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78. The farce in Ming Yue Restaurant (part 1)

Lian Fang Zhou, who had already left with Li ma, heard those words of Su Xin-er, secretly felt pity for the girl. It was apparent to see that she really, really love Cui Shao Xi. Let's not mention ancient time, even in modern time, her kind of love it's not any man can bear! 
She felt suffocated just by observing from the side, so no need to talk about Cui Shao Xi who is directly experiencing it.

Seeing Su Xin-er was chattering non-stop, Cui Shao Xi's heart was already somewhat impatient.  At home, he was the favored one, so never did he go to someone and endure someone. Needless to say, he didn't want to continue bearing it.
"Keke!" Cui Shao Xi heavily coughed a few time, interrupting Su Xin-er. Without waiting for her to open her mouth to continue, he anxiously declared, "That, I'm a bit tired. I'm returning to my room to rest. You should return. Don't follow! I'm going. Goodbye!"
He spoke as he ran like he was escaping

"Hey!" From behind Su Xin-er waved her hand and cried out a few times, but how could Cui Shao Xi bother with her? Su Xin-er was speechless. She angerly turned around, heavily stomped her legs and listlessly walked away. 
At the evening, dinner was at Ming Yue Restaurant. Cui Shao Xi, Su Jing He, and Su Xin-er went over first. Fang Qing led the Lian siblings and Ah Jian over later.

Since Su Jing He and Fang Qing weren't eating at home, they must let Master Su and Madame Su know. This couldn't be hidden from Su Xin-er, so it was given that she would come along.
Luckily outside, Su Xin-er still has some restraint and in addition to Cui Shao Xi's warning to not stick too close to him so Su Xin-er can control her leg, even if she can't control her eyes. 

Su Jing He, Cui Shao Xi, and Su Xin-er all came out to welcome when Fang Qing, Ah Jian, and Lian siblings arrived. Everyone mutually looked at one another, then all happily chatted as they went up to the room upstairs.
Su Xin-er immediately remembered the situation earlier in the day when she saw Lian Fang Zhou. At the time she with her whole heart and eyes on Cui Shao Xi, she didn't notice but afterward, she remembered. At that time, it was clearly her conversing with cousin!

She actually dared talk with cousin!

"Who are you? Why did you also come along?" Su Xin-er immediately flared up, gave Lian Fang Zhou a hostile glare.

Unaware, Lian Fang Zhou felt awkward. Lian Ze and Ah Jian barely managed to keep their expression. Fang Qing grasped her hand lightly, lightly squeeze as a sign of comfort. Cui Shao Xi's face immediately sank.

"Xin-er! Watch your words!" Su Jing He glared at Su Xin-er and said, "These are your Sister-in-law's cousins.  Don't be rude!"

Instead of restraining herself, she curled her lips in apparent detest and said, "Turned out to be relatives from Sister-in-law's side! I did say, our Su Family don't have this kind of relatives!"

"Xin-er!" Su Jing He bawled with a grave face.
Fang Qing used her eyes to signal to him. Then turned to Su Xin-er and said with a smile, "I, your Sister-in-law, is an uneducated person from the countryside.  Naturally can't compare to you!

The underlying meaning was 'naturally my relatives naturally can't compare to your relatives, but those are still my relatives! And I am your sister-in-law.'
Su Xin-er froze and then immediately apologetically smiled with a reddened face, "Sister-in-law you know, I, I didn't mean it like that! I, I didn't look down on you......"

Fang Qing faintly smiled before saying, "Sister-in-law knows you lass is a straightforward person inside and out, it was only a slip of the tongue! Alright, what are we standing here drinking wind for! Let all head up first! Fang Zhou, Ah Ze, Ah Jian, let's go!"

Fang Qing gave an apologetic smile toward the three.

Normally, they should have made Su Xin-er apologize, but what kind of temperament does Su Xin-er have? Even Master Su and Madame Su can't suppress her! So if they persisted on making her apologize, it'd only make everyone looking even worse. 

