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30.Third Aunt's entry denied.
Translated by Maggie, edited by Yi Yue

"Third Aunt?" Lian Fang Zhou froze, mentally cried out in misery.
It's not that she doesn't care about the original soul's things, but actually she didn't even know about the existence of Third Aunt, and she doesn’t even know what kind of character is Third Aunt. After stirring trouble at Uncle and Aunt's place, would she come over to her home for a turn?

Aunt Zhang let out a sound of amazement, hurriedly asked Li Juan: "Xiao Man is back? Why did she come back at this time?"
Aunt Zhang saw that the sky is already dark and misty.

"I also don't know." Li Juan thought about it, said: "Anyway, this time she is making a very big stir! Second Uncle Lian and Aunt Qiao, they won’t allow Xiao Man to enter the house door. So Xiao Man sat at the entrance crying and yelling, insulting them too! A lot of people are watching...(ie. viewing and gossiping/commenting) Oh yeah, Aunt Qiao also won’t let Xiao Man in and to go to Fang Zhou's house, saying their house will definitely not take her in!"
Hearing this, Lian Fang Zhou's heart sank, seems like whatever this Third Aunt is, she isn't someone to be trifled with. Mrs Qiao that guy, no good things come out of her mouth! What if Third Aunt really went to her home, then what should she do!’
Lian Fang Zhou was a bit agitated and couldn't stay standing, she better rush back and see! She hastily said a few words and hurried back home.
Aunt Zhang asked Li Juan a bit more, however Li Juan didn't know a lot, so she couldn't get much information.

Aunt Zhang sighed “Xiao Man is also difficult to deal with, it could be said that she is fifty to eighty percent like the Lian Family's couple! Oh, if she really did go to Fang Zhou's house--,oh really pitiful children!"
At the side, Mrs Zhao couldn't help curling her lips, grinning "Mother, you worry too much! The current Fang Zhou isn't easy to bully! Think about time with that Hua Family's daughter-in-law. Without Fang Zhou's agreement, I bet, no matter how Xiao Man was forceful, she wouldn’t be able to enter their (Fang Zhou’s) home door! However I feel that the Fang Zhou now is a lot better then before, hehe!"

"What do you know!" Aunt Zhang glared at Mrs Zhao, mentally saying 'you say and feel that the Fang Zhou now is good because now she give you gifts? You ah...are just so short-sighted!'
How could you understand? Lian Xiao Man isn't Hua Family's daughter-in-law, she's the Fang Zhou’s and her siblings' legitimate-related Third Aunt, (Basically she is the legitimate related third aunt of Lian Fang Zhou and her siblings generation…Must be their father’s third oldest in family sister with same mother and father so she is called legitimate) which makes her (TA) an elder!... Even if she (TA) is in the wrong (TLN: can't find the right word for the phrase but this is the closest), she's still the elder!

<Could be because she’s an elder she won’t be punished even though she’s wrong>

Driving an elder out the door, suffering people's denouncement is unavoidable! In this village, perhaps there'll be some people saying crude words! Especially the Hua Family, so how could they let go of this opportunity?

If like this, Fang Zhou's name will definitely be damaged, not only her, the four siblings reputation will suffer. In future it will affect their marriage! (TLN: not exactly the marriage but the getting married part)

But, that Lian Xiao Man isn't someone good, if the siblings let her in the house, being bullied by her is unavoidable? There's a possibility of those hard earned money to be scammed away by her.
Ah, this matter really is-

"That can't do, I better go have a look!" the more Aunt Zhang thought about, the more she worries. She finally couldn't endure it and stopped whatever she was working on and went out.

Even though this matter is hard to deal with, if she is by the side watching, at the right time she could help say a few words. Not letting the siblings suffer.

Aunt Zhang hastily rushed to Lian Fang Zhou's house. With a look, she only finds Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che at home. Lian Che was at the kitchen watching the fire for dinner.
She couldn't help stare blankly, quickly she asked Lian Fang Qing in the central room "Girl, where's your sister and brother?”

