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Image result for 蛋黄南瓜酥
Yolk & Pumpkin biscuit
recipe in Chinese-
(can't guarantee the taste or validity,
never had or made it before)
  81. Leaving

“Was last night words true?” Cui Shao Xi softly asked Lian Fang Zhou.
“What words?”Lian Fang Zhou responded with a blanked face. What exactly is he asking out of nowhere? Is he not fully awake? 
“Haha!”Cui Shao Xi burst into laughter. In a more joyous tone, he exclaimed, “I understand! You go, then!”
“Ha?”Lian Fang Zhou paused. However, since he let her go, she’ll definitely won't stay. So she inclined her head as she took her leave and went with Li ma.
Only now did Li ma let out a breath and relaxed as her expression loosen up.
When Lian Fang Zhou arrived at Fang Qing’s courtyard, Su Jing He already went to do who knows what, leaving only Fang Qing there.

Fang Qing who saw her come, very politely smiled as she greeted and instructed the maids to bring over the breakfast. With a smile, she spoke, “I don’t know what you like, so I had prepared a few more different stuff! At Ah Ze and Ah Jian side, I have already ordered someone send it over! You ah, peacefully eat with me! I already got someone to prepare the carriage. Guaranteed not to delay your matter!” 

This made them both burst in peals of laughter.
“Cousin, I have bothered you a lot!”Lian Fang Zhou smiled.
“Don’t say it like that!”Fang Qing waved her hands, pulled her to sit.
Image result for 马蹄糕
Osmanthus water chestnut cake
In front on the green floral cloth covered round table, porridge selection and over ten different kinds of snack were spread out. There were some Lian Fang Zhou recognize and others she doesn't. The set of white porcelain ware holding it was very refined.

Lian Fang Zhou chose half bowl black rice porridge. Fang Qing used the public chopstick, picked yolk & pumpkin biscuit, orange osmanthus & water chestnut cake, wolfiporia cocos slice, steamed dumpling with pheasant meat filling  and pancake with roe deer meat filling for her to try, benevolently smiled, "I don't know what taste Qing-er and Che-er likes, so I got them to pack two boxes to bring back for them to try!"
This was Fang Qing’s consideration, Lian Fang Zhou couldn’t really refuse and thanked her with a smile.

After having breakfast, rinsed mouth and casually sat for a while, Lian Fang Zhou then stood to take her leave.
Fang Qing didn’t ask her to stay. She counted the ten thousand liang of notes in front of her clearly, separated into two envelopes and passed it to her. She smiled, “I'm handing this to you. Next year I want to see a great change from you!”
“Many thanks for Cousin’s blessing!" Lian Fang Zhou was slightly hesitant, then asked, “Cousin, should I leave an IOU…”
Image result for 茯苓薄饼
Wolfiporia cocos slice
(Not too confident on the picture accuracy)
Not waiting for her to finish, Fang Qing fiercely stared at her and interrupted, “What IOU, I trust you!”

Lian Fang Zhou smiled, and no longer mention this matter. 
She trusted her to definitely payback. It was rare for Fang Qing to believe in her, so why would she break that trust?

Fang Qing led her again to the table in the side hall, pointed to the pile of securely packed bundles and box and informed.  “Besides the two boxes of pastries, there's also cloth and a few pelts. New Year nearly here, I didn’t gift you much. Take them and turn them to clothes for the New Year. It's better than buying from outside.”
She said as she received a delicate elongated scarlet box from Li ma, lightly opened it and inside was cushioned with a bright red soft silk. On top rest a pair of golden hairpins with the design on the tip couldn't be discerned, one encrusted with pearl and the other inlaid with a ruby. With one look, you can tell they are valuable items.
Lian Fang Zhou was shocked, not waiting for Fang Qing to open her mouth, she immediately declined, “Cousin, the is too precious. I can't accept it! And also there’s no place to wear it to in the countryside!”
“Then, leave it as dowry!” Fang Qing persisted, closed the case and stuffed it into her hands. She grasped her hands and lightly sighed. " This isn't just my idea, it's also your cousin-in-law. Last night, oh, I'm embarrassed to mention it! Xin-er has that kind of temper, so don't take offense! These two items consider them an apology! If you're not willing,  our hearts will feel guilty!"

