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87. Interrogation (part 1)

"What craziness has gotten into you! You--"

"Speak! Where my sister!?" Lian Ze sternly bellowed, his expression became frosty. A cold, severe stare landed on Lian Li, that gaze dying to dismember him.
Lian Li froze. His half-finished scolding literally came to a halt and felt foolish.

"Your sister? What does it have to do with us where your sister is! You saw for yourself, she's not at our home." Lian Li grumbled, his tone has calmed down. Initially, he wanted to say a few vicious words, but seeing Lian Ze was about to erupt into a rage, he judiciously decided not to say too much.
"You still deny it!" Filled with resentment Lian Ze glare at Mrs. Qiao. "Someone clearly saw you beckoned my sister to your home!"

"Mrs. Qiao's expression slightly changed, rushed to interject, "What nonsense are you saying! Unless I went crazy, then I would beckon her to my home! And also, I never went out tonight! It's dark, so who knows who went blind and started a rumor! They deserve to be struck by lightning for accusing this old lady!"

 Lian Li heard this, looked at Mrs. Qiao with suspicion, and there was an inkling of doubt in his mind. He can tell Mrs. Qiao was slightly nervous. What's more, when he came back, Mrs. Qiao was standing in the yard.

If nothing happened, why did she stand in the yard for no reason?

Lian Li left thoughts as thoughts, he won't help Lian Ze questioned his own wife. Especially under the situation where Lian Ze was so turbulent.

"You saw for yourself if your sister isn't at this hall, where can she be? If you don't believe me, you can call her!" Lian Li sneered.

Mrs. Qiao heard her husband sticking up for her, her heart slight settled. Her back became uptight and snorted.

"I don't believe you! I'm going to search!" Lian Ze's gaze was anxious as well as chaotic.

"Ha! What a funny joke!" Lian Li was mad, pointed at him, and said, "Who do you think you are? It's enough that you don't think of us as your elder, but you shouldn't also think of stamping us! Lian Ze, aren't you afraid of retribution?"
"I will definitely search!" Lian Ze'mind was focused on Lian Fang Zhou, so how could he bother with so much? As he spoke, he intended to dash in.

"Stop right there!"

"Rebelling! Rebelling! Actually rebelling!"

It goes without saying, Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao won't agree, they stepped forward to push and block.

Mrs. Qiao yelled, "You can't search our house, just because you want to. You must give us an explanation if you can't find anything!"

"Kill or cut, do whatever you like!" Lian Ze didn't even wrinkle his brow. He firmly believed Lian Fang Zhou was definitely hidden by them.

"Peh!" Mrs. Qiap spat at the ground, uttered, "Who would kill or cut. I don't desire your life! If you can't search her out, you must apologize and do three dogeza to us in front of everyone. Also, compensate us a hundred silver liang!"

If there's no cash at hand, we can also agree on selling the land and work to pay back.
Without any pondering, Lian Ze was going to agree, but Ah Jian found there was something fishy about the matter and lightly pulled him, said, "Stop!"

"What does this matter have to do with you!? What do you think you are! You, an outsider have no right to intervene in Lian Family's matter!" Mrs. Qiao discourteously pointed at Ah Jian and scolded.

Ah Jian's face was calm with no hint of anger, the glow in his eyes was restrained and so deep that one doesn't know where the bottom is. Mrs. Qiao glanced at him and became timid. She unconsciously dodged to the side. Remembering this was her home, she forcefully straightened her own back. A stance of not letting it drop.

Ah Jian steadily took a step toward her,

Instantly, Mrs. Qiao felt a mighty torrent of pressure pressing down on her, making her feel slightly suffocated. She subconsciously retreated backward and stammered, "What, what are you doing! You, you, don't come over!"

Ah Jian didn't bother responding her. In a few steps, he calmly stood an arm-width in front of her, asked, "Where is Fang Zhou?"
"How would I know! She's not my family, why bother with her!" Mrs. Qiao screeched back.
With a wave of a hand, Lian Li stood upright in front of Mrs. Qiao, glared at Ah Jian, "What are you doing? Do you have a right to speak here? You--"

Ah Jian raised his hand, pushed Lian Li to the side. Lian Li clearly saw his action was very light, but he stumbled back five-six steps before he could regain his stability.

"YOU" He yelled out in fury as he bolted to fight it out with him. Ah Jian swiftly looked over, icy cold eyes gazed at Lian Li, making his heart tremble and legs stood to the ground like a nail.

At this moment, he dared not go forward; instead, he wanted to run far far away!

What he doesn't was that aura was called killing intent and it was one reeked with blood.

Ah Jian turned his head back, still kept on staring at Mrs. Qiao. He lightly spoke, "I'll ask you once more, where is Fang Zhou?"

Mrs. Qiao's panic at the beginning and the forced calmness afterward did not escape Ah Jian's eyes.  And later on, when Lian Ze insisted on searching the house, her certainty let Ah Jian clearly deduce she knew where Lian Fang Zhou is, and it was definitely not in this yard or inside this house.

"I, I don't know," Mrs. Qiao was agitated and mad, so she freaked out and yelled in response.

Ah Jian fiercely grabbed her arm, Mrs. Qiao shrieked out, "What are you doing! What are you doing! Somebody! Save me!"

"Shout, keep on shouting. Best that you called all the villager to come to see the liveliness!" Ah Jian did not withdraw a single bit. Instead, it was just like he said, and the strength in his hand secretly increased.

Mrs. Qiao groaned out in pain. Gritting her teeth, she struggled as she cried out 'Let me go!'. She had lost her former tone.

Fine, even if she wasn't young anymore, she was still a woman! If someone saw her arm being gripped like this by Ah Jian, her name will be affected. And the one who gets laughed at and talked about would be her.

It was obvious that Ah Jian didn't care. However, she does and Lian Li as well.

"Still not talking!" Lian Li bellowed and suddenly forcefully pulled.

"Ah!" Mrs. Qiao shrieked in pain. With great momentum, her body turned and flung away. A clear clang rang out. A snow-white, shiny silver fell out of her pocket and cold light shimmered from it.

Staring at that silver, Lian Li quietly gasped and his expression was vicious when he glared at Mrs. Qiao.

"It's, it's my own!" Startled, Mrs. Qiao was panic-stricken.

"Is that so?" Ah Jian raised a brow, icily spoke, "You're not telling the truth! This piece of silver is around few liang, nobody would carry this much on them for no reason! If you still don't say, then don't blame me for being impolite!"

Mrs. Qiao betted on the fact that Ah Jian and Lian Ze had no evidence, so what can they do anything to her. Even though she was terrified and panicked on the inside, she just had to persist on denying, they can't do anything to her!

She was confident that they dare not take her life!
Lian Ze saw those few pieces of silver and heard Ah Jian spoke like this, he bolted over, seized Mrs. Qiao as he shouted, "What did you do to my sister! What did you do to my sister! "

"I have no time to be wordy with you. You won't talk, I have my ways to make you talk!" Ah Jian saw how she can persist on denying, he was also anxious. Seeing those nuggets, he immediately had a bad premonition.
Mrs. Qiao twisted her head to the side, sneered.



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