Lian Fang Qing was giggling and called out 'Aunt Zhang’. Hearing Aunt Zhang ask her, she replied: "My sister and second brother went to aunt's place, let me and third brother stay at home!"
"What!" Aunt Zhang was surprised, her face changed.
Lian Fang Qing was a bit puzzled ,saying "They just went over ah!"
"Oh no!" Aunt Zhang stomp her feet, not want to talk to her (LFQ) anymore and hurriedly headed over to where Lian Fang Zhou was.

Her heart couldn't help secretly be anxious and complained ‘this girl, what is she actually planning! At this time she should wait to avoid trouble, why did it become like this? Reversed and sending herself up?! Is this for real?!’

   Aunt Zhang didn't know that Lian Fang Zhou have her own plan.
After she (LFZ) hastily returned from Aunt Zhang's house, she couldn’t bother with the other problem, and first ask Lian Ze about this Third Aunt person.

Lian Ze blanked for a second then told her in detail and was puzzled that out of nowhere she(LFZ) asked about her(TA)?

The more she hear about Third Aunt the more Lian Fang Zhou's brow frowned, never thought that this Third Aunt is also troublesome and a difficult character.
Selfish, petty, harsh mouth...
Especially hearing that her husband is no longer in this world and her relationship with her (TA) mother-in-law and sister-in-law isn't very good, made Lian Fang Zhou's brow creased even tighter......
So to speak, if Mrs Qiao set on the idea of not letting her in, 7-8 out of 10 she will come to her home.
To her own family, she (TA) is an elder ah! If she (LFZ) shut her out the door, that would be unfilial ah! In this era, no one dare carry the unfilial hat. Even Lian Fang Zhou, who isn't afraid of heaven or earth, wouldn't dare.
Once the unfilial hat is fasten on, then 'that's the real end!’
Not only her, her siblings would also be affected. If by chance offended a vile person, then Lian Che's school matters may possibly fall apart.
But, rather than being made to wait for Third Aunt to come knocking on the door, wouldn't taking the initiative to find her Third Aunt, be a better value? At least her family will gain a good reputation, and also Third Aunt would owe her debt of gratitude.

This way, she could more or less control the situation a bit, otherwise wouldn't it be that, what she(TA) says would be what it is?
Lian Fang Zhou would never let any other person come to her home and put an appearance of an elder, wanting to be the head of house making decisions.

This house's master is her,only she could protect the siblings. In midst of thinking, without hesitation she pulled Lian Ze out of the door, straight over to Lian Li's house.

Aunt Zhang rushed to nothing at Lian Fang Zhou's house, turned around to anxiously rush over to Lian Li's house. She's afraid that the two siblings would be at a disadvantage ah!

When Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze arrived, the Qiao couple and Lian Xiao Man was in midst of a terrible row (fighting).
They could only see Mrs Qiao both hands on hips blocking the yard's entrance, Lian Li standing behind Mrs Qiao acting as back up, and Lian Xiao Man fallen down sitting on the ground lamenting to heaven and knock her head on earth(means wailing her woe). Dozen to twenty villagers stood around pointing.
Only to hear Mrs Qiao loudly say "Once a girl married off, it is like pouring water out of a basin, your man is dead, then you should guard him, serve your father-in-law and mother-in-law well, that's what you should be doing! What's with running back to maternal home? If we take you in, then we are harming you! And also, our Ah Hai is still at the County Town Academy studying, he's studying for scholar, in future will study for Juren(those who pass imperial exams)! You shamelessly running back, will implicate our family principles, how could we be worthy of and not let down Ah Hai? Hmph! Today no matter what you say, this old lady won’t let you in, so kill off that desire!"

Lian Xiao Man didn't even bother with her (MQ) and just powerfully slapped the ground, crying about deceased parents,crying about her life is bitter, crying about how elder brother treated her in the past when she was little, pressuring Lian Li "Elder Brother, right or wrong, you should say something! I'm your blood-related sister! How could you be so heartless! After my man passed away, left or right, mother-in-law isn't pleased with me, brother-in-law and sister-in-law bully me! I didn't say I'll stay and wouldn't leave, just staying over a few days and ask brother to help me say a few fair words. Or is this not possible for elder brother? Even heartlessly not bothering with your own blood-related sister, you still dare say family principles or not! This is a crooked, evil wind! Thoroughly crooked!"(TLN- family principles= 门风(door wind), crooked wind=歪风, a little play on word. Lian Xiao Man is swapping door for crooked)
Everyone around started to whisper and point, some said Lian Li is in the wrong, also some said Lian Xiao Man is in the wrong.
Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze silently stood at the outer edge listening.
From the words within the speech, Lian Fang Zhou could hear a lot of information, like at the start how arrogant Lian Xiao Man was when her husband was alive. She looked down on brother and sister-in-law and now suffering hardship because she can’t do anything and can't resent them for not helping her and the likes of her.