This point was not only clear to Fang Qing, Su Jing He, and Cui Shao Xi but also to the Lian Fang Zhou and the others.
When Su Xin-er opened her mouth, Cui Shao Xi's face was very terrible to look at. Today it was agreed that he was the host and how Su Xin-er's act is clearly making him lose face!

What does this count as? Is this entertaining guest or making people feel disgusted?

"Right! Right! Let's head up!" Su Jing He laughed as he also help resolve the situation.
Lian Fang Zhou was feeling ill at ease. The one treating was Cui Shao Xi, and if the three of the left, not only Cui Shao Xi be put in a bad spot, Fang Qing too will look bad.
Lian Fang Zhou was well aware that Su Xin-er was obviously misunderstanding something. This moment was smoothed over by Fang Qing and Su Jing He, but as a spoiled lady with such a headstrong temper that she couldn't be reason with, heaven knows what kind of conflict will emerge afterward.
If by chance, the problematic factor, Cui Shao Xi couldn't overlook it and help say a few words, then it'll be like poking a nest of wasps; no peace at all! 

Leave, not possible; stay, not a good idea!

What to do?

An idea came to Lian Fang Zhou. She purposely cried out as leaned toward Ah Jian. Ah Jian quickly reached out to hold her, asked in concern, "What's wrong?"
Cui Shao Xi couldn't help but glance at the hand that Ah Jian used to support Lian Fang Zhou. It was really hurting the eyes. He also rushed to enquired, "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine, just carelessly twisted my ankle!" Lian Fang Zhou ruefully smiled. While the people were offguard, she swiftly glared at Cui Shao Xi.

"Sister, Brother Ah Jian and I will support you!" Cui Shao Xi froze before he was wordlessly elbowed away to the side by Lian Ze.

"All cause I was careless. It's just a small matter, there's no harm. Let's go!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled toward everyone. 

Witnessing the intimate interaction between Ah Jian and Lian Fang Zhou, the knot in Su Xin-er's heart loosened up, and she smiled like a blooming flower. To curry her sister-in-law's favor, she asked with a face full of delight, "Is it really not serious? How about inviting a doctor?"

"That's right! I'll go get someone to invite one!" Hearing Su Xin-er spoke like that, Su Jing He instantly felt much satisfied and thought 'Little sis can also be a decent person!' Then fawningly glanced at his wife.
Fang Qing ad the impulse to hold her head. No wonder this pair of siblings are from the same womb. What do you call this! She twisted her ankle, and you guys think it'll get better just by inviting a doctor. Also, why are you speaking with such an overjoyed expression? 
Thankfully, Lian Fang Zhou was acting! Otherwise, what would she think?

Fang Qing swept a glimpse at Lian Fang Zhou, approvingly thought, 'A smart girl!'

Smart, understanding, courteous, and look at the bigger picture. Really not simple!

"I'm alright, it'll be better with some rest! No need to go to so much trouble!" Lian Fang Zhou just smiled.
Su Jing He still wanted to say more, but Fang Qing spoke out, "Fang Zhou isn't an outsider. She said no need then there is no need! Fang Zhou, if you need anything, no need to be polite!"

Their gaze met, wordlessly communicate with each other.

Lian Fang Zhou grinned and nodded her head in answer.

Due to everyone going upstairs and the narrow stairs don't allow three people to walk side by side,  Lian Ze lurched a step and followed behind, letting Ah Jian support Lian Fang Zhou.
Seeing this, Cui Shao Xi felt more depressed on the inside.

Once they entered the room, everyone sat on the chairs near the wall. The staff poured out the tea and asked if they want the food to be served. Cui Shao Xi dipped his head, waved a hand to signal him to go and prepared himself as he called everyone to sit over at the table.

Su Xin-er followed straight behind Cui Shao Xi. Her intention was obviously wanting to wait until Cui Shao Xi sit before she sits. However, Cui Shao Xi was going to and fro as he entertained everyone. He was delaying to take a seat. 