Since Fang Qing said it like that, then even more reason to not accept, she affirmed with a smile, “Cousin you also say Miss Su temperament is like that, that implies she words weren't on purpose. I really don’t blame her a single bit!”
 Fang Qing tried to persuade for the third time. Lian Fang Zhou still won't budge, leaving Fang Qing helpless and couldn't only let it drop. Then she personally sent her to the inner entrance, lamented, "When will you have free time and come over to for a visit? Next time bring Qing-er and Che-er to stay over for a few days! We can have a good long talk!"

Naturally, Lian Fang Zhou agreed. With Lian Ze and Ah Jian, she bid Fang Qing farewell and entered the carriage.
Image result for 小笼包子
Steamed dumpling
Fang Qing watched the carriage leave, declared ‘let's return’ and turned to go back.

Li ma supported her hand, remarked, “This Miss Lian isn't bad! Lian gongzi and that Ah Jian is also good!”
Fang Qing glanced at Li ma, “Isn't that right! Much better than my own maternal family!”

Li ma, didn’t respond, instantly just appropriately smiled, “Young Madame’s mouth really don’t hide words!”

Fang Qing smiled, “What is there to hide? Who doesn’t know? This cousin of mine isn't a simple person!”

Li ma then said, “Oh, if we are talking not simple, old servant believe Young Madame is number one.”
Fang Qing smiled, lightly spoke, “In future, you’ll if I spoke right or not!”
Su Family's carriage is quite exquisite. Sitting inside, one can't feel any jolting. It was really soft and comfortable, and the horse pulling the carriage was excellent quality. With a quick horse and light carriage, a familiar scenery entered into view when the curtain was raised, within a half-day effort. Not much longer, they'll enter the village.

The three of them were extremely thrilled.

Lian Ze was still pining on being able to enter the mountain to make charcoal in the afternoon!

The carriage turned on a bend, and at once, a showy sound of beating drums and blowing trumpets emerged. Each note connected and become a piece of music that carries joy-- there is someone who was marrying.
As long as one meets with an oncoming red or white occasion (i.e red wedding, white funeral), it was established to yield to them. So that why the driver automatically drove to one side to steer clear without waiting for  Lian Fang Zhou and the others to say anything.

The joyous music became louder and louder. The group of colorfully dressed marriage escorts also got closer and closer. Seeing the man dressed in all red on the horse in front of the bright red bridal sedan, "Lian Fang Zhou uttered 'ah' and hit her head. She exclaimed with a smile, "So it's him marrying today. I nearly forgot!"
On the horse was her ex-fiance. Yang Huai Shan.
Image result for 肉馅饼
Meat filling pancake
Today Hua Family's daughter was getting married. Hua Family's women had long already made a lot of fanfare about it to make it known to the world. Hua Family's daughter-in-law even purposely ran over to Lian Fang Zhou's entrance to clamor. The three Lian siblings and Third Aunt were exasperated. Third Aunt had wanted to dash out and argue with them but was stopped by Lian Fang Zhou.

Instead, Lian Fang Zhou was steady and calm. She has no feeling for Yang Huai Shan's whole family, and even if she did for a tiny bit, the two families have already broken the engagement. Meaning it got nothing to do with each other who they marry. So, in other word, sooner or later, Yang Huai Shan will marry, what does she have to mope about?

Hua Gamily was really bored. She has no energy to accompany them in their ruckus. She still needs to earn money and become well off.

Lian Ze, who was at the side feeling extremely anxious on inside when he saw Lian Fang Zhou picked up a corner of the carriage curtain to peer outside, scowled his face and called out, “What is there to see? Don’t watch sister!”


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