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Chapter 144 Joyous event

February 18th was suitable for marriage.

"One comb to the end, worry not of wealth. Two comb to the end, be free of illness and worry..." The fully lucky matron invited by Su Family was performing the hair combing ceremony for the bride You Yin in her boudoir room.

Reflected in the bronze mirror was a hibiscus flower-like girl with delicate make-up on and slightly blushing cheeks. Her head was half drooped as she was at the mercy of the matron of honor. The bride was surrounded by four or five unmarried girls who were about her age. They were all friends You Yin met in Erya Academy. Each of them had a smile on their faces and found it both novel and amazing to see You Yin, who was always plain-faced in the past, to become so glamorous.

You Yin's boudoir was now full of people coming and going. It was quite lively. The servants of Su Family had also changed into joyous red clothes today. The entire Su Family had been fully decorated two days ago. Now as long as they enter the gate of Su Family, they will all be submerged by the sea of red. Quite a festive and lively atmosphere.

"Are you ready?" Today, You Jin specially wore a light goose yellow double-tipped lotus round-breasted jacket and a pink floor-length skirt. She even replaced her favorite jasper hairpin with red gold silk inlaid with red coral lotus hairpin. The pendant hanging under the gold-plated lotus necklace was a ruby jade carved into a half-opened lotus. It complemented the lotus embroidered on the cuff and tail of the skirt. It not only showed the identity of Su Family’s eldest daughter, but also did not deliberately steal the limelight from today's star.

"Eldest Sister." You Jin saw Eldest Sister standing behind her through the bronze mirror and shyly smiled a little with curved eyes. Then she lowered her head a little, thinking that it was fortunate to have heavy makeup today. If not, her face would cause people to laugh at her red as a monkey's butt face.

You Jin took the crown from Qiu Fen and handed it to the fully lucky matron, who put it on for You Yin.

"What a beautiful crown!" The onlooking girls all exclaimed when they saw the crown on You Yin’s hair. It was a crown made of pure gold and fine rubies. The cicada's wings thin begonia flowers and bingdi lotuses swayed slightly due to You Yin’s slight movement. The fine rubies inlaid in it were as delicate and charming as ripe fruits. Especially the main gemstone, which was a pink pearl the size of an adult's thumbnail. Pink pearls were rare. And such a large, round and flawless pink pearl was even rarer!

You Yin saw this shining crown in the box. She was pleasantly surprised as well as feeling that it was too precious: "Eldest Sister, this is too precious..."

Eldest Sister and Mother had already prepared a dowry beyond ordinary people's imagination for her. Now such a precious crown was specially prepared. She didn’t dare to accept it.

"I don't have much talent, but I hope our You Yin can be the most beautiful bride today." You Jin stood behind her younger sister and patted her on the shoulder: "Only like this, we’re the daughter of our Su Family. It’s perfect”

Originally, seeing You Yin's dowry being carried out one after another was enough to make people envious. Now seeing this crown, her close friends in her boudoir were even more envious: "Elder Sister You Jin, you are so wonderful!" “You Yin, you are so beautiful wearing this crown!"

You Jin smiled, and said: "It's hard work for you to come to accompany You Yin so early in the morning. There are many things happening at home today, so please forgive me for any poor hospitality."

She also ordered the attendant who was in charge of the affairs of Second Miss 's courtyard today to take good care of them. Then she apologized and withdrew.

You Jin and Mrs. Su were still talking with the guests in the front yard, when the sound of suona horns, gongs and drums sounded from outside. It turned out that the procession to welcome the bride had arrived.

Han Li was dressed so festively and lively today. When he rode out of the city on a tall horse, he felt that everyone's eyes were on him. It made this taciturn young man even more nervous.

Standing at the gate of Su's house, he tidied up his clothes nervously before signaling Wen Sheng and Liu Zhuo Ting, who were part of the bridegroom’s side today, to call the door.

Seeing that the bridegroom was so nervous to the point that his forehead was sweating in early spring, the surrounding Wuliqiao villagers laughed coaxingly: "Don't be nervous, Groom! Afraid Mother-in-law won't let you in?"

Among the three, only Liu Zhuo Ting was married. It went without saying he led them to the door and shouted: "The groom is here to pick up the bride!"