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77. Cousin and Cousin (i.e. the biao older brother and the biao younger sister)

Cui Shao Xi smiled as he further questioned, “That’s right. Out of nowhere, why did you suddenly thought about plant cotton? Is this your parents’ idea? How come they didn’t come? Aren’t they worried about you and your sibling going out?”
As for Ah Jian, he was automatically overlooked by him.
Immediately, Lian Fang Zhou’s expression became twisted but she knew he didn’t do it on purpose and replied, “No particular reason, I just wanted to try.”

In this world, there’s a type of people who loves to put out their misfortunate wounds for everyone to see and their sympathy and compassion. There is also a type of person who refuses to be pitied and charity. Their matter should only be known and solved by themselves.
Lian Fang Zhou clearly belonged to the latter, so she didn’t answer Cui Shao Xi’s last few questions.
Cui Shao Xi wasn’t someone who wants to get to the root of things. His words were just something he said without thinking, so he didn’t notice that Lian Fang Zhou didn’t answer and said, “Is ten thousand liang enough? If it isn’t --”
“It’s enough!” Without waiting for him to finish, Lian Fang Zhou interrupted him. She politely explained, “I have calculated how much money each expense would take. The land cost, hiring people, buying seeds, etc. ten thousand liang is enough”
Cui Shao Xi could hear the displeasure carried within her words and realized that in a moment of forgetting himself, he overstepped the line. With his cheeks slightly flushed, he rushed to clarify, “I, I have no other intention. Don’t misunderstand!”

Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t really say anything with him acting like this. The displeasure on the inside also disappeared. She smiled back, “I didn’t misunderstand. I know you meant well and I thank your kindness.” 

“That's right!” Cui Shao Xi let out a breath, after a short contemplation, he continued, “It’s not a good idea to hire people. How about buying a few honest and hard-working ones. With the indenture in hand, it’s more reliable.”
Lian Fang Zhou initially thought like that, nodded in agreement, “What you say is reasonable. I’ll consider it.”

Even though cotton will definitely receive a large scale promotion within these few years, but she will do the utmost to fight for the most advantageous time as long as possible. Then as for the technique for managing the plant, she needs to keep some part confidential.

Cui Shao Xi was so delighted that she agreed with him, he prepared to offer her help in choosing servants. But unexpectedly, Su Xin-er came out of nowhere and cried out ‘cousin’ in joy as she bolted over.

Lian Fang Zhou was startled, raised her eyes to see a beautiful little miss dresses in a rose embroidered, pink brocade overdress with narrow sleeve and attached with cream-colored twill, pleated skirt with a lockstitch. She has a beautiful appearance, looked dainty and cute, a pair of big, bright eyes that reflect youth and ignorance, and she was smiling sweetly. That pair of eyes could only see Cui Shao Xi and did not notice her (Lian Fang Zhou) at all.
Lian Fang Zhou silently retreated to the side.
This little miss’s identity was indirectly revealed when she uttered ‘Cousin!’. Her gaze toward Cui Shao Xi carried unconcealed fascination and deep love, making Lian Fang Zhou wishing to disappear immediately.

“HALT! ”Cui Shao Xi lowly yelled. Brows slightly knitted as he stepped backward, questioned, “Do you have some matters with me?”

From when her eyes first laid on Cui Shao Xi, Su Xin-er’s gaze was like it was stuck to his body and could not be removed. She didn’t care about his yell and refusal. From the eyes to the face it was immersed in lovestruck happiness, she tenderly smiled, “Cousin, where did you go? I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

In a split second, Cui Shao Xi's good mood fall to the rock bottom. This cousin is extremely tough to deal with. As if she could only hear her own words and other people's words, whether it was clearly stated or just a hint, it was completely disregarded.

What made people even dumbfounded was previously, once she saw him, she would come up and hold his arm. Naturally, he avoided it promptly and avoided it into a sorry state. Afterward, he tactfully told her not to do that, it'll affect her reputation. Who knew, that lass couldn't hear the underlying meaning and instead said she didn't care! She doesn't care, but he does!
At that time when he heard Su Xin-er’s words, Cui Shao Xi’s nose nearly distorted from anger.

