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I'm back from Lisbon! ^-^ Meaning back to real life T.T How I wish, I can go back in time and stay in the days of exploring. Then again, I killed my feet there rather than my hands. Anyway, time to type away!

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82. Ex-fiance's bridal procession

"It's really lively! And also really extravagant!" Lian Fang Zhou jollily commented and put down the curtain.

Lian Ze gave a low snort, declared, "In future, when Sister marry, it'll definitely be more lively and more extravagant!"

Thanks to Hua Family women's haughty big mouth, Ah Jian also knew a little about the matter. He stated, "Ah Ze is right. Yang Family don't want you is because they have no eyes. They can't match up to you! A better man will definitely marry you!"

"Brother Ah Jian is most certainly correct!" Lian Ze beamed.
Lian Fang Zhou felt warmed up on the inside, faintly smiled

Actually, she had already prepared to not marry at all this lifetime. She has siblings that need to take care of, and also she had an engagement broken off. When her siblings all grown up, her age will be pretty high. How many people would be willing to marry her? Want her to make do? Not possible!

So because of that, she had no misgiving when she fell toward Ah Jian in Ming Yue Restaurant last night. Anyway, she doesn't plan on marrying, so why have misgiving?

The distinct horn blares passed by. The bridal procession's footsteps, peals of chatter and laughter acutely sounded out from the obstructing, thin curtain. The entertaining group had passed, and Lian Fang Zhou couldn't resist curiosity and lift opened the curtain, put out her head to have a glance.

Somehow, the groom on horseback in front suddenly turned his head around at that moment. With no chance of hiding, Lian Fang Zhou straightforwardly met up with his gaze.

Both of them froze.

Startled, Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly withdrew her neck. Yang Huai Shan's mind buzzed, his chest was like it was heavily hammering. 'It's her! It's really her!'

Today, he came to welcome the bride. His eyes unconsciously wondered around the crowd, planning on finding her figure. But it wasn't there. Not only was her silhouette not there, but even her siblings were also not there either. He was secretly depressed. Presumably, she was crying at home now? It's all his fault, having no courage to fight until the end. In the end, he married someone else. He wronged her!

He never thought he would see her at this moment!

So previously she wasn't at home! They still have a great fate, no? Otherwise, how else did they bump into each other at the last minute?

A strange excitement emerged within Yang Huai Shan. It was a euphoric feeling. His chest cavity was dominated by this weird feeling, became overflowed with it and his brain overheated. He subconsciously pulled the reins, then turned around to head over to her!

"New Son-in-law, why did you stop! Quick go, quickly go wa! Don't miss the auspicious time ah, it'll be unlucky!"In a complete gaudy red clothing, a matchmaker with a round bun garnished with two large red flowers, smilingly looked at him.

Yang Huai Shan heart cooled down, instantly became a bit more clear-headed.

He raised his eyes to look again, the carriage she was in had already slowly moved. Not long later, it disappeared from sight.

Yang Huai  Shan secretly sighed, with no other choice, he turned around and continued forward. The joyous music in his ears and the crowds' merry suddenly become faint as if it was far away from him,  far away...

The carriage was swift. Not a moment later, it had reached Lian Fang Zhou's home

Third Aunt, Lian Che, and Lian Fang Qing, who were within the house, heard the movement, lifted up their head and saw the three of them getting off the carriage. All three faces' displayed delight and went to welcome them. Lian Fang Qing cried out in rejoice, 'Sister! Second Brother! Brother Ah Jian!' and dashed out to the most front.

Lian Fang Zhou opened wide her arms, hugged Lian Fang Qing who dived into her embrace with a grin. She endearingly asked, "Did you miss Sister?" 
"En! When Sister wasn't home, I couldn't sleep last night!" Lian Fang Qing looked up, continuously nodded, and pouted her mouth as she replied.

"Sister also missed you all! It's still my Qing-er, who love Sister the most!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled as she pinched her cheeks. She cheerfully greeted Third Aunt and Lian Che.

"Oh, there's this many presents! I'll do it!" Third Aunt saw Ah Jian and Lian Ze carried down the parcels and boxes from the carriage, and her eyes lit up, reached out her hands to take it.

Lian Fang Zhou held Lian Fang Qing, called out to that driver. "I have troubled Big Brother! Come inside, have some tea! Our place is simple, so there's not much good stuff to serve. Do forgive us!"
How could the driver look upon their home? He was anxious to get back, so he patted the water bag at his side, smiled, "I still have water here, so won't delay stay! Miss Lian, no need to be polite! This one will take my leave!"
Seeing the situation, Lian Fang Zhou couldn't really force the other person. She inclined her head and smiled, "Since it's like that, I won't make you stay!"

As she spoke, she dug out loose silver which was around three-four coin, stepped forward and handed to the driver. She said, "The journey was strenuous, here's some money for you to buy a pot of spirit  to drink and warm up!"
The driver faintly paused, obviously didn't expect that Lian Fang Zhou would reward him. Immediately he felt a bit embarrassed, somewhat pretend to refuse, then just accept it. He apologetically smiled, "Many thanks, Miss! Miss, please return, this one will take my leave now!"

Lian Fang Zhou smiled, watched him turned around to leave, and just entered the house with Ah Jian and Lian Ze.

"How much did you give him just now?" Third Aunt saw that Lian Fang Zhou gave silver nuggets rather than copper coins, her heart ached. She moved closer, continuously asked a series of questions, "Did you see your cousin? Were you able to borrow money? What was Su Family like? Are they exceptionally wealthy?"

Lian Fang Zhou just voiced out, "Let's go inside first! We'll slowly discuss it later!" 

Apparently, Third Aunt was dissatisfied with Lian Fang Zhou's response, grumbled with the desire to say more. Lian Ze then indicated, "Third Aunt, Cousin Fang send a lot of presents!"

"Aiya, I need to go see. Those two little ones better not randomly open and waste the things!" Third Aunt rushed inside.

Just now, Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che had carried in some present inside.

Lian Fang Zhou chuckled, "Let's also go in!"

The things that were brought back were piled on the table. Third Aunt rubbed this, rubbed that as she mumbled, "The prominent households are not the same! Just the look of the boxes is gorgeous! I wonder what these are! Fang Zhou, I can open it?"

Usually, Third Aunt was noisy and dared say anything, but on the inside, she had long been afraid of Lian Fang Zhou. Without Lian Fang Zhou's word, she dare not touch.

"Open it then! Cousin said they're clothing material. That's right, there are also two boxes of snacks!" Lian Fang Zhou said.
With those words, Third Aunt uttered 'oh' and with Lian Fang Qing, she started opening them. Lan Fang Zhou also helped out on the side. Soon the few boxes and parcel were all opened.
"Really are fabric materials. So thick and solid, yi!  Here's some  pelt!" Third Aunt was surprised and delighted. Grasped within her hands were silvery grey and brown pelts.  She carefully felt them and then felt the rest. Grinning, she listed, "Ermine, Eurasian Squirrels, angora, cashmere wool. Oh, we won't have to worry about winter, when we used these for layered clothes and sleeveless jacket!"
"What are these here? It's so soft!" Lian Fang Qing's held a bolt of dull bean green material with embroidered entwined branch pattern as she questioned.

Lian Fang Zhou and Third Aunt also felt it. Third Aunt exclaimed in amazement, "It really is! This material is so thick and solid. What is inside? Why is it so soft?"
Lian Fang Zhou's first thought was cotton but after a second thought --Not possible ah!



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