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Xiao Qi Ye

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I don't know if you guys noticed, on NU, two other novels that are written by GEWW's author, Xiao Qi Ye, are also being translated.

     -Enchantress among alchemists translated by Radient Translation
     -Evil Emperor's Wild Consort translated by volaretranslation

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They are also good read ^-^

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The Crown Prince’s visit part1
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple

Yun Luo Feng didn’t expect that she had inadvertently picked up the Medical God’s Code, this will bring her so many benefits!

“When can I practice?” She asked after thinking for a while.

Obviously, to the current her, practice is the most important thing.

“Master, I have a prescription here, if you use these herbs and soak in them for five days continuously, then I will give you the cultivation method you need.” Speaking up to this point, the little guy paused, and then continued. “This medicinal bath is to help you exercise your physique, so no matter how painful it is, you have to endure. After five days you can start practicing; unfortunately, if there were spiritual herbs, you wouldn’t need to suffer for five days, just one day would be enough. But with your current strength, if you want to cultivate the elixir you must spend three months; sadly, the time that is required to do this is too slow.”

Under this situation, if the herbs were planted into the spiritual medicine space, the time needed is three months for it to be nurtured into spiritual herbs; so he what he chose was the second best option.

“I understand,” Yun Luo Feng took the prescription that was handed to her by the little boy. “Oh, that’s right, you have not told me what your name is?”

“Master, I’m called Xiao Mo; don’t forget my name.”

Xiao Mo’s face had a bright smile, and with a tender voice, he answered.

After pocketing the prescription, Yun Luo Feng lifted her head to look at Xiao Mo. Suddenly, the boy’s lovely smile entered her eyes, making her unable to hold back her hands and pinch the little guy’s face; her lips curved into an evil smile.

“Xiao Mo, I have been here for too long; it is easy to be found out, but I don’t know how to leave?”

The girl’s palm was warm, so it made the boy’s cheeks turn red; after hearing the girl’s words, he bit his lip, with watery eyes he looked at her.

“Master, you have to leave so soon? I was finally able to see you, and no one will know of your current situation; when you come to this place, in the eyes of outsiders, you look like you’re asleep. No one will think you’re within the Medical God’s Code world.”

Yun Luo Feng was silent for a long time before slowly saying: “Then can you leave this Medical God’s Code world?”

Xiao Mo shook his head, his eyes filled with loneliness.

“Master, I am not a human, nor am I a spiritual beast. My spirit was born because of the Medical God’s Code, I do not exist in the world; however, wait until master’s strength becomes very powerful. Then I can temporarily leave the Medical God’s Code world and appear by your side. But I cannot be more than 100 meters away from you.”

“Xiao Mo, this is my last question for you, why did you choose me?”

Hua Xia’s people amounted to tens of millions, she couldn’t understand, why did the Medical God’s Code choose her in the end?

“I also don’t know why.” Xiao Mo’s eyes revealed a touch of doubt. “Maybe it’s because you chose me first; if not for you, I would still be thrown somewhere in that library, perhaps, this is the reason I chose you……”


When Yun Luo Feng left the space, she found herself lying in bed. Her arms were holding a book, written on the top laid three impressive looking words; Medical God’s Code. It also proved that everything happened before was not a dream.

“Miss, are you awake?”

Maidservant Qing Yan saw that Yun Luo Feng had opened her eyes, and her heart was filled with joy. And then as if she thought of something, her little face turned gloomy and looked depressed.

“Miss, the Crown Prince has come. The General wants you to go make a trip to the guest receiving room. This servant saw the Miss napping, so I didn’t disturb you. Now that you are awake, this servant needs to go report to the General.”

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Extra Chapter due to first donation made! ^-^

Medical God's Code part 3
Translated by Maggie     Edited by Simple

“I know, but give me another chance, I will still do the same! On Long Xiao mainland, the weak are like ants! And I finally have a second chance; how can I easily give up? If I want to live it can only be done by becoming stronger!”

Hearing the voice of Yun Luo Feng, the little boy was stunned for a bit. At this moment, seeing that girl’s extending eyebrows filled with self-confidence, he was subconsciously dazed.