Lian Fang Zhou couldn't stop her smile from sprouting, this really is men said man have reason and women said woman have reason( means there is much to be said on both sides)!
Lian Li copied Lian Xiao Man, also pretend didn't hear anything.
Mrs Qiao became incoherent with rage after hearing her, couldn't endure turning into an old almanac (guess she's going through the memory lane) and start giving out. Lian Xiao Man couldn't accept and argue back.

The more both side row, the more each other’s rage grew, Lian Xiao Man was really angry, pointedly yelling "You hussy purposely stirring up trouble, I'll fight it out with you!” She then suddenly stood up and ram into Mrs Qiao with her head.

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  1. Chapter 29 Third Aunt’s Unexpected Return
Edited by Marci

   Aunt Zhang was looking for her for a small matter. She just wanted to say that tomorrow she’ll be making a trip to the county city, so she asked her if she want to go together?

   Of course Lian Fang Zhou wanted to go, but she had more important things to do, so she could only say "next time"!

   "Aunt Zhang, I can't go tomorrow," Lian Fang Zhou smiled and said, "Can I trouble Aunt Zhang to help me buy some things?"

   Aunt Zhang did not ask why she's could not go but  frankly nodded and grinned. "Just speak, what do you need to buy, Aunt Zhang ah, promises to buy them while being both of good quality and cheap for you!"

   That being said, and both of them burst out laughing.

   Actually, Lian Fang Zhou didn't have any other things to buy, just the hemp paper for the window,  some cloth to make clothes, and a pair of shoes for everyone at home.

   The others are fine, but when Aunt Zhang heard her mention buying shoes, Aunt Zhang glared at her, saying "You girl, using money is like being on the knife's blade, there can't be big hands big feet (meaning loosely handing out money)! What need is there to buy shoes? Isn't it fine to make them yourselves? There's plenty of things that money will be needed to be spent on in the future! You can't be so wasteful! Such a coincidence that I also have to make shoes, so when the time comes, I'll request for more  leftover cloth from the tailor shop's master. When I'm back, I'll give you some. I guarantee there will be enough for you. You just need to buy a pack of inner soles and do some needlework!"

  "Aunt Zhang, I ..." For a moment, Lian Fang Zhou couldn't speak.

    Aunt Zhang talking like this and not treating her like outsider, made her very grateful, grateful from the bottom of her heart. But damn, she doesn't know how to make shoes ah!

    Whatever inner soles were, she had never seen them before ah!

    She hadn’t even seen the simple ancient chinese commoner clothing style, so when the time comes, she'll invite the village aunt or sister who are good at their work to help give pointers and it'll be fine. Otherwise, she can't even make clothes ah.

    Only the thought that the original Lian Fang Zhou could do it, so for a moment she did not know what to say.

    "Oh!" Aunt Zhang gently sighed and said in 'such a pity' tone: "No wonder you said it like that. Qing er is still small; you, one person having to manage the family, and also having to work on the field, definitely won't have much time to make shoes! Let's not mention anything else, just the inner sole is a lot of work na!"

    Lian Fang Zhou mentally sighed out in relief. Although Aunt Zhang misunderstood, such a misunderstanding is what she was begging for!

    So she smiled and was about to speak -

Who knew that Aunt Zhang continue on and said, "How about this! Ah Juan and I will help you with the soles! And when you're free, just stick the front on and it's done - Ah, you’re not allowed to decline! That's how it'll be settled! "

   Since Aunt Zhang said it like this, Lian Fang Zhou couldn't really say any words of rejection, so she only nodded and agreed, giving her thanks.

   The next day after breakfast, using a dustpan Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze spread out the mushroom which were picked yesterday, left at the front to sun-dry and told Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che to watch the house. If it is going to rain, they had to bring the mushroom into the house; as the sun moves, also move them a bit.