Can't talk reason with her, so he might as well don’t. So from then on, when she grinned as she speed over to link with his arm, he would hastily retreat back and cried out 'Halt!'. And she did listen.

Cui Shao Xi probably didn’t notice, but whatever he said, Su Xin-er would always listen.

The time when Su Xin-er won't listen to him had yet to arrive. And when it does come, it'll cause him a lot of trouble.

Lian Fang Zhou saw that there was no point to stay anymore, head to Li ma and quietly spoke, "Da niang, let's go!"

"Alright." Li ma smiled. After some thought, she felt it wasn't right to just leave like this and stepped for to bow, "Young Miss, Cousin Master, this old servant will take my leave!"
Lian Fang Zhou didn't open her mouth, just curtsied with Li ma.

Su Xin-er didn't even bother with Li ma, while Cui Shao Xi's gaze couldn't help fall onto Lian Fang Zhou. He moved his lips, wanting to press her to stay but then thought of Su Xin-er made him lose the desire. He nodded his head as he spoke, "You leave first!"

Following Cui Shao Xi's gaze, Su Xin-er only then noticed Lian Fang Zhou. The little miss's eyes immediately widened, it was full of vigilance. She bluntly grilled, "Who are you? Why have I never seen you before?"

In the entire manor, Su Xin-er recognized all the big and small maids for no other reason than forbidding them from getting close to Cui Shao Xi.

Before when Cui Shao Xi came to Su Manor, all the big and small maids were excited. Those that actually dare have any other thoughts were very few. But it wasn't bad to have a feast for the eyes!

If anyone were appointed to serve Cousin Master, even if it were just to sweep Cousin master's courtyard, they would be so thrilled that they couldn't sleep for a few nights.

However, don't know when it started, but all those who served Cousin Master would suffer Young Miss's lessons without fail. Those who secretly peeked at Cousin Master and was discovered by Young Miss, had their face lacerated!
Now, whenever Cui Shao Xi came to Su Manor, only footboys served at his side ---originally there were still ugly, old woman, however, Cui Shao Xi couldn't bear to look at them and had them sent away.

As to those who sneakily look at him, only those who don't want to live dare to. When comparing eye candy and keeping their life, anyone knows how to choose.

Cui Shao Xi also faintly know about these matters, and because of it, he was disgusted Su Xin-er even more. He wasn't her private property, so these actions of her made him peeved.
"Weren't you looking for me for something? Tell me!" Seeing Su Xin-er targeting Lian Fang Zhou, Cui Shao Xi then spoke out.

Su Xin-er immediately cast aside Lian Fang Zhou, looked at Cui Shao Xi with her eyes filled with love bubble. Her face also slightly blushed with abundant coyness and uttered in a gentle voice and tone, "En, I, there's no much, just, just wanted to talk with cousin. Accompany cousin to relieve boredom! Is cousin used to your stay in our manor? No need to be polite, treat it as your own home......"

Her exhilarated heart was close to flying, as Su Xin-er kept talking endlessly!  Cousin took the initiative to speak with her! Does this mean cousin is starting to accept her? Complete sincerity really can affect even metal and stone!


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The third chap of the month enjoy!

76. De Xing's Cui Family

Seeing Fang Qing looking at him fixedly, he quickly reassured, "Don't worry, I won't let Xin er know!"
Only then did Fang Qing break into a grin and let it go.

At Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze's side, they had already followed Li ma to the guest rooms. Li ma politely smiled, "Miss Lian and Lian gong zi will stay at these two rooms. This old servant will later let the housekeeper organize the stay at the outer courtyard for the gong zi outside. Please rest assured!"
This was in the inner household, so naturally, they couldn't arrange him to come in to stay. Because Lian Ze is still small in age, otherwise he too wouldn't be able to stay here. Naturally, the outer yard has guest rooms specifically for male guests.

