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Chapter 73

Jiang Yun Zhu had a flash of inspiration. She knew that Qin Zhen wanted to become in-law with the He Family because he wanted to take advantage of the He Family's power, but did he borrow it?

Why did she remember that it was the He Family who stripped the Qin Family to the bone in the dream!?

If a fat sheep tries to get a wolf to protect it, wasn't it sending itself into the wolf’s mouth? It also harm Qin Yao.

Of course, the wolf wouldn't swallow it in one bite. It would nibble at it bit by bit and make it a tool to make money.

This was what happened in the Qin Family in the dream.

Jiang Yun Zhu didn't want Qin Yao to end up like this. Moreover, when she was thinking about those refugees now, she actually thought of a way to help them. But she had no capital.

This matter could be done by Qin Zhen. If he succeeds, he would be able to make a profit, Qin Yao would be famous, and the refugees would be rescued. It was a good matter shooting down few things.

Jiang Yun Zhu mulled over her plan quickly and found that there was no problem. She opened her mouth and said, "Let go of Miss Qin first. I think it might be more appropriate for her to do this business."

Qin Zhen, Qin Yao, and the others found it quite strange. Qin Yao do it? She never does business.

In the end, Qin Zhen waved his hand to let Qin Yao go. He wanted to see what Jiang Yun Zhu wanted to say.

"Please take a seat." There were no customers in the store now, so Jiang Yun Zhu picked a corner seat to invite Qin Zhen and others.

Qin Zhen went over and sat down.

Lin Yu Bai supported Qin Yao to sit on the other side.

Jiang Yun Zhu turned to Shen Feng Ming, "Gentleman Shen, do you want to listen?"

She invited Shen Feng Ming.

Shen Feng Ming was a little curious about what she wanted to say, so he nodded and sat there.

Jiang Yun Zhu sat next to him.

"What business?" Qin Zhen regretted it as soon as he sat down. He felt that Jiang Yun Zhu was playing tricks.

Jiang Yun Zhu looked around.

Qin Zhen waved his hand and got the housekeeper and others to retreat. He Ying and others went to the side. Only Jiang Yun Zhu group were left here.

Jiang Yun Zhu went to the point, "What does Boss Qin think of those disaster refugees?"

Qin Zhen didn't expect her to ask this, but quickly responded, "It's very troublesome."

Ain’t that right. The officials of all ranks in Lu Prefecture as well as the common people were annoyed with these refugees

"But they are laborers. In the past few days, refugees have come to my store from time to time, wanting to find a job. They don't want anything, just a full meal." Jiang Yun Zhu said.

Qin Zhen sensed something, but he didn't understand, "What's the use of me hiring so many people?"

"Open up a wasteland to farm or plant trees. Has Boss Qin notice that the price of silk has been rising recently?" Jiang Yun Zhu’s words were well-founded. In recent years, Xia Dynasty's maritime trade had a big development. By then countless exquisite silks were exported overseas and exchanged for boatloads of gold, silver, and spices. The price of silk would be on the rise.

Planting mulberry trees now was in time.

Just a filling stomach, people were hired for free to plant trees. After two years, they would be able to raise silkworms, weave cloth, and earn high profits. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a profitable business. If it weren’t for not having the capital, Jiang Yun Zhu would do it herself.

Qin Zhen was in the grain business, so he didn't pay attention to silk. He waved and signaled the housekeeper to come over. Then he gave him a few instructions in a hushed voice. The housekeeper went out immediately.

Qin Zhen pondered about Jiang Yun Zhu's words. He almost understood what she meant. She wanted him to use the food to hire the refugees to plant trees or open up wasteland. This idea seemed absurd, but if one thought about it carefully, it was feasible.

Qin Zhen's first thought was to open up wasteland. In order to encourage the people to open up wasteland and cultivate land, the imperial court once promulgated a law that the fertile land obtained from open up wasteland in the wild could be owned by paying a small amount of tax to the officials.

Using food to hire disaster refugees to work and get fertile land. It felt quite profitable!

Moreover, he thought of more. Now that there was a shortage of food, everyone was staring at him. If he hires disaster refugees and runs out of food, they won't be able to latch onto him, right?

Maybe, he could even get a good reputation.

