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83. Reached home

She heard Third Aunt randomly guess, "Kapok? Reed flowers?" Her mind moved and inserted, "Should be silk!”
“Right, right, right! It is silk! ” Third Aunt couldn’t resist rubbing it. She enviably sighed, “Long heard that rich people’s winter quilt are out of silk and besides the different kinds and type of fur clothes, there's also cut out from embroidered embossed silk filled with woolen material. Just never seen it before. So this is what it looks like! Aiya, just looking at it I can feel the warmth! So light and soft! Those rich people really know how to enjoy!”
Lian Fang Zhou took a glimpse. Besides the five pieces of fur, this stuffed silk, thick clothing material had a bolt of light blue, a bolt of dark blue, a bolt of lilac as well as that bolt (under Third Aunt's hand). All had dark embroidery design, the embroidered threads were closely pressed together. She smiled, "As it happens, it's about to Year-end. It's perfect to use it to cut out some winter clothes! Cousin Fang Qing had it all well thought out!"

Image result for longevity lock in ancient china
Lock Charm in Ancient China
*Wiki got a great explanation on the locks and its symbolism
Besides these materials, there were also five-six pieces of headwear, few handkerchiefs, and some exquisite purse. Quite appropriate for the rural area people to use. In addition, there were also two seek longevity locks*, a pair of silver bracelet, a set of the four stationary treasure-- presumably that they heard Lian Che will go to school next year and specially prepared it. 
Image result for 如意长命锁
This lock charm is still kept in modern times.
They're so dainty and cute.
So, I had to display a modern version.

When Third Aunt heard that it was to be made into clothes, she stared at Lian Fang Zhou with eager eyes.

Lian Fang Zhou just smiled, “We’ll have to make them quickly. Should be able to make a set for each person.”

“Definitely enough! There’s a lot of material!” Third Aunt became overjoyed and said, "Just that it’s too bland. Next time we’re at the town, we’ll get some bolt of bright fine cloth to make outerwear. Perfect for this month to wear!”
Lian Fang Zhou’s eyes dimmed, lightly sighed, “That’s not possible. Third Aunt did you forget? Us siblings are in mourning.”

Once the words were out, Third Aunt uttered out ‘Eh’ feeling a bit ashamed. Lian Ze and the others also bared out grieved expressions.

“Didn’t think it’s only half a year since Father and Mother was gone. It felt like it was a long, long time ago!”Lian Ze lamented
Lian Fang Zhou gently spoke, “No matter where Father and Mother is, they are thinking of us and hoping we are well. That's why we need to be well to let them be at ease!”

“Sister, I will definitely study hard. Be better than cousin! In the future, nobody is allowed to bully Sister and also little sister!” Lian Che stated.
“Sister, I’ll be obedient too! I can help with lots of things! Won’t let Sister worry!” Lian Fang Qing also voiced out.

Lian Fang Zhou’s heart warmed and smiled. “En, Sister knows you are good kids! Our whole family’s day will get better and better! Come, look at the pastries Cousin Fang Qing gifted. Let’s try them!”
Lian Fang Zhou didn't want to continue that oppressive topic and genially distracted.

Rural area kids rarely get any kind of snack at the year-end, lt alone pastries which only wealthy can buy. Lian Fang Qing’s eyes lit up and clapped her hands as she agreed in delight. Even Lian Che couldn't help widened his eyes.

   Image result for nine compartment food box
Two square boxes with grid compartments. One was colorful with different kinds of delicacies; water chestnut cake, white sugar sponge cake, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, mung bean slice, milk curd, etc. The other one had different kinds of preserved fruits and candies; dried apricots, peach preserve, candied dates, raisins, pine nut sweet, etc. Each was exquisitely made.

“It’s really pretty! It must be yummy!”Lian Fang Qing's eyes curved in delight.

Third Aunt couldn’t resist smacking her lips, exclaimed, “Our mouths are in luck! ”

Lian Fang Zhou, Lian Ze and the others don’t like eating snacks much. Lian Fang Qing really love them, same with Third Aunt. When the two of them have nothing to do, they will fry some old pumpkin seed or chestnuts to snack on for half a day.
As for Lian Fang Zhou, Lian Ze and others, they sometimes ate a few pieces. The rest was left for Lian Fang Qing, and Third Aunt to slowly consume. Lian Fang Zhou called Ah Jian over to have a taste.
Ah Jian politely refused, “I don’t really like sweet stuff! Leave it for Qing-er and Che-er!”

Lian Fang Zhou just smiled and let it be. But she mentally considered, ‘Ordinary people can't afford to eat sweet food since sugar is costly. There's not many who don’t like it. Ah Jian never lies. From the looks of it, his identity isn’t low …’

“Ah” Lian Fang Zhou was deep in thoughts when Third Aunt suddenly touched her lightly and pulled her to one side. She quietly inquired, “How did it go? Did you see your cousin? Were you able to borrow money?”
It goes without saying that Lian Fang Zhou won't tell Third Aunt she was able to borrow ten thousand liang. Third Aunt would have never imagined it’ll be such a large amount of money.

Wealth can make people go crazy. Not even mentioning the problem of would Third Aunt having thoughts on it, what if she accidently let it slip? It’ll definitely cause a lot of trouble. Uncle and Aunt will be the first to harass them like devil-may-care.

“En, I borrowed enough,” Lian Fang Zhou responded. “Tonight we need to have a discussion. Third Aunt this time you won't stop me, right? ”
“You---” Third Aunt originally wanted to ask how much was she did borrow. But Lian Fang Zhou’s answer just now was clearly not wanting to tell her the amount, so she tactfully didn’t ask. Just uttered, “You won't let it go? Going to plant that whatever cotton for real? In my opinion, better to buy some fertile land!"
“Don’t dissuade me anymore. I still want to give it a go!”Lian Fang Zhou shook her head, responded, “I feel like we can give growing cotton a try.  The money borrowed still need to be returned!”
“Ah? Need to be returned?” Third Aunt cried out in disappointment. “That Su Family, aren’t they really rich? In the past, your mother and your cousin’s mother had such a close relationship. After your cousin’s mother passed away, your mother had helped your cousin! Now she's reluctant to help you guys…”
Lian Fang Zhou then stated, “Cousin is a really nice person, but borrowing is borrowing. Since it's borrowing then naturally I will return the money. I’m not willing to owe her too much! In this age, you’re fortunate if someone is willing to lend money!”

“Hearing you say like that, it’s true!” Third Aunt became merry, and her mind was put to ease. Maybe Lian Fang Zhou didn’t have that meaning, but she could hear that if it couldn’t be returned, Su Family probably won't force them to return.

 After dinner, Lian Fang Zhou selected a few pastries, packed them up and sent it over to Aunt Zhang's family for them to try. And why she's at it, she discussed the charcoal matter.

During this period, she needed to buy land, and then buy people, hire people, buy fertilizer, and prepare the ground way, so the seed can be smoothly sowed. That's why they can't participate in the charcoal process.
As a girl, it wasn't convenient for her to run around and handle matters outside. Ah Jian is the most suitable and unsuitable to accompany her.

Suitable because Ah Jian was adult and from a glance, he gives a steady and trustworthy vibe. There's also his highly skilled martial arts, so if they run into some trouble, he can suppress it. At least, won't let Lian Fang Zhou suffer.

Unsuitable because he's neither relatives or friend, and as a single man and a lone female, it'll be inconvenient. Gossip is a fearful thing.

So, will need Lian Ze to accompany them.
Traveling with three people was the optimal way. 

Lian Fang Zhou gave a lengthy explanation. Aunt Zhang and Uncle also expressed that's the way it should be.



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