an elder, and Aunt Zhang did help out today. She, the elder need to give her thanks to her, personally sending her is fitting right? Lian Fang Zhou and her siblings are all kids, letting them go forward is a bit lacking in manner.

Thinking like this, did Lian Xiao Man felt somewhat better, smiled as she went to the yard as she send off Aunt Zhang as she was told to. But her heart still felt a bit unhappy. This Aunt Zhang, really don't know where her chatter come from, talked with her for a good while before she actually left. Only then did Lian Xiao Man let out a breathe, hurriedly turned around to go in.

When she returned to room, dinner were already on the table. When saying dinner, it was actually just a pot of pumpkin rice. Lian Che saw that her  sister and brother haven't returned after so long and the sky has nearly darkened, then decided to wash the pumpkin Lian Fang Zhou brought back and put in the rice to cook. At this time it was already cooked.

"Third Aunt, please come have dinner!" Lian Fang Zhou saw her (Xiao Man) entering and smiled. Lian Fang Zhou's tone was very polite. But because it was too polite, Lian Xiao Man felt unhappy instead, she then grinned: "Hey, we're all one family, why be polite! In future, no need to treat each other as strangers!"

Lian Fang Zhou glanced at her, still very polite as she gave a slight smile: "This isn't the problem of treating as stranger or not. Even though we are one family but you are Aunt (GuNaiNai- this aunt means married daughter)." Aunt still counts as a guest. Lian Xiao Man saw herself, neither soft or hard attempts meet Lian Fang Zhou's two nails. She felt even more displeased in her heart, however she knew she obviously can't take advantage of Lian Fang Zhou by speech. So she smiled and no longer spoke as she went forward.

Seeing the table of five bowls of pumpkin rice, Lian Xiao Man frowned and said: "Aiya, how could it do just eating these? You are all in your growing period, should be eating more good thing! Fang Zhou, go to kitchen again and make another two dishes, Ah Ze you help with the fire!”


30.Dissolving engagement part 4
Translated by Maggie Edited by Yi Yue

Yun Family
In a young girl's room, a whiff of medicinal fragrance spread all over the room, covering up all the original smell of the room. Yun Luo Feng stood completely naked in front of a bathtub, she slowly lifted a foot and cautiously stretched it toward the wooden tub, when her toes touch the medicinal liquid in bath, an unbearable pain spread through her toes. She hardened her heart, and placed her whole leg into it. That moment, the biting pain made her hand itch to chop off her whole leg, but she understood that if she couldn't endure this hurdle, then can only forever be a trash who can't cultivate!

"Xiao Mo, you told me before, the medicinal bath will be very painful, but I didn't expect it to be this kind of painful."  Yun Luo Feng bitterly smiled, but eventually submerge her whole body in the bath tub.  At this time, she felt countless knives cutting her skin, it hurt so much, she wanted to jump out several times, however, once she thinks of the consequence of failure she will bear , she then firmly gritted her teeth and keep enduring.

"Master, do your best ah, as long as you keep bearing it, then afterward, you are free to travel this mainland!” There's nothing wrong with enduring. Xiao Mo's encouragement made Yun Luo Feng's heart shook, and a steadfast expression flitted on the pale face, and the bewitching eyes gave out a burning light and incomparable calmness.

"What you said is right, I have to keep bearing this pain! For myself, also for this Yun Family ... ..." She lowered her eyes, covering the domineering and arrogance in her eyes, "I want to become stronger, I want the people in this continent to no longer dare to bully me, I want that Mu Xing Chou and the dog of an emperor to kneel in front of my parents grave and apologies one day! I also want to ... ... step on the whole continent under my foot!"

She was never willing to be mediocre with people, in the past life she wasn't,' this life she will also not. In her past life, she studied hard to reciprocate the mentor's adoption, this world, it is to keep living on the mainland ... ... Under this severe pain, Yun Luo Feng passed out several times, then even to the end, the whole body has become numb! But in the end, she still went through it. Until the tub of originally green medicinal liquid gradually become black, did she climb out of the tub.  An hour! A whole hour of time, felt like a century long, quite difficult to bear! And so painful, she would still have to bear whole four more times ... …However, because of experiencing the first time, she suddenly felt that this kind of pain, no longer seems to be unbearable like it originally seemed. It is clear that Yun Luo Feng is quixotic. The pain of the first medicinal bath was the lightest, the more closer you are to finishing, it gets more difficult, and till the fifth day, Yun Luo Feng suddenly found one very serious problems … That is, the General Manor has no money! That's right, her medicinal bath for four times was a whole twenty million liang. This is the General Manor's so many years of accumulated saving. The result was she spent it within four days......Yun Luo Feng was stumped, she could imagine her own grandfather's expression of fury, that after he see the empty treasury.

"Miss, Miss," at this time, the maid, Qing Yan hurriedly ran over, that small face full of anxiousness, "Miss, a big problem, Prime Minister Mu Manor's Mu Shen came to see Miss. Right now General isn't home, what should we do?"
Mu Shen?
After hearing this name, Yun Luo Feng's lips lightly raise: "I was just worried about having no money to buy the medicinal herbs needed for the fifth day medicinal bath. This money sender just arrived......"

At this time, in the courtyard of the front yard, Mu Shen was anxious as he pacing back and forth, his face full of apprehension. He has already been thinking for four days at home! In these four days, he thought of a lot of questions, those questions revolve all around one person - Yun Luo Feng!

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31. Yun Luo Feng's great Swindle -Unedited
He can be certain that his own matter that other have no way of knowing, not even his own grandfather knows.
But then why did Yun Luo Feng know about this?
So, he thought about it a few days, in the end decided to come here to ask this matter!
Far far away, he saw a young girl clad in white clothes, meet/exposed to the sunlight as she walked over, a touch of light shone down and fell down on that peerless, devastatingly beautiful face, she was like person that came out of a painting. Too lovely to be desired.
Within Mu Shen's eyes was some amazement, before, he had never noticed Yun Luo Feng was this beautiful?
Oh right, it should be temperament!
That's right, the current young girl's temperament seem to have changed. No longer the previous flirtatious and decadent, instead, became more confident, even those feature have a touch of arrogance, those eyes were as if it was looking down on the world.
Suddenly, Mu Shen have a feeling that even his own sister, Mu Wu Shuang have no way of comparing with this white-clothed girl. Since the Crown Prince want to break the engagement with her, one day he'll have lifelong regret.