“Master, you want to become strong and I can help you!” The little boy’s eyes were firm, “I have to say, master, your luck is very good. With such a good quality physical body, although the people of this world say that the original Yun Luo Feng is a waste, it was because no one could help her practice. It should be said, that on the continent of Long Xia, no one could provide her with the correct way of practice. If it was following the ordinary way of practice, then this body would be full of unbearable pain! If it was forcibly practiced, you will definitely die because of too much blood loss!”

He paused, before saying: “But, Master, since you forcefully practiced and caused excessive bleeding, I was able to form a blood contract. Otherwise, I am afraid we would not have met so soon.”

Hearing this, the Yun Luo Feng felt move, asked: “You really can help me?

The little boy nodded his head. “Master, I am the guardian spirit of the Medical God’s Code, don’t look down on me because I’m small; in fact, I have lived for many years. This world has nothing that I don’t know of! In addition, does Master know what this place is?”

“What?” Yun Luo Feng eyebrow creased.

“This is the spiritual medicine space, inside this space, there is a very strong spiritual energy; of course, in addition to the usefulness to herbs, it is also a good absorption source for sorcerers. If you put outside herbs into the spiritual medicine space, those ordinary herbs will have spiritual energy; the effect is naturally incomparable to ordinary herbs,” said the little boy proudly. “Today’s Long Xiao spiritual energy is extremely rare on the mainland. There is no way of making spiritual plants; so, If you take out a stalk of spiritual plant, it is bound to cause a great sensation on the mainland.”

Yun Luo Feng looked at the little boy; “I know that humans and spiritual beasts can practice, but I have not heard of herbs that can also absorb spiritual energy.”

Once he heard these words, the little boy was a bit angry. He thought that Yun Luo Feng didn’t believe in his words, his pink jade carved face turned red in anger.

“What I said is true! Medicinal herbs need to rely upon spiritual energy in the world to grow, but now that the mainland has too little spiritual energy, it cannot be compared with the past. So it has been many years without a successful growth in spiritual herbs; look at those mainland’s doctors, they cure common stab wound patients with ordinary herbs which take a long time to recover. Some will even scar, if a doctor who has spiritual herbs use it on deep stab wounds it can be immediately restored. This is the spiritual herbs and ordinary herbs difference!”

The little boy said angrily: “In addition, healing is just one aspect of the spiritual herbs use. Some spiritual herbs can be used to help practice, and some are even able to directly make a sorcerer breakthrough!”



She had to say, Yun Luo Feng’s heart was moved, and her evil eyes flashed a mysterious light.

The little guy was still chattering. “And, even if one day your strength was destroyed, spiritual herbs can also restore you at the peak of power. But with your present strength, the spiritual medicine space can only open up such a small amount of land, so wait until your strength has made a breakthrough, it will have more land.”

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Thanks Alexandra for the first donation ^-^ So to celebrate the first donation, I was thinking of a double release. So that what you're going to get. Here's the first release! Second release coming within 24 hours!