Lian Fang Zhou nodded as smile courteously smiled, "Have trouble da niang.  Could we go and explain it to him?"
Li ma pondered a bit and answered, "Sure, this way is better! Please follow this old servant!"

When the three of them came out, Ah Jian was still calmly sitting at the side hall, resting there without a slightest sign of stress. Seeing the group come in, he stood up and headed to them with a smile.

Lian Fang Zhou sent a slight smile as she lightly nodded. At this Ah Jian was relieved, and a small unexplainable part on the inside felt overjoy for her.
"There's not enough time today, so we'll stay here one night. Early tomorrow, we'll then return! How about this, Ah Ze, you accompany Ah Jian!"

Out of a sudden, Lian Fang Zhou realized in this unknown place, letting Ah Jian stay at the outer courtyard on his own is really discourteous. Truthfully if they didn't have Ah Jian at their side on the road when the driver was scamming, she and her brother could only endure in silent.

Though Lian Fang Zhou also didn't consciously notice herself but subconsciously her whole family already unknownly regarded Ah Jian as their backbone.
"En! I initially wanted to tell Sister this!" Lian Ze beamed as he nodded.
Lian Fang Zhou looked at Li ma for permission. 
This was a small matter, so Li ma could decide and dipped her head as she smiled, "This way is also good! Then Miss Lian, follow this old servant back to the inner courtyard! Later, Housekeeper Su will arrange it."

Lian Fang Zhou uttered a sound of agreement, bid farewell to Ah Jian and Lian Ze, and followed Li ma.

On the road, Li ma pointed out a lot of sights that can be seen as they pass by every scenery for Lian Fang Zhou to view. As Lian Fang Zhou look, she casually gave a few praises.

Seeing her acting very polite and know the etiquette and didn't inquire about Su Family or Young Madame's matter in a roundabout way, Li ma secretly complimented, 'This Lian Family's Miss cousin, despite being young, isn't a troublemaker! From the look of it, she's much stronger than Young Madame's direct maternal family!'

The thought of Young Madame's squabbling father and vicious stepmother who wished that Young Madame could die made Li ma feel disgusted for a moment. Luckily Young Madame has some tricks, otherwise who knows what the days will become!

"Ah!" Li ma and Lian Fang Zhou was conversing when a person from their sideways suddenly called out to them. Following the sound, they looked over to see Cui Shao Xi with his hands at his back standing at the front left side fork beside a cluster of sweet osmanthus. The thick green branches and leaves were half covering and half hidden.
"Cousin Master!" Li ma hurried to bow her body in a courtesy.

This Cousin Master is Su Family's esteemed guest. His mother is Master Su's legitimate younger sister, and his grandmother (from father side) is former emperor's most loved younger sister,  Princess Yun He.

And them Cui Family was from the De Xing Province and one of the top prominent family there. The previous year there was up to seventeen from the clan being a court official at the same time. All were a powerful position, with the worst was also Zhi Manor. His blood-related grandfather had a Zhuangyuan background, confer as Grand Academician of Education Hall and have previously held the position of Minister of Rites.

Afterward, the former emperor passed away, Princess Yunhe couple discussed between themselves and decided to retire resolutely. They resigned and returned to their hometown in De Xing. Those within the clan took official position outside and those who were too impressive, all slowly receded.

These years, they are distancing their relationship with the court and royal family on the surface. And its because they are tactful and know how to behave, the current emperor, Emperor Jian De always remember them at heart and would bestow Princess Yun He all kind of present with genuine feeling every year. Over half of De Xing's fertile land was owned by Cui Family, and their shop and business were also countless, making them their name as the number one family in the southwest true. 

Lian Fang Zhou couldn't wait to get away as far as possible from this Cousin Master, but in front of Li ma, she could only follow in suit and bowed in greeting.

Cui Shao Xi waved his hands at Li ma, stated, "I have some words to say to Miss Lian!"
Alarm bells rang inside Lian Fang Zhou's mind. Afraid that Li ma would leave, she quickly smiled in politeness, "Since it's like that, I'll trouble da niang to wait a bit!"

