Tuesday, 3 September 2019

VGAFH Notice- Summer of Stolen Happiness ends

Hello to all readers!

I am here to announce a piece of bad news! As some of know, I have previously worked with Webnovel when they still accept fan translation. Due to the sudden change in their structure, a lot of confusion happened and I was unable to continue translating for a long period of time. After a few attempts to make contact with them and received no response, I continued translating for my own blog after my exams. Summer flew by quickly and lots have happened in RL and here. And suddenly, I was contacted by their management recently (due to some confusion on their side as well? as they thought I had difficulties translating as I hadn't released on their site for several months.) Now everything is sorted. I can no longer continue VGAFH!

It was short and I had so many plans T.T

Thank you to all the readers and for all your support. I appreciate all your bookmark, reviews, likes, comments and donations toward the VGAFH. It had really boost during my translating blues. And made it so worthwhile to give back to the translated Asian novels community (a.k.a NovelUpdates) Love you and have a happy reading in future!

Many thanks to all the editors and proofreaders that worked with me! Your time and effort are greatly appreciated! You made my life and VGAFH smoother before I joined Webnovel.

Thank you Radiant Translation and Webnovel! It was great working with you! You have spread VGAFH further than I can. I also picked up some skills and ideas thanks to you!