   The two of them then went to Mount Xian Teng again.

   Sun Zhang Xing went really early to get more time to hunt. They don't need to hunt and the mountains have plenty of mushrooms, so they don't need to go out too early.

   There were seven-eight consecutive days of good weather, so the two siblings went to Mount Xian Teng every day. Every day they brought back four large bags of mushrooms looking like groundhogs as they transported them home.

   Due to walking and exploring  the mountains frequently, they also became a lot more familiar with it. Their courage also grew, and, the scope of the activities they completed widened.

  The two sibling's luck was good; later on, they found a lot of Tremella fuciformis, as well as some precious Porcino and Hericium erinaceus. But, they also accidentally found a tremendous amount of Tuber fleeceflower. These are good stuff, making Lian Fang Zhou feel overjoyed.

   The two also caught a good amount of river shrimp. Three fingers big fish can also be seen occasionally, but this wild fish is very sneaky and slippery with its streamlined-like body shape and ability to move lightning fast in the water. Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze crept around, before they could catch this fish, it already flashed to another place!

   They just have to give up.

   But with one whole noon, the two caught a palm-sized turtle. The turtle was lying on the shore rock under the sun and easy fell into their hands. They intended to take it home for Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che play with.

   In the mountains, wild fruits were countless. In addition to those small  jujube trees, there were many mountain chestnuts, pear, wild persimmon, mountain grapes, rose myrtle fruit, another kind of jujube, Elaeagnus fruit, etc., so much that it dazzled the two.

   But unfortunately, home was too far away or else they could bring the two little siblings together to play.

   However, the two chose some fruits each day to take back, so it was a good surprise for Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che.

   Lian Fang Zhou didn't want people to know that they went to the Mount Xian Teng, so they told Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che that those wild fruits could only be eaten at home and could not be brought out.

Since the death of their father and mother, the four siblings’ life became bleak, as they suffered a good bit of bullying. The children of the village, whenever they have something delicious or fun, would deliberately and triumphantly show off in the front of Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che.

   Lian Fang Qing was once angered until she cried. Now it was her turn to have something good, but Lian Fang Qing with great difficulty managed to hold back the impulse to take it out .

   Continuously going out for these many days, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze were tired, and they already gathered a lot of mushrooms. Lian Fang Zhou intends to go to the county city to sell them and have a look at the market before deciding.

   This way, re-gathering can also have a comparison - of course, picking those with value to gather!

   Not long afterward, the weather cooled down. Once the frost hit, it will be difficult for mushrooms to grow, then there won't be any mushrooms that can be picked.

   The first batch that was brought back has been dried, they just gathered ones that need another two or three days to dry completely. Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze already discussed that they would rest two or three days at home, and then go.

   In the vegetable patch, the seeds that were sprinkled before have long already sprouted. Every evening, Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze will carry two big buckets of water to water the plants at once. Those vegetables not only grew fast, but were also moist and tender.

These two day, there's fresh green vegetables to eat at home, and then another few days, she can transplant some. There's also that turned green pepper, can also plucked.

   Lian Fang Zhou's heart thumped, she felt that they should send some to Aunt Zhang's family. She specifically selected some of the best vegetables and plucked two peppers.

   Although it isn't worth much, nothing beats freshness - at this time other people have not started to sow seeds and pepper has already been long dead.

   When Mrs Zhao saw the fresh vegetables and the tender green pepper, her eyes brightened. She happily thanked her, took them, and could not help but say, "This is really rare na! At this time sowing, wouldn't the seedlings grow moldy? There also peppers, how could there be fresh ones in this season? Fang Zhou how did you do it?"

   This small matter, of course, Lian Fang Zhou wouldn't keep it private. She then laughed and grinned. "Rapeseed can be sprinkled, but the ground must be treated first with ash and mixed well into the soil. You need to use the ready made ash, which were hogweed that was cut off from the mountains and were burned. Do not use the ones from the stove! Sister may not know it, that this pepper after coming to fruition looked like a lost case, but I just loosened the soil, and then fertilize it. Doing so will allow it to bear fruit once again. The second time isn't as much as the first time, just this big!"

   "So it's like that! I'll also try it next year!" Mrs Zhao grinned as she nodded and remembered.

