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Chapter 9. The Crown Prince's visit part 2
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple
The Crown Prince?

Yun Luo Feng's brows wrinkled and climbed up out of the bed, but the moment she was getting up she couldn't help but stagger.

If she remembered correctly, before she was forced to quit practicing because of blood loss, but now she was completely clean; her white clothes were clean and elegant, as if they were freshly washed.

What is actually going on?

Yun Luo Feng no longer thought about it since she didn't understand. She sneered and said, "Qing Yan, let's go, I would like to know what matter did the Crown Prince come to the General's house?"

Not waiting for Qing Yan to respond, Yun Luo Feng had already walked out of the room. A little while later, Qing Yan finally recovered from her shock as she hurriedly chased after, her heart filled with doubts.

Not knowing why, ever since Miss's attempted suicide, it was like she was a completely different person. Even hearing that the Crown Prince came to visit, she wasn't excited like in the past; but instead, she gave a very strange impression.

In the main hall, General Yun Luo was sitting upright, his brows were wrinkled and carried a bit of sorrow.

By his side was one old and one young, the young one looked to be about 18 years old. He looked handsome, carried extraordinary equipment, wore blue navy robes and his body stretched just like a sharp sword. As if he could kill someone out of the blue.

Behind the young man stood an old one, compared with the calm of the youth, the old man's face was completely livid; with eyes full of anger but unable to vent.

"General Yun, my family Prince has already been waiting here for a long time, do you not know when your family's daughter will come out?"

"This..." Yun Luo had some hesitation, "I have already sent the maidservants to notify her, it should not be long before she arrives."

Of course, Yun Luo did not tell the old guy that he also ordered the maidservants to not disturb Yun Luo Feng if she is busy; and to wait until she is finished. Then inform her to come see the Crown Prince.

So, when Qing Yan saw that Yun Luo Feng was having an afternoon nap, she followed his instructions. And has been waiting nearby for her to wake up.

"Hmph! You said that not long ago, but how long exactly are we supposed to wait? Yun family's Eldest Miss has a really high position, to actually let our Royal Highness wait out here for an hour!" The old man harrumphed, saying impolitely.

Yun Luo frowned, faintly sweeping his eyes at the old man, "my granddaughter has important things to do, so I can only tell you to wait. If you do not want to wait, then you can leave, I will not see you out."

"You..." The old man was angered by Yun Luo's words until his old face was red, his tone was angry, " as we all know, Yun Luo Feng only chased the Royal Highness, the Crown Prince from morning to night. Besides chasing men, what other things does she need to do? Now that our Crown Prince has come, she dares to creates difficulties and not come out? Isn't it just to loosen the reins only to grasp them better! Thinking that deliberately dodging his Royal Highness, would make the Crown Prince look at her more? Yet she would not look at what she had done some time ago, in broad daylight, forcefully grabbed another man! It's simply unscrupulous, extremely shameless!"

Yun Luo's fist slammed on the table, he looked coldly at the old man, both of his eyes filled with wrath.

"Jing Lin, my Yun Luo's granddaughter, is not for others to say such irresponsible remarks! Moreover, what evidence do you have to prove that the rumor of my granddaughter forcefully snatching another man is true? Basing it on that man's one-sided words? If I ever hear you talk a single sentence of her again, I will let my millions of soldiers trample your mansion! Anyway, this kind of thing, I have already done it once, I don't mind doing it a second time!"

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