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Chapter 143 Adding to dowry

In December, He Xiao Ning got married.

He Hao was Lizheng of Wuliqiao. He Xuan Hai was also a somewhat dignified Xiucai. Since He Family had gradually made a fortune in recent years, their only daughter’s He Xiao Ning’s wedding must be big.

The day when the dowry was displayed, it was a rare sunny day. The light snow that had fallen for several days had stopped.

From Su Family, You Jin and You Bao attended. You Bao didn’t have many good friends in Wuliqiao Village. He Xiao Ning was one of them. Today she came to add dowry with Eldest Sister.

"Look at the demeanor of these two girls from Su Family. People would believe it if one says they are girls from rich families in the city. They don't look like children from the countryside!" In the courtyard of He Family, a few village women sat together and gossiped while picking melon seeds: "Su Family’s daughters are getting older now. Before, they always said that You Jin was pretty. Look at their family’s fourth. She looks no worse than the older ones!"

They looked at You Bao, who was holding a one-foot-square wooden box in her hand. She was cheerfully talking with the bride who was about to get married. Although He Xiao Ning was already prettier than most of the girls in the village, it was the difference of sky and earth when standing in front of Su Family’s fourth!

You Bao didn't know that others were judging her. She had been quiet since young. He Xiao Ning was quite close to her. Now that He Xiao Ning was getting married, it went without saying that she had to prepare a dowry: "Xiao Ning, look at this."

She handed the box to He Xiao Ning.

Grinning, He Xiao Ning accepted the box and opened it. Her curving eyes flashed with surprise: "This is too expensive!"

This was a whole box of rouge and gouache. These rouge powders were of high quality and were worth a lot of money!

"It's too expensive. I can't accept it." Although He Xiao Ning liked it, she reluctantly closed the lid and pushed it back to You Bao.

How could You Bao possibly take it back? With slight force, she firmly halted He Xiao Ning's hand: "Xiao Ning, we are good friends. This bit of things is just a little thought from me. If you don't accept it, you aren't considering me as a friend."

Seeing that she was serious, He Xiao Ning had no choice but to accept it. However, it can be seen from the words that she liked the gift that You Bao gave her very much.

As for You Jin, she was quite generous- two bolts of fine cotton material with quilted silk and a set of sterling silver headdress. The rest of the women who came to add dowry today exclaimed and became jealous: "This Su Family is too generous!"

One must know that just one sterling silver hairpin was worth a good few silver liang. One set of headdresses was at least a dozen liang!

When Zhao Chun Hua saw that she had added on expensive dowries, she was both happy and shy: "How could you spend so much money, child?"

Although she was a little embarrassed, the thought that her daughter had an addition of such dowry and would be able to straighten her back when she came to her maternal home in the future made her glad that Su Family was garnering face for their family like this.

"Xiao Ning is well-behaved. She’s just like my own younger sister. For her life to be good, I naturally can't take it lightly." You Jin sat beside Zhao Chun Hua with a smile. The two merrily chatting looked quite close. In the eyes of others, they secretly felt envious and jealous at the same time at the thought of the close relationship between Su Family and He Family.

Because You Jin had a lot of things to do, she sat down for a bit and left. Even so, He Family's face was still bright. Who in Wuliqiao didn't know that Su Family was already a wealthy household? Su You Jin was also the head of Su Family and she personally came to add dowry. What’s more with such precious dowry. And she said in front of so many people that she treated Xiao Ning as her own younger sister. So when He Xiao Ning marries into her maternal family in the future, she will have more help. Who would dare to treat her lightly?

Since there were some people happy, there were also some people unhappy.

Seeing her mother-in-law and younger sister-in-law smiling like flowers to curry favor with Su You Jin, Lian Hua-er felt extremely displeased. She quietly followed Su Family out when no one noticed her.

"Su You Jin, stop right there!" After leaving the village and there was no one around, Lian Hua-er quickened her pace and halted You Jin and her group.

You Jin looked at the person who stopped her with some doubts: "Lian Hua-er? For you to chase after me, is there something the matter?"

Although Lian Hua-er had been married to He Family for almost two years, she sensed Lian Hua-er’s hostility every time she went to He Family. So the two of them weren't considered close.

Lian Hua-er viciously glared at You Jin who didn't dress up today. Still the jade hairpin on You Jin’s head was more expensive than everything on her whole body. She viciously vented out: "Su You Jin, what do you want to do? First the bird's nest, now the headdress? Also the book for Xuan Hai!"

You Jin was a little baffled by her sudden attack. But seeing her faintly insane state, she took two steps back and responded, "I don't know what you mean by mentioning this. Since our Su Family settled down in Wuliqiao, Uncle Lizheng and his wife have cared for our family. As the saying goes, the kindness of a drop of water should be repaid by a spring. Before you married into He Family, our two families were like this. As for sending books to ELder Brother He, those are probably sent by Wen Sheng. What does it have to do with me?"

Would Lian Hua-er believe this? No, she felt that Su You Jin was making up lies to deceive her. She sneered, "Are you really as bright and upright as you said? In every matter, you got to stand out to appear to be generous. Let me tell you, I am not a beggar. I don't need your charity!"

You Jin felt as if she had encountered a madman. She really didn't know what to say. So she sighed: "It seems between you and I, the conversation is disagreeable; any more words, it would be a waste. I am busy with family affairs and will leave first." She led her younger sister and Qiu Fen, who had the same expression as herself and continued to walk back.