Medical God's Code part 2

Translated by Maggie Edited by Simple

“Master, you really did act recklessly; if it wasn’t for me waking you up in time, I’m afraid you would have died here today.”
A soft voice appeared in Yun Luo Feng’s mind, and then, her mind went completely blank. When she recovered, she found herself positioned within a narrow land … …
Standing in front of her was a little boy, wearing white clothes and looked like a pink jade carved cherub. it is clear that a moment ago the voice that appeared in Yun Luo Feng’s mind was from this little boy.
“Master, long time no see, I missed you.”
To see the emergence of Yun Luo Feng, the little boy smiled cutely; revealing two teeth and happily flew towards her.
Who knew that once the girl saw his movements, she hurriedly leaned over, moving out of his way.
The little boy did not have time to stop his footsteps and staggered to the ground. He fell like a dog eating mud; he then picked his little body up, with sad eyes staring at Yun Luo Feng. “Master, you are so cruel … “
“Wait!” Yun Luo Feng interrupted the little boy; while deeply frowning she asked,” Who are you? Where is this? Do we know each other? “
“Master, you have forgotten about me?” Once the little boy heard this remark, his mouth suddenly curled up like he was about to cry out. “If you didn’t pick me from the library, I am afraid there is no way for me to meet Master, I didn’t think that in a mere two weeks Master would forget me?
Yun Luo Feng was completely confused, this guy said what? What library?
“Master, I am the guardian of the spirit of the Medical God’s Code, you took me from the Hua Xia University’s library.”
Medical God’s Code
Like a frightening thundershock, Yun Luo Feng froze.
She accidently picked up the Medical God’s Code from the corner of the school library, but there was no record of the Medical God’s Code in the library; so the old man that was in charge of the library gave her this Medical God’s Code.
But, she didn’t know why, this Medicine God’s Code has always been unable to be opened, she exhausted all kind of methods but it was ineffective.
She didn’t expect that after being transmigrated, the Medical God’s Code also followed her here and would also pop out of a self-proclaimed guardian spirit of the Medical God’s Code that looked like a little boy?
“How can you be here?” Yun Luo Feng recovered and asked.
She would like to ask even more; is this why she crossed over to this continent?
Yun Luo Feng believed that this matter was definitely connected to this little guy!
“Master, before when you were doing an experiment in the laboratory, the results caused an explosion. It was I who took you to the Long Xiao mainland, or you would be dead.” The little boy proudly lifted his head, taking all the credit and then as if he remembered something, he became dejected. “Unfortunately, that place, Hua Xia’s spiritual energy didn’t exist. Not to mention practice, I can’t even bring you into the world within God’s Code, otherwise, you would not have suffered physical destruction because of that small explosion.”
Yun Luo Feng’s brows wrinkled, her lips evoked a touch of an evil smile. “Listening to the meaning of your words, you do not belong to Hua Xia?”
The little boy nodded his head, seriously replying: “I belong to the Long Xiao mainland, it is due to an accident that I appeared in Hua Xia; there, I was inadvertently picked up by you. But, Master, you were in serious danger, If I didn’t stop you, I am afraid you would have bled to death. “


Chapter 11. Wait for my mother to ask.
Translated by Maggie       Edited by Simple

