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84. Buying Seeds

Then Uncle Li spoke out, "How about this? Since the wood supply is enough for 2-3 rounds, there's only the trivial matter of overnight watch and sealing the kiln left. Your aunt, your brother San He, your Sao-zi and I can do it! You can carry on doing your stuff! Later we'll still split our sales equally!"
Lian Fang Zhou rushed to speak, "This can't do! I--"

"From what I see, it's reasonable. I also have the same thought!" Aunt Zhang cut her words. She spoke with no room for argument, "The charcoal method is your and Ah Jian. How would we know what to do? We wouldn't have been able to earn this money! Don't mention you taking half, even taking more than half is right! Not only this year but also every year from now on. As long as we have, you also have a share! Don't refuse! Otherwise, what kind of people will we become!"
Uncle Li also nodded at the side.

 Seeing that they spoke like this, Lian Fang Zhou have nothing else to say and inclined her head with a smile, said, "Then many thanks, Uncle, Aunt, Brother, and Sao-zi! For now, we'll leave it like this for this year. As for the future, we'll talk again then!"

"That's the way it should be!" Uncle Li and Aunt Zhang beamed.
"Fang Zhou ah, you really want to plant that cotton? This, I heard you borrowed from whichever cousin in Shuang Liu County. In case it fails, what will you do?" Aunt Zhang couldn't help ask.

Lian Fang Zhou knew she had good intention, patiently replied, "You can rest at ease, I feel it'll be like before when the government spread sweet potato. It shouldn't go wrong!"

 "How could it be the same?  Before the government spread sweet potato, our town already sold them. That time, it was quite rare good! Despite knowing this, those who try growing them were little at the start. The main reason was that they didn't know how to handle them. This potato and something cotton... from the sound of it, it's not reliable!" Aunt Zhang knitted her brows.
Lian Fang Zhou lightly sighed out, explained. "Aunt Zhang, you also know my family situation! Ah Ze and the others are still young. In the future, they need to marry a wife and need dowry. I also want to provide for Che-er's study! Inside and out, many places use the money! Just relying on the little produce from the field, even exhausting ourselves to death, we won't be able to do it! I can only go all out and give it a fight! If there wasn't this opportunity, then there's nothing to say. But since the opportunity is here, I'm afraid of missing this one and won't get another chance!"

Aunt Zhang's heart ached when hearing this, subconsciously nodded. She sighed, " What you say got some reason! Oh, it's tough on you! Child, you got a lot to shoulder ah!"

"This is cause there's no other way!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled,  she initially wanted to persuade Aunt Zhang and the others to plant cotton and potato as well, but after some pondering, she decided to drop it! Otherwise, wait until everyone witness it next year, and it'll be hard to explain her foreknowledge.

Aunt Zhang and Uncle can only lament and remain silent.

"Then I'll leave first! I still need to head to Zhang Li Zheng's home and inquire about the seed matter!" Lian Fang Zhou smiled. 

"Alright, I won't make you stay then!" Aunt Zhang responded. 

Uncle Li also spoke, "You go then. If you need our help, tell us!"

"En" Lian Fang Zhou uttered in response and left.
Naturally, she can't go empty-handed to Zhang Li Zheng's place. However, there was nothing presentable, so she packed another big sack of charcoal pieces over again.
She can tell that Mrs. Niu was especially pleased with those charcoal pieces. And what's more, her words were all laced with the meaning the more, the better.

Anyhow, it doesn't cost anything, might as well send some again.

"What did you say?" Zhang Li Zheng suspected there were problems with his ears. Suprised her questioned, "You, you are willing to buy all the cotton seed? Do you know how many there are? Over a thousand jin!"

At this, Lian Fang Zhou was secretly delighted, 'afraid over a thousand isn't enough!'

She nodded, responded, "As long as they have no objection, I want it. This matter, I need to ask you to help tell everyone! People won't believe my words, ah!"

Lian Fang Zhou giving flattery made Zhang Li Zheng's heart more comfortable, but Zhang Li Zheng was a clever man. He didn't immediately promise Lian Fang Zhou, instead asked the reason.
She's willing to plant that many cotton for no reason at all, who would believe it?

Then Lian Fang Zhou repeated the exact same explanation she gave Aunt Zhang.

Zhang Li Zheng couldn't help feel some empathy.
While Mrs. Niu deeply sobbed, glares at Zhang Li Zheng as she spoke, "Fang Zhou, this child, doesn't have it easy! Since she already said it like this, then we'll help her! Isn't it just a matter of passing on words. Whether they are willing or not, everyone decides for themselves! Only, "
Mrs. Niu paused, then said, "Fang Zhou ah, with this many seeds, how much land will be needed to plant them ah. You will buy land, right?

The meaning was, where did you get the money?

Zhang Li Zheng's gaze also flashed, stared at Lian Fang Zhou for her answer.

By land, buy seeds, hire people, it's a large sum of money ah!
Lian Fang Zhou replied, "I borrowed from a relative. It's my cousin, who married over to Shuang Liu  County. My mother and her mother were extremely close in the past. A few days ago, I made a trip to go borrow money."

"Oh, " Mrs. Niu uttered and did not continue to ask.
Zhang Li Zheng considered a moment, then half-seriously and half-jokingly questioned, "Why do you just want cotton seeds, and not want it with the potato seed as well?

Lian Fang Zhou smiled, "Didn't they say cotton can turn into yarn to make clothes? I think this is more suitable to grow!"

"Haha," Zhang Li Zheng laughed and nodded. "You put some thought into it!"

This reason doesn't count as a reason, can own say it's their own assumptions. However, can't also say it's not a reason.

"Alright, " Zhang Li Zheng dipped his head and declared. "I'll notify everyone!"

Lian Fang Zhou nodded, grinned, "Uncle Li Zheng, can you word it like this to everyone: If any family doesn't want to plant cotton, they must come to your place within three days and let you know. This counts as everyone giving it to me. I won't let them do it for nothing. For each jin, I'll pay two wens, and let them get it from you here. And in passing, provide a signature! Later on, I'll send the money over to you!"
Zhang Li Zheng couldn't resist looking at Lian Fang Zhou a few more times, dipped his in acknowledgment, "You have it thoroughly thought out ah! This way is better, saves a lot of future problems!"

Zhang Li Zheng agreed outright.

Initially, he had some doubts. The proverb is right, the same rice raised one different person. Which village and which place doesn't have a few shameless rascals? Those on top were forcefully distributing the seeds and spread it to each and every household. If he were to sell all the seeds to Lian Fang Zhou, and by chance, there are those crafty fellows wait until Lian Fang Zhou buy the seeds and then come looking for a commotion to buy. At that time, where can he go find seeds for them?

Zhang Li Zheng definitely won't do this kind of helping others and trouble comes looking matter.

Since Lian Fang Zhou was willing to buy each jin for two wens, and also take signature, then there's nothing to be afraid!

"Then I'll bring over the money tomorrow!" Delighted, Lian Fang Zhou quickly thanked him.
"Okay!" Zhang Li Zheng said, "When you bring over the money, I'll let everyone know at once!"
Without demur, she thanked again said a few words and then took her leave.




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