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The Rebirth of Deceased Consort that Astounded the World chapter 30

Chapter 30 retreat for the sake of advancing

Li Zhonghe raised his head in alarm, apparently Prime Minister's Miss ate something wrong could ask this question! Seeing that Su Li's eyes were calm and deep, does not seem to be meaningless asked, the next moment he was deeply shocked, hesitated to speak.

     Su Li know that working in the palace for a long time, this phsyician Li is extremely careful, will never easily assert,under the current development, she coloured and slightly smiles:  "I(this little girl) heard the two girls quarrel a few days ago, said virgin could also be pregnant, so I wasa bit curious, just conviently asked,Phsyician Li do not have to worry too much.

     She seemed to carelessly and seemed to have no meaning.then Li Zhonghe heart slowed, thought for a bit: "Virgin can't possibly be pregnant. Unless ... ..."

     "Unless what?" Suddenly Su Li's heart start beating quicking , force herself to calm down, and urgently asked.

     Li Zhonghe hesitanted, Su Li was anxious, and was about to go forward to ask,suddenly from the outside the door came Su Qin's voice: "Su Qin gives greetings to Jingan Wang! ... ... Ah,Your Royal Highness, your face ... ..."

    Only heard Madam Su exclaimed: "Qin er! Do not be rude!"

Lintel lightly made a noise, a group of people walked in. Dong Fang Zhuo's eyes were cold, taking big steps and sit down beside Su Li's bed, coldlysaid: "Phsyician Li, What is Miss Su suffering from?"

    Li Zhonghe hurriedly said in low tone: "Miss is frail, it is just a cold, with careful care there'll be no problems."

    Madam Su smiled: "Su Su was frail since childhood, body isn't well is common matter." It was supposed to be polite words, but listening to it, from Dong Fang Zhuo's ear it became speech of shirk. His frigid/blizzard eyes swept around the room, it scared Su Qin that she shrink neck to lowered her head, even did not dare to look at him.

    Dong Fang Zhuo cold face looked at her, with slightly perplexed eyes he said: "Since the body is frail, do not run around, stay at home to recuperate." the command carried a slight warning tone, as if she is his possessions!

    Su Li's eyebrows sank, did not respond. In view of the lessons just now, she has already understood, with her current status, ability, meeting him head on, it will only be seeking to eat bitter! Better to step back, and slowly plan. One day, she would let him pay for what he did! Swallow the anger in her heart, she spit out the words against the heart: "Thank Wangye for your concern!

    Dong Fang Zhuo seems to be very dissatisfied with her cold attitude, tightly staring at her for a moment and did not speak. how clever Madam Su is, who didn't restrain her thought for a turn, and quickly smiled: "Wangye must also be tired, here is simple and narrow, please Your Royal Highness come to the front hall for tea. Master will return soon."

    Madam Su wanted to be polite, Did not think that Su Qin who was in a depressed mood at the moment, haven't had time to understand her intention, so she with great dissatisfaction muttered: "The last time Zhenning Wang visited, daddy has ordered people to redecorate again! How is it simple?"

Dong Fang Zhuo heard this and his brows prick up, eyes with fierce swept across, one glance at the three people in the room, and finally stared at the expressionless Su Li, eyes swept up her whole body, the only one ornaments, was an ordinary that couldn't be anymore ordinary hairpin, as the Prime Minister's daughter, without a single decent accessory! Frowned as he called: "Wang An!"

    the guards that are keeping guard outside the room responded by entering room, Dong Fang Zhuo's head didn't turn as he command: "Mother Empress had order people to send something to the Manor this morning, immediately to get them. And also, go get the string of Buddha cloud beads/rosary that Father Emperor had rewarded as well! "

    Wang An raised his head in surprise, it seems that the string of Buddha cloud beads is very particular, Dong Fang Zhuo easily gifted it out is incredible. Su Li's mind congeal, hurriedly detering: "Wait! Wangye ... ..."

