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78. The farce in Ming Yue Restaurant (part 1)

Lian Fang Zhou, who had already left with Li ma, heard those words of Su Xin-er, secretly felt pity for the girl. It was apparent to see that she really, really love Cui Shao Xi. Let's not mention ancient time, even in modern time, her kind of love it's not any man can bear! 
She felt suffocated just by observing from the side, so no need to talk about Cui Shao Xi who is directly experiencing it.

Seeing Su Xin-er was chattering non-stop, Cui Shao Xi's heart was already somewhat impatient.  At home, he was the favored one, so never did he go to someone and endure someone. Needless to say, he didn't want to continue bearing it.
"Keke!" Cui Shao Xi heavily coughed a few time, interrupting Su Xin-er. Without waiting for her to open her mouth to continue, he anxiously declared, "That, I'm a bit tired. I'm returning to my room to rest. You should return. Don't follow! I'm going. Goodbye!"
He spoke as he ran like he was escaping

"Hey!" From behind Su Xin-er waved her hand and cried out a few times, but how could Cui Shao Xi bother with her? Su Xin-er was speechless. She angerly turned around, heavily stomped her legs and listlessly walked away. 
At the evening, dinner was at Ming Yue Restaurant. Cui Shao Xi, Su Jing He, and Su Xin-er went over first. Fang Qing led the Lian siblings and Ah Jian over later.

Since Su Jing He and Fang Qing weren't eating at home, they must let Master Su and Madame Su know. This couldn't be hidden from Su Xin-er, so it was given that she would come along.
Luckily outside, Su Xin-er still has some restraint and in addition to Cui Shao Xi's warning to not stick too close to him so Su Xin-er can control her leg, even if she can't control her eyes. 

Su Jing He, Cui Shao Xi, and Su Xin-er all came out to welcome when Fang Qing, Ah Jian, and Lian siblings arrived. Everyone mutually looked at one another, then all happily chatted as they went up to the room upstairs.
Su Xin-er immediately remembered the situation earlier in the day when she saw Lian Fang Zhou. At the time she with her whole heart and eyes on Cui Shao Xi, she didn't notice but afterward, she remembered. At that time, it was clearly her conversing with cousin!

She actually dared talk with cousin!

"Who are you? Why did you also come along?" Su Xin-er immediately flared up, gave Lian Fang Zhou a hostile glare.

Unaware, Lian Fang Zhou felt awkward. Lian Ze and Ah Jian barely managed to keep their expression. Fang Qing grasped her hand lightly, lightly squeeze as a sign of comfort. Cui Shao Xi's face immediately sank.

"Xin-er! Watch your words!" Su Jing He glared at Su Xin-er and said, "These are your Sister-in-law's cousins.  Don't be rude!"

Instead of restraining herself, she curled her lips in apparent detest and said, "Turned out to be relatives from Sister-in-law's side! I did say, our Su Family don't have this kind of relatives!"

"Xin-er!" Su Jing He bawled with a grave face.
Fang Qing used her eyes to signal to him. Then turned to Su Xin-er and said with a smile, "I, your Sister-in-law, is an uneducated person from the countryside.  Naturally can't compare to you!

The underlying meaning was 'naturally my relatives naturally can't compare to your relatives, but those are still my relatives! And I am your sister-in-law.'
Su Xin-er froze and then immediately apologetically smiled with a reddened face, "Sister-in-law you know, I, I didn't mean it like that! I, I didn't look down on you......"

Fang Qing faintly smiled before saying, "Sister-in-law knows you lass is a straightforward person inside and out, it was only a slip of the tongue! Alright, what are we standing here drinking wind for! Let all head up first! Fang Zhou, Ah Ze, Ah Jian, let's go!"

Fang Qing gave an apologetic smile toward the three.

Normally, they should have made Su Xin-er apologize, but what kind of temperament does Su Xin-er have? Even Master Su and Madame Su can't suppress her! So if they persisted on making her apologize, it'd only make everyone looking even worse. 

