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Chapter 5

Song Jin Lai's wife was hiding in the house. Her legs felt weak.

She didn't expect that loose woman, Lin Hui would really file a complaint.

She wanted to dig a pit and bury herself now!

Old Madam Song heard the noise and rushed over from the next room with a rolling pin: "You prodigal woman. Were you talking nonsense outside again?"

Her eldest daughter-in-law got a wicked. And it wasn't like old Madam Song never taught her a lesson about that. Because of her mouth, she didn't know how many good words she had to compensate.

She had beaten and scolded her, but this prodigal woman only remembered the eat, not the beat. No matter how she promised at the time, she'll turn around and continue to talk nonsense!

Song Jin Lai's wife received a whack on her calf. The pain caused her tears to come down: "Mom, stop hit. I don't know why Aunt Xiu Zhi came to find me!"

"You don't know? Then why didn't she find someone else, but you? It must be you who said something outside. You go out and apologize now!"

"Don't, mom. It's better that you hit me. I won't go out!" Song Jin Lai's wife became weak when she thought of how Aunt Xiu Zhi KOed a wild boar.

She would rather be beaten by her mother-in-law than go out to face Aunt Xiu Zhi.

Too frightening!


The poor wooden door of Song Family finally couldn't hold it and fell down with a bang.

The villagers didn’t mind adding to the chaos. They roared: "The door is down! the door is down!"

Seeing that her door was knocked down by Qiao Xiu Zhi, old Madam Song's face was as black as the bottom of the pot. The rolling pin in her hand struck without any more words.

It was so painful, Song Jin Lai's wife howled and jumped into the yard to hide.

Song Jin Lai's wife was plump. She belongs to the category that can get fat by drinking cold water. At this moment she wasn't as clumsy as a chubby person should have. She was jumping up and down like a flexible fatty.

Everyone watched the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law chased after each other. Their stomachs hurt with laughter.

In the end, old Madam Song was old. So after a while of chasing, she panted and huffed: "You prodigal woman. I'll get Eldest take care of you tonight!"

Song Jin Lai's wife's flesh tightened again.

After scolding her daughter-in-law, what should be solved still had to be solved. Wasn't Qiao Xiu Zhi blocking the door like a door god?

If she doesn't send her away properly today, it won't be just the wooden door. It might be the entire Song family getting torn down by her!

She walked to the door, said with a forced smile, "Xiu Zhi, what brings you here?"

Qiao Xiu Zhi snorted: "Your eldest daughter-in-law is going everywhere, saying that my second boy is going to get a divorce. So I just want to ask, why, I, his mother, didn't know that they are going to get a divorce. How did she know?"

Old Madam Song gritted her teeth fiercely from anger. She turned her head and pointed at her eldest daughter-in-law and cursed: "Prodigal woman! Everything is said by you. You are so capable. Why don't you ascend to heaven!"

Turning back, she apologized to Qiao Xiu Zhi: "Xiu Zhi, you also know how rubbish my eldest daughter-in-law's mouth is. Later, I must beat her until she got to find her teeth on the floor!"

Qiao Xiu Zhi said with a cold face: "She also scared my eldest granddaughter, Da Qiao. Saying that my second son is paralyzed and that she got stutter No one will marry her when she grows up. She said this to a six-year-old child! Does she still have a conscience? I think her conscience was eaten by a do.g Simply worse than an animal!"

"I say Song Jin Lai's wife, you are too much. How old is Da Qiao? And you say this to her. Aren't you afraid of retribution to your child in the future?"

"That's right. If someone dares to say this to my child, I will use my old life to fight. I won't let the other person fare well!"

Everyone pointed at Song Jin Lai's wife, thinking that she was overboard this time. Even if she told the truth, she shouldn't say such things to a six-year-old child.

Song Jin Lai's wife flushed from the crowd's comment. She had to bear the daggered gazes shot from her mother-in-law from time to time.

Suddenly, her brain flashed, and she yelled: "Gou Dan's mother also said that. Why are you only scolding me?"

Gou Dan's mother was lying at the window and eavesdropping. Out of nowhere, she was stabbed by Song Jin Lai's wife. She rushed out and yelled: "You're talking nonsense! Talking nonsense! Heaven should come and strike you with lightning!"

Song Jin Lai's wife stepped forward with hands on her hip and glared, "I'm talking nonsense? Do you think Lin Hui will forget about you when she complains? Dream on! If Heaven strikes, it will definitely hit you with me!"