   Lian Fang Zhou laughed: "Our garden pepper plant has a lot of fruit; if sister likes them, in two days I can send some over!"

Mrs Zhao felt overjoyed and continuously gave her thanks.

   Aunt Zhang saw her daughter-in-law like this and could not help but secretly sigh, then could not help but laug.h "Alright Fang Zhou, you ah, are  this thoughtful, so sending once is enough. No need to send again! Leave them for yourselves! If you can't eat them all, leave them to turn red and pick them to be sun dried, or make chili sauce! That way the stuff won't go bad!"

   Lian Fang Zhou: "Aunt Zhang, almost every time you say that I regard you as outsider, now your words really regard me as outsider! Whatever your family has something to eat, don't you think of me? Sister, later I will sent them over. Do not worry!"

   Mrs Zhao froze, then ​​laughed. Originally hearing her mother saying it like this, she was also somewhat embarrassed and unhappy. This time she also very happily answered "Great!" And smiled saying, "Almost forgot, yesterday we just opened an old pumpkin. Wait a bit; I'll cut a piece for you! Bring it back home and cook some pumpkin rice, or fry some or add water to stew. It’s really sweet!"

   Lian Fang Zhou gave her thanks and then stood there waiting.

   Aunt Zhang, who heard her say it like this, feeling like she better not say anymore courteous words again, also laughed.

   Thinking about it, whatever they own, they give more to them!

   Mrs Zhao cut a piece of old pumpkin out and cheerfully handed it to Lian Fang Zhou. Lian Fang Zhou gave her thanks again and took her leave.
   At this time, she saw Li Juan coming in from the outside, while she saw Lian Fang Zhou causing her eyes to flash as she said, "Fang Zhou, Fang Zhou! Your family's Third Aunt came back, and at your uncle and aunt's home she’s causing a stir at this moment! A lot of people are there to watch the fun!"