Of course, there were dangers in doing so. For example, would the refugees accept this condition? What should they do if they start a disturbance? Would it be chickens flying and eggs broken and he ends up on the spot. Also, the reaction of Lu Prefecture officials and the court to this incident...

At this moment, the housekeeper came back. He whispered something in Qin Zhen's ear.

Qin Zhen showed a shocked expression.

Jiang Yun Zhu knew that he heard about the maritime trade. From his perspective, he should be able to see how wise it is to plant mulberry trees now.

Since Qin Zhen was able to make such a big business, he naturally had his own news network. The housekeeper heard more than Jiang Yun Zhu expected.

Qin Zhen stared at Jiang Yun Zhu in surprise. He didn't know whether her suggestion of mulberry trees was something she said casually due to seeing the price increase of silk or she knew about the news.

Moreover, she dared to talk to him directly about this matter. Was she confident, or was it fearless ignorance?

Perhaps Qin Zhen stared at Jiang Yun Zhu for too long. Suddenly, a cold gaze swept toward him. Qin Zhen shuddered, stealthily glanced at Shen Feng Ming, and withdrew his gaze.

It was just that his heart was beating non-stop. If this matter could be done, how much profit would it be? How many times? Ten times?

At this moment, he had completely put the risk aside and only thought about how much money he could make!

Seeing him like that, Jiang Yun Zhu knew it was a success. ‘Three times the profit and the capitalists dare to trample on all laws’. Not to mention the fact that the profit was more than three times now.

Qin Zhen suppressed his excitement and asked Jiang Yun Zhu, "Miss Jiang, why do you say that Ah Yao is needed for this business?"

He was thinking about this.

Jiang Yun Zhu smiled, "Then is Boss Qin willing to personally step forward? Then there are some words that won't sound so nice."

"What does Miss Jiang mean?"

"The daughter of a grain merchant can't bear to see the refugees go hungry. She goes behind her father's back and offers food to the refugees on the condition that the refugees plant trees for her. The grain dealer asks the refugees to work for him for free, but he only pays them with a little grain. Of these two stories, which one does Boss Qin think the people like more?" Jiang Yun Zhu asked with a smile.

Yes, she was doing good deeds- saving those disaster refugees. But good deeds must have rules. Weren’t there a few stories about farmers and snakes in reality?

Qin Zhen understood what she meant and instantly broke out in a cold sweat. The former, everyone would praise that girl and were willing to help her with work. In the latter, it may cause trouble and no one would be able to save him...

He looked at Jiang Yun Zhu again, feeling awe in his heart. So, had she thought about this too?

He no longer dared to underestimate Jiang Yun Zhu.

In fact, Jiang Yun Zhu said this because of this reason. Another reason was that she wanted to help Qin Yao. If this matter is done well, Qin Yao would be famous in Lu Prefecture. Then she wouldn’t be controlled by Qin Zhen!

Qin Yao next to her didn't quite understand, but Lin Yu Bai and Shen Feng Ming thought of this joint.

Lin Yu Bai looked at Jiang Yun Zhu with a complicated expression. How could she plan for Qin Yao like this? Qin Yao was lucky to meet her. He suddenly understood why Shen Feng Ming was willing to stay in this small place. If it was him...cough, he wanted to be friends with Jiang Yun Zhu. Don't look at him like that.

If that can't be done, it is okay to be an underling!

Shen Feng Ming was very surprised that Jiang Yun Zhu could come up with this method. It not only solved the problem of the refugees, but also helped Qin Yao. He stared at her and suddenly remembered that snowy day. He and her went to the top of the mountain to enjoy the snow. She pointed to the distant place, and said, "I’m thinking, hundreds of millions of years ago, maybe this place is a vast ocean."

At that time, he knew that she had a beautiful mind.

Qin Zhen quickly discussed the details of this matter with Jiang Yun Zhu. First of all, this matter could be started in Wuling County first. Then promoted to other places depending on the situation. This had two advantages. One was that Wuling County was mountainous and they planted mulberry trees here. It wouldn’t arouse suspicion from others.

Otherwise, everyone would realize the price increase of silk and everyone would plant mulberry trees. It was good enough if the price of silk didn’t fall if it did happen.