The door of Su Family was still closed. You Zhu's laughing voice came from inside: "Who is coming to pick up the bride? Can't hear you clearly!"

Hearing Third Miss's mischievous response, not only the villagers of Wuliqiao laughed this time, but also the servants of Su Family all pursed their lips and giggled.

Even Mrs. Su, who was sitting in the main courtyard and heard Third Daughter's voice from a distance. She amusedly reprimanded: "Everyone saw a joke. My third daughter is still young and always loves to make trouble."

"Third Miss is lively. It’s likable like this." A woman sitting on the left side, wearing a dark red lotus jacket and skirt, answered with a smile. This was the wife of a customer who had business contacts with Su Family.

This was the first time for Su Family to hold a wedding. Naturally, some people whom they had interaction with were sent invitations. Almost all the people who received the invitations came. After all, Su Family was getting richer and richer day by day. There was no wrong in making more friends.

The main courtyard was full of celebration and polite liveliness. You Zhu blocked the front courtyard for a long time. It was until when the matchmaker said that it was almost time, she let anxious Han Li come in.

Shortly later, You Yin with a veil on and Han Li each held one end of the red ribbon and went to the main courtyard to bow down to Mrs. Su.

Mrs. Su looked at Second Daughter kneeling in the hall with red eyes and urged someone to help her up: "Good child, get up quickly. You will be husband and wife after today. You need to support each other in the future and live a good life." She recalled how her daughter was born like a thin kitten and her cries were small meows. Now her daughter had grown into a young woman and was going to marry someone else today. She can't help but feel a little sad and reluctant.

Under the mandarin ducks playing in the water scarlet veil, You Yin couldn't help redden her eyes when she heard her mother's choked up voice. But remembering the matchmaker saying that tears shouldn’t be shed on such a joyous day as it would be inauspicious, she held back her tears.

"Mother, after the third day return, You Yin will live next door soon. We can even eat together!" Standing beside Mrs. Su, You Jin comforted her in a soft voice: "On such a happy day, you should be happy!"

Mrs. Su wiped the corners of her eyes with a dark red handkerchief in her hand, nodded and said: "Mother is happy. Go quickly. Don't miss the time."

After Han Li cupped his hands to You Jin and bowed to salute, he led You Yin out of the gate of Su Family. The wedding procession received the bride. The sound of gongs, drums, firecrackers, and suona were lively and festive as it headed to Luohe Prefecture City. For the first three days of the big wedding, Han Li and You Yin will live in the house that You Jin bought for You Yin last year in the city of Luohe Prefecture.

Once the wedding procession left, three baskets of happy money were sprinkled at the gate of Su's house. There was a lot of excitement for a while before the villagers who watched the excitement dispersed.


Han Family had no elders alive. So You Yin and Han Li only bowed to the heaven, earth and ancestral memorial tablet at the wedding. After the bowing, the bride returned to the festively decorated bridal room with the support of the matchmaker.

Night was just beginning. There were already a lot of voices inside and outside the house. Food was passed out. Alcohol was served. There were people urging to drink and fist waved. A stage was temporarily set up and excerpts of harmonious life were acted and sung out. It was quite lively.

"Miss, why don't you have something to eat first?" Li Dong heard the faint bustle outside and whispered to You Yin: "I don't think Son-in-law will come back to the room so soon. Miss, don't starve yourself."

Under the red veil, You Yin could only see the red veil. Her hands folded together nervously and softly replied: "I'm fine. Go let everyone have fun, eat something, and rest for a while. It’s fine with you alone."

Li Dong knew that Second Miss liked quietness. So she sent the matchmaker and others outside to have a rest: "Everyone has worked hard all day today. The kitchen outside has prepared wine and dishes. Everyone, go have some wine and food and relax!"

Back to Han Li’s side. While entertaining the guests in the front, he was feeling anxious. When the male guests saw the bridegroom red faced and apologetically notified his temporary absence. All of them tacitly spoke with a yellow tone: "Hahaha, young men are still so anxious!"

Although there were normally five-six people, the atmosphere was lively after drinking wine. These male guests were rejoicing. The younger ones simply went to the bridal room with the bridegroom in a group: "Let’s go and see how pretty the bride looks and why the groom is so anxious!"

