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Hilarious Pampered Consort 26

26. Chapter 26 Close door, family law/punishment 2

She, endured.

Qu Taner grinded her teeth. Both hand clenched again and again. Eventually the lips couldn't suppress the curse down, the body is still quite straight. Head lowered. Waiting for the third hit to fall.
“Eighth Wangye has arrived”
Suddenly, can’t say the time was late or the time was early, just when big Madam’s hand were raised up, had yet to hit down, a call rang out from outside. Making it abruptly stop, not swinging down anymore. 

     Hearing the news of Mo Liancheng's arrival ,Qu Tan er only slightly creased her brows, and not much expression(indifferent), or care, slightly raised her head, swept her eyes at that in mid stage in the air, seems to fall down slat, mouth's corner raised, smiled, but smiled too coldly.

     "Big Madam, Tan er is stilling for your slat to hit down."Qu Tan er slightly smiled, very kindly reminded big Madam to quickly hit down the slat, and that her skin will be able to temporarily relax, save her having to keep the skin stretched tight, making people feel very painful.

“See that I don't. ..” big Madam secretly gritted her teeth.

“Eighth Wangye has arrived”

When big Madam was about to hit, another shout came again, and this this time sound was a little louder, as if to tell the people in the room that Mo Liancheng was a little closer.

     "Big Mother, quickly hit." Qu Tan er saw big Madam was in hesitation, although the taste of being hit isn't good,
 but, heart became evil, or continue to pour some wine on the fire, so that the fire to continue to rage. flourishing burn a little .

  Mo Liancheng has arrived, she would like to see, if big Madam dare to hit down this third whack .

     Now the door is closed, closed off the people, can not close off the news, she was gambling, 
gambling  whether big Madam have the courage. No matter how to say, depending on her title, she still is dignified eighth Wangfei.
“want to beat, if I don't beat you to death, I. ….”

“Eighth Wangye has arrived”

Don't know if it was intentionally, or coincidentally, every time big Madam wants to swing the slat,outside the door will always sounded a call, making the slat in her hands swing doesn't feel right, not swing, anger in her hearts can't calm down.

     However, even if the big lady really want to hit, the time is gone, she have missed the opportunity, because ... ...

     Door, squeaky as it open, Mo Liancheng came in, Yu Hao followed behind.

     Mo Liancheng slight-creased his eyebrows, light eyes swept around, for those big and small ladies who was originally sitting in the room, all stood up, he ignore them, and swept at, naturally, would not miss big Madam seeing him come in and the slat in the hand hurried passed to the steward's hand.

     "Why did Eighth Wangye come, must blame the servants, seeing Eighth Wangye come and not announce, come come come, eighth Wangye please sit." Qu Jiang Lin was first to recover, smiling, and immediately hand over the main seat.

"Eight Wangye please sit, really lost manners." big Madam put on a false smile, fiercely stared at the one still standing indifferent Qu Tan er, her old face angry, gave to Qu Tan er a look, helpless, Qu Tan er was still standing unmoving, completely treated big Madam's cue transparent, not reacting at all.

     Now only think of her, but unfortunately, her back very painful now, mood isn't very good, at the moment have no thought of paying attention to her.

     But big Madam continued to wink, but Qu Tan er directed her a faint indifferent smile, deliberately want to anger her.

    This Miss eye are dull, uncertain, do not understand, ignore it,What can you do?

     At this point, seeing this, not only big Madam, even the old man Qu's face also turned a bit ugly to look ... ...


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