Wednesday, 12 June 2019


Another incomplete short story from my old notebooks. As I edited this, I was wondering 'what kind of character have I created? It feels like it reflects some bit of my high-school self. Honestly, it's a tiny tiny bit. The rest are thrown into the mix from the influence of paranormal teen novels. Oh, how I changed from then.

I ran out of school as quickly as possible when the bell rang. I glanced around for any suspicious looking guys. Spotting my dad's car across the road, I dashed across and hopped into the car. After putting on the seat belt, I huddle myself.

"Honey, calm down, nobody's going to hurt you!" Dad's gentle voice broke the silence in the car.

"Dad, you don't know that, " I muttered.

He sighed, "You've been like this since your mother died. You should really see a therapist and get some confidence back into you!"

"Well... the answer's still no. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm perfectly fine!"

"How about this? I'll make a deal with you. You can take archery and muay thai lessons if you go see a therapist for three months." Dad negotiated as he parked the car into the garage.

"Hmm... It's a deal if you include an increase of $50 to my pocket money each month." I decided on gaining an inch and ask for a foot.

"That isn't really reasonable you know? Oh, fine, only on the months you visited the therapist!" Dad turned to look at me and dejectedly surrendered.

"So it's settled!" I got out of the car and as I was about to close the door, I caught Dad mumbling 'I hope he can fix her insecure personality.'

Dad drove out of the garage and went to work. I entered the house and made a simple meal. As I ate, I grabbed the vampire bible off the shelf. Scanning through the book, I tried to find stuff I didn't already know.

Mom owned these vampire books. Dad always joked that Mom was a vampire geek and how she always explain to him how to kill a vampire. But she wasn't joking. I have the same belief- vampires do exist!

I didn't remember when or how I adapted this belief. People thought I was crazy. I admit I felt crazy. Mad. Cuckoo-cuckoo. I had always tried to get through school without accusing someone was a vampire. The madness also made me take martial art or skill classes to prepare myself against vampires.

At school, I'm a complete social outcast. No friends. That's the way I wanted to be. Invisible. I also wore blue contact lens to cover my violet eyes, just to hide from attention. I especially scorned popular and carefree girls, who don't know the dangers of vampires and also act like a snob. They liked to tease and criticize other girls for not being them. One of their favorite activities was trying to get boys attention. One day, they'll get the vampire attention and put not only themselves and also the entire school too! Alright, I may have gone overboard with the sarcasm.

With a full stomach, I did some chores and finished my homework. Afterward, I went down to the basement to train. Mom had kept a good supply of equipment, from punching bags to dumbbell and many more. I pushed myself until all my limbs lost feeling. Satisfied with my progress, I headed to prepare dinner. A share for Dad was left on the table. I finished my share, showered and headed to bed.

That night, I felt something isn't right like something is about to happen. I opened my eyes to pitch black. As I restlessly looked around, I saw......

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