Cui Shao Xi's gaze and expression were clearly signaling for Li ma to leave. Li ma felt -- she dare not go. This Cousin Master usually handle matters in a willful way so how can he and Miss Lian be left on their own? And also, what if Young Miss saw? That's even worst! Young miss is also a wayward person, and by chance, trouble is stirred up, then everyone won't look good and it would Young Madame who looks the worst.

Hearing Lian Fang Zhou said it like this, Li ma was so grateful on the inside that she didn't know how to express it. Subconsciously her brows loosened and eyes smiled as she nodded as well as taking the initiative to retreat back a few steps, spoke, "Old servant will wait for Miss! Miss,  Cousin Master, go ahead!"

Cui Shao Xi gave Li a disgruntled stare, lightly harrumphed and didn't say anything.

Lian Fang Zhou just stood there, lifted her lids to glimpse at Cui Shao Xi.  Respectfully asked, "May I ask what Cousin Master wanted to say?" 

 Cui Shao Xi saw that she didn't treat him coldly, but it was clear it was just politeness and distance. And what's more, it appeared that him calling to stop her made her somewhat unhappy. When had he ever been given the cold shoulder before?
Cui Shao Xi was so angry that he wants to go crazy, but he happened to have no way of venting out the stomachful of anger. 

He glanced at Lian Fang Zhou, directly asked at once, "We clearly know each other, why didn't you admit in front of cousin and cousin-in-law? Does knowing this master make Miss Lian lose face?"

Lian Fang Zhou was speechless. She mentally pondered-this cousin master is too tsundere? Just because of this, he purposely came to ask her?

Then she politely explained, "Initially, we don't know each other. It just a coincidence that we saw each other once on the road! Cui gong zi, your identity is valuable, while this girl is an ordinary peasant, so how could I dare say words like 'recognize' just because of this. If it's like that, then  it would be Cui gong zi who lose face!"

Cui Shao Xi heard her words and his face slightly relaxed and the anger inside immediately subsided by a half. Then laughed, "I knew it. Your meaning is that you dare not be presumptuous, right? I'm not so peculiar. Us Cui Family never those kinds of conceited people! In the future, you don't have to say it like that!"

Lian Fang Zhou just wanted to get away quickly. Besides, once they left Su Family, they might not see each other again in the future. So she inclined her head, "I'll remember Cui gong zi's words!"

Immediately Cui Shao Xi stretched out his brows, his eyes lit up like stars and on his handsome face like an ageless white jade appeared a radiant smile. It was like a splendid morning cloud, which made observing Li ma's heart skipped and secretly exclaimed about cousin master's excellent appearance, 'No wonder Young Miss's eyes could no longer hold anyone else, oh!'
Lian Fang Zhou also felt his looks are too blinding at that moment, like a beautiful peony slowly maturing to full bloom under the sun rays. She unconsciously moved her line of sight and mentally complimented, 'Disastrous man, don't know which girl has the fortune to catch him in the future!'


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WC 4

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Well here the forgotten White Calculation chappie!

Chapter 4 (part 1)

The day of coming-of-age was soon here.

Although she was an adopted daughter, it does not need to be as grand as the legitimate daughter's. As she was the only girl of Zhen Nan Wang manor, Ji Ting especially sent a steward to assist Wangfei in handling the coming-of-age. Even Princess Yan Yang seems like she dropped the unhappiness from a few days ago and especially entered the palace to request a proclamation and unexpectedly invite the empress niang niang to be the honored guest of the coming-of-age.

Immediately no one in the manor dared look down upon the little orphaned girl, and all treated her with seriousness.

How could Wangfei know what Princess Yan Yang was planning, she (wangfei) just assumed she (princess)released past grudges and (wangfei) became overjoyed for few days). When the day arrived, Wangfei headed to Langhuan Pavillion early in the morning to personally dress her up.

