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WC 4.2

I finished June stock of VGAFH, so decided to finish up this WC chapter.

Chapter 4 (part 2)

The old Grand tutor's writing was like flowing water and intense: "Student (literal: peach and plum)."

Empress held the already yellowed white silk paper, deep in thought for a while then burst into a smile. She raised that paper and announced to everyone, "Peach and plum blossoms at the capital east, come in full bloom in tens years. Former Grand Tutor has such good intention. This girl is fortunate. Not only did she have Benggong pin her hair, but also the former grand tutor favor her and accept her as his disciple!"

All the noblewomen were baffled, they muddled-headedly responded with congratulations. Princess Yan Yang understood a little but wasn't very pleased about it. "Former Grand tutor had already headed to become a crane celestial*, how is Xiao Li going to become his disciple? Also, as a girl, what's the point of following a master?"

Quickly marry her off and thrust her out Zhen Nan Manor is the most important matter!

"It matters not. Our Grand tutor had learned from the former Grand Tutor. He also has deep cultivation knowledge." Empress responded with a smile.

Princess Yan Yang never thought of this turn. As she paused, Zhen Nan Wangfei had already kneeled down, softly pleaded Empress, "Empress niang niang, I heard that Grand Tutor was promising when young but now just a weak cap. Xiao Li has already of-age, it isn't suitable for her to study under the Grand Tutor Manor... Please reconsider niang niang."

"Wangfei," Empress gently smiled. "This isn't Benggong's intention. How about this? Xiao Li, Benggong ask you; Are you willing to go gain cultivation knowledge from Grand Tutor Manor?"

Wangfei's heart tightened. Before she could raise her head to wink at her adopted daughter, she heard the girl's melodious voice happily answered. "Willing! I'm willing to go!"

Wearing a smile, Empress dipped her head.

Zhen Nan Wangfei kneed on the ground, don't know what to do.

Princess Yan Yang was half doubtful and half furious. Her expression wasn't good.

The roomful of noblewomen just looked at each other, wanting to understand from others' eyes what exactly were they singing.

Only Xiao Li stood there in great joy, face full of excitement as if she would become a celestial tomorrow and fly into the sky.

The news about that wild girl was about to go become Grand Manor's pupil and learn cultivation grew wings and flew throughout the whole Zhen Nan Manor.

Ji Bei was the first to come knocking. That night he rushed in Langhuan Pavilion, jumped around and yelled, "JI XIAO LI! GET OUT HERE, FOR THIS YOUNG MASTER!"

At that moment, Ji Xiao Li was directing her maids to pack up her pill furnace and medicine jars. When she heard the fury in Ji Bei's voice, she rushed to speak. "You stay here and guard my stuff well. I'll go out and block him. Don't let him come in!"

Every time Ji Bei gets mad, he threatens to smash her pills, medicine, and stove.

Sure enough, she ran out, and Ji Bei was angrily rushing to enter inside. Xiao Li hastily opened her arms to block the entrance. "You're not allowed to go in and smash my stove!"

Ji Bei reached out his hand, strongly poked her forehead repeatedly. "Right now, Young Master simply want to smash your head!"

Ji Xiao Li was shocked, and her face lost color.

The look of the young girl startled til her eyes goes round was very cute. Ji Bei's stream disappeared by a half. Hating that iron could not turn into steel, he grabbed some of her hair, hostilely spoke, "Empress niang niang asked if you willing to go, you actually agreed! Do you know what kind of place is Grand Tutor Manor?! What kind of figure is the current Lord Grand Tutor?!"

"Lian Yi said he's a figure like a fallen celestial." Ji Xiao Li recalled the gossip that was exchanged with the peony essence. "His appearance is so handsome, unlike the males from the mortal realm."

Ji Bei's cheeks were about to ache, and his hostility became even stronger. "That one called Lian Yi, which courtyard maid is she?!" 

"She not a maid. She is Princess niang niang courtyard's peony... after tonight she'll evolve into a demon. So as a celebration, she got a name."