Gou Dan's mother was so angry that her chest hurts: "I just said one sentence! Unlike you. One second,  you say Fang Xiao Juan is going to divorce old Second Qiao. Next second, saying Da Qiao can't get married. Then it's Lin Hui stealing. ..."

"Both of you shut your mouth!"

Qiao Xiu Zhi grabbed the rolling pin from old Madam Song's hand and snapped it lightly.

With a "crack", the rolling pin became two pieces.

Everywhere became silent.

Many people hadn't witness Qiao Xiu Zhi one-hit kill the wild boar with their own eyes. At this moment, seeing her breaking the rolling pin that was an arm thick, no one dare to exhale heavily.

Qiao Xiu Zhi threw the rolling pin back to the old Madam Song: "I don't care whether who say more or less. I'm asking you, how will this be settled?"

Old Madam Song looked at the rolling pin that had been broken in half. Her teeth ached.

She glared fiercely at her eldest daughter-in-law. She went back to the house and took three eggs out and stuffed them into Qiao Xiu Zhi's hands: "That prodigal woman had wrong your Qiao family in this matter. Look upon my face, spare her this time. ."

Qiao Xiu Zhi stuffed the egg into her pocket and raised her toward Gou Dan's mother.

Gou Dan's mother's flesh ached for a while.

However, no matter how much her flesh ached, what must be given got to be given. In the end, she went to her room and took two eggs out.

As for why there were only two eggs, it was because she felt that she said less, so she had to take one less.
Qiao Xiu Zhi didn't mind and left with five eggs.

Song family suffered heavy losses. As soon as Qiao Xiu Zhi left, chicken flew and dogs jumped in Song's house.

When Qiao Xiu Zhi passed the public toilet with the five eggs, she noticed a group of children noisily rushing over. They were followed by her two granddaughters, Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao.

When Fang You Liang darted to her front, she stretched out her hand, grabbed him by the collar, and lifted him up like a chicken.

Fang You Liang felt that this gesture damaged his child king's respect and his face flushed: "Let go of me. Let me go!"

Qiao Xiu Zhi said: "Are you bullying my granddaughter?"

Seeing Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao chasing behind with red faces, Qiao Xiu Zhi subconsciously thought that Fang You Liang had bullied them.

To be precise, bullied Da Qiao. After all, she had heard of how much Fang Family liked Xiao Qiao, the child prodigy.

Fang Youliang struggled until his whole face and ear were red: "I didn't! Da Qiao said she wanted to bet with me. She said that if I dared to throw this fish into the dung pit, she would dare to go down and pick it up!"

Qiao Xiu Zhi: "..."

What a terrible thing!

"If you don't believe me, you can ask Da Qiao!"

"Grandmother?" Da Qiao was also surprised when she saw Qiao Xiu Zhi. Her little face was flushed from running. It looked much better than her previous sallow look.

Before Qiao Xiu Zhi could speak, Fang You Liang yelled: "Little Stutterer, tell your grandmother, you make a bet with me, right?"

Qiao Xiu Zhi flicked her finger on Fang You Liang's forehead: "I hear you call Little Stutterer again, see how I'll sort you out!"

Fang You Liang cried out in pain. If it weren't for other children being present, he would definitely cry.

Da Qiao's eyes shone. She looked at her grandmother with admiration.

Since she understood things, she had been called Little Stutterer. Her mother called her this as well. Her dad is a solemn gourd and wouldn't quarrel with others at all. This was the first time someone had defended her like this!

Xiao Qiao tilted her head and showed a sweet smile: "Grandmother, Elder Cousin is joking with Elder Sister. Elder Sister has taken a fancy to the fish in his cousin's hands, so she bet with Elder Cousin."

Da Qiao glanced at her sister in confusion. She didn't bet with Fang You Liang.

Qiao Xiu Zhi took in Da Qiao's reaction. How could she not understand?

She swept a glance at Xiao Qiao: "You just helped outsiders to bully your sister like this?"

Xiao Qiao was stunned for a moment. Then she gritted her teeth with hatred.
In this life, she had won at the starting line from the beginning. She can speak at seven months old, walk at one year old, write her name at two, and was already a well-known little prodigy at four.

The villagers within the seven villages liked her very much, except for her grandmother.

As the head of Qiao Family, her grandmother was someone she wanted to please. But the other party didn't buy it. Even when she became a child prodigy, she didn't give her any extra attention. This made her vexed!

Of course, her grandmother didn't care about Da Qiao before, so she didn't care. Why did she just leave for five days and she protects Da Qiao that much?

Did something she didn't know happen?

