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86. The search

When the time comes, gift her to the important guest, and he would take her away from Yunhe County. As to whether she becomes ox or horse, acting as a servant and slave, it got nothing to do with them.

“The person is here, the money? Pay me, then the person is yours!” Mrs. Qiao grinningly demanded.

Actually, even without money, she is willing to do it just for the sake of venting out. It goes without saying, receiving cash is even better!

Hua Jin Tao took a cluster of silver nuggets from the purse she always carried and handed to her. “There’s only more, never less! In the future, you can't renege!”
“Rest assured! We’re from the same village, familiar head familiar face, so how could I!”Mrs. Qiao affirmed.
“That is that this is this, it's better to state it clearly! I’m feeling uneasy. Unless you swear upon your family’s Lian Hai’s life, I won’t believe you!”

Because the two of them don’t know how to write, and this matter was short notice, and they can't find a suitable person to write the indenture. That's why it can only be a verbal agreement.

"To say this!" Mrs. Qiao heard Hua Jin Tao state this, her heart jumped for no reason, and wasn't very pleased. She had repeatedly promised Hua Jin Tao but didn't believe her, and what's more, Lian Li who went out visiting might nearly be back. She had hidden this matter from him, and if he bumps into this, there'll be a lot of trouble. Chances are he wouldn't agree!

Mrs. Qiao had no other way but to swear under Hua Jin Tao’s watch, while her mind cursed Hua Jing Tao.

“Then it's all  good!” Hua Jin Tao heart finally settled down. She merrily said, “I’ll leave now!”

With that, she ordered her maid, Xiao Yao-er to go fetch the driver who had hidden at one side to come in and help carry the person into the carriage.

For this matter, she found an excuse, told her family she got urgent matter and needed to return to the town that night.

Watching the carriage distancing from her own front entrance further and further away as she gripped the silver in her hands, Mrs. Qiao's lips curled up into a sneer. Through clenched teeth, she quietly remarked, "Dead girl, you're gonna get it good! Aren't you mighty? Try act mighty for me to see now!"

“What are you mumbling about?”
Out of nowhere, a voice appeared, causing Mrs. Qiao to jump in surprise. She patted her chest as she hastily looked up and saw Lian Li standing there, looking at her strangely. She snapped, “Dead old man, you nearly scared me to death in the dark.”

“What are you doing in the yard in the dark?”Lian Li oddly looked.

“Not, nothing!” Mrs. Qiao looked up toward the sky, evasively replied. “Just, just checking if tomorrow would be a clear day. Well, the sky is pitch black, humid and gloomy, afraid it’ll be an overcast day!”
Mrs. Qiao said as she turned to go into the house. She subconsciously gripped the nuggets tightly in her hand and silently hid it in her pocket.

At Lian Family Second branch, Lian Fang Qing already ran over to the entrance, swept a look outside a good few times, her mouth mumbled, “Why isn't Sister back yet? What’s taking her so long?”
“You're right! It's dark, so it couldn’t be that she fell on the road?” Third Aunt glanced outside and also commented.
“I’ll go look around!” Lian Ze couldn’t stay sitting anymore and stood up. Don’t know why, but he felt unsettled, and his heartbeat was also chaotic.

“I’ll come with you!” Ah Jian spoke.

"You guys, be careful!" Third Aunt grabbed a lit up stick which was wrapped with rosin, passed it to them to use the fire for illumination.

Lian Ze reached out to receive it.

Unexpectedly, when the two of them went to Zhang Li Zheng's home to ask, Zhang Li Zheng and Mrs. Niu were surprised and swiftly responded. "Fang Zhou? She already left for a long while now!  It couldn't be that she dropped into someone else house?"   

Lian Ze's face whitened, pushed to smile as he gave his thanks and left Zhang Li Zheng's home.

"So late in the night, my Sister wouldn't go visiting! My Sister never liked dropping by others home. What's more, besides Aunt Zhang's, she won't rashly go to another's home!" Lian Ze's tone filled with certainty. His mood became even more agitated and disorderly.

Ah Jian lightly patted his shoulder, warmly spoke, "Don't become anxious yet! We'll go to Aunt Zhang's home and have a look! Maybe your sister went there again!"

Lian Ze had no other ideas, so could only incline his head.

Once the two of them arrive at Aunt Zhang's home, they still didn't find Lian Fang Zhou. Lian Ze's expression became even more terrible. He anxiously cried out, "So late in the night, where would my sister go? Could it be something happened!?"

"Aiya! Ah Ze,  guard your tongue! Our village is always very peaceful, what things could possibly happen!" Aunt Zhang quickly interjected.

Ah Jian couldn't help frown as well, mentioned, "Fang Zhou is someone who let us know where she goes, maybe... she did bump into an accident or something. Aunt Zhang, must trouble you to help. Let's split up and look around each home. No matter if we found her or not, we'll meet up in thirty minutes."

Naturally, Aunt Zhang and the others were willing, nodded, and said, "Okay! Let Ah Juan stay at home, we'll go look!"

With no time lost, everyone split up to look.

Less than half an hour, Li San He stopped Lian Ze and Ah Jian at an entrance of someone house. He quickly notified, "Yao Family's aunt at village west said she saw your Aunt pulling Fang Zhou to her home! You guys check--"
"Her!" Lian Ze became angry. "To actually forget her house! For her to look for my sister, it's definitely nothing good!"
He thanked Li San He, and with Ah Jian, he hastily rushed over there.

 Li San Ge chased behind them for a few steps and loudly yelled, "Talk peacefully, don't be anxious! If you need any help, come to our home and ask!"

Lian Fang Zhou family's matter with her Uncle and Aunt family isn't something convenient for the outsider to stick into.  So, Li San He couple and their parents didn't follow.
Lian Ze twisted his head around and answered, then busily head over.

It was already late in the night, Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao boiled water and prepared to wash up and sleep.

When they heard yard door was thunderously knocked, both were startled.

Mrs. Qiao felt guilty, so was scared til nearly half of her soul left. But thinking back on how tonight's matter was done in complete secrecy, so even if those kiddies of the second branch ask, as long as she firmly denies, they can't do anything to her.

And what's more, Lian Fang Zhou that lass isn't here, meaning those kiddies lost their backbone. How can they create havoc?

"Who's there!" Extremely annoyed, Lian Li yelled on top of his lung.

Lian Ze was deeply infuriated, didn't bother speaking, use his arms and legs simultaneously and started to kick the door.

"Bastard, what do you want to do in the middle of the night!" Lian Li rushed out in towering rage and noisily pulled opened the door bar. When he saw Lian Ze and Ah Jian, he froze and could not vent out. With an icy expression, he bellowed, "Lian Ze, I see you are becoming more and more disrespectful--- Ai! What are you doing!?"
Without waiting for his sentence to finish, Lian Ze pushed him aside and directly barged inside.
Lian Li wanted to stop him but was held by Ah Jian and was pushed lightly to the side.  While he was staggering, Ah Jian followed Lian Ze in giant strides.

"What are you doing! Late in the night, you barge into my home for what? What madness are you having!" Exasperated, Lian Li rushed over as he burst into a holler.

Lian Ze did not find Lian Fang Zhou, abruptly stopped, his gaze coldly swept to the two people. "Where's my sister? What did you do to my sister!"


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