So furious, Ji Bei's mouth became crooked. Surging with anger, he turned to leave. His figure reached when he paused a bit. "In a moment someone will send a pair of war pigeon over... I heard Grand tutor is aloof and cold, toward people he's really...If you can't bear it, use the war pigeon to send a message back. I'll pick you up straight away."

Hearing that she'll receive a bird, she smilingly nodded and agreed.

Turning around, he saw her carefree smile, Ji Bei sighed. He spoke, then halted. "That pair of war pigeons are trained by Second Brother. He...really displeased."

That very displeased person was in Wanqing Courtyard at this moment, accompanying his mother for a meal.

Princess Yan Yang personally placed the Phoenix Moon Poussin dish in front of him, courteously coaxed, "Last time at Nanhua Courtyard you said this dish was not bad, so mother ordered people to ask for the recipe especially. Try it!"

There was no expression on Ji Xi's face. He mannerly ate his meal, but all along, he never touched that poussin dish.

Yan Yang carefully accompanied for so long, but her son wasn't being grateful, her face became cool as her chopstick was put down on the table with a 'Pa.' "Who are you showing your attitude to see?!

Ji Xi also put down his chopstick, raised his head to look at his Mother. "Mother, why are you purposely currying favor for?"

Yan Yang was reduced to silence.

Her three sons; Ji Dong was steady; Ji Bei was rash; Don't know who Ji Xi takes from, but only he appeared not to say much, but when he does, each and every sentence is powerful. Every argument, Yan Yang wasn't his match. She could only just be straightforward. "I know what you are thinking! That wild girl is about to go to Grand Tutor Manor, so I'm just worried that you're feeling depressed-- I'm your biological mother ah!

Ji Xi indifferently spoke, "Since you're my biological mother, you should know what I desire. Mother is willing to let Son be depressed than fulfill it?"

"Empress is clearly set on sending that wild girl to Grand Tutor Manor. If the one commanding from behind isn't Emperor, then it's the Empress Dowager. What can Benggong do?" Yan Yang's arched eyebrows went up. "While it's early, cut off that desire! That kind of wild girl, don't even think about becoming my daughter-in-law!"

Like her name, Princess Yan Yang, when angry, she's like a scorching sun blazing down, making people look with fear. Though her chest went up and down in a fury, Ji Xi picked up his chopstick and unhurriedly ate a few bites. In a slow tone, he remarked. "Not as good as those made in Nanhua Courtyard."

Princess Yan Yang's anger hit the roof.

The table today was specially arranged and call him over for a meal, just to say those word out in the open and cut off those thought while it's early-- The eldest's marriage was already coming along. Although Ji Bei was stubborn, he does listen to Ji Ting's words. Only this second son has an astute mind, giving her the most worry and headache.

"You......You ......" Yan Yang gritted her teeth and gnashed it in anger, wanting to teach him a lesson but heard the sudden cry of shock from a group of maids and attendant outside.

"What's the matter? What's all the screaming for!" Yan Yang roared in displeasure.

Qi momo hastily came in from outside to report. "It's Third Young Master... Don't know why, but he pulled out the 'Radiance Beauty to Golden Jade' from the wall sill..."

That 'Radiance Beauty to Golden Jade' peony was the present the Emperor rewarded on Yan Yang's birthday. It was specially selected from Grand Tutor Manor's rare breeds. After much difficulties to raise it and had yet to appreciate it, it was wasted.

Yan Yang nearly couldn't breathe when she heard it, her chest rapidly beat in pain. Her slim jade finger motionlessly pointed at Ji Xi and directly scolded. "You little devils! Won't stop until you anger me to death!"

The author got something to say:

Pitiful Lian Yi, can't escape from disaster.

Pitiful Ji Xi, the fox, has yet to preys far from his hole (meaning Evildoers do not prey on their neighbors.)

Pitiful Ji Xiao Li, cheerfully jumping into a fire pit.