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BTTS 372

 Chapter 372. First courtyard dwelling

"This is your wife's idea?" Mother Zhou smilingly said.

"En." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Mother Zhou had approximately guessed this. She was clear about her son's temperament. Just from the shop, she can tell. As expected, only his wife was possible.

"Father and Mother can't help with anything." Mother Zhou uttered embarrassedly.

"It's okay. Just hire someone and let them watch." Zhou Qing Bai didn't mind.

Mother Zhou grinned and went back first since there was nothing else.

After eight o'clock in the evening, Su Da Lin brought Zhou Xiao Mei over. Lin Qing He's family was watching TV.

Hu Zi and Zhou Er Ni hadn't got off class at this time. They will not finish until nine o'clock. The two were still attending evening classes.

"Go and pour water for your uncle and aunt." Lin Qing He ordered Third.

Zhou Gui Lao went to pour water.

After Zhou Xiao Mei took a seat, she couldn't help but said, "Fourth Sister-in-law, have you opened a shop again?"

"En. Opened a beverage shop over at the cinema." Lin Qing He cheerfully replied.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, this is your fourth shop. Can you handle them all? We just got one shop and feel that there is not much time in a whole day." Zhou Xiao Mei emotionally remarked.

The business at the bun shop was great. She and her Da Lin were busy all day long. Her mother had to cook the meals, while the children had to be picked up from school by her father. They didn't have that time at all.

"How can it be the same? You two are hands-on. We hired people." Lin Qing He pointed out.

"Will there be business then?" Zhou Xiao Mei perplexedly wondered.

"I don't know yet. I just want to give it atry." Lin Qing He answered.

"The chest freezers you bought last time you went to Hai City were for this shop to sell popsicles?" Zhou Xiao Mei asked.

"En." Lin Qing He nodded.

"Open... at the... cinema is wonderful." Su Da Lin said.

He felt that Fourth sister-in-law was truly a college student and had the capability to teach college students. If one opened next to the cinema, how the business will be was definitely go without saying.

"It's still a street away from the cinema." Lin Qing He said with a smile.

Although it was across the street, the location was indeed excellent. Otherwise, how could she possibly spend three thousand yuan to buy that small broken shop?

It must be known that Ma Cheng Min found people to repair and decorate and it took almost 500 yuan to renovate the small shop.

The couple sat until nine o'clock and then went back.

Lin Qing He saw that it was about time and went to rest with Zhou Qing Bai.

"If we open a shop next time, got to hide it." Lin Qing He said to him.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't get it.

Lin Qing He explained: "Cause too much stir."

"It's fine." Zhou Qing Bai didn't care. Now business was allowed. Whether it is a stall or a self-employed business, it was a legitimate industry allowed by the state. So what was the problem?

The state allowed some people to get rich first, and then push the people behind to become rich. What's more, every shop hired people. This also provided jobs for people, which was highly respected by the state.

Moreover, ten thousand yuans households had appeared all over the country. The state was very willing to see them become rich.

As for the people around, Zhou Qing Bai never cared.

Lin Qinghe laughed at this man's confident look. The couple had been tired after a long day, so they went to bed earlier.

The beverage shop had settled down.

The profit in the first month also came out very quickly. A profit of nearly 500 yuan. This was only from drinks.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai found a time and brought the three chest freezers and one washing machine out of the space. Then they got someone to transport it from their home to the shops.

One for the dumpling shop and two for the beverage shop. The second day the chest freezer came, the popsicles and ice cream were in stock to sell.

"Isn't someone selling melon seeds next to the movie theater? Just ask them if they want to supply our stop. Get them to sell it at wholesale prices." Lin Qing He instructed Ma Cheng Min that day.

"Alright." Ma Cheng Min nodded.

Soon, the beverage shop wasn't just selling beverages and popsicles, but also snacks such as melon seeds.

Because there was another shop to make money, Lin Qing He was naturally in a good mood.

Zhou Gui Lai sighed, "Mom, my camera won't be bought?"

Three freezers and a washing machine were bought. None of these were cheap. They were all expensive.

Wait and see. If we have money, we will buy it for you." Lin Qing He coaxed him.

That was what she said, but Lin Qing He didn't expect that all the money at home would really be spent at once.

In April of the year '82, Lin Qing He's long-desired courtyard dwelling wish finally came true.

What's more, it was a double-entry quadrangle courtyard dwelling.

Not only was it a double-entry, but the location was also very good. It was at a traffic intersection within the second ring road.

The total area had reached 800 square meters. Among the double entry, this was considered at the top.

Because the general standard of triple entry was only 900 or so square meters.

After waiting for so long, they got no news. So once they got the news and such a wonderful one, it really had them overjoyed.

But the price can be said to be sky-high. At least for the current market price, it was a veritable sky-high price.

It was much more expensive than Lin Qing He expected. The asking price was 130,000 yuan.

In this era of ten thousand yuan households, what did one hundred and thirty thousand meant? What's more,  it wasn't a small sum.

Naturally, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai weren't poor. Their monthly income was also exceptionally impressive. But when they add up their current net saving, they were still a bit short.

There was no other way but to borrow from old Wang.

Only Lao Wang had the money to lend them to buy the property. Of course, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai didn't say what they were going to do with it.

Old Wang didn't ask either. When he heard that the two of them needed money, he gave them 10,000 yuan and asked them, "Is it enough?"

"Enough." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

"Uncle Wang, this money will be returned to you within this year." Lin Qing He was grateful. It will not be easy for later generations to borrow 10,000 yuan from others, let alone at this moment.

The old man trusted them both wholeheartedly.

"What's the hurry? I don't need it." Old Wang didn't care.

He had a salary of fifty yuan a month and his food and accommodation were taken care of by Bei University. Other times, Father Zhou would call him over to eat, or he would come to eat at the dumpling shop. He also had rental income from his double-entry property.

When it came to spending money, there was really nothing.

And because of the support of old Wang's money.

Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai bought their first courtyard dwelling in the capital.

Despite emptying their whole house, Lin Qing He wanted to tear up when the Housing Management Bureau handled the transfer and gave them the house deed and other documents.

Her courtyard dwelling! Such a large area and such a good location. Even if she sits with her Qing Bai to eat the mountains for the rest of her life, there will be no worry!


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