Dafeng Kingdom had always had the custom of liven up the bridal room. It was just a few words of jeer to the bride and groom and teasing the newly wedded. When You Jin, who entertained guests in the female guest area separated by a screen on the other side of the yard and heard the servant mention that the guests were going to liven up the bridal room, she didn't head over. Instead, she ordered: "Auntie Song, take someone over there to watch. Don't let people trouble You Yin."

Receiving the order from Eldest Miss, Auntie Song led a few maids to the new house. You Jin continued to entertain the guests with a smile: "Ladies, let’s eat and drink. If you need anything, just tell me."

Han Family had no elders. Most of the guests invited today were business contacts of Su Family. The two parties held a wedding banquet together. It was naturally obligatory for You Jin to entertain the guests.

"Miss Su, don't worry. We will tell you if we need anything!" The wives were also slightly drunk. Leaning on their chairs, they stared at the stage without turning their eyes and hummed along once in a while. It can be said they were very satisfied with Su Family’s arrangement.


In the bridal room, several young men who came to stir the bridal chamber were stopped by Liu Zhuo Ting, Yue Wen Sheng, and the two servants of Su Family from entering the inner room of the bridal room. They only stared at the couple without blinking through a layer of gauze curtains as Han Li uncovered the veil.

Han Li felt that his lips were uncomfortably dry. Holding a scale tied with red silk and satin, he carefully raised the end of the red veil. Then he saw a pair of fair jade-like hands clasped tightly in front of her. It indicated how nervous the owner of the hands was right now.

"Don't be afraid, it's me." Han Li's voice was hoarse. He softly comforted his sweetheart.

"En.” A vague answer followed as the veil was lifted. The delicately dressed little face bloomed like a flower in the night among the bright candlelight. Quite charming and moving.

"Wow!" Before Han Li could react, the young men who were spectating outside whistled.

Only then did You Yin realize that there were so many people watching. She blushed and lowered her head. What she didn't know was that this made her hibiscus-like face even more attractive. The crown on her head trembled slightly like a hibiscus flower dropping dews. A moving sight.

Liu Zhuo Ting was the first to come to his senses and tried to persuade with kind words: "Everyone, today is Younger Brother Han's big day. Since you and I have seen the excitement, as gentlemen we have to help others achieve their goals. We can’t disturb them anymore. Why don't we move to the front hall and get drunk!"

Although the younger generations said they were here to stir the bridal chamber, they were willing to go along. It happened that Auntie Song brought people here at this time. The group of more than a dozen people came and left. It was really lively wherever they went.

Li Dong watched Son-in-law being fixed on Miss and Miss shyly bowed her head. She couldn't help but pursed her lips and smiled. She hurriedly took the matchmaker and others out, leaving only the couple in the bridal room.

"You, are you tired?" Han Li looked at his exceptionally beautiful sweetheart today. For a moment he didn't even know what to say. He just stood there like a log, not knowing whether to stand or sit.

You Yin's almond eyes were bright. She slightly raised her eyes to look at him: "Why are you back at this time? Aren’t afraid of making people laugh!"

Seeing her look like a little girl, Han Li goofily laughed despite getting lectured, "I'm afraid you'll be bored and hungry in the room alone. So I came back to check on you."

Seeing how caring he was, You Yin stood up with a smile. Then she pulled him to sit in front of the round table full of sumptuous dishes: "In that case, you can eat some with me before going out to entertain guests."

You Yin had smelled the faint smell of alcohol long ago. Worried that he would hurt his stomach if he drank before eating anything, she dragged him to eat some dishes.

The young couple sat at the dining table without saying a word and ate in silence. After about a quarter of an hour, the two finished their meal. You Yin hurriedly pushed him out: "Go to the front to entertain the guests. It's bad to have Eldest Sister on her own."

In fact, she felt very shy seeing him coming back so early and just wanted to drive him out at once.

Han Li wasn't angry when his newly wedded wife pushed him out. He called Li Dong, who was standing far outside to come in and take care of her: "You wait upon Second Miss on washing up first. If it's late, tell Miss to rest first. My side will be rowdy for a while."

"Yes, don't worry, Master." Li Dong sent the son-in-law away. Only then she got someone to prepare hot soup and fragrant flowers. After serving Second Miss to wash up and at the insistence of Second Miss , she came out of the bridal room. After be busy for the whole day, she was finally able to go back and rest for a while.


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