Tuesday, 30 July 2019


It has been a busy month! Lots of drama in RL from people quitting at work and I filled in to participate in summer events to family trouble and career searching. Thank god I stock up some chappies, otherwise, I wouldn't be able to reach this month target release. Next month, I will have to drop back to the starting point, 4 releases.

90. Rescue (part 2)
Madam Wang trembled in fury and ferociously shot daggers at Hua Jin Tao. If it weren't for personal maid, Yin Shuang's arm, there was a risk of flopping down due to anger.
"For real?" Master Wang's eyes lit up as excitement sprouted in his voice.
"Naturally, it's true!" Hua Jin Tao happily declared as she quickly bobbed her head. She said, "Master, do you want to go see?"

Master Wang pondered for a second. The important guest planned to leave Yun He County tomorrow, so the sooner this matter was settled, the better. Once the important guest is pleased, not only will the inventory be cheaper for his store but also,  the style will be more trendy. This meant big business!

"Let's go have a look!" At once, Master Wang became energetic. Then turned to Madam Wang, said, "You go sleep by yourself first! I have some matter to take care of!"

Madam Wang hated that she couldn't eat up Hua Jin Tao. But she knew she can't voice out objection at this time now that her husband has already spoken out. Otherwise, it'll have a reverse effect.
She pushed herself to raised the corner of her lips to bare out a smiling face. She inclined her head, responded, "Go then, Master! Don't catch a cold! Yin Shuang, quickly fetch a cloak over!"
Hua Jin Tao couldn't resist stealing a glance at Madam Wang. She curled her lips in disdain, 'What endurance she got! But so what? All she can do is endure!' 
Yin Shuang swiftly brought a silky brown feathered cloak with gold edge out. Madam Wang personally put it on Master Wang's shoulder, smiled, "Master, go ahead now! Rest early, don't tire yourself too much!"
Master Wang was very pleased with how virtuous his wife was. He nodded with an "En" an then took Hua Jin Tao with him.
After Master Wang and Hua Jin Tao left, Madam's expression sank with a snap. Carrying a scowl, she sat down and spitefully scolded, "That little slut is too arrogant. Sooner or later, this madam will do my most to vent out this vexation with interest as well! You go, check what tricks that slut is up to!"

Yin Shuang knew this instruction meant to go stealthily watch and eavesdrop. This wasn't the first time. She answered and hastily left.
Actually, Lian Fang Zhou woke up during the journey. It's just that she dare not act rashly.
She secretly sighed out in relief when she was laid in the room. She thought her opportunity to escape had arrived, but unexpectedly, that maid and old woman stood guard by her side.   Her mind cried out in distress. She can only continue to wait and see what happens.
"Master, it's here! Take your time!" Hua Jin Tao charmingly curled her lips slightly. Xiao Yao-er and that old woman hastily stood up to go open the door.
Lian Fang Zhou immediately relaxed the hand which was clenched at her side.  She dared not act carelessly.
Some footsteps came closer and mixed among it were a heavy rouge scent. Lian Fang Zhou slightly held her breath.
"It's her?" It was a middle-aged man's voice.

"Yes, Master. Do you think she's suitable?" An endearing young woman's voice sounded out. It was Hua Jin Tao, but Lian Fang Zhou doesn't recognize who she is.
After a moment, she heard the man grunt in satisfaction. He beamed, "Tao-er is very capable. This girl is quite dewy, her appearance is a good draw, and her skin is white! Haha, not bad, not bad at all!"
At these words, Lian Fang Zhou felt sick. She can approximately guess why they have captured her.

Hua Jin Tao began simpering and appealingly said, "Naturally, this concubine will put master's matter in first priority! Isn't this why this concubine dare not waste a single moment and hurry back so late in the night!"
Master Wang had lost his head in exhilaration and forgot to ask. Now that Hua Jin Tao reminded him, he then questioned in puzzlement, "If you didn't mention it, I would have forgotten. Out of nowhere, why did you persist on returning in the middle of the night?"
Hua Jin Tao paused. It goes without saying, she won't tell the truth. After all, the truth wasn't so pleasant to hear! She daintily complained, "Initially I planned to return early tomorrow morning! However, I couldn't get Master's matter out of my mind! Since I couldn't sleep, might as well come back! Master, is it wrong for me to come back ahead of time?"

"No! Not wrong!" Master Wang did not suspect anything with her explanation. He smilingly exclaimed, "It's that you're back! Haha, did you know,  Boss Xiao is going to leave Yun He County tomorrow afternoon? Originally, I was worried about what kind of present to prepare for him! Your return was perfect timing! Haha!"
Hua Jin Tao heard this and was overjoyed at the unexpected news, she clapped in delight and said, "Such a coincidence! This concubine and Master have, what that phrase--"
"Our hearts that beat in unison!" Master Wang heartily laughed.

"Right! Right! Our hearts beat in unison!" Hua Jin Tao delicately smiled. She continued to giving flatters, making Master Wang even merrier.
"Why is this person still asleep? What's happened?" Suddenly Master Wang slightly frowned in doubt and questioned.
Hua Jin Tao lightly coughed, and lightly brushed over it with a smile. "This matter was decided by this girl's elder. The girl is a bit unruly, so her elder decided it's much more convenient to have her unconscious! Master, didn't Boss Xiao say he likes lively girls? Isn't this just perfect! Hehe, it couldn't be that a big boss like him can't even tame a rural girl?"
Master Wang paused then laughed it off, not take it too seriously. He spoke, "Since it's like that, early tomorrow, wake her up. Send someone to help bathe her and change into pretty clothes. Need to dress up well!"
Hua Jin Tao quickly acknowledged with a smile. Afterward, she coyly called 'Master!' and then supported Master Wang to return to the bedchamber to rest.

After hearing these words, a fire welled up in Lian Fang Zhou's heart. Now that they were leaving, she secretly let out a breath and wished for them to hurry up.

Tomorrow morning, they'll send her over to whatever Boss Xiao's place. Afraid at that time, no matter whether she's awake or not, they will send her away. Meaning, the time she can use is quite limited.
However, Heaven has no eyes. At that moment, some dust floated down from the ceiling and landed on Lian Fang Zhou's nose. Her nose immediately started itching. She endured it with all her might, but in the end, she wasn't able to restrain herself. 'ACHOO!' A resounding sneeze resonated.
This sudden sneeze startled Master Wang, Hua Jin Tao and the servants. Few pairs of eyes simultaneously looked over at her.
"So, you were awake! It's great that you're awake!  Xiao Yao-er, Wu ma, you guys properly serve her! Miss Lian is an important person!" After coming out of her shocked state, Hua Jin Tao instructed with a sneer, clearly not taking Lian Fang Zhou seriously at all.

From her viewpoint, this was her own ground, so naturally, it was she who was in charge! Just an insignificant rural girl, how could she place her in her eyes?
Xiao Yao-er and Wu ma jointly responded, "Yes!"

Lian Fang Zhou's heart sank. She knew once this moment passed, she won't have another chance! Because she was on her own here, there was no one else that can help her!

She swiftly turned her body and sat up. Not waiting for everyone to react, she flew like a wind toward Hua Jin Tao. Without warning, she pushed Master Wang away, then pulled Hua Jin Tao over, prised a golden hairpin out of Hua Jin Tao's hair and held it to her neck. She yelled, "Don't move! Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!"