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91. Rescue (part 3)

Hua Jin felt pain at her neck, that was cool and sharp feeling dug into her skin. It made her trembled.

So frightened, her legs weakened. With a white face, she leaned toward Master Wang to sought help. In a shaking voice, she cried out, “Master, save me, save me!”

“Shut up!” Lian Fang Zhou became more aggressive with her. She icily bellowed, “ You better behave! Even if I die, I will drag a scapegoat down with me!”

Hua Jin Tao lips quivered as she became more and more terrified. She dared not make a single sound.

Master Wang squinted his eyes, he examined Lian Fang Zhou with great interest. Sure enough, this girl's personality is truly wild and spicy! And what's more, after waking up, she appeared more vibrant than before. Especially those eyes, it glowed brightly. It got a unique allure to it.

Seeing Master Wang acting silently and calmly, Lian Fang Zhou heart sank. It appeared that he doesn’t care about the life or death of his concubine! This was terrible! 

If it was really like that, then even if she has a hostage at hand, she might not be able to leave their gate. Dawn had yet arrived, so who knows how much longer can she grab hold of this b***h?

As time go on, there will be times when she carelessly loosened her grip. And if by chance, they capture the opportunity, then she won't be able to have a chance to be liberated!

The situation was really bad, but Lian Fang Zhou still wanted to give it a try. She can only take a gamble! Taking the chance while her current mental state and strength are at its best.

“If you don’t want her to die, get out of the way!”Lian Fang Zhou glared at Master Wang as she yelled.

However, Master Wang just burst into laughter and did not budge an inch.

Lian Fang Zhou placed more strength into the hand that gripped the gold hairpin. Pain radiated from Hua Jin Tao’s neck, then a warm fluid ooze out of the skin could be felt. It was blood.

Scared out of her mind, she broke into screams, “Master, save me! Master, save me!”

Xiao Yao-er and the old woman expression were white. They froze at their spot with their mind turned silly.

Master Wang glanced at Hua Jin Tao. In the end, she was his beloved concubine, he couldn't bear to see her hurt.  He retreated to the side, then ordered Xiao Yao-er and the old woman to make way. On the other hand, hs spoke to Lian Fang Zhou pleasantly. “Miss, don’t mess around! Do you think you can leave our Wang Family’s gate? Obediently put down the gold hairpin, and I’ll let this matter off! You came to have a good life. From now on, you’ll eat fragrantly and drink merrily, decked in gold and silver and have servants attending you. Isn’t it better than days in the countryside?”

Master Wang heart started itching. At this moment, he was pondering whether to gift the person to Manager Xiao or leave her for himself? After thinking it through, he endured the pain and cut off his desire. After all, the benefit of wealth is more important than women!

Lian Fang Zhou sneered. Gripping Hua Jin Tao, she carefully maneuvered to the entrance one step at a time. She warned coldly, “You better not play anything! Otherwise, with a slip of a hand, who knows what will happen!”

“I won’t! I won’t! You, no matter what don’t move your hand! No matter what! ”Hua Jin Tao was deathly pale, she agitatedly said.

It was important to help the Master get on the important guest's good side. However, her own life was even more important! 

Like this, Lian Fang Zhou gripped onto Hua Jin Tao as she walked step by step out of the door. Just a short distance of twenty-thirty steps, felt as if she used all her strength. So stressed that her back was sweating and arms were aching.

Holding a hostage, particularly in enemies' den, wasn't an easy task. 

“Where’s the main gate? Take me there!” Lian Fang Zhou  lowered the gold hairpin in her hand, and coldly demanded, “You better behave, don’t go playing tricks!”

“I dare not! I dare not!”Hua Jin Tao's voice trembled, then guided Lian Fang Zhou one step at a time.

Master Wang also came out. The maid and old woman behind him steadily followed Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou pinched her brows, roared, “You stay there! Not allowed to come over!”

This time Master Wang didn't comply with her words. Preserving a calm appearance, he spoke, "That won't do. What if you hurt my beloved concubine? Miss, since you whole-heartedly wish to leave, then I won't force you. Release my beloved concubine, and I'll let you go!"

Naturally, Lian Fang won't believe his words.  She coldly glanced at him and made no sound. There was nothing she can do if he persists on following. 

Just like that, the few of them slowly made their way out. As they were passing the greenery and rockery, Hua Jin Tao's eyes spun.
"AH!" A sudden shriek sounded out. She loudly cried, "Mouse! There's a mouse!"

Lian Fang Zhou's mind was constantly under high concentration and angst, so she was feeling a bit exhausted and became deeply alarmed by this shriek of Hua Jin Tao. Taking advantage of this moment, Hua Jin Tao broke away from her and bolted to the side. As she ran, she screamed, "Catch her! Capture that dead girl!"

Immediately Xiao Yao-er and that old woman dashed toward Lian Fang Zhou, while yelling, “ Somebody! Come! Thief! Catch the thief!”

Master Wang laughed with delight.

Lian Fang Zhou stamped her feet. She promptly made a decision and randomly chose a direction to run.

Xiao Yao-er and that old woman immediately chase after. Not long later, few old women on night duty joined in. Master Wang and half frightened to death Hua Jin Tao also followed behind.

Luckily in the inner households, there’s no footboy and male servant. Otherwise, Lian Fang Zhou couldn't have run far.
After running for a while, Lian Fang Zhou bitterly wept due to the surrounding scenery. She had run into Wang Family's back garden!

In front was a two mu, square-shaped pond. The edge was a zig-zag bridge that meanders through the water and connected to a cornice pavilion in the middle of the pond.
At the sight of people behind catching up and people blocking ahead, she was under the circumstance of being outflanked. She had no paths other than that pavilion.

Lian Fang Zhou's heart became cold. It couldn't be that she'll have to die today?  

Her survival instinct made her head for that pavilion. If it's not the end yet, she will not give up.

It was till this moment, she finally understood how tiny her strength was as an individual. Understood what was called heaven give no answer, the earth gives no help (a.k.a nowhere to turn for help)!

This pond was neither too big or too small. Even if she jumped in, there would be people pulling her out! If she falls into their hand, then she’ll have to leave Yunhe County tomorrow! After leaving, she as a little woman, and furthermore in the ancient era, it’ll be as hard as ascending to heaven to return back here. 

Lian Fang Zhou was in despair as well as in a fury. 'Mrs. Qiao!'

She swore, if she somehow escapes today's misfortune, she will not let Mrs. Qiao off! Definitely not!

“Stop right there.” When Master Wang saw that Lian Fang Zhou ran to the pavilion, he was delighted. This was shooting a fish in a barrel ah unless she can grow wings and fly! Therefore, he slowly opened his mouth and stopped the maid and old women who were chasing her.

Hua Jin Tao rubbed her neck which stung in pain, spoke with full of hatred, “Master, what are you waiting for! Quickly order people to capture that wretch!  I want to see how she resist now!”


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