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BTTS 346

 Chapter 346. Third shop

Lin Qing He didn't want to open the shop too far. It was best to be near the women's clothing shop. 

After all, there were only two girls at the clothing store. The security of this moment can't compare to that of later generations. Usually, nothing would happen, but if something did, they can receive some support.

Don't know if it because of her good luck.

As just across the street from her women's clothing shop, there was a shop available.

This shop was the same as Zhou Qing Bai's dumpling shop. It was a duplex too.

"This shop costs five thousand yuan. The seller said not a penny less." The staff of the Housing Management Bureau clarified.

"Is now alright? Can you take me over to see?" Lin Qing He said.

"Okay." The staff member had received a packet of candies from Lin Qing He before and nodded in response.

And if the shop was sold, she will also gain face. At this time, there was no such thing as commission. Only a fixed salary.

They went over there and took a look. Lin Qing He was satisfied.

The second floor can be used as a warehouse. The area was very spacious.

Also, the location. Beside the road and diagonally across from the women's clothing store. One can see the women's clothing store from the door.

Lin Qing He didn't hesitate at all. She instantly went back to arrange for the transfer procedures.

"Don't you need to discuss with your husband?" the staff member said.

"No. I have the final say at home." Lin Qing He answered.

The staff member chuckled at this. Then the house was transferred. She was amazed when Lin Qing He took such a large sum of money out of the cloth bag.

Five thousand yuan. Half of what ten thousand yuan household owned. She didn't expect so much money to be produced in one go. Really rich.

After receiving the deed and related documents, Lin Qing He exited in a very good mood.

The dumpling shop was only three thousand yuan back them, while this one cost five thousand yuan. However, Lin Qing He didn't mind.

Not only was the market now different from two years ago, the area of ​​the shop was also larger. Just having a second floor made her felt it wasn't too expensive.

She came over to the dumpling shop and whispered into Zhou Qing Bai's ears. Zhou Qing Bai was dumbfounded.

He didn't expect his wife to be so fast. She only decided last night and bought it today.

Since she already bought it, he said, "Go and talk to Aunt Ma."

Lin Qing He nodded and brought up her plans to Aunt Ma, who was washing the dishes.

Aunt Ma was stunned. Immediately, she uttered: "Isn't old Mrs. Xu in charge over there? Is it appropriate to let Cheng Min go over?"

"Appropriate." Lin Qing He said.

What Ma Cheng Min going to manage was actually output account. Like how many clothes were made from the inputted fabrics.

And what old Madam Xu and her eldest daughter-in-law Li Cui Feng took care of was the quality control of the workers' stitches and clothing.

"I also rented a shop. I plan to sell clothes as well. This time, men's clothing. At that time, Cheng Min and my nephew will have to watch that shop." Lin Qing He explained, "The salary is the same as old Madam Xu and others as he is also considered to be management. Thirty-five yuan a month. After all, he has a lot of work to do. I have already decided that he will get a salary raise next year."

Aunt Ma was overjoyed: "Alright, alright. I'll go back later and will tell him."

"Then I must trouble Aunt Ma." Lin Qing He nodded.

"No trouble at all. Teacher Lin, I have to thank you for this!" Old Madam Ma looked at Lin Qing He and spoke gratefully.

She and her old partner were delighted that their son and his family can return to the city. It didn't matter that it took so much money to move the household registration back.

After all, there was a job that he can do safely and steadily. All in all, it won't have gone badly.

But who would have known, he encountered redundancy.

This was naturally a thunderbolt. Without a job, there was no salary. It was her and her old partner. Although her son followed his dad and transport goods to make some money these days, he only made about 20 yuan a day. Including her salary, life can still keep going.

But this wasn't a long-term solution.

Aunt Ma had been very anxious for a while.

She didn't expect that Lin Qing He would arrange for this work. Taking care of the warehouse and watching the shop couldn't be any better.

After work in the afternoon, Aunt Ma hurried home.

Ma Cheng Min was sleeping at home. The work was in the morning. He and his dad were exhausted from it.

"Cheng Min. Cheng Min. Get up. Mom got something to tell you ." Aunt uttered as soon as she got home.

"Mom, Cheng Min is tired." Huang Xiao Liu said.

Her heart ached at sight how difficult things were for her man.

"I know he's tired. But it's good news." Aunt Ma explained. While she spoke, Ma Cheng Min got up.

"Mom. You should go take a rest, too." Ma ChengMin uttered when he got up.

It was hard on his Mom, She supported the life of the family.

"Cheng Min, listen to me first." Aunt Ma spoke and then recounted everything Lin Qing He had said to her.

Ma Cheng Min was stunned: "Really?"

"Teacher Lin told me personally. How can it be a lie? I'm just a little worried about whether you can manage the accounts and watch the shop?" Aunt Ma expressed.

"I haven't manage it before, but it shouldn't be difficult." Ma Cheng Min said. As for watching the shop, it shouldn't be difficult either.

"Teacher Lin said that when she comes back in the evening, she will talk to you." Aunt Ma informed.

"Alright!" Hope emerged in Ma Cheng Min's heart.

The past few days were really depressing. Although work was draining, it was better than doing nothing at home.

In the afternoon, Lin Qing He would sleep in the second floor of the dumpling shop.

There was a newly bought summer mat on the floor, so she camped on the floor and didn't sleep in her nieces' bed.

When she woke up, Lin Qing He went to class. Zhou Qing Bai would close the shop at this time and go to nap too.

There was basically no business between two to four in the afternoon. He will close the door to sleep or sleep for a short while and then go to Bei University to play basketball.

This man knew how to enjoy life these past two years while making money.

When Aunt Ma Aunt came to work in the afternoon. Ma Cheng Min had followed. He couldn't wait until the evening, so he came first.

Zhou Qing Bai told him about the interior design matter. Ma Cheng Min was responsible for these matters.

There was also the small workshop. He had to handle this side too.

Ma Cheng Min acknowledged each of them. When it was about time, he went to the kindergarten and brought his son back home. At this time, Lin Qing He had got off work.

Seeing him there, she knew what his intention. So she brought him over to the shop.

Incidentally, she called Hu Zi, who was at the women's clothes shop across the street, over.

"Aunt, are you going to open a shop again?" Hu Zi's jaw dropped when he came over.



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