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93. Confrontation (part 2)

"You! You are simply confounding black and white!" Lian Fang Zhou pointed at her as she spoke in fury. "I'm not going to waste my breath with you. We'll go to clarify it in front of li zheng and the village elders! I believe there's still justice in the world!"

"You think I'm afraid of you?" Mrs. Qiao pointed at her with a sneer. "So what if you bring it up to them! Hmph, you think they would believe a little girl's word?"
"Fang Zhou ah!" At this time, Lian Li steadily interjected. "About this matter, your Aunt was muddled-headed. You came back perfectly fine! So, let this matter pass and not mention it anymore, ok? I have already scolded your Aunt. From now on, she won't do these foolish things! Ah?"

Lian Li lightly pulled on Mrs. Qiao's sleeve and with his eyes signaled her toward Ah Jian a few times.

At first, Mrs. Qiao wasn't willing and wanted to continue ranting but seeing Ah Jian, she remembered last night's suffering and immediately felt her arms were aching.  Her heart trembled. She faintly harrumphed and not speak anymore.
Lian Fang Zhou was amused by Lian Li's word that was laced with 'affableness' and 'affectionateness'. She coldly smiled, "Uncle! In other words, you also have a part in this? Aunt created a barrier. You and my father are brothers with the same mother! I am your blood-related niece. You actually have the conscience to do this!? Are you not letting down my father? In a hundred year, do you have the face to meet my father? And my grandfather and grandmother?"
At her words, Lian Li felt embarrassed and reprimanded, "What nonsense are you saying! Didn't I say? I only knew about this matter afterward! I had already scolded your Aunt, so what do you still want? Child, why can't you forgive the person in the wrong? No matter how wrong your aunt is, she is still your elder!"

Lian Fang Zhou icily declared, "Is the thing she done something an elder would do!? Uncle, if the same situation happened to Cousin, would you say the same thing?"
"Pah! " Without waiting for her to finish, Mrs. Qiao continuously spat. She agitatedly glared at her with hostility and denounced, "You jinx, what nonsense are saying!"

Lian Fang Zhou harrumphed, "Heart to heart, you are vicious enough! You can do this to your niece, while for your own son, not even allowed to talk about it! Aunt, I won't let it drop like this. Come, you and I need to bring this up to li zheng and the village elders!"

As she spoke, Lian Fang Zhou reached out to drag Mrs. Qiao.

Lian Li hurried to block her. With a frown, he said, "Child, why are you so stubborn? If this matter gets out, what benefit would there be for you?"

"At least it'll let you know that even without parents, I, Lian Fang Zhou, isn't easy to bully! You did such a thing and ruined the whole village's reputation, li zheng and village elders are bound to give me justice! What?" She sneered, "You have the gut to do it, but none to admit it?"
"I won't go!" Mrs. Qiao snorted. "This lady won't admit it, so what can you do to me! Those few still-not-dead-yet will help a silly little girl? Don't be so dumb!"

"Mrs. Lian-Qiao, you are simply downright rude and utterly shameless!" Following that angry bellow, was the sight of li zheng and the three respectable elders coming inside. Each face was colder than the other. Lian Ze was also at the side with a fuming expression.

Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao never expected Lian Fang Zhou to use this kind of method. Their face paled from fright.

Lain Li was so remorseful that his mouth was bitter. He knew something wasn't right. This lass came back after suffering such a great grievance, unexpectedly wanted to reason things out instead of causing a ruckus! So this is why, so this is why!
"Li, li zheng! Third Great Uncle Zhang, Fifth Great Uncle Zhang, Great Grandfather Li, why did, you, come!" Lian Li did his utmost best to put on a smiling face. But no matter how it looked, it appeared forced.

Zhang li zheng and the others remained silent, while their expression was ugly.

"Accused! I've been accused!" Mrs. Qiao loudly yelled with a sob. "Li zheng ah and few great uncles ah, you have to give me justice! This heartless dead girl set a trap and tricked me!"

Zhang Li Zheng just coldly swept a glance toward her, said, "Dare not. How could us still-not-dead-yet give you justice?  What's more, if it's accused or not, didn't you say it just now? The words you personally said, have you forgotten? Us still-not-dead-yet's ears aren't deaf yet!"
"No, it's not like that. I was speaking in anger. It was words said in the moment of rage!" Mrs. Qiao cried. "I was enraged by this dead girl! This girl's eyes never had us two elders in her eyes. What I said, said was to purposely make her mad! I--"
"Enough!" Third Great Uncle Zhang coughed once. He spoke neither fast or slow, "Leave all the talk for when we are at li zheng's home! Let's go!"

Finishing, the few old men and Zhang li zheng turned to leave.  Zhang li zheng called for Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian.

Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian followed them.

"Husband, this, what do we do!" What do we do!" Mrs. Qiao was going mad from angst.

"You stinky old woman with a loose mouth!"  Lian Li was stamping his feet and fiercely scolded, "What to do? Who told your stinky mouth to be not careful and say irresponsible things!"
"I, how could I know those still-......they would be outside!" Mrs. Qiao was mad and worried. She aggressively spat out, "That dead girl is too crafty. She planned a trap to harm me!"

"Let's go. We'll see after we go over! I'm warning you, you better behave! If you dare speak irresponsibly again, hmph, I won't forgive you!" Lian Li coldly said.

"Go where? I'm not going!" Mrs. Qiao expression whitened and unconsciously retreated back.

"Not going? Now you know you to be afraid! Going or not, it's not up to you!" Lian Li coldly snorted, grabbed her arm and forcefully dragged her.

Seeing Hua Jin Tao at li zheng home's slant hall, Mrs. Qiao expression turned white and was so close to fainting.

"What words do you still have to say?" Zhang li zheng icily stared at Mrs. Qiao.

"Kneel! You vicious woman!" Lian Li shouted and pushed Mrs. Qiao.

Mrs. Qiao dare not disobey. After a slight delay, she kneeled down with a lowered head. But her mouth kept on crying out, "Accusation! Accusation!"

"Seem like, you really are treating us still-not-dead-yet deaf ah!" Zhang li zheng's and the others' expression was extremely ugly. Their anger gradually rose and was full of loath.

Everybody had heard of the Lian Family's matter between the two branches. So when Lian Fang Zhou brought over Hua Jin Tao to complain in tears in the early morning, how could they not give judgment for her as li zheng and village elders?

"You shut up!" Lian Li fiercely glared at Mrs. Qiao. With an apologetic smile, he spoke, "This woman, this woman doesn't have much experience. Li zheng and few great uncles forgive this time! This time she was muddle-headed! She shouldn't have done this foolish thing!"
Third Great Uncle Zhang coldly harrumphed, "This sounds like human words! Mrs. Lian-Qiao, do you know your wrong?"

Being glared by Lian Li, Mrs. Qiao hung down her head and quietly admitted, "I, I know my mistake!"

Her heart was filled with extreme rage from suffering such embarrassment in front of Lian Fang Zhou.



  1. At least if this vicious aunt of hers is convicted by the will be quiet for her for a while, and she will be free to fulfill some of her plans

  2. Just because she admits she was wrong does it end there? If Ah Jian had not arrived Fang Zhou's life would be over.

  3. Go die you heartless woman..just because she old she thinks she's something great...go die I want to see the mc face slapping her 🤬😡😡🤬🤬

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