The whole family is shameless
Edited by reader- RunningLemmings

“Of course master, the reason why I ask you take him home with you is because with him beside you, your cultivation will be quicker, also… if you can do pair cultivation, then it will quicken your breakthrough, master, quickly bring him home to do pair cultivation.”
Pair cultivation?
Yun Luo Feng’s mouth twitched, completely speechless, never thought that there’s something like pair cultivation in this mainland.
“Master, quickly bring him home ah! Right now he’s unconscious due to injuries, after you take him back with you, tie him up, and every night do pair cultivation, I promise you you will breakthrough very quickly.”
Yun Luo Feng was even more speechless why did she feel that after seeing this man, Xiao Mo is more agitated than she is?
Could it be that Xiao Mo fancy him?
“Forget it,” Yun Luo Feng shook her head.” I have no interest in kidnapping, the day isn’t young, I should return!”
That’s right, to Yun Luo Feng, Xiao Mo’s actions is no different from kidnapping.
However, before leaving, Yun Luo Feng took out the needle she just bought along the way, to pause this man’s internal injuries, then took out the herbs the Medical Pavilion gift to her, chewed and feed it to him.
After doing that, she turned around to walk out the lane.
“Alright, I already help him delay his condition, just for the fact that he have spiritual entity constitution, whether he can live, have to look at his good luck. I don’t want the trouble of going to buy treatment herbs again.”
“That can’t do,Master, you have to bring him back with you, don’t go, master…”
Within her mind, was Xiao Mo’s non-stop anxious cry, in order to not let the guy continuously chatter so noisy, Yun Luo Feng just cut their link.
Finally, it’s quiet……
In the mighty and serious palace main hall, a male in a yellow royal robe sitting on the royal seat up high. He gazed down at the non-stop crying in despair General Yun, felt a non-stop headache as he rubbed his forehead.
General Yun’s face full of sorrow and suffering, as if Yun Luo Feng really meet some kind of accident/misfortune.
“If it weren’t not for our Yun family’s guard being so loyalty and dedicated, having the courage to risk offending Mu Family and save my granddaughter, my granddaughter would have already been ruined by that beast’s claws, I beg your Majesty ‘to call the shot'(literal)/ ‘for justice'(the meaning).”
Mu Xing Chou just entered the main hall, had not yet had the time to speak being wronged, and hear General Yun’s shameless words, nearly vomit out his old blood.
“General Yun, you vicious slanderer! You Yun Family not only beaten and injured my grandson, but also come blackmail me, now dare evil report first(meaning-the villain sues his victim before he himself is prosecuted.)
Yun Luo glanced at him, then harrumphed: “Our Yun Family took legitimate action (for safety of public), if Mu Shen didn’t reach his demon claws on my granddaughter first, would he get beaten? This matter, you Prime Minister manor was at fault first, if you gave us an explanation, then I would have kindly let it go!”
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 Dissolving engagement part 1
In the main hall, the officials kept their heads down not daring to make a squeak, feeling deeply afraid that a fight between these two Mt Tai’s of Long Yuan will bring trouble to the innocent.
Mu Xing Chou's face looked like he ate feces; his extremely ugly, vicious eyes remained unmoving as he stared at Yun Luo's shameless face. If it weren’t due to the fact that  he couldn’t win against that old guy in a fight, he would have already gone over and punched him.
"Yun Luo don't you know shame? Is your whole family that shameless? Your granddaughter is completely fine over there, as opposed to my grandson, who’s now unconscious. With that said, His Majesty knows very well who’s actually in the wrong."
   Yun Luo mockingly laughed as he stood up; his fierce domineering eyes were like sharp swords.
"My granddaughter is safe and sound now thanks to our Yun Family guards’ capable protection, or else I’m afraid I could have lost my only kin! However, even though my granddaughter may have escaped this matter, she was greatly traumatized.  Today if you don't give me an explanation, I'll order my men to trample your manor to the ground!"
Mu Xing Chou was angered until his body trembled. He took a deep breath to suppress his wrath from a moment ago. No longer giving the old guy a single glance, he turned his line of sight to Gao Tu, the emperor.
"Your Majesty, may Your Majesty make it clear who is right or wrong."
His own daughter is His Majesty's beloved consort. His granddaughter, Mu Wu Shang, and the Crown Prince have also fallen in love with each other. If it weren’t for Yun Luo Feng’s interference, Wu Shuang would have already been the Crown Prince’s Consort.
However, Wu Shuang becoming the Princess Consort would happen sooner or later! How could Yun Luo Feng that waste be fit for the four words 'Mother of the World'?
"This......"  Gao Tu's brows slightly furrowed as he watched the two officials pointing at each other. In the end, he lightly sighed, "Prime Minister, the Mu Manor was indeed wrong in this matter. The Yun Family acted in self-defense. Let Mu Shen go to the Yun Family to apologise."
It's not that Gao Tu didn't want to favor Prime Minister Mu, it's just that this Yun Luo left his home for ten years for the sake of Long Yuan. If he continued to favor Prime Minister Mu at this moment,  the common people's hearts would definitely grow cold toward him.
Anyways, no matter whether it's Yun Luo Feng's parents or the Yun Family's genius Yun Qing Ya, the end result happened because he was biased toward the Mu Manor! And this Yun Luo Feng is Yun Family's one and only seed; if something really happened, he’s afraid that the old guy will go crazy right then and there.
"Your Majesty!"
"Alright." Seeing Mu Xing Chou wanting to open his mouth, Gao Tu waved his hand, stopping his words. Immediately, he looked at Yun Luo with dignity and said, "This matter ends like this, Mu Shen harassed Yun Luo Feng, and in the end he received retribution. So just drop this matter of compensation, since Yun Luo Feng didn't receive any harm. In the future, no one is allowed to mention this occurrence!"
It was clearly Mu Shen who wanted to rape Yun Luo Feng, but from Gao Tu's mouth it simply became an action of harassment.
There’s a stark difference between two, completely not having the same meaning.
Yun Luo eyes looked down, hiding a touch of disappointment. He blandly said, "Since Your Majesty has already made a decision, this subject will obey! It's just that this subject is now advanced in age, so this subject cannot lead troops to war in the future. This Command Token will be returned to Your Majesty.”
After saying this, he took out the Command Token from his sleeves, slowly approached the emperor, and handed it to the eunuch at the side.
The eunuch took the Command Token and went to Gao Tu's side, respectfully bringing it to him.

Gao Tu was precisely worried about how he would take back the power of hundreds of thousands of troops. He never thought that this old guy would take the initiative to hand it over. His heart immediately burst out in ecstasy.
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