Second, this could create an example. When going to other counties at that time, it would be convenient to operate with the experience and results they gained.

Later when going to other counties, they wouldn't plant all the mulberry trees. Otherwise it would be the same problem mentioned before. Moreover, if they have all planted mulberry trees, they may not find so many silkworm farmers at that time.

Where fertile fields could be cultivated, it would be cultivated. Various trees could be planted in the middle. Mulberry trees could only be planted in selected places, that way it would be much more convenient to raise silkworms and spin silk nearby.

One by one, the two talked for an hour before they almost settled on the plan.

At this time, Qin Zhen spoke, "This project is very huge. I'm afraid I couldn't do it with my own ability. I want to contact the Tao Family to do it together. I would be the master and they would be the assistant. What does Miss Jiang think?"

The Tao Family in Lu Prefecture was a grain merchant almost as famous as the Qin Family. It was indeed a lot easier when the two of them cooperated.

Jiang Yun Zhu nodded, this was indeed safer.

Then Qin Zhen asked another question, how many shares or how much money should be given to Jiang Yun Zhu. After all, she was the one who proposed it and the plan was her idea.

In the end, Qin Zhen gave Jiang Yun Zhu 5% of the shares, the remaining 95%, he took 50%, and the Tao family 40%. As for the remaining 5%, there were other use.

Jiang Yun Zhu understood and didn't want to delve into it.

In fact, Qin Zhen giving her 5% of the shares was already beyond her expectations. After all, she only came up with a plan. It wasn't that easy to successfully implement this. Once the plan comes true, the rewards she would get would definitely be huge.

Of course Qin Zhen understood this. The reason why he gave Jiang Yun Zhu the 5% of the shares was due to his own considerations. First of all, it was Jiang Yun Zhu who proposed this plan. Later, all her suggestions hit the point. He was thinking that by giving her shares, he could come to ask her for advice and she would do her best if they encountered any problem. Just like that, Qin Zhen immediately drew up a contract, signed it with Jiang Yun Zhu, and put his fingerprints on it. Then each of them got a copy and put it away properly.

"I'm going back to Lu Prefecture right now." Qin Zhen stood up and said in a hurry.

"Let's go after dinner." Jiang Yun Zhu looked at the sky and responded.

Qin Zhen waved his hand, he couldn't wait for a moment.

He was about to go out when he suddenly thought of Qin Yao again.

"Father, I won't go back." Qin Yao muttered.

"Fine. I'll go back first and talk about your marriage after this matter is over," Qin Zhen said.

At that time, perhaps Xie Chen would have already passed the imperial examination. Qin Yao felt relieved.

"You go to the county yamen first, Come here, I'll teach you how to say it." Qin Zhen suddenly slapped his forehead and stated. This matter had to be done first.

Qin Yao went over, feeling a little apprehensive.

Qin Zhen taught her a speech. Seeing her half-understanding state, he doubted whether she could do it well.

"Because Miss Qin is like this, she is the right candidate." Jiang Yun Zhu stated. Qin Yao had a pure heart. When she sees the refugees, she would naturally show a concerned expression. Making it easy to win the favor of the refugees

It was better that she didn't understand their plans.

Qin Zhen understood what she meant, but he was worried...

"I'll go with Ah Yao." Lin Yu Bai said.

Now everything was safe.

The county yamen of Wuling County. Magistrate Meng raised a total of 1,200 liang silver yesterday. Now that the price of rice was rising rapidly. It was estimated that this amount of money could be used for ten days. What about after ten days?

Looking for someone to donate again? He was too embarrassed to open his mouth.

Difficult! He frowns.

At this time, Qin Yao and Lin Yu Bai sought his audience. Qin Yao asked to meet him in the name of the daughter of the Qin Family.

"The Qin Family? Which Qin Family?" Magistrate Meng suddenly remembered, could it be the Qin Family from Changyuan Grain Company?

"Invite her in at once!" he said. He happened to be looking for someone from the Qin Family. It would be great if he could buy rice cheaper.

Not long after Qin Yao came in and explained her intentions, Magistrate Meng couldn't believe his ears. She wanted to help the refugees, but the condition was that the refugees would help her plant trees?



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