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BTTS 576

 Chapter 576. Surnamed Zhong girl isn't suitable for you

The ward that Chen Shan entered had an old lady lying down. Her face seemed a bit mean. When she saw him coming, she immediately began to howl: "You still have a conscience to see this old lady? Aren't you on your wife's side? It was said sons were raised to guard against old age. After finally raising a son like you, you are on an outsider's side!"

Chen Shan hurriedly said: "Mom, don't talk about this. Aren't you putting me on the spot?"

"What putting you on the spot? You have been away for so many years. Once you came back, you brought back a fiery one back. Is this being filial to me? This is wishing me to die sooner. Since I was hospitalized yesterday, she hasn't seen a wink of me. Do she think she superior after giving birth a money-wasting thing for our old Chen Family?" Old Madam Chen scolded.

Yesterday she had a big fight with her daughter-in-law after tolerating each other for a long time. Then her daughter-in-law, who married in from another province, refused to bow her head. She pretended to fall and entered the hospital.

But from yesterday to today, her daughter-in-law did not bring her granddaughter here for half a step.

Old Madam Chen was full of hate.

Old Chen family was going to end their household registration with this woman.

"I don't care. I can't afford such an unfilial daughter-in-law. You go divorce her!" Old Madam Chen sent out her wanted list and declared.

"Mom, look at what kind of society it is now. Still want old-age divorce?" Chen Shan responded.

"Then file a divorce. Divorce her, let her go wherever she came from. Then you marry another one and give birth a grandson. Let her take that money-wasting girl out!" Old Madam Chen stated.

"Alright, you old thing. You dare to ask Chen Shan to divorce me!" At this moment, the door banged. It was kicked open.

Afterward, a big row occurred. Many people gathered around.

Chen Shan squeezed out of the crowd with a numb expression. He came out to see if he could run into Lin Qing He again.

Unfortunately, he didn't encounter her. She had left.

This made Chen Shan a little discouraged. Back then, if she was willing to go with him, she would definitely be able to give birth to a son for his old Chen Family with her ability.

Besides, she was highly educated. She would surely be able to have a good job. Moreover, with her intelligence, she can mediate the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The pressure on him won't be so heavy...

Lin Qing He, who had already returned home, didn't know that this scum could still have such thought.

She was still frowning when she got home. She thought she would never see Chen Shan again in her life, but unexpectedly she did.

Looking at him, it was obvious that he had a bad life. Still, she was happy if he had a bad life. His age was much younger than Zhou Qing Bai, but he looked older than Zhou Qing Bai.

He was a weak chicken before and was still a weak chicken now.

The only thing that made Lin Qing He frown was that she could still run into Chen Shan even now. Would the legendary female lead still encounter with her third child?

Because the original plot was messed up by her, that one hadn't appeared even until now.

That was a calamity. Her third child was fascinated until half-dead.

Lin Qing He's mind became more chaotic as she pondered about these things. Then she fell asleep in bed.

Zhou Qing Bai took in how heavy his wife's expression was. His wife didn't say, so he didn't know what was going on. It was obvious his wife had worries.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't say much. He started to make something to eat. Lin Qing He slept and felt much better. When Third come back, she would talk to him.

Zhou Qing Bai brought in a bowl of clear soup. Lin Qing He drank the clear soup and said, "Why have I slept for so long?"

They got back after nine o'clock. Right now, it was almost half past eleven.

"The person you met. What did he say to you?" Zhou Qing Bai sat down and asked.

To be honest, Zhou Qing Bai didn't lack this confidence. His wife would never set her eyes on the like of Chen Shan.

But his wife was obviously not happy after meeting him.

Lin Qing He told him that she wasn't from here and had came from later generations. After getting along days and nights, she didn't want to be too restricted. So she told him after identifying his character.

But getting Lin Qing He to tell him that this was the setting of a book? Lin Qing He felt that this was really challenging this man's three views.

So she never intended to say it.

"He didn't say anything. Just greeted me a bit and said that he didn't expect to see me here." Lin Qing He told.

Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

Lin Qing He gave him an eye-roll: "What's the matter? Do you think I have anything to say to him? A weak chicken. Looking at him, you will know that he have a miserable life. He looked much older than you." 
Reaching this point, Lin Qing He smiled. She patted Zhou Qing Bai's face and said: "Maintain it well. Don't let yourself age too fast. Otherwise, it won't be just me. Your daughter won't like you when she come out in the future."

Zhou Qing Bai laughed.

The encounter with Chen Shan was a warning for Lin Qing He, who had a long and good life. She felt that the people they should meet would always be appear.

So Lin Qing He waited for Third to come home and called him over.

"Mom, this big Hai City is really prosperous. I took a lot of pictures." Zhou Gui Lai merrily spoke.

Lin Qing He grinned, "Since you like, take more photos. Capture the characteristics of Hai City."

Zhou Gui Lai nodded.

Soon Lin Qing He changed the topic: "Our family also has a rule. It's okay to date. But if you found someone good, you have to bring her back before you get in deep. By the way, Mom had got your fortune told. You aren't suitable to marry girls surnamed Zhong."

Zhou Gui Lai had poured himself a glass of water to drink. He sprayed it out directly after hearing these words.

Zhou Qing Bai brought out black rice cakes for his wife then. He coldly glanced at his son.

Zhou Gui Lai quickly explained: "No, don't get me wrong. Dad, I'm not..."

Lin Qing He munched on black rice cakes. Zhou Gui Lao spoke, "Mom, why did you say this to me all of a sudden? Surnamed Zhong girl isn't suitable for me? Which fortuneteller said this? It feels very unreliable."

"What unreliable? Some fortune-tellers have real skills. Ask your dad. An old fortune-teller said your dad will have a daughter. I didn’t believe it, while your dad did. Now look at my belly? I can still be pregnant at this age." Lin Qing He persuaded.

"That incredible?" Zhou Gui Lai was surprised.

Zhou Qing Bai looked at him: "Listen to what your mom said."

Lin Qing He gave her man a loving gaze before turning back to her son: "Do you hear? As long as it's surnamed Zhong, she's not suitable for you. No matter how kind or excellent she is, you can't stick to her."

The female lead's name was Zhong Qing and her third son fell in love with her at first sight. After that, he met with calamity.

Although this situation was different from the original plot, Lin Qing He was someone who was afraid of the rope for tens years after being bitten by a snake. The male lead was fine. He and her eldest were on the same wavelength, so she wasn't that biased.

But this female lead can't do it. She's cause trouble left and right.


  1. Very sweet of her, but of course she'll look after her third son after raising him that big, happy and healthy.