“Right!” Mrs Qiao’s eyes lit up as well as her spirit, triumphantly she harrumphed: “Seems to me, you secretly sold off the grains, then purposely pretended to be pitiful and came to our home to blackmail! Hmph, you siblings calculated well; on one side the grains are pocketed and earn money, and on the other, you come to demand grains again. This is really a cheap matter!”
“Even though your parents aren’t here, as a person you should have some conscience! Don’t be so crooked!” Lian Li continued to speak: “Originally, you being my nephew and niece, we can’t let you off. Three times, five times fighting against our support you can be let off, but you want to trick and have a lion’s big mouth; arrogantly asking for more! Asking for one thousand catties, that’s too outrageous!”
“You, you—–” Lian Ze was angered until he can’t speak; his chest was going up and down at an erratic pace.
He was really shocked and also thoroughly disappointed.
He never thought his own blood-related Uncle and Aunt would have such a mouth and face. What family relationship, what blood connection, in their eyes it’s not even worth a penny!
At this moment, the sorrow in his heart is greater than the anger.
Lian Fang Zhou lightly pulled Lian Ze’s sleeve, patted his shoulder to comfort him and didn’t seem to be anxious; she was not even angry. Indifferently she calmly asked: “ So Uncle and Aunt have decided to refuse about returning the grains to us?”
“Dream on!” Mrs Qiao snorted.
Lian Li was obviously more skilled than his foolish wife, immediately he said: “ Return what? We don’t owe you anything at all, how do we return?”
“That’s right!” Mrs Qiao immediately followed up.
“Haha,” Lian Fang Zhou lightly laughed and said: “Anyway, my Mother told me to come, so I have come. The words that Mother told me to say have been said. But Uncle and Aunt are not willing to admit, so there’s nothing that I can do. Oh, right, my Mother also told me, she said if you don’t return it then she will personally ask you! Us two siblings will take our leave now!”
Lian Li and Mrs Qiao both stared blankly for a moment; they didn’t know what to say. This girl was sharp-tongued, a sharp needle is obviously not a good crop. Looking at her reactions, such a rough situation, unexpectedly she ended it like this?
The resigned words Lian Fang Zhou said were stated very clearly, making Lian Li have a weird unreal kind of feeling.
“You are going to leave, just like that?” Lian Li couldn’t help but ask.
Lian Fang Zhou lightly smiled and said: “I’m not leaving just like that. I believe my mother’s words, you will definitely return the grains to us!”
“HA!” Lian Li sneered toward the heavens, his gaze steadily watching the two siblings as they leave.
“Husband, this… why do I feel like there’s something strange!” Mrs Qiao stammered, she also felt a bit dubious.
“You also think so?” Lian Li turned his head toward her and asked: “Then you say it, how is this strange?”
Mrs Qiao thought for a bit, then said: “You ask me to say, but I can’t say how I just feel that it’s strange! You didn’t see that when Old Woman Yang came to dissolve the engagement, that brat was so unreasonable; now suddenly, today she is not quite right!”
“Hmph!” Lian Li snorted and slowly said: “Didn’t she say that her dead ghost mother will come to find us? Well then, let’s just wait and see!”
Mrs Qiao was scared, hurriedly she said: “Peh, peh, peh! Husband, what nonsense are you saying; since everything is fine, why would she come find to us! We didn’t harm her! ”
“What are you afraid of!” Lian Li calmly looked at her: “I don’t believe it!”
Mrs Qiao’s heart was still jumping, her smile was strained but didn’t say anything else.
“Sister,” leaving Lian Li’s home, Lian Ze was upset as he followed behind Lian Fang Zhou. He said: “I really didn’t think that Uncle and Aunt would act like this! When dad and mom were here, they often came to our home to get some things for free; how could they say those words! Are they really our Uncle and Aunt?”
Lian Fang Zhou briefly laughed and said: “Didn’t you see it? Alright now, no need to be upset, being upset because of them, that’s silly!”
“I’m not……” Lian Li himself also don’t know how to explain his feelings at the moment; he just opened his mouth, closed it and lowered his head.
“Sister, did Mother really come to you in your dream?” Lian Ze couldn’t help but ask, he sighed: “Even if it’s true, then what? I said it earlier, Uncle and Aunt wouldn’t return us the grains! Sister doesn’t need to worry, we will not starve to death; we just need to survive this winter. Wait until next year’s harvest time, I will keep a tight watch and never let them help us again.”
“What time is it now, there is still one year until harvest season!” Lian Fang Zhou rolled her eyes, seeing his sad face, her heart softened; she said softly: “Alright now, you can set your mind at ease, these one thousand catties, we will definitely get them back! But before that, you need to listen to my arrangements!”
Lian Ze looked skeptical at her, Lian Fang Zhou lightly laughed; she had a well thought out plan.
Early the second day, Li Da Mu prepared an ox cart to go call Lian Ze; he wanted to accompany him to the stone quarry to buy the tiles and bricks.
Since bank drafts haven’t been opened yet, Lian Fang Zhou grabbed a pouch with two-three hundred coins, intending to pay the deposit first.
Lian Fang Zhou also wanted to go with them, now that her reputation was smeared, she should take this chance to go out. Looking at the mountain, landform, soil vegetation, and crop conditions are a good idea.
Li Da Mu thought about it, then nodded with a smile.
Lian Fang Qing saw this and pestered to go along with them to play; Lian Fang Zhou didn’t allow it. She told Lian Che and her to stay at home and watch it. Lian Fang Qing’s corner of her lips turned down, obviously not happy.
Lian Fang Zhou saw her pitiful, full of grievances face and couldn’t bear to see it; so she bent down and pulled her closer and quietly said: “Be obedient and stay at home with third brother, wait until evening and sister will make fried eggs for you, OK?”
Lian Fang Qing’s face brightened up, and subconsciously licked her lips with yearning; then shook her head and said: “no, eggs must be kept to sell so we can buy food.”
Lian Fang Zhou’s heart felt a sharp pain and felt sad. She softly spoke saying: “The money to buy food, sister will earn it; no need to sell eggs. From now on our eggs are for you and Che’er to eat.”
“Really?!” Lian Fang Qing was bursting with joy. Hurriedly nodding her head, she also said: “Sister and second brother will also eat it.”
“OK, we will eat it together.” Lian Fang Zhou smiled.
Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze sat on the cart and Li Da Mu drove it. The three of them slowly went to the stone quarry.
Once outside DaFang village, Lian Fang Zhou observed the scenery on both sides. She saw that on both sides of the road were mostly undulating hills, or flat ground protruding from the middle of a hill, covered with lush green trees; she roughly looked and saw it was mostly cedar, pine, fir, maple or camphor trees.
There was a lot of gentle slopes, many places had reclaimed the dry land to grow crops this season. The ground was withered and was visibly yellow. The yellow was sweet potato and taro seedlings. A number of bits and pieces were of broken bean curd rack. (ED/N Sorry guys, this paragraph was really hard to decipher.)
Where there was water, it had long been opened up and turned into paddy fields. At this time, one could only see entire fields of rice stubble, now completely dry and yellow.
Lian Fang Zhou didn’t need to ask; in her heart, she could already comprehend it.

