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Second July chap! This one makes me so mad!

85. Fell prey to a plot.

After she left, Mrs. Niu couldn't resist blurting out, "From what I see, this girl might have become foolish! If there were really such a great matter, ordinary people like us would never have a chance! Don't whom she was deceived by, but her guts aren't small! Isn't she afraid of suffering a loss?  However, this way is good, haha, we'll sell our portion of forty-fifty jin to her. Not only do we solve a problem, but also earn a hundred wens!
Zhang Li Zheng gaze was deep, after pondering, he spoke, "We'll sell half of our share of seeds. For the other half, en, leave it to try ourselves!

"Ah? That can't do! Planting food is much better, why plant those unreliable things!" Mrs. Niu immediately widened her eyes and disagreed.

The couple had a round of argument. In final result of the discussion was keep two jin to experiment. After those cotton seedlings sprout out, Mrs. Niu found them more displeasing the more she saw it. And called her son to eradicate them all and change to soya bean. Zhang Li Zheng scolded her a bit and let it be.
After coming out of Zhang Li Zheng's home, Lian Fang Zhou was in a cheerful and excited mood. Her steps were more light-hearted. The evening wind carried a cold chill, but she didn't feel it.

Just the thought of the matter is in progress, she can't control her happiness.

'The seeds mater is mostly settled.  Next, need to look at the field, and then afterward, can check how much seeds is short... For the ground, got to hire a few people to give it a simple sorting out. Wait until after year-end when spring come, buy a few honest and hardworking ones.'

'Also, the spinning wheeling to spin the cotton, don't know if there is a big difference between the modern one. And the tool for cottonseed removal needs to be made as well.'
She had seen these things before in her previous life, but undoubtedly, she doesn't know how to make them. Have to inquire a professional craftsman, they should be able to make it according to her description!
Lian Fang Zhou couldn't help be thankful, due to her frequent visits to the countryside for data collection and research work in her previous life. And her interest toward the nearly extinct tools and skills. When she chanced upon them, she would always take a closer look and ask for an outline. Never thought it would come in handy now!

Imagining the vast profit gained from next year hefty harvest of cotton, Lian Fang Zhou's delight on her face deepened.

"Fang Zhou ah, it's you right!" Out of nowhere, a middle-aged woman's voice rang out, startling Lian Fang Zhou and affected her happy mood a lot.

Because the middle-aged woman that stopped her was Mrs. Qiao.

"Aunt ah, is there something the matter?" Lian Fang Zhou indifferently asked.

She had some suspicion, "Did she know I went to borrow money? Have ideas on it? Hmm, even Mrs. Niu had a faint idea, let alone Mrs. Qiao? Third Aunt, that blabbermouth! It was no use to repeatedly warned her!

"Hehe, there is a small matter!" Mrs. Qiao grinned and said. "It really cold here, let's go over to Aunt's place! Your Uncle and I have some things to say!"

"Aunt got something to say then say it here! It's late, I need to head back!" Lian Fang Zhou stated.

"Oh, why act so distant with Aunt? It's just a few steps away, why can't you go to Aunt's home? Don't worry, it's only a few words. Once said you can leave, it won't delay you a lot! What? Afraid hat Aunt would eat you?" Mrs. Qiao smiled. 

Lian Fang Zhou observed her. She felt Mrs. Qiao's attitude today was so nice that it was a bit odd!

She can't decline, and could only be pulled over there by Mrs. Qiao. Anyway, she had already made up her mind, 'If she wants to trick her and want money, no way!'
"Fang Zhou ah, mind your feet! It's dark here, don't trip over......"
Entering the courtyard, Mrs. Qiao nagged behind her back.

Lian Fang Zhou subconsciously looked down to watch the ground. Suddenly the back of her head was hit by something heavy, and her body swayed. She could only have time to glare at Mrs. Qiao fiercely before she flopped down and enter into the endless darkness.
"Dead girl, who told you to act so sharp-tongue! Act so mighty! Have a taste of this lady's might, hmph!" Mrs. Qiao casually threw away her wooden stick, clapped her hands, and sneered.
At this time, two people slowly came from behind a pile of firewood at the side. From silhouette, it was a young married woman and an accompanying maid.
"Is this appropriate? There won't be trouble, right?" The young woman quietly spoke.

"Don't worry!" Mrs. Qiao hearty laughed and said with complete confidence, "I'm her direct Aunt, I can decide! Hmph, also, it's allowing her to live in ease and comfort. Isn't it wonderful to be decked in gold and silver? It's better than digging the soil for food! Wait until she understands that, she'll thank me!" 

Finished speaking, the to exchange gaze and quietly burst into waves of laughter.
Wait until she understands. Might as well say what's done is done and raw rice is already cooked!
This young woman was the county town's Wang Ji satin and silk shop manager's concubine, called Hua Jin Tao.

 This Hua Jin Tao and the recently married to Yang Huai Shan, Hua Xiao Hua are cousins from father side. She came back yesterday to join in on Hua Xiao Hua's wedding feast.

Mrs. Qiao saw that Hua Jin Tao was wearing gold and silver, and wore make-up, looking neat and beautiful. Those shiny gold bracelets on her wrist were at least a width of a finger, appears to be very thick and solid. Also, she got a maid serving her. It's a difference between sky and ground to when she previously stayed at home. She couldn't resist envying.

A thought came to her, hypocrisy and audacity were birthed. She implemented several ideas to get closer to Hua Jin Tao. Her words filled with innuendo, the meaning was asking Hua Jin Tao, if she knew anyone in town looking for a concubine? She wanted to introduce one to Lian Fang Zhou.
Hua Jin Tao's mind moved. Her home received an important business guest. Two evenings ago during a drink, he mentioned to her family master that going to the store too much, now there's nothing fresh. He wanted to have a taste of an authentic countryside girl and half-jokingly asked master if he knows any connection?
Lian Fang Zhou? That girl got pretty good features; delicate brows, beautiful face structure and also pretty white skin. More importantly, she's authentic!

What's more, she's parentless, got her engagement dissolved by her cousin's husband family and lost her reputation. This matter was also decided by her direct Aunt. An excellent choice to mold. And even if by some tiny chance it was exposed, the blame won't fall onto her head!

Let alone, there's no one willing to help her seek justice!
It's like a godsend pillow when you're about to doze! Hua Jin Tao was overjoyed on the inside for a while.

However, she lived in the town for over a year now. She also learned about reading a person's thought from their face. Her mind was most definitely willing, but her expression doesn't show a hint of it. She just used some ambiguous words to bait Mrs. Qiao's appetite, making Mrs. Qiao enduring the itching in her heart.
In the end, it goes without saying the two came into agreement. And the Hua Jin Tao seized the hold, dropping the price very low to only five silver liang!

Hua Jin Tao was feeling thrilled on the inside. With just five liang, she bought a giant favor. Master will definitely dote her! That yellowed-face woman can go sleep in the storeroom!

As to whether Lian Fang Zhou is willing or not, both her and Mrs. Qiao doesn't think it's a matter!
Woman ma, no matter how strong personality they have, as long as their body been taken advantage by a man, they can only resign to one fate! Under the sky, how could there be so many chaste, fiery girl?
Pitiful Fang Zhou little sis, your firmly believed bitterness is finished, sweetness will begin ah--



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