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92. Confrontation (part 1)

“No rush,” Master Wang lightly patted her hand, laughed, “Miss ah, as you can see, I’m not pressuring you. It’s better that you obediently come over! Even if you jump, you won’t be able to escape! Look here, didn’t I say? You can’t escape! So why bother?”

Lian Fang Zhou remained silent and just coldly stared at him.

Master Wang pay no heed to it, he shook his head and lightly sighed as he grinned, “Why bother! Really why! To refuse a toast, only to drink a forfeit, Miss isn’t a smart person!”

Hua Jin Tao shot daggers at Lian Fang Zhou as if she wanted to eat her alive. She stamped her feet, “This wild girl is someone that needs to be taught a lesson! Why is Master still be polite with her! Quickly capturing her is the right method! Master, watch carefully! Watch how this concubine teaches her a lesson! I will definitely make her docile!”

Master Wang turned to Lian Fang Zhou, said, “You hear that? This is your last chance! You come over now, we’ll let bygones be bygones. Otherwise...”
He finished with a snicker.

At these words, Hua Jin Tao spirit rose as Master Wang was silently agreeing with her words. She pointed at Lian Fang Zhou, yelled, “Capture her for me! No need to be polite!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that they have to gift her away tomorrow morning, Hua Jin Tao would definitely stab the golden hairpin at her a few times for revenge.

Even though she can’t let her body be injured, she still didn’t plan to let her off easily!

How could she not be furious and want to regain her standing after suffering in front of the servants? But she forgot that she too was born as a country girl!

The maids and the old women knew concubine Hua was heavily doted by Master. So at her words, they clamored and dashed over without any objection as they wanted to curry Mistress Hua’s favor by capturing Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou didn't want to go down without putting a fight, so she tried to plunge out. Around half a dozen of six maids and old women rushed in together. Since the pavilion was small and such a large crowd pushing around, no progress was made. In a moment, they were not able to capture Lian Fang Zhou. Instead, two of them got pushed down by her. Those who were pushed down became stunned and caused their colleague to trip and stumble. It was chaos as the pavilion was filled with shriek and curse.

One person found an opening and grasped Lian Fang Zhou by the waist. She loudly exclaimed, “Captured! I got her! Quickly help out!”

Forced into a corner, Lian Fang Zhou repeatedly pinched so hard that her finger nearly broke. That old woman did not loosen her grip as she endured pain and howled.

Before her eyes, she saw another person dashing over. Anxious, Lian Fang Zhou lowered her head with her mouth open to bite.

Unexpectedly, she had yet to bite down, when the woman grasping her tragically screamed. She exerted her strength to break free and then pushed her away.

And happened to crash into the woman who was rushing over. The two of them yelped in surprise as they fell backward together.

Additionally, another two people who were bolting over also tragically yelled for an unknown reason and staggered into a fall.

Seeing the situation, Lian Fang Zhou was overjoyed. She hurriedly held up her skirt and then dashed toward the edge.

Master Wang and Hua Jin Tao froze and widened their eyes in surprise.

This girl's personality isn't wild, but an extraordinarily wild. It was simply too-- courageous!

Master Wang's gaze sank. He decided to take the matter into his own hands. But before his feet could move, he felt a something was placed against his waist. A male's cold and cheerless voice icily sounded from behind him. "Master Wang, you better not move!"

Master Wang's body shivered. He forced himself to be calm and steadily asked, "Who are you? How did you enter?"

The outer yards' wall was as much as six-meters tall and as well as that, the courtyards had people keeping night watch and vicious hounds. No thief had ever entered Wang Household. To suddenly have an outsider coming at this time and what's more,  approached his behind without him detecting, how could it not make his heart chill? 

Needless to say, the one who has entered was Ah Jian.  Ah Jian snorted, disdainfully replied, "I want to enter, then I can easily enter!"

Master Wang and Hua Jin Tao did not see Ah Jian. However, Lian Fang Zhou did. Now, she can guess the reason for the women's loosening grip and fall down.

Her heart relaxed. Her spirit grew. She revealed an enormous grin at Ah Jian as she dashed over to him!

"Master, quickly capture her! Quickly! Don't let her escape!" Hua Jin Tao was so focused on Lian Fang Zhou, she didn't notice her Master had already been captured by someone.

As Hua Jin Tao cried out, she dashed forward to grab onto Lian Fang Zhou, but as a woman living in leisure, she was no match for Lian Fang Zhou. And what's more, she wasn't going all out like Lian Fang Zhou. 

Lian Fang Zhou threw out a leg and mercilessly kicked Hua Jin Tao's stomach. It never crossed Hua Jin Tao's mind that not only did she not dodge it, but instead meet it head-on. She really suffered from this kick and tragically screamed out as she collapsed to the ground.

"Master! Ah-- Who, who are you!?" Hua Jin Tao's tone became shocked. Only now, did she see Ah Jian beside Master Wang and also the dagger held to Master Wang's waist.

"Ah Jian! You finally came!" Lian Fang Zhou ran over. Her eyes couldn't help but become moist as she looked at Ah Jian.

“Are you alright?” Ah Jian faintly smiled, gave her a reassuring nod.

“I’m fine!” Lian Fang Zhou shook her head. She took a deep breath and coldly voiced out, “However, need to have a good discussion with Master Wang couple!”

Ah Jian inclined his head and said, “Master Wang, can we step to the side and talk?”

Master Wang bitterly smiled. Did he have any other choice?

Lian Fang Zhou swept a cold glance to Hua Jin Tao who had fallen to the ground, icily hollered, “And you as well!”

It was already the next morning when Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian returned to Da Fang Village.

When Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian rushed to Lian Li’s and Mrs. Qiao’s home, Mrs. Qiao was feeding the chicken. Seeing Lian Fang Zhou burst in with a cold expression and seething with killing intent, it startled her so much that the chicken feed in her hand fell onto the ground with a bang. Shocked, she exclaimed, “How, how did you come back?”

“Naturally, you don't want me to return!” Lian Fang Zhou declared with hate. “Aunt, to heartlessly sell me, how did I offend you? After selling me, you can easily order around my siblings and easily take over our family land!”

“What happened! What happened!” Lian Li came out from inside and at the sight of Lian Fang Zhou, his expression also slightly changed.

Mrs. Qiao glared at Lian Fang Zhou with incomparable resentment, shouted, "Time and time again, you contradict me. You don't place me, the elder, in your eyes! Heaven has no eyes for letting you come back!"

"You seized our family's grain, occupied our family's field, and even wanted to take ten liang, our whole living expense that came from dissolving my engagement. How can I not refuse you? This is called contradict? You want to force us, siblings to die, then you'll be happy? We didn't beg you to look after us, nor did we borrow a single grain or a piece of vegetable. So how did we bother you? If you don't give an explanation for last night's matter, I won't let it drop!"

Lian Fang Zhou pointed at her as she angrily demanded.

"Ha!" Mrs. Qiao laughed toward the sky, said, "You won't let it drop? So what if you don't let it go? Hmph, say that I sold you? As long as I deny it, nobody would believe it! Go give it a try. I also need to divulge to people how you don't respect your elders!"



  1. Mrs. Qiao is quite the charmer. She denies it all. I hope they break both of her legs.

  2. I really like this novel this novel accurately portrays that shameless people are unbeatable, no matter how wronged you were if the other party is being so shameless and such a ****** you're really helpless and will be angered till you cough up blood and die.. like the original owner did

  3. Just figured out that you picked up this novel! Thanks so much!