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Okay readers, I finished chapter 5 and noticed that each chapters are really really short! It seem like the author split each chapter into 4-6 parts and each part is a chapter on , so that is the reason why it is so short!!!


Medical god’s code- part 1
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple

“This continent is called Long Xiao, it is a continent where martial arts are respected, and those who practice martial arts are called sorcerers. A sorcerer is divided into different classes; namely the low-level sorcerer, middle-level sorcerer, high-level sorcerer, earth level sorcerer, sky level sorcerer, god level sorcerer and sage. Each class is divided into low, intermediate, advanced and peak! However, in Long Yuan, the strongest is the high-level sorcerer, and only two were at the high-level sorcerer level. One is my cheap grandfather, the other is the strongest in the royal family.”

On the bed, a young girl opened her eyes, she sorted out the information she collected, lightly sighing. “Unfortunately, this body is weak and of poor quality, I have no ways of becoming a student of cultivation; on this continent where martial arts are respected, a person who can’t cultivate are known as trash.”

It’s not that this body’s original owner never tried cultivating before, but every time she starts to absorb the surrounding energy, the body would start to feel a stinging pain and cold sweat would break out, so she could only give up.

The good thing is that the previous Yun Luo Feng deeply studied many cultivation techniques, and now it will be handy for her.


When Yun Luo Feng tried to absorb the surrounding energy at this time, her body suddenly felt a stinging burst of pain, so painful that her stinging body was trembling and cold sweat dropped down.

“No, I cannot give up! If there is no way to cultivate on this continent where the strong are respected, besides living in humiliation, I can only wait to die! I have never been willing to become trash!”

At the door, when great General Yun Luo was thinking of pushing open the door, he felt something. The hand that was touching the door stopped. Immediately, a girl’s sonorous voice crashed into his ears, like a hand harshly beating his heart.


Yun Luo took back his hand, in his eyes beside guilt, there was an addition of distress.

This girl put so much effort to cultivate, but he himself actually believed outside rumors and misunderstood her; not only did he not come back and care for her but instead he interrogated her as well as broke her heart.

“Sir General .”

Just when Yun Luo was feeling guilty, the housekeeper hastily came from behind, bowed with a clenched fist and said: “ His Highness the Crown Prince came to pay a visit. He is now waiting for General in the main hall.”

“Crown Prince came to visit?” Yun Luo pondered for a moment in front of the closed door. In a heavy tone he said: “Go and order that no one is allowed to disturb the Eldest Miss.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Toward Yun Luo’s arrival, Yun Luo Feng was aware of it; but at that moment she was already pained until she couldn’t speak, how could she be in any mood to care for him?

If there was someone here, they would definitely be scared by Yun Luo Feng.

Because they would only see a young girl in white covered with blood. Her pores were opened and continuously flowed out beads of blood and it looked as if she bathed in a pool of blood. It looked exceptionally frightening.


