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Chapter 23 Warm like Jade Fourth Prince
Translated by Maggie    Edited by Marci

    "Put Miss Yun's bill on my tab."

   Just when Wu Qi made things difficult for Yun Luo Feng, a warm jade-like voice came from behind.

   Originally, Wu Qi still showed a proud face when she faced the guy who walked over. However she suddenly stiffened, and her expression turned ugly like she ate feces, but didn’t dare to say a word.

A man clothed in a brocade costume,  looking noble without any comparison, emitted an aura on stage that could not be compared to  the aura of a person like Wu Qi. A warm smile was displayed on his face, and a pair of eyes contained a gentle luster.

        Unparalleled handsomeness, warm like Jade!

    Suddenly, these (eight) words entered into Yun Luo Feng's mind, making Yun Luo Feng unable to help but give another look at the man.


This man, even though his face had a smile, that smile did not reach his eyes. His gentle eyes concealed a kind of fox-like cunning and insidious gaze within!

   "Fourth Prince," said Mu Wu Shuang maintaining a stunning smile on her face, as if just now she didn't order Wu Qi to make things difficult for Yun Luo Feng. "So you came to visit Old Rong?”

   Gao Shao Chen smiled, spreading out the folding fan in his hands; his eyes that were initially warm became a bit cold.

   "I did not come to visit Old Rong, just came to buy a few bundle of herbs. I did not expect to see you troubling Yun Luo Feng Yun! Shopkeeper Lin, put Yun Luo Feng's bill on my account.

   "Even if my General Manor is poor, we can still pay five million." Yun Luo Feng slanted a glance at Gao Shao Chen and then turned to the blue robed man. "I'll take these herbs first. Later you can go get the money from General Manor. However, this price of yours is too expensive, how about ... ... you gift me those grass plants.”

   The young girl's eyes flashed for a moment, pointing to the corner where green herb grass laid. She made the statement with a smile full of meaning.

   The blue robed man became stunned for a moment; then he politely smiled: "Miss, these are just one of the most common herb grasses, and are of no real use. If Miss Yun likes, you can take away that corner of herb grass. "

   "Many thanks."

    Yun Luo Feng didn't try to be polite; she packaged all of the herb grass and walked back to the door without looking back.

    Gao ShaoChen watched the girl’s figure disappear and abruptly laughed: "I did not expect for this Yun family's Yun Luo Feng to be bearable unlike what the rumors said. Maybe my brother will lose a treasure."

   Mu Wu Shuang stood beside Gao Shao Chen. After hearing these words, she felt greatly uncomfortable.

    What does he mean by the Crown Prince will lose a treasure? Only she is worthy of being the Crown Prince's woman. Yun Luo Feng that kind of waste, she doesn't even have the qualifications to  become the Crown Prince's concubine!

    "Let's go."

    Due to receiving a good education, Mu Wu Shuang did not have an outburst. She glanced at Gao Shao Chen once, then led her flock of followers out of Medical Pavilion, disappearing into that bright afternoon sunlight ... ...

"Your Highness Fourth Prince, may I ask what herbs you have come here to buy?" The blue robed man saw that they had left, smiled slightly, and politely asked.

    Gao Shao Chen's eyes flashed like a fox with a kind of cunning light: "What herbs did Yun Luo Feng buy just now? Give me one set of all.

    "Just a moment, I'll get them ready."

    The blue robed man was in a good mood. After all, there aren’t many days when he could sell such expensive herbs in one day. So at the moment, his smile was no longer so polite, but a smile from the heart.

Maggie here! College started again. And also juggling with work. So starting from February, there'll be a decrease in release. And I finally found a way to contact VGAFH author. If (s)he approve, then I wouldn't stop at chapter 60 (that's the limit of free chapters on yunqi and my parents are worried about the legal part.) So finger cross. Now need to find a way to contact GEWW's. If any reader could help, I appreciate if you could tell me. GEWW's limit is 83.

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