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89. Rescue (part 1)

“Quickly stand up!” Ah Jian swiftly bent down, forcefully pulled him up. Softly spoke, “Rest assured, I will definitely rescue her! Calm down, okay? This issue isn’t as big as the sky falling down!”

Lian Ze blanked out, raised his to gaze at Ah Jian and his mind slowly settled down.

“Really?” Brother Ah Jian said it’s not as big as the sky falling down. But in his opinion it was.
“En,” Ah Jian nodded and declared. “Let’s go, we return first! Have a discussion! You got to believe your sister. She’s not someone who easily let the people who schemed her do as they like.”
“En!” The knot in Lian Ze heart loosened a lot, he lightly dipped his head.
The two of them returned home, found Aunt Zhang was also there. Initially, they planned to head to Aunt Zhang's home and let them know not to worry them. Now it saved them a trip.
“You’re back! Oh, where’s Fang Zhou?” Aunt Zhang, Third Aunt, and the two little ones stood up. Not seeing Lian Fang Zhou, they all started wondering.
Lian Ze’s eyes reddened, lowered his head, his lips moved, but no sound came out. He was terrified that he would burst into tears when he makes a sound.

Ah Jian swept a glance at everyone then spoke, “Bump into trouble. But rest assured, I’ll save and bring her back……”
At word 'trouble' and 'save', Third Aunt and Aunt Zhang heart clenched. When Ah Jian finished, both their face whitened at once.
Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing half understood and half didn’t, but observing everyone expression, they knew something terrible happened. Both of their lips slanted, and couldn’t help but to start whimpering.
“That goddamn old b***h! Heartless b**tard! She actually committed this kind of wicked thing” Third Aunt broke into cursing. As she comforted the two little ones, she declared in vex, “I'm going to settled this with her now!”
“Third Aunt, you can't” Ah Jian rushes to interject. “Before Fang Zhou come back, don’t say a word about this matter outside and also don’t go causing trouble. When Fang Zhou return, we can discuss what to do!”

“Correct! What Ah Jian said is right! That how the matter should be handled!” Aunt Zhang unanimously agreed
Third Aunt paused, then it came to her.

If this matter was to be exposed, what reputation would she have left? Even though everyone knew deep down, it was Yang Family going overboard in the dissolved engagement matter and felt pity for her, but to say her reputation wasn’t affected at all would be a lie.

If including this matter, then it was really ---

“Alright! Alright! I was angered silly by that wicked woman!” Third Aunt nodded at once, anxiously said, “This, we better quickly save Fang Zhou ah! What should we do!”

With this said, Aunt Zhang started to be overwrought. Wang Ji Satin and Silk shop’s Wang Family was a well-known wealthy household in town. To go to their house to find her, let’s not mention they aren’t going to admit, even entering their gate was a problem.

“Let me handle that. I’ll enter town right now!”Ah Jian said.
Third Aunt and Aunt Zhang looked at each other, spoke words like ‘Be careful on the road!’. Aunt Zhang couldn’t resist asking, “It won't be easy to enter Wang Family’s gate. After you reached the town, do you have any plans?”

Of course, the plan is to enter high, leave high! However, Ah Jian didn’t voice it out, just uttered, “I have my own plan. You can rest assured!”

Entering the town in the middle of the night required the Village head’s written permission; otherwise, the town door won't open. Aunt Zhang and Third Aunt went to handle this matter, saying Lian Fang Zhou caught a fever and needed to invite a doctor from town. Zhang Li Zheng didn’t make it hard for them.
Ah Jian’s pace was fast, he entered town about two hours before dawn.

At this time, the streets already had early-rise ground sweepers, and a lot of roadside food stall had opened with the oil lamp on and was being busy.
Ah Jian very quickly found out the address of Satin and Silk shop’s Wang Family.

Wang Family’s inner yard has three part: a small garden, a left compound house, and a right compound house. It wasn’t enormous, but it already counts as a rare find in town.

Ah Jian did a simple inspection, then directly head to the stable.

Usually, the driver would live near the stable area as it is more convenient to look after the horse.
Ah Jian did not know why he knew these stuff, but he knew it as if it was a natural thing.

He captured the driver and interrogated the direction of the Wang couple and Hua Jing Tao’ s chamber out of him. After he made him faint, Ah Jian got closer to there while it was dark.

As for Hua Jing Tao, she had anxiously speed back to Wang Manor with Lian Fang Zhou, ordered Xiao Yao-er and rough old woman to place Lian Fang Zhou on a couch in her own room’s side room and instructed them to keep watch. While she, rushed to find Master to report happy news.
Master Wang and Madam had already asleep. According to rationality, Hua Jing Tao should have brought it up in the next morning, but she was too thrilled. Feeling that she made great achievement and what's more Master dotes on her, she became unbridled.
Madam Wang had long seen her as an eyesore. However, her Master likes her, so she can only endure.
It went without saying, the maid that took vigil outside Madam Wang’s room dislike Hua Jing Tao as well. So seeing her, who should be back tomorrow, returning in the middle of the night and also haughtily run over to Madam’s bed to find Master. Simply not placing Madam in her eyes!
The maid was deeply vexed and wasn’t willing to go notify. Inside and out, her words were pushing Hua Jin Tao away and shooing her away.  Hua Jin Tao was drunk on displaying her achievement, so how could she possibly leave? So she started arguing with that maid at the entrance.

As they dispute, they had woken up Master Wang couple with all the noise.
"What is happening here?  Which sane person would endlessly make noise in the middle of the night? If it spread out, what a sight it'll be!" Madam Wang wore a middle garment with a tangerine feather and embroidered outer robe on top and had her hair loosely rolled up. Because she just got out of bed, her two cheeks were still rosy. At the sight of Hua Jin Tao, she extremely furious and gave her a vicious glare.

Normally, Master Wang doted this young, beautiful concubine who knew how to be coquettish and showed worship. However, Madam's words were also logical. He pondered whether he spoiled her too much, so much that she acted like this!

"Why did you come back during the middle of the night? Still not returning to your room? If there's a matter, talk about tomorrow! Go!" Master Wang scowled in displeasure.
"Master!"  Hua Jin Tao didn't put Master Wang's expression in her eyes. She quickly grinned, "If it was normally, this lowly concubine dare not disturb Master.  This lowly concubine have an urgent matter to report to Master! Master, please let this lowly concubine speak, it'll only take a few sentences!"
"No matter how urgent,  it is in the middle of the night! Why not early tomorrow?" Madam Wang sneered, "Don't use such a small matter to play around! Master is already tired out after a day of work. With this din of yours, how can Master's body take it? Now you're saying you're in the right!"

Hua Jin Tao doesn't take Madam Wang's word seriously. She endured the scolding without changing her expression. Her pupils didn't slant toward her, rather the pair of pretty eyes eagerly looked at Master Wang.
Seeing Hua Jin Tao like this, Master Wand sunk into contemplation. Then said, "Speak, what matter do you have?"

"Master!" Madam Wang saw that Master Wand made her lose face in front of a concubine, she felt embarrassed as well as angry.

"Yes." While Hua Jin Tao's brows loosened and eyes smiled. She curtsied, then approached Master Wang and whispered into Master Wang's ear.  It was an obvious display of hiding from Madam Wang.


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