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Man Man Qing Luo chapter 2 part 1

Man Man Qing Luo chapter 2 part 1

Cheng Qing raised her head. Saw a brown robed man around fourty-year-old sitting in the main seat, a square faced that showed no power. Next to him sat down a middle-aged woman wearing a light coloured short jacket and silver and violet dress.

If in the order of age, then her own name is Ah Luo. Cheng Qing carefully looked at the stranger father, this father and her own father when comparing them, they seem to the same kind, strict and orthodox, that big Madam's face was somewhat fat, round and seems kind, but the eyes revealed some shrewdness.

First palce, the middle - aged man slowly said: "Ah Lei, you come up!

Cheng Qing looked at the ten-year-old little girl respond and step out, went to the middle of the hall, appear calm, a pair of hidden in the long-sleeved hands can faintly seen forming into a fist. Cheng Qing wanted to laugh, bowed her head to hide her mouth that was about to burst out a smile, she thought, really thought Ah Lei wasn't scared. In the end still is a child.

the middle - aged man asked in a heavy tone: "Ah Lei, these three months, what have you learnt the best?

Ah Lei in gentle voice replied: "Replying to father, it is the qin."

Middle-aged man waved his hand, a servant put out a few stools, place the qin properly and retreated.

Ah Lei sat next to the qin, leisurely struck twice string, said: "Ah Lei will now play <<plum blossom three lane>>".

Then the qin sound raised, fresh notes play around the hall without a break. Melody stacked triple times, cool like ice in the stream. Cheng Qing secretly called out 'Good' . She has heard plum blossom three lane Guqin song in the modern, and there weren't any difference between them. Only heard it in live performance, for the first time. She re-examine the 10-year-old Ah Lei, looking calm, a beautiful oval face showing a high noble bearing. Cheng Qing thought a ten years old with such superb qin skills, really amzing.

She recalled when she was a child, her father and mother pulled her to learn to play the qin, she stubbornly refused, and now it become like this, might as well ask to learn something like guqin, flute, whistle, it will always have it uses! Thinking of how inexplicable transmigrated, Cheng Qing felt uncomfortable again.  Her hands unconsciously clench into fists.

Seventh Madam noticed, gently patting her, those pair of talking eyes told her that even if she can't do then it's fine, it's nothing.

Cheng Qing suddenly felt seventh madam treated this daughter really well, her heart filled with a sense of warmth. 
Becoming like this, the first person she encounter who treated her this nice. It can be considered as good luck.

At this point sounded out the end notes, waiting until the sound are made did Ah Lei stopped, raised her small face and looked at middle-aged man.

That father smiled and nodded: "Ah Lei, why did you choose this song?"

Ah Lei's eyes flashed a trace of pride, replied: "Ah Lei saw the yard's sparse with plum blossom, although it is early spring in February, recalled winter blooming white fragrance,  especially like it proud in snow and frost trait.

Middle-aged man stroked his under the chin beard, said: "Good, my daughter should be like a plum blossom! Alright step down, tonight father will come the the plum yard to appreciate plum blossom!"

Once his words were spoken, Cheng Qing to saw a lady on the left, should be Ah Lei's mother, face quickly flashed a ray of self-content, and with low brows and happy eyes softly answered: "Ah Lei is also small, skill is lacking, Master over praised. "

Cheng Qing's eyes scanned around in the hall. Beside her mother, seventh Madam with no expression, the ladies in the hall more or less showed a little jealousy in their eyes. Cheng Qing thought, everyone fight over husband, the ancient people always find fun this way. Probably not much to play, only fighting with people, does people unlimited fun.

Ah Lei retreated to her mother's side and stood, Ah Fei stepped out, she had an oval face, a pair of big and black eyes showing a hint of cleverness. She did not tremble, loudly said: "Father, Ah Fei has learned calligraphy for the last few months."

So the servant lifted in a low table, placed the pen, ink and paper . A servant girl came up to hold the sleeve for Ah Fei . Ah Fei concentrated for a while, suddenly her both hands prepared the pen and wrote a couplet. At one go, appraise it then laid down the pen, very crispily said: "Please criticize, Father."

Cheng Qing saw the ink on paper dripping hearty, a good running script! A '轩辕'(Regulus), thinking of her own doggy paddled word, she felt endless shame .

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