"Su You Jin, let me tell you. Don't think that you can seduce Xuan Hai with some little favor! As long as I'm present, don't even think about it!" Lian Hua-er felt anger rushing to her head when she saw the other party leaving like this and yelled loudly at her.

When You Jin heard her upside-down and inexplicable words, she stopped in her tracks, turned around to look at her, and stated, "First of all, I don't think my relationship with He Family is what you called charity. Uncle Lizheng and Auntie Zhao don't think so either. Secondly, some people you treasure may not be appreciated by others. I interacted with He Family because of the relationship between Uncle Lizheng and Auntie Zhao. I won’t tell others about today’s matter. Take care."

Stunned in place, Lian Hua-er watched the figures of You Jin and others cross the bridge and headed back to Su's house. She still hadn't come to her senses. What did she mean? Did it mean that the husband whom she treated like a treasure was just a piece of grass in her eyes?

No, it must be that her mind was exposed by her and in embarrassment, she made up such cruel words to disgust her! It must be like this!

Looking into the distance with both eyes open, Lian Hua-er murmured to herself: "Su You Jin, one day, I must make you kneel on the ground and kowtow to me to admit your mistake..."


You Bao followed Eldest Sister. Thinking about what happened just now, she felt aggrieved: "Eldest Sister, why did you let that Lian Hua-er off so lightly? How bad it would be if it got out, when she ruins your reputation! She treats He Family’s Eldest Brother as a treasure. So he is really a treasure?"

It wasn’t that You Bao looked down on He Xuan Hai. It was just that she felt He Xuan Hai was just a blockhead scholar. Someone she wouldn’t take a fancy, let alone Eldest Sister: "Compared with Gentleman Xiao, He Family’s Eldest Brother can’t amount to a strand of his hair!"

Just as You Bao mentioned Xiao Lin Yu, she immediately shut up. She lost her composure out of anger and brought up Eldest Sister’s sorrow. Ever since Gentleman Xiao left, Eldest Sister was always lonely when she was alone. Though she didn't say it, they all knew.

"Our You Bao is right." When You Jin thought of that person, there was a gentle smile on the corner of her mouth. Although He Xuan Hai was considered top-notch in Wuliqiao, he was a stone in front of jade Xiao Lin Yu. Nothing to compare at all.

You Bao carefully eyed at Eldest Sister. Seeing that she wasn’t angry or sad, she was secretly relieved. Luckily she didn't stir up Eldest Sister's emotions.

However, after this incident, You Jin became a little bit estranged from He Family. Whatever celebration or event, she would always send Uncle Song to send the gift over. This way her interaction with He Family gradually decreased.

Later, from some unknown source, it was said that Lian Hua-er made things difficult for Su Family’s Eldest Miss and caused Su Family and He Family’s relationship to gradually fade away.

Zhao Chun Hua, who heard this from a neighbor, finally figured out the reason why when Xiao Ning came back for the third day bridal return a few days ago, You Jin politely declined the invitation to come over for a light meal. She sighed again: "Marry a wife, marry a virtue!"

Su Family didn't give this much attention to this matter. Now it was January. There was still more than a month before Second Miss and Gentleman Han Li’s wedding. There were even more things to be occupied with. On top of that, Mrs. Han was also preparing to move out after the new year celebration. This year was the most lively and busy new year for Su Family.

"Elder Sister You Yin, after you and Elder Brother get married, can I still live with Elder Brother?" Han Er Hua asked curiously while lying on the window sill and took in the properly sorted new home with his big eyes.

Today, You Jin took You Yin and Han Li to visit the new home together while they made a final inspection to avoid any omissions.

You Yin stood behind Han Er Hua and cheerfully responded: "Of course, you can. Where does Er Hua want to live?" Er Hua was Han Li's only relative in this world. Maybe due to suffering a lot when he was young, Er Hua's temperament was calmer and more sensible than Kang-er’s now. She felt distressed for Er Hua as well as liking him.

Standing behind the two of them, Han Li watched the warm interaction between his fiancée and his younger brother. A smile twinkled in his eyes. He remembered what his grandfather had said to him before he left the capital. As long as he and his younger brother are alive, they will be happy even if they were spirits in the sky.

It went without saying that Han Er Hua didn't know what his elder brother was thinking. Hearing that his future sister-in-law wanted to choose a courtyard for him, he naturally chose the east compound house that was closest to the main courtyard where his future brother and sister-in-law would live: "It's just that I can't live with Su Kang.”

When they were in Su's house, the two children lived in the same room. The two were only three or four years apart in age and got along very well. THe thought of separating from Su Kang made Er Hua a little sad.

"It's okay. There's only a wall dividing you. You can go back and live there. Or Kang-er can come and live here. What does Eldest Sister think?" You Yin followed behind You Jin with a smile and suggested to Han Er Hua.

Hearing Elder Sister You Yin's idea, Han Er Hua immediately turned to Eldest Miss eagerly, for fear that she would disagree.

You Jin was amused by the two’s actions and responded: "It’s not a problem. But no matter where you live, literature and martial arts study can't be dropped." There was only one boy in the family. She wouldn’t reject Kang-er having a playmate that he got along with like Han Er Hua. As long as the two children can have fun together and make progress together, there is nothing to say.

After going around the new home, You Yin broke off two branches of red plum blossom back. Finally everything in the new home was complete.


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