Just when Yun Luo Feng was fainting from excessive blood loss, a sound exploded in her mind; instantly recovering her consciousness.

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Sorry guys, was juggling with work and mid term assignments. Many thanks to Simple for editing this so quickly! And for GEWW readers, i don't know why louise isn't getting back to me, so i'll translate the next GEWW within the next 2/3 days. Maggie

10. Demanding the grain.
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Simple

 Lian Fang Zhou’s uncle Lian Li’s home wasn’t far from theirs. The yard’s door was high and big, a neat house, their life doesn’t seem too bad.
Once Mrs Qiao saw the two of them, she thought of yesterday’s matter of old woman Yang dissolving the marriage. Suddenly, her anger couldn’t help but burst out. Glaring at Lian Fang Zhou, she snapped: “What have you come here for! Get out of here!”
However, Lian Fang Zhou didn’t leave; instead, she entered the main hall and found a stool to sit on. She said: “We came to take back what was originally ours! What did Aunt think we came here for?”
“Presumptuous!” Lian Li’s face darkened, in a teaching tone he said: “Lian Fang Zhou, what kind of attitude is that? Is that how you talk to an elder!”
“Oh, so Uncle remembered you are an elder!” Lian Fang Zhou laughed coldly: “Scheming for our stuff, bullying us parentless siblings. Are those the things that an elder would do! Uncle, Aunt, my parents in heaven are watching!”
“You!” Lian Li was angered by her until his chest hurt and spat out “Pah, stop mentioning your parents when discussing! We owe you nothing! You say we bullied you, do you any evidence? If you have no evidence then don’t speak nonsense! Seeing that you are still young and immature, I won’t hold it against you, so you just need to apologize and quickly leave. Go do what you should be doing!”
He said with a deep stare directed towards Lian Fang Zhou. In a heavy tone he continued saying “You are not the same as before, how did you become like this! It couldn’t be that you were cursed and become evil? Fang Zhou, ah, how could a girl be such a shrew, not having one bit of family discipline. No wonder the Yang family doesn’t want you! If you are like this, in this life you won’t be able to marry off!”
“Uncle, how can you say that about my sister!” Lian Ze was furious, he couldn’t endure it and clenched his fists by his side.
Lian Fang Zhou gently pulled him, indicating that he was a being impatient. Toward Lian Li, she smiled and lightly said: “Why did I become like this? It’s because mother told me a kind horse would be ridden and a kind person would be bullied in my dreams. So I became like this. Me having family discipline or not, this matter does not need uncle to worry about. Since following you I won’t learn anything good. And the Yang family not wanting me seems to be none of your business, right? If I marry off or not, that seems to be even more none of your business. You don’t need to talk about these matters to upset me since I actually don’t care! “
Lian Fang Zhou sneered in her heart, still treating her as though she is still respectable!
But if she was respectable, hearing his words, she was afraid she would already be angered until she’s half dead.
Since this is ancient times, if you spoke poisonous words like breaking off the engagement, or can’t marry off, shrewish and has no family discipline to an unmarried girl, how could she bear it.
Otherwise, seeing how Lian Ze react you’ll know.
Lian Li never thought that Lian Fang Zhou would be this calm, in an indifferent mood, she refuted each and every one of his words. That uncaring attitude doesn’t seem to be an act.
For a moment, he was stunned; he had the feeling of receiving a blow, a perplexed feeling.
Mrs Qiao saw that her husband was shaken, she was filled with resentment and sneered: “having no face and no skin. Doesn’t know shame!”
“That’s right! Doesn’t know shame!” Lian Li echoed in a heavy grave tone.
“What are you saying!” Lian Ze was angered, blue veins were popping up, his face was extremely dark.
“Ah Ze, no need to be angry!” Lian Fang Zhou was completely relaxed, heartily laughing “Definitely kind people saying kind words, if you have not said enough, please continue! It’s best that you even scold my whole eighteen generation of ancestors too! When you are finished scolding, we’ll get down to business!.”
Lian Li was trembling with anger; he couldn’t say a word as he stared at Lian Fang Zhou. He faintly felt like collapsing at any moment.