    "You can not refuse!" Dong Fang Zhuo interrupted her words, soft gaze smiled: "The king said things that are to gifted out, no one can make Benwang take them back."

    Complete determination, not accepting the slightest resistance. Su Li's the words were choked in her throat, cannot come out, heart abruptly sank,there's no other alternative. And when those things all moved to put before her eyes, her heart has become more like a rock.

    Silk brocade, porcelain pot, jade cup, dazzling selection of daily necessities, everything. All heaped there, like a hill in general.

    Su Qin glared with wide eyes, can not hide the envy and jealousy, making her forget the lessons, ran to the hill in front screamed: "These are all for her !?"

Dong Fang Zhuo with unlimited contempt looked at her, his face expressionless said: "Looking how Eldest Miss Su is dressed, should not be short of these things.

    Su Qin is not lacking, but how could Prime Minister's things be compared with the Royal family's things can! Look at this double-sided silk embroidered brocade, silk fine,very colorful and vibrant, how can it be compared with the comon embroidery! Look at the fine blue and white porcelain pot, exquisite small,  delicate,quality that as if it is able to transmit light......

    Dong Fang Zhuo hand over a sandalwood box, cover with light lock, suddenly bursting out some light, not only to make Su Qin eyes wide open, and even Madam Su was also stunned seeing it, her face looked uncertainly toward theSu Li, like a hundred thoughts that can't be solved.

    Inside the box is a bunch of glossy rounded jasper beads, clear pure jade green, crystal clear, lined in bright yellow brocade box, even more brilliant light, people can not move eyes. Dong Fang Zhuo pick up the beads string, held up Su Li's hands, putting the string on the wrist for her , proudly laughed: "This Buddha beads is the Ding Land's tribute, these beads are blessed by the Temple of dark and light Grandmaster by chanting seven seven forty nine days. carry the essence of the earth and heaven. And Father Emperor gave it to me, and I will gift it to you today, and when you see this bead, it is like you are seeing Benwang, keep it safe.

    Su Li was mentally startled, intuitively to pull back her hand, but he held on tightly . cool beads wrapped around her slender 
wrist, blooming with a strange luster. Su Li frowned: "This is so precious, Su Li's position is humble, dare not accept!
 Also Wangye please take it back!" Her attitude resolute. But Dong Fang Zhuo as if not heard, his eyes burning with pressure,
 staring at her eyes and said: "The next time I meet you, I want to see you wear it on your hand!" 
 He turned around as he smiled, strode out the door, leaving behind amazing surprise, aftermath of agitation.

    Madam Su's gloomy eyes, stared at Su Li looked for a while, after a long while, severely said: "I do not care what way you use to make the two Wangye treat you specially, but you have to bear in mind your own identity, Do not do thing overboard/over the top, bringing trouble to Prime Minister! Qin er, let's go."

    "Madam, please stay." Su Li hurriedly spoke out to deter, looking calm: "Madam's words, Su Li understand, and will bear in mind! Today Jingan Manor sent these things, are things the Empress all carefully selected for the Wangye, Even though Wangye awarded these to Su Li, but Su Li's status is humble, dare not enjoy on my own! ... ...  this courtyard is narrow, no place to store it, lest a moment inadvertently damage the Royal treasures ,it will be difficult to explain to Wangye. So ... ... I would like request Madam to take care of it on my behalf!

    She slight smiled as she pleaded, the meaning of the speech and look carried no hint of reluctance. 
Saying it is holding it on her behalf, in fact,it is to giving it to Su Qin and her mother to enjoy. 
Everyone knows that a person like Dong Fang Zhuo gifting things out, wouldn't ask where and when people use it!

    Madam Su looked back at her puzzly, didn't immediately agreeing.

    Su Qin's eyes brightened, proudly smiled: "You are actually quite sensible! These things are certainly things you can't use, Mother, let people move them away."


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