Image result for Hemerocallis fulva

Zheng Nan Wangfei came from Night Valley's South Butterfly Sect, which is known for its expertise on armour. So naturally, their needlework is also extraordinary. The clothes that Ji Xiaoli was wearing today was personally stitched by Wangfei; a soft beautiful and dignified, moon yellow silk gauze skirt, which was embroidered with large orange daylily and tendrils of leaves with unique silk threads that made it fluctuate with the light and appeared to sway like it was real.  The young girl with snow white skin and raven black hair in gentle yellow dress against her autumn water eyes and vermilion lips. 

Now was late spring and the morning light just begin to dye the sky, a relaxed girl slenderly stood in front of the dressing table like a lotus fresh out of the water and gave a naturally carved feeling.

At the beginning when she was just adopted, she was no bigger than a pillow. Wangfei stared at the freshly browed girl in the morning light, and could not help have tears in her eyes.

"Xiaoli, come!" Wangfei dabbed her eye corners, and from her sleeves, she took out a worn silk edge precious gold phoenix hairpin. On the top had a gemstone as red as fresh dove blood and as big as dragon eye, which was inlay on the phoenix's body. So delicate and resplendent, that one can tell it's no ordinary goods of folks.

Ji Xiaoli's eyes became pointed-- that gemstone was brilliant and lustrous, a two-three century-old item, so it certainly has some spirit. It would be wonderful if it was broken off to be crush and used to concoct pills.

Wangfei saw that she was visibly happy as she stared at that hairpin, lightly sighed and her tone turned softer, "Initially I prepared this hairpin to be used for your coming-of-age, however, today the honored matron is Empress niang niang and the green jade hairpin for the up-do has already been prepared by the Princess. Since it like this, you keep this hairpin. It was found in your swaddling clothes when we just picked you up. It should what your mother left for you...... Today you turned into an adult, and if she knew, she would be happy for you."

Hearing that it was left by her biological mother, Xiaoli reluctantly took her itching to have a go gaze from that gemstone, and regretful sighed.

Guess... it can't be broken off to concoct pills.

"Come, let mother put it on for you. From now on this hairpin is yours, so you need to take good care of it. This is what your biological mother especially left for your dowry." Wangfei carefully put the hairpin into her hair.

She pulled the young girl around to have a look, compliment with heartfelt, "It's gorgeous! Our Xiaoli ah, when not causing trouble is really a beautiful lady!"

Xiaoli winked her eyes and frankly pointed out, "Then... only beautiful when asleep."

Wangfei paused and then immediately swatted her in annoyance. Qian Yi who accompanied Wangfei as dowry burst into giggles and teased, "Even when asleep, Young Miss isn't obedient either. One bed is still not enough for one to occupy. When I accompany for the night, the numbers of time falling off the bed when sleeping isn't low!"

The roomful of maids and attendants all covered their mouth and laughed. Smilingly, Xiaoli caught Liu Hai.

The Morning sun was shining bright, the doors of Zhen Nan Manor opened wide. The family, friends, and guests that came to congratulate came one after another. It just reached 7am, a riotous noise sounded outside. Empress niang niang's carriage has arrived.

The current Empress is the Emperor's biological mother, Empress Dowager Ci Xiao's niece from the maternal family. The two people came from one of Great Night's most prominent family, Song Family. Princess Yan Yang was Empress Dowager Ci Xiao's eldest daughter, and the Empress niang niang is her legitimate sister-in-law. That's why Zhen Nan Wangfei and the first rank matron kneeled to welcome the Empress, while Yan Yang just go out to meet and after curtsying, she called and reached out to support Empress niang niang .

Yan Yang kindly smiled as she supported Empress, "Empress sister-in-law came at the right time!"

"Zhen Nan Manor's Young Miss holding her coming-of-age, would bengong dare to come late?" Empress politely ordered to noblewomen to rise, and on the side joked with her sister-in-law.

Princess Yan Yang used her sleeve to cover as she giggled, toward Zhen Nan Wangfei at the side, she told, "Sister, since the honored guest is here, let's start?

Zhen Nan softly responded okay, sent someone to the inner yard to invite Young Miss to come and give curtsy.