This point was not only clear to Fang Qing, Su Jing He, and Cui Shao Xi but also to the Lian Fang Zhou and the others.
When Su Xin-er opened her mouth, Cui Shao Xi's face was very terrible to look at. Today it was agreed that he was the host and how Su Xin-er's act is clearly making him lose face!

What does this count as? Is this entertaining guest or making people feel disgusted?

"Right! Right! Let's head up!" Su Jing He laughed as he also help resolve the situation.
Lian Fang Zhou was feeling ill at ease. The one treating was Cui Shao Xi, and if the three of the left, not only Cui Shao Xi be put in a bad spot, Fang Qing too will look bad.
Lian Fang Zhou was well aware that Su Xin-er was obviously misunderstanding something. This moment was smoothed over by Fang Qing and Su Jing He, but as a spoiled lady with such a headstrong temper that she couldn't be reason with, heaven knows what kind of conflict will emerge afterward.
If by chance, the problematic factor, Cui Shao Xi couldn't overlook it and help say a few words, then it'll be like poking a nest of wasps; no peace at all! 

Leave, not possible; stay, not a good idea!

What to do?

An idea came to Lian Fang Zhou. She purposely cried out as leaned toward Ah Jian. Ah Jian quickly reached out to hold her, asked in concern, "What's wrong?"
Cui Shao Xi couldn't help but glance at the hand that Ah Jian used to support Lian Fang Zhou. It was really hurting the eyes. He also rushed to enquired, "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine, just carelessly twisted my ankle!" Lian Fang Zhou ruefully smiled. While the people were offguard, she swiftly glared at Cui Shao Xi.

"Sister, Brother Ah Jian and I will support you!" Cui Shao Xi froze before he was wordlessly elbowed away to the side by Lian Ze.

"All cause I was careless. It's just a small matter, there's no harm. Let's go!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled toward everyone. 

Witnessing the intimate interaction between Ah Jian and Lian Fang Zhou, the knot in Su Xin-er's heart loosened up, and she smiled like a blooming flower. To curry her sister-in-law's favor, she asked with a face full of delight, "Is it really not serious? How about inviting a doctor?"

"That's right! I'll go get someone to invite one!" Hearing Su Xin-er spoke like that, Su Jing He instantly felt much satisfied and thought 'Little sis can also be a decent person!' Then fawningly glanced at his wife.
Fang Qing ad the impulse to hold her head. No wonder this pair of siblings are from the same womb. What do you call this! She twisted her ankle, and you guys think it'll get better just by inviting a doctor. Also, why are you speaking with such an overjoyed expression? 
Thankfully, Lian Fang Zhou was acting! Otherwise, what would she think?

Fang Qing swept a glimpse at Lian Fang Zhou, approvingly thought, 'A smart girl!'

Smart, understanding, courteous, and look at the bigger picture. Really not simple!

"I'm alright, it'll be better with some rest! No need to go to so much trouble!" Lian Fang Zhou just smiled.
Su Jing He still wanted to say more, but Fang Qing spoke out, "Fang Zhou isn't an outsider. She said no need then there is no need! Fang Zhou, if you need anything, no need to be polite!"

Their gaze met, wordlessly communicate with each other.

Lian Fang Zhou grinned and nodded her head in answer.

Due to everyone going upstairs and the narrow stairs don't allow three people to walk side by side,  Lian Ze lurched a step and followed behind, letting Ah Jian support Lian Fang Zhou.
Seeing this, Cui Shao Xi felt more depressed on the inside.

Once they entered the room, everyone sat on the chairs near the wall. The staff poured out the tea and asked if they want the food to be served. Cui Shao Xi dipped his head, waved a hand to signal him to go and prepared himself as he called everyone to sit over at the table.

Su Xin-er followed straight behind Cui Shao Xi. Her intention was obviously wanting to wait until Cui Shao Xi sit before she sits. However, Cui Shao Xi was going to and fro as he entertained everyone. He was delaying to take a seat. 



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