When Da Qiao saw his sister being scolded by Qiao Xiu Zhi, he immediately explained: "Grandmother, sister, didn't, bully, me. Sister, help, me."

Qiao Xiu Zhi patted her on the head: "With your foolish brain, you'll still count the money for the person who sold you! Say, what do you want the fish for?"

"Look, pretty." Da Qiao's small hands grabbed the corner of her clothes and looked at her with a pair of black and bright eyes. Water glistened in her eyes.

Looking from Qiao Xiu Zhi's angle, she could just see her slightly curled eyelashes trembling slightly.

Who can stand up to such a pair of eyes?

Qiao Xiu Zhi turned her head and said, "I'll exchange an egg for this fish, how's that?"

What else can she do?

Of course, he was willing!

This fish was so small. There was no meat on it. Besides, this fish wasn't delicious. How can it be compared with an egg?

As for throwing it into the shit pit, he was just stimulated at the time. Now there was an egg, everything can be discussed!

Fang You Liang handed the fish over immediately.

Qiao Xiu Zhi wasn't coaxing him either. She took out an egg from her pocket.

Immediately, Fang You Liang overjoyed like it was the New Year. He bolted home with an egg without care.

"Brother, wait for me!" Fang You Rou, the bro-con, walked with his short legs to catch up.

Qiao Xiu Zhi stuffed the half-dead fish to Da Qiao. Then she took out two more eggs and put them in her pocket.

"Tha, thanks, Grandmother!" Da Qiao held the fish. Her face flushed with excitement.

"Hurry home with the things. If you break the egg, see how I'll beat you later!"

After Qiao Xiu Zhi finished speaking, she turned around and left without even looking at Xiao Qiao. She didn't plan to give her an egg,

Xiao Qiao watched Qiao Xiu Zhi's back, feeling like a seasoning bottle had overturned in her heart. The favor was mixing.

She didn't expect that stutterer Da Qiao would be able to enter her grandmother's eye!

But soon, she smiled in relief again.

What's the use of that? After two years, her grandmother will die with her grandfather, Xue Chuan.

Speaking of this, this woman was weird. She didn't love her children or grandchildren. She only loved her married-in-husband, Xue Chuan.

In the last life, her grandfather suddenly fell deeply ill two years later. Although her grandmother took good care of him, he was still passed away. Less than half an hour after he was, her grandmother followed.

Still, she was still curious. Why did her grandmother suddenly be so good to Da Qiao?

She poked her fingers together and made an aggrieved expression: "Elder Sister, does grandmother dislike me?"

Da Qiao had been watching the departing back of her grandmother When she heard Xiao Qiao's words, she came back to her senses: "No, Grandmother, like, you."

Xiao Qiao was beautiful and smart. She smiled sweetly. Everyone liked her.

Xiao Qiao was very dissatisfied with her perfunctory response: "But Grandmother didn't give me eggs!"

Da Qiao thought she was aggrieved due to not getting eggs. She immediately took out an egg from her pocket: "Sister, here!"

Xiao Qiao accepted the egg without hesitation and asked, "Elder Sister, why is Grandmother so nice to you all of a sudden?"

Da Qiao naively giggled, "No, idea."

Xiao Qiao felt that Da Qiao was deliberately concealing it. She was even more displeased.

Her eyes spun and her gaze landed on her other pocket: "Sister, Mom hasn't eaten eggs for a long time. I will help you send the egg back to Mom. Mom will definitely be happy to know that you miss her!"

Da Qiao's face showed that she was put on the spot.

Xiao Qiao raised his eyebrows: "Elder Sister, you don't want to?"

Da Qiao touched the egg in her pocket and whispered: "I want, to give, to dad, to eat,..."

If she had a lot of eggs, she was willing to give them to her mother. But now there was only one left. Gu Gu hadn't laid eggs for five days. She wanted to nourish her dad's body so that he can get better soon.

At that time, Qiao Zhen Jun hit the rock to protect Da Qiao. But in order not to make the child sad and to prevent Fang Xiao Juan from blaming the child, he kept this secret in his heart and didn't tell anyone.

After that, he didn't tell the child his condition, so Da Qiao always thought that her father would get better after a while.

Xiao Qiao snorted: "No wonder Mom doesn't like you. Elder Sister, you are a white-eyed wolf!"

Da Qiao dropped her head uncomfortably.

Still, she didn't take out the egg.

Unable to get the egg, Xiao Qiao turned away with a cold face.

Unexpectedly, after she took two steps, one foot stepped on something soft.

She looked down and her face was completely black.

She stepped on poo!

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