When Ji Xiaoli came out, she was supported by Qian Yi. It did counts as the footstep of a beauty that trod lightly, willow-like posture and that light yellow dress set off the raven black hair and snow skin. Her attitude as she kneeled down to greet the Empress was elegant and respectful. All attending madames were surprised. They previously heard that the adopted daughter of Zhen Nan manor was absurd and impolite. Now personally seeing it, it was clearly a proper gentlewoman!

All those with son or nephews at the right age and wanted to get married, had glitterly eyes as their heart was moved.

Satisfied, Princess Yan Yang made an expression at Zhen Nan Wangfei. Wangfei was also smiling with a face full of joy.

At that side, Empress niang niang had already put on the green jade hairpin for Xiaoli, said some words, "Make the bun full of the thought of its heart proper;  Act for the thought of its heart as a whole" and then signaled the palace attendant to hold up the girl on the ground-- Time to show the needlecraft.

When girls put up their hair, they are grown-up ladies waiting to marry. According to custom, they should display their own personally-made needlecraft. Wangfei had already prepared a sachet embroidered with magnolia for Xiaoli and ordered explicitly for it to stored in her sleeve.

Xiaoli reached a hand in to take it out, the palace attendant presented it in front of Empress niang niang.

Empress niang niang picked it up the sachet with a face full of smile and examined the embroidered flower on the sachet. Lightly uttered 'yi?' and asked, "This is ... embroidered by you?" The well-kept, slender finger stroked the embroidery, feeling the peculiarity under the fingertip and continued inquiring, "What is contained inside?"

Xiaoli raised her head to look, cries in shocked and hastily rummaged through her sleeve and pulled out the magnolia sachet and apologetically said, "It's incorrect! I took the wrong one, it should be this one!"

Empress laughed, holding the gold embroidered cloud patterned black sachet and sweetly waved for Xiaoli, "Come, rise to bengong's side-- this sachet is yours?"

Ji Xiaoli honestly nodded and answered, "Grand Tutor gave it to be me when I was five and instructed me to open it ten years later."

Last night, she pestered Wangfei for this sachet and being pestered by her, Wangfei left with no choice but to bring out and give it to her. She ordered her personal maid to store it well. Xiaoli clearly remembered that she kept it in her cosmetic case on the dressing table, how did it get to her sleeve?

"When you were five......then that was the former grand tutor," Empress spoke as if lost in thought. She personally handed over the sachet to her and smilingly voiced out, "Bengong revere the former Grand Tutor for so many years, it is fate to meet something he left behind today and deeply want to have a look!"

Ji Xiaoli did not see Princess Yan Yang's puckered brows and expression that want to stop, so she candidly and generously gesture it was no problem, I can let you look!

She opened the sachet and inside was a piece of paper.


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Here's the second chap of the month! Enjoy!

Chap 75

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You probably have noticed that original tab, right? Well, it's officially released with the first short story today! Click here to check it out!

Lady Tremaine

So, this half done story was dug out from my old notebooks. Might as well, throw it out there for the world to see. Will finish it eventually. There are few others half done work, but they had a long plot than this one. I'm in awe of my high-school me; why can't you finish something  ^-^'

Lady Tremaine

A woman has snuck down to the servant headquarter to question Lady Tremaine about her past. Now Lady Tremaine retells her side of the story.

(This story is based on Cinderella)

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Goal 2's release no. 2 is here. A round of applause to Aliyah Gray, JiaJiaMian and Ray for their participation in achieving May's goal.

Release Two

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Goal 2 has been completed \o/ that means 2 chapters will be release. Here's the first one. This is brought to you Aliyah Gray, JiaJiaMian and Ray. Many thanks for being my patrons! ^-^

Release One

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Long time no see! Here's the much-delayed release of chap 72. Enjoy!!!

I started Goal Setting! Hopefully, I'll eventually raise the production rate of chaps!

1) 3-4 chapter released (increase 2019 release rate per month by 200% maximum)
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