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88. Interrogation (part 2)

Ah Jian no longer delayed. A 'crack' rang out, Mrs. Qiao's left arm loosely hung down, and in pain, she screamed out. 
"Speak or not!" Ah Jian coldly bellowed

Seeing Mrs. Qiao only moan out in pain, he turned his head to Lian Ze, spoke, "Stuff her mouth!"

Unhesitantly, Lian Ze grabbed a nearby cloth from the table, scrunched into a ball, and stuffed it into Mrs. Qiao mouth.
Ah Jian placed more strength, Mrs. Qiao's other arm snapped with a crack. He vigorously pushed her, making her fall to the ground. He icily uttered, "If you want to speak, then nod. If not, I'll twist apart your leg joint.  And, persist in not saying, break off your fingers one at a time! Don't believe, then give it a try!"

Lian Li saw the situation, his body stood there shivering.  Both of his legs weakened and dropped onto the ground paralyzed. He wanted to tell Mrs. Qiao to say it quickly, but his teeth clattered when he opened his mouth. Not a whole word was utter out.

It hurt so much that Mrs. Qiao's eyes teared up. She was wrong! Really wrong!

It hurt so much that it felt like she was dying. She had never thought it was possible for one to be in such pain.

Only till this moment, did she understand how incorrect her thoughts were! She believed the guy in front of her definitely have ways to force an answer out of her.

If he were being reasonable, he wouldn't do anything to her; but once he acts unreasonable, what else can she do other than honestly confess!
Because she doesn't want to keep being in pain, and even more don't want to become disabled.

Mrs. Qiao tried to look up at Ah Jian, continuously nodded with a teary face.

These were not tears of repent; instead, it's of pain!

Lian Ze swiftly bent down, pulled the cloth out of her mouth, anxious commanded, "Speak at once!"
Ah Jian stood there unmoving like a towering mountain, looked down at her from high up.

Mrs. Qiao retched out in disgust for a moment before taking deep breaths. With a face full of sweat and tears, she begged, "It hurts! Can you stop the pain for me first! Stop the pain!" 

Ah Jian remained there motionless, his expression was still cold and aloof.
Don't ask why, but he knew to deal with some people, one had to torture her to get the truth. And once she gets a chance to relax, bad water will appear in her stomach again (come up with evil thoughts).
Mrs. Qiao despaired. She finally understood that before she speaks the truth, Ah Jian will not stop the pain for her. At that moment, she dared not to demand conditions anymore, endured the pain and jerkily explained all she and Hua Jin Tao done clearly.
Before she finished, Lian Ze was so mad that veins popped on his forehead, his fists clenched so tightly that his joint whitened and reddened eyes glared at her with the intent of ripping her apart.
"How could you! How could you..." Lian Ze was infuriated to an unexplainable summit, and his mind was filled with resentment and desolate. But he did not know how to curse her.

"What did you say!" Lian Li was also shocked, looked at Mrs. Qiao in disbelief. His voice trembled, "You, you woman, you, what good thing you have done! You got big guts!" 

He had never thought Mrs. Qiao would be so bold. Even though he also dislike Lian Fang Zhou and the few kids and curse them private in couple discussion and said similar words but he never thought of doing it for real.
Ah Jian lightly patted Lian Ze's shoulder to remind him to calm down. He coldly watched Mrs. Qiao, "Is what you tell the truth? Not a word of lies?"

"None! None! It's the truth! Really!" Mrs. Qiao's conscious was fuzzy from the pain, and her sight became messy. She only felt her mind was fainting and blackening under the burst of pain assaulting her.
This feeling was like being in hell, so how could she possibly dare hide anything.

Ah Jian sneered, "Alright, then swear in the same way! You understand my meaning!"

The meaning was to do the same as she did with Hua Jin Tao, make an oath with her son's life.
At once, Mrs. Qiao swore, and despite the pain, she urgently looked at Ah Jian.

Ah Jian disdained her in his heart. He snorted, squatted down and 'Crack! Crack!' Her dislocated arms were returned to normal. He had the intention to teach her a lesson, so when helping her fix them, he purposely made her suffer.
"If something happened to my Sister, Surname Qiao, pay with your life!" Lian Ze glared at her with entirely red eyes, turned around to dash out.

Ah Jian icily glanced at them and also turned to leave.

Both of Mrs. Qiao's arm still ached, couldn't use much strength. Seeing that the person already left, her courage returned. After exhausting some effort to sit up on the ground, she squawked, "A beast that has no respect for elders, did you see what he said! That dog deserves to be struck by lightning!"

"You b****!" Lian Li suddenly rushed over, raised his hand, and 'Pa! Pa!' Left and right, he fiercely slammed her two slap, viciously voiced, "You actually dare do this without my knowledge! You, you want to cause the death of me!"
Mrs. Qiao covered her inflamed aching cheeks, tearfully clarified, "Didn't you also say by selling that dead girl, you can vent out anger! I successfully did it, why are you now blaming me instead?"

Lian Li threw back, "You call this successful? If it was successful, how could that brat bring that wild man to trespass into our home? If you did it well, how could you end up like this?"

Mrs. Qiao heard that her own man wasn't blaming her for doing this matter, but rather blaming her for not doing it cleanly and cause trouble. Her heart slightly relaxed, she quickly spoke, "How is it not a success? Hua Jin Tao must have reach town by now! Hmph, when they go knocking, the rice already become cooked! What can they do then? Other than accepting it? This matter isn't something glorious, so would they widely spread it around? When it gets out, they'll lose face!"

She venomous bit out, "Just risking one-time suffering to get rid of the detestable lass, this lady find it worth it!"

Mrs. Qiao spiteful scold as she crawled up from the ground, stumbled to sit on a nearby chair.
Lian Li glowered at her. His brows pinched as his mind fixed on something else, who knows what he was thinking.

Ah Jian caught up with Lian Ze, grasped his arm, and said, "Let's return first."


"Listen to me, let's return first." Ah Jian's tone was firmer. He confidently declared, "Don't worry, even if they want to --, the soonest should be tomorrow. We still have time. Be calmer, nothing will happen to your sister!"
The road wasn't easy to travel during the night. When Hua Jin Tao reached home, it was nearly in the middle of the night. The distinguished guest must have already fallen asleep. It would be unreasonable to send someone over in the middle of the night!

"Brother Ah Jian!" When Lian Ze blanked out, he suddenly kneeled down toward him. Kowtowing, he cried, "Save my sister! Please save my sister!"

Lian Ze started sobbing, his shoulders quivered like a leaf in the autumn wind. His suppressed cry was like a whimpering kitten.

He had never come across this situation. He really didn't know what to do! At this moment, his mind was chaotic and frightened. That deep feeling of being at a loss and helpless made him go crazy!