Scold her eighteen generation of ancestors? Isn’t her eighteen generation of ancestors his eighteen generation of ancestors too? Well, seventeen generations! This girl is definitely tricky!
Lian Li harrumphed and mentally thought “I’m not going to lower myself to her level!” then coldly asked: “What have you actually come for? When you’re done, quickly scram!”
So Lian Fang Zhou said: “During the harvest, Uncle and Aunt helped us collect the grain, us siblings can’t thank you enough. Our parents in heaven definitely can’t thank you enough! Uncle and Aunt have already helped us take care of them long enough, it is enough, we should take them back now!”
“What are you talking about?” Mrs Qiao’s anger reached its peak and started to yell: “IN YOUR DREAMS!”
Lian Fang Zhou didn’t bother with her interruption and continued in the same tone: “Last night, Mother came to me in my dreams, she told me to come and collect it; one thousand catties. The rest are left to show filial piety to Uncle and Aunt! Uncle and Aunt are elders, so you gotta have a bit of an appearance like elders and not be so shameless, right?”
“Stop dressing up as God, play the devil! (means to mystify)” Mrs Qiao has always been the one to take from others, not the other way around.
Don’t mention giving, even hearing Lian Fang Zhou speaking about it made her heartbreak as if losing a piece of her flesh. Making her feel so angry she didn’t feel well.
She sneered: “Lian girl, you really gained some ability; that you even bring up your dead mother to discuss things! Hmph, don’t think that you that bringing out dead people will make us scared of you, in your dreams!”
“Aunt, what you just said is not right;” Lian Fang Zhou lightly said: “What I said was the truth, not one word was trying to fool you. Otherwise, why would I dare to come to your home and say these words?”
“In the past, you might not, but now you have been cursed; what things would you not do!” Mrs Qiao sneered.
Lian Li was skeptical about two points, if not for their dead mother’s words, he felt that Lian Fang Zhou would not dare come to their home to create trouble.
But, he and Mrs Qiao’s thoughts are the same; wanting to take grain from them, don’t say door, not even the windows. (T/N:Meaning no way. You know how like you want to enter someone’s house, but they don’t let you enter. So you can’t come through the door and even the window is blocked)
Lian Li opened his eyes, steadily watching the siblings. Indifferently he said: “I think your mother got it wrong, why would our home have your grain? After we helped you harvest the grain, didn’t we already give it to you? Why did you come to ask for it again? You two siblings, aren’t you being shameless? In your eyes, are we still your elders?”
“That’s right!” Mrs Qiao hearing her husband’s justified words, grew some backbone and acted like being wronged: “There’s a saying that’s really good, different hearts in different breasts. (T/N: ie. It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the minds of other people.) It really is paying kindness with evil! At the time, your Uncle and I, us two day and night, were completely exhausted helping you harvest the grain. Every single grain was given to you. But you come running to shamelessly blackmail us! What is this! We don’t hope for you to show filial piety to us elders, but you also can’t be this heartless with no conscience! The heavens won’t spare you, Buddha won’t spare you!”
“Aunt, these words, do you dare swear it’s true?” Lian Ze hearing Mrs Qiao started turning black to white and was angered until his head was a mess.
“See! see!” Mrs Qiao cried out, “as a nephew, forcing his aunt to swear, is this what is has come to? The grains were fed to the dog’s stomach, not understanding one bit of reason!”
“That’s enough, you speak less, or people will say we are bullying the younger generation!” Lian Li seeing Mrs Qiao talking three, twisting two, in the end saying things with no point; couldn’t help but frown and look down on her. Toward the two siblings he indifferently said: “The grains we have already given to you, now you come and want more, that’s impossible!”
“You did give, but what was given was not all of it. Our 3 rice paddy fields should have harvested about one thousand five hundred catties; I’m afraid what you have given us is not even four hundred catties!” Lian Ze said angrily.
“Haha!” Lian Li lightly sneered, with a bit of disdain, each and every word was questioned back: “Do you have any evidence? Did you weigh them? Are there any witnesses or material evidence? In the end, the grains we had we gave them to you, as for how you managed the grains you got, whether